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What does July Mean?
July Birthstone, Zodiac Sign, Flower, Number & More!

July comes in as the 7th month of the year, being the fourth of which to have 31 days. The name July comes from the Roman general Julius Caesar. Before that it was named Quintilis, which means fifth. While that seems out of order, on the Julian calendar it is indeed the fifth month.

In Northern climes people enjoy summer’s warmth, while it’s quite cold (comparably) in the Southern hemisphere. July begins the second half of the Wheel of the Year. It’s during this month that we experience the dog days, which are hot and often muggy. This association began because the star Sirius (the dog star) rises in the sky at this time of year, being easily viewed. In England July marks the closed season for deer hunting, which is why they call July the “fence month”.

For those of use lucky enough to live in the Northern Hemisphere, July marks all manner of activities. Children wander off to swimming pools, beaches and playgrounds. This part of summer is wonderful for any outdoor gathering, Magically perhaps focus on the social element of July, and by extension the proverbial warmth it represents

A spiritual alternative is using July to get back in tune with Mother Earth. The weather is certainly propitious. Take a nice long walk in the woods or another natural spot that’s not overly impeded by the concrete jungle. Maybe go camping!

The Esbat of July often focuses on abundance in Wiccan rituals. Summer is singing, chickens are a-laying, and gardens are lush with all manner of flowers and edibles. Your ritual and spell work might include some gardening magic (or land blessing). Remember that your first harvest festival is very close, so fill your herbs and vegetable with positive vibrations in preparation.

In the Southern Hemisphere the weather is acting like January. The middle of winter is here along with the coldest temperatures. Many seekers use this time for introspection.

July Birth Stone: Ruby

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People born in July have the Ruby as a birthstone. This is perfectly attuned to July’s overall ambiance. Ruby is content, happy and as the stone of Kings, quite authoritative. It is a sacred stone to both Buddha and Krishna.

People throughout history used Rubies as protective talismans, specifically for relationships and money matters. Another reason for wearing it was as ward against illness. Some say that the Ruby’s fire decreases when danger is near.

The lovely red color of the Ruby made it one of the stones used anciently in wedding rituals to represent abiding love, passion and devotion. More modern metaphysical applications include stimulating self-worth, motivation, ardor, focus and triumph.

Until the art of detecting various minerals in gemstones improved, Garnet often masqueraded as Ruby. The discovery of a Star Ruby was truly wonderful. This stone looks as if light pours out of it in six directions. This sacred stone works similarly to Ruby in all metaphysical endeavors. Wear it to increase your assets, alleviate deep-seated anger and restoring passion (both physical and emotional).

July Zodiac Signs: Cancer & Leo

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We begin July in the birth sign of Cancer. The Egyptians associated the Crab the sacred scarabs that represent immortality. People born under Cancer are the ultimate homebodies. Tinkering around the kitchen or lawn makes them incredibly happy. If these activities include family and friends, its even better. The focus on family certainly scans with the overall feel of July, with the minor change being where gatherings happen (in this case, most likely the back yard).

Cancer also brings strong emotions into July thanks to having the Moon as ruler and the Element of Water playing predominant roles. Don’t be surprised if suddenly everyone seems to read your moods in your face (and you, theirs). When this becomes overwhelming, its o.k. to retreat into your shell and chill out.
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Toward the end of July we meet Leo, the Lion. Leo is always front and center. That means whatever happens in July during these days is going to be BIG – ambitious and dramatic. After all, what else befits the King of the jungle?

Leo’s energy pushed projects toward completion, particularly those with strong organization in place. Leo switches its governing energy to the Sun, a complete turn-around from the Moon in Cancer. That shift in energy can come across strongly, and sometimes leave you scratching your head.

With all that Solar power its not surprising to know that Leo’s Element is Fire. Fire is bold, strong and courageous. If you are looking to hone those characteristics in yourself, now is a great time for working magic to those ends. Let Leo’s confidence and planning skills get things moving in a powerful way. And by all means don’t forget to play! Leo’s energy is very sporty, even in matters of love.

July Holidays

The entire month of July celebrates hot dogs and ice cream (how totally American!). The first Friday in July is International Free Hugs Day. The fourth Sunday in July is Parent’s Day followed by National Dance Day on the last Friday of the month.

For fixed celebrations we begin on July 1 with Canada Day which is shared with National Gingersnap Day on the other side of the border. Moving forward the dog days of summer start July 3, Independence Day festivities – July 4, World Environment Day – July 5, World Chocolate Day – July 7, Beatles Day in Liverpool – July 10 and Bastille Day in France – July 14th.

Some of the holidays in the 2nd half of the month include Tree Planting Day in Central Africa – July 20, Independence Day for both Liberia and Maldives – July 26, National Sleepy Head Day in Finland – July 27, International Tiger Day – July 29 and the International Day of Friendship on July 30.

July Flower: Larkspur & Water Lily

Greek myths tell us that the Larkspur appeared when a warrior named Ajax threw himself on his sword. Why? Because Achilles’ mother gave her son’s armor to Ulysses as a reward for being the bravest warrior at the Battle of Troy.

The Victorians used Larkspur to represent romance, particularly white colored ones that bore the symbolism of joy and purple ones that meant sweetness. Transylvanians used Larkspur around their herds and horses to protect them from spellcraft. The English gathered Larkspur on Summer Solstice for healing applications.

Water Lily is a summer flower that speaks of trouble-free days. Among the Greeks the blossoms were tied to water Nymphs. Egyptians used it as a symbol of the Upper Kingdom. In the healer’s kit a Water Lily poultice allays swelling and inflammation. Magically speaking Water Lily is tired to the Element of Water and lunar energy. Overall Water Lily has characteristics of hopefulness and renewal.

July Month Number: 7

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In Numerology the sacred number Seven is the number for security and restfulness. The rainbow has Seven Colors, Seven days in a week and Seven notes in the diatonic scale. Seven is ruled by the planet Neptune and is a lucky number for those born under the signs of Pisces and Cancer.

In the Higher Arcana of the Tarot, seven is the Chariot. This is a multifaceted card that is sometimes hard to pin down. There is an underlying note of struggles and obstacles. The Charioteer wears the Sun, so we know those difficulties eventually end in success but the path getting there can be long. No matter the situation, the triumph here is life changing.

July’s association with the number 7 speaks to us of seeking and being wary of things that seem too good to be true. There is no room for illusion or shallowness here. Seven vibrates with timeless questions and our soul’s mission.

July Colors: Green/yellow & Silver/blue-gray

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The colors of green/yellow and silver/blue gray are both associated with July. Green is a dominant hue in nature that speaks of healthy growth. The light yellow-green in particular whispers of new life sprouting from the soil below.

Physically light green relaxes your muscles and decreases allergic reactions. It also aids overall energy. Green offers symmetry, well being and a connection to our inner child. Yellow-green in particular encourages creativity and progress.
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Green works with our Heart Chakra. The vibration of this color creates a connection between the spiritual and physical realities. Opening your Heart Chakra naturally leads to greater compassion and love.

Silver/blue gray is a neutral color that’s very staid. Both of these hues serve to keep our emotions in check and increase our awareness of conventional ideas and processes. We use the term “gray matter” in discussing our brains. This provides gray with the meaning of intelligence and the power of the mind.

Gray is controlled and dependable. Mixed with a hint of blue you have a color that soothes and creates stability. Silver is a little different.

Silver represents strength, precision and the Sacred Feminine. It is the color associated with Artemis, a lunar Goddess of the Hunt. She embodies our intuitive self and our spiritual insights. Silver is flexible – it adapts far more easily than gold. Work silver into your environment for adaptation and sensitivity.

July Symbol: Woodpecker

Native American Zodiac Woodpecker Birth Totem 1200x1200

On the Native American Zodiac calendar July belongs to the Woodpecker. This bird is very resourceful and knows full well how to get people’s attention. Woodpecker represents awareness and learning how to signal our needs clearly. If this bird has come to you as a messenger make sure you are using your head in decision-making.

As a Spirit Animal Woodpecker encourages you to pay close attention. Change is on the horizon and with it a wonderful opportunity but you must remain watchful or this could slip away. Woodpecker also reminds us of our own biological rhythms and cycles, and making time to honor them.

July Full Moon

The Full Moon of July is most frequently referred to as the Buck Moon. This designation comes from the fact that deer begin growing new antlers in July. Other names for July’s Full Moon include the Hay Moon (from Anglo Saxon tradition where people harvested hay in July), Thunder Moon due to the noisy storms at this time of year, and Wort Moon referring to the gathering of remedial herbs.

July Facts

  • The Great Comet is discovered (1819).
  • SOS becomes an international distress call (1908).
  • Mailing addresses added zip codes (1963.)
  • England hosted the first Gay Pride march (1972).
  • The English ban all public indoor smoking (2007).
  • Wal-Mart opens in Arkansas (1962).
  • The first stock average is reported by Dow Jones (1884).
  • Jim Morrison’s death (1971).
  • New York abolishes slavery (1827).
  • Radio Free Europe starts broadcasting (1950).
  • The Pathfinder Space Probe lands on Mars (1997).
  • Spam came to the supermarket (1937).
  • The first cloned sheep, Dolly, was born (1996).
  • Hawaii annexed to the US as a territory (1898).
  • The Roswell Incident (1947).
  • Female recruits accepted into the Air Force for the first time (1948).
  • Voyager 2 passes Jupiter (1979).
  • The Terracotta Army unearthed (1975).
  • Blackout in New York City (1977).
  • US bills in denominations of $500 and higher were removed from circulation.
  • The Rosetta Stone discovered (1799).
  • Twitter first tweeted (2006).
  • Disneyland opens in California (1955).
  • Transmission from the Moon viewed live (1969).
  • Jeffrey Dahmer arrested (1991).
  • The first “test tube” baby born in England (1978).
  • The Americans with Disabilities act signed (1990).
  • Kennewick Man discovered (1996).
  • Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana (1981).
  • Social Security signed into law (1965).

July Quotes

The Summer looks out from her brazen tower, through the flashing bars of July.”
~ Francis Thompson

“Hot July brings cooling showers, Apricots and gillyflowers.” ~ Sara Coleridge

“Answer July—
Where is the Bee—
Where is the Blush—
Where is the Hay?

Ah, said July—
Where is the Seed—
Where is the Bud—
Where is the May—
Answer Thee—Me—” ~ Emily Dickinson

“Now I take the summer off, relax, and I know that at the end of July we’re gonna start another season.” ~ Jerry Orbach

“It’s July and I have hope in who I am becoming.” ~ Charlotte Eriksso

“But here I am in July, and why am I thinking about Christmas pudding? Probably because we always pine for what we do not have. The winter seems cozy and romantic in the hell of summer, but hot beaches and sunlight are what we yearn for all winter.” ~ Joanna Franklin Bell

July Birthdays

  • Dan Aykroyd (7/1)
  • Calvin Coolidge (7/4)
  • P.T. Barnum (7/5)
  • George W. Bush (7/6)
  • O.J. Simpson (7/9)
  • Arlo Guthrie (7/10)
  • George Eastman (7/12)
  • Rembrandt (7/15)
  • Lucie Arnaz (7/17)
  • Sir Edmund Hillary (7/20)
  • Robin Williams (7/21)
  • Amelia Earhart (7/24)
  • Gracie Allen (7/26)
  • Peggy Fleming (7/27)
  • Mussolini (7/29)
  • J.K. Rowling (7/31)