Jasper (Polychrome) Sphere – Madagascar


SIZE: 65mm

Polychrome Jasper Meaning

Polychrome Jasper is known by the more common designation of Desert Jasper. As such, this healing stone represents being true to yourself, honoring limitations, embracing life zealously and a fiery energy that facilitates courage and action.

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NOTE: The photos here are a sampling of our Polychrome Jasper Spheres. The Spheres you receive will have different markings and color striations – they will not be any of the 3 crystals in the photo.

Polychrome Jasper Healing Properties

Even with the element of fire present, this crystal has natural grounding powers as do other forms of Jasper. Formed as a heart the natural application is restoring symmetry to muddled emotions and nurturing renewed peace.

Polychrome Jasper comes under the Astrological dominion of Leo, so it’s a good speaker’s stone. Whether you want to roar or purr – Polychrome keeps your words honest and sincere.

Light workers use this powerful and inter-dimensional healing crystal to guide people through their first shamanic trances to facilitate full memory of what’s seen and encountered. At the same time, the Jasper protects the traveler from any unwanted energies. After such working Polychrome Jasper offers a sense of tranquility necessary to bring your aura back into normal patterns for routine activities.

  • Mind: Solidity; Putting thoughts into action; Inventiveness; Happiness
  • Body: Physical harmony; Vitality; Passion; Stomach or liver problems
  • Spirit: Grounding; Protection; Active dreaming; Shamanic work; Luck


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