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Aries and Cancer Compatibility: Friendship, Love & Sex

The Aries and Cancer relationship might seem like a questionable connection. Relatives might wonder how the heck this pair even got together at all. Cancer is soft, gentle and nurturing. Aries is aggressive and all about action. How can two people so different find a friendship connection, let alone love?

Aries and Cancer might be on the opposite extremes in some cases. But, it doesn’t mean they don’t have some common ground. With a bit of an open mind and a whole lot of patience, a real connection between Aries and Cancer, both in and out of bed!

Compromise fuels the pair’s success. Any lack of willingness to bend for a partner can contribute to the demise of the relationship. Flexibility and understanding pull this pair through the more difficult relationship aspects. Real love is possible. But, it is only if Aries and Cancer put the relationship’s foundation on fertile grounds. Constant tending to the relationship and each other’s needs contributes to compatibility.

Aries and Cancer Table of Contents

Aries and Cancer Compatibility

There’s a delicate balance with Aries and Cancer love match. They must find it when communicating. Aries appreciates the nurturing nature of Cancer if it doesn’t turn smothering. Cancer is like the mother, and Aries enjoys the babying a bit. But, like the rebellious child, Aries will demand alone time and lots of freedom. Cancer needs to be willing to cut the apron strings so to speak or risk strangling their partner with them.

Both Aries and Cancer can go from one mood to another fast. If they are empathetic to one another, they can understand each other’s needs. Sometimes a partner needs consoling, and sometimes they need alone time. When the moods are good, these two can have an exceptional time together. They are also competitive in nature. Keeping the competition between them light-hearted contributes to the feel-good factor.

Aries and Cancer have little difficulty being straightforward with one another. It gives the relationship a deeper dimension of realism. There doesn’t have to be any false images. Aries doesn’t have to pretend to like everything. Cancer doesn’t have to pretend to be happy all the time. A bit of patience goes a long way in this relationship.

Aries and Cancer Love

Love doesn’t have to happen for Aries and Cancer to make it to the bedroom. But, trust is a huge factor in Aries and Cancer compatibility. They must move beyond friendship. They must conquer issues with emotional intimacy. Then love has a chance to burst through the cracks in the concrete and bloom.

Aries needs to take it slow with Cancer if they are going to allow love room to grow. Cancer cannot handle the aggressive pace Aries has when it comes to love. Cancer needs a partner that gives them a secure and soft place to fall. Aries will have to evolve and embrace a softer side of themselves. It serves the greater good of the relationship.

Both parties are capable of being compassionate and warm. They need to be kind to one another too. Cancer might have to adjust their perspective. If Aries seems pushy or aggressive, direct communication about the issue is necessary. It will be the fastest means of resolution. No means of wishing will make things change for the better. Aries will need to listen to Cancer and take their concerns to heart.

Aries and Cancer Sex

There are different levels of trust in the Aries and Cancer love match. There’s the trust level between friends. They establish friendship easy enough. Then there is trust in the bedroom which is slow to develop. Aries approaches sex as an act of physical fulfillment. They don’t much care if emotions are on high at the time. It’s about how the act feels in a physical sense. They are about movement, motion, and action.

Cancer needs deep emotions to be on high during sex. It lends meaning to the act and spells out the path to love. Aries has such a brash approach to sex. It makes Cancer have trouble reaching emotional intimacy. They protect their emotions by remaining on guard the whole time. Until they know Aries has some emotional investment, they won’t come out of that protection zone. Sex is pleasurable but not as meaningful as it can be.

Seeing evidence Aries is commitment-ready, Cancer lets Aries in on an emotional level. How can they tell? Foreplay doesn’t become a hassle. The lovemaking slows down. It’s not a race to the finish line. It’s a focus on the emotional intensity and connection the achieve moment-to-moment.

Aries and Cancer Communication

There are communication difficulties in the Aries and Cancer relationship. Shock is the response Cancer sometimes has to Aries’ means of communication. Aries is blunt and to-the-point. The level of directness Aries uses can feel like a harsh slap from reality to the Cancer personality. Aries doesn’t sugar coat things. Their bold and brash communication falls on the harsh side of things. Cancer doesn’t quite know what to do with it. Words strike emotions like a nerve burning fresh from exposure.

If Aries remains aggressive with communication, Cancer holds a grudge like no other. Resentment remains a seething force like poison in their blood. Aries will need to pull back on critical commentary. They might think they are trying to help Cancer, but their partner will see it as another dig. Aries won’t understand Cancer’s reaction either. After all, Aries means well.

Cancer is intuitive. This intuitive gift leads them to make the mistake of believing Aries can read their mind. Direct communication is what Aries demands. Aries has no time to fidget around with sixth senses. Cancer needs to learn to speak their mind loud and clear. It’s the only way Aries will develop an understanding of where Cancer stands on any issue.

Aries and Cancer Clashes

Where do Aries and Cancer clash? The shorter list might be more along the lines of where don’t they? There are many hurdles on the to love and all which threaten Aries and Cancer compatibility. A lot of work is behind the successful Aries and Cancer pairing. Both parties will struggle with making the other feel an ounce of emotional security. Aries will bear the brunt of the emotional security task, but Cancer has their duty to do so as well.

Aries is a personality in need of space. Independence is high on the list of priorities for Aries. Cancer prefers closeness and hanging out at home. While Aries won’t mind spending a bit of downtime at home, being home all the time leads to boredom. Aries will need space inside the home too, so the living space too. A place they can call all their own in their living space makes things more comfortable.

Cancer takes their sweet time when approaching tasks they must handle. Aries wants things done yesterday. There’s no time to waste and lots of things to do. Cancer will have to catch up to speed or Aries will have to slow down. It’s the only way to meet in the middle.

Aries and Cancer Polarity

Every sign in astrology corresponds to masculine or feminine energy. The masculine energy is Yang. The feminine energy is Yin. Aries corresponds to Yang. Cancer corresponds to Yin. At first glance, it might seem that the masculine and feminine energies can work in unison. Cancer proves intuitive and sensitive. Aries is aggressive and forward-thinking. Each party has a lot to contribute to the Aries and Cancer relationship. Where one is weak, the other is strong.

When energies develop an imbalance though, this results in polarization. The polarization of Yang energies can cause Aries to act like a bully. They become domineering, pushy, and impatient. If Cancer experiences the polarization of Yin energies, they experience negative effects too. They can become moody, passive-aggressive, and self-sacrificing to the point of martyrdom.

To repair issues with polarization, Aries needs to become tolerant and compassionate. They’ll need to empathize with some of the hefty emotional needs of Cancer. To find balance, Cancer will need to develop greater confidence. They will also need a direct approach to communication. Real effort is necessary for the Aries and Cancer love relationship.

Aries and Cancer Aspects

In astrology, the concept of Synastry relates to the compatibility between star signs. The aspect measures how compatible two-star signs are. The measurement comes from figuring out how far apart the signs are on the zodiac wheel. The signs of Aries and Cancer form a 90-degree angle because they are three signs apart. When star signs have this distance between them, it is a square aspect. Consider the harsh or sharp angle in a 90-degree angle. It symbolizes the harsh and striking differences in the Aries and Cancer love match.

Where the 90-degree angle meets represents a push and pull type of power struggle. If either party had a traumatic childhood, they will relive many issues in this pairing. There’s no rest for the wicked as they say and so it goes in this relationship. There’s no smooth sailing through an Aries and Cancer love match. This duo will have to work through every trauma and old wound if they are going to make it work.

Both Aries and Cancer go head to head when it comes to being willful and stubborn. This is a relationship where they can learn to curb their bullheadedness. In fact, this is a relationship they will have no choice but to conquer their stubborn natures. If they don’t, the relationship doesn’t stand a chance. When Aries and Cancer discover a delicate balance, both parties reap the rewards. Can you say power couple? If Aries and Cancer get their act together, it is the birth of a couple that nothing can tear asunder!

Aries and Cancer Elements

When it comes to astrology, all zodiac signs correspond to an element. The Fire element rules Aries. The Water element rules Cancer. Here it is easy to see potential clashes threatening Aries and Cancer compatibility. Water corresponds to the realm of emotion. Fire links to the realm of the will. Water can put out the fire by drowning it. Hence, the Aries personality might find the Cancer personality smothering. Emotional neediness drags Aries down. The fiery will of Aries struggles against it. Fire can warm water, but it can also cause it to boil over. The willful actions of Aries become overwhelming for the Cancer personality.

Cancer has a nurturing personality. They like to care for others and crave the same in return. Their moods are chaotic at times. Cancer’s sense of security in a relationship plays an important role in mood balancing. Aries might come across as too cold or aggressive. If they are domineering, it forces Cancer to retreat.

Cancer likes to be nostalgic. They spend a lot of time reminiscing and savoring memories. Aries is in preference of carving in experiences out of every minute the future offers. If these two find some middle ground, the Aries and Cancer relationship has great moments. Those moments will then become this couple’s best memories.

Aries Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility

The Aries Man and the Cancer Woman can end up arguing about a lot of things, but not about who takes the lead. Cancer’s softer emotional side prefers to let the Aries Man lead in the relationship. It allows her the safety of retreat to the realm of fantasy if she feels a threat to her emotions is imminent. Otherwise, there’s plenty of opportunities to bang heads. There’s no shortage of stubbornness in the Aries and Cancer love relationship.

The Cancer Woman might seem needy to Aries. At first, the attention and clinginess are flattering in a way. But, it’s not all too long before it is more a nuisance than anything else. The Aries Man appreciates his freedom. Any threat to it earns an aggressive response. The Cancer Woman doesn’t understand what’s changed. How did her man go from loving all the attention she gives to pulling away?

A sense of destiny is something those in the Aries and Cancer love match share. Cancer seeks status in the physical world. In a way, being the center of the limelight fuels the Cancer’s believe in herself. Here moon-ruled behaviors have her going with the flow of life in the hopes that to do so is play into the hands of fate. The Aries Man likes being the center of attention too, but he’s not one to wait on fate, destiny or the gods. His ambition and drive are all he needs.

With both feeling they belong to a higher status, Aries and Cancer are pleasing to the eye. Anyone looking at the pair might assume they are perfect for one another. The first impression can prove deceptive. Yes, they look fantastic together. There’s no question Aries and Cancer personalities know how to dress. They look classy and elegant no matter what style they flaunt. A deeper look at the relationship shows difficulties finding balance. The disruption exists in the realm of emotion.

To keep this relationship enticing and exciting, Aries and Cancer must work hard at it. Both parties must plan dates. Spontaneity goes a long way in this relationship.

Aries and Cancer need to remember all the important events throughout the year too. Forgetting an anniversary, birthday or any special day leads to arguments. To forget is to appear nonchalant and non-caring. Aries pulls away and spends more time independent to Cancer’s dismay. Cancer sulks and leaves Aries wondering why. The silent treatment follows. The framework of Aries and Cancer compatibility starts to fray.

The Aries Man needs to be attentive to the Cancer Woman and her emotions. He’ll also have to contend with her mood, as it can swing from one extreme to another. The Cancer Woman needs to allow the Aries Man room to breathe and to respect his independence.

Mutual respect and a whole lot of patience are the recipe for a strong friendship. Adding a bit of tolerance and empathy can pave the path to love. Together Aries and Cancer can teach each other how to co-create dreams and make them real.

Aries Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility

The Aries Woman and the Cancer Man find a quick attraction to one another in the beginning. Cancer finds the confident Aries Woman appealing. It’s her confidence he craves. Like a moth to a flame, he finds her charismatic personality impossible to resist.

The Aries Woman finds the Cancer Man sweet, kind, and intelligent. She pursues him in an emotional intensity she’s never known. It piques her curiosity, and she sets her mind to learning more.

Seeing the strength of the Aries Woman, the Cancer Man develops trust fast. He’s comfortable with a woman taking the lead in the relationship. An Aries personality prefers the lead. It’s as if they already have an unspoken agreement about the roles each partner will play.

The Aries and Cancer relationship join the Cancer and Crab together. The Aries Woman is tough, ambitious and her drive is what contributes to her success in all endeavors. But, with soft and Moon-ruled Cancer as a partner, success is further away than she might think.

The Aries Woman needs no sweet talk to enjoy a good physical connection in the bedroom. In fact, an emotional connection is not necessary at all. She’s a modern gal. She is one who feels a woman can meet her physical needs without having to fall in love.

The Cancer Man is emotional and needs to feel that connection in the bedroom. Otherwise, his blood runs cold. His instinct is to withdraw and protect himself. He broods and becomes silent. The Aries Woman might wonder what has gone wrong. If she can’t get him to emerge from his shell, she’s not one to linger long. The Aries and Cancer love match gets hurt by unspoken resentments.

The Cancer Man is one who needs to feel there is a passion for living and breathing in the relationship. He wants to be everything to the Aries Woman. His loyalty is undying. While well-meaning most of the time, the Aries Woman can come off as cool or callous. It is all too easy to hurt Cancer’s feelings despite how well they try to protect their own emotions. He bears the scars of the emotional injury. It overshadows his romantic interactions in the future.

This couple joins the Warrior with the Poet in a romantic sense. It is like bringing two extremes into one-fold! The Warrior-minded Aries is all about action and movement. She generates movement through thought, will, and physical means. The Poet is all about the emotion that moves the soul. He generates movement through the physical expression of thought alone.

The Aries Woman agrees with Horace. She’ll say with great force, “Seize the day, put very little trust in tomorrow!” The poetic Cancer Man prefers to linger. He takes from Andrew Marvell, references to savoring every moment of life. “An hundred years should go to praise, thine eyes, and on thy forehead gaze … at least an age to every part …”.

Energetic differences are affecting Aries and Cancer compatibility. The incredible energy in Aries is the source of her drive. Relaxing is something that seems all too foreign to her. She might begin seeing the Cancer Man as lackadaisical because he likes to linger. She sees it as a form of procrastination. His suggestions that life is too precious to rush through don’t convince Aries. She sees it as an excuse for inaction.

Aries and Cancer Love Match Wrap-Up

The Aries and Cancer love relationship is one requiring serious dedication. It’s a long road ahead on the path of love for this couple. Each party must put in their fifty percent to make it work. Aries and Cancer must be flexible and willing to change if they are to meet each other halfway.

Sometimes this Aries and Cancer relationship is loving. Other times it’s more like walking on thin ice all the time. The path is not clear for the Aries and Cancer match. They will need to pave the way themselves by being tolerant and patient with one another. The challenges they face can make the relationship more than worth the effort.

Knowing the difficulty ahead, the couple gains the best chance at relationship survival. Do you wonder about the compatibility rating you have with your partner? What are the stars saying about you and yours? Find out now and get the knowledge you need to make the best of things! Building Beautiful Souls has all the astrological answers you seek!

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