Ultimate List of Psychic Abilities & Types of Psychic Powers

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Psychic Abilities & Powers

Aeromancy: (Also Aerimancy)

Time to tune into the weather channel! Aeromancy involves being attentive to weather anomalies and other atmospheric events to predict future happenings!

Afterlife Communication: (Also ADC)

Hello, is anybody there? Yes … indeed there is! Afterlife communication involves the moment when the living is contacted by the deceased through a form of direct communication. The term ADC refers to the communication with the deceased without a medium, psychic, ritual, or other means of contact being involved when the connection is made.

Akashic: (Also Akasha)

Just breathe! Stemming from the cosmology tradition of India, Akasha is a Sanskrit term meaning æther. In an archaic sense, the word Akasha references an intensely elastic and extremely rare material or substance once believed to be a mix of electromagnetic radiation and light vibrations, but also something capable of pervading every space. Occult practitioners consider Akasha as spirit being the Mother of All Elements. In Vedantic Hindu, Akasha references an imaginary ethereal liquid permeating the universe. In Jainism, Akasha refers to the cosmos or space. Buddhists, call it infinite. Finally, for the Sleeping Prophet, Edgar Cayce, the Akashic Records, a place accessible through hypnotic trance and a location storing all emotions, thoughts, human actions, and events.

Alectryomancy: (Also Alectoromancy also Alectormancy)

Calling all bird watchers … this is the divination method for you – that’s if you have a fondness for roosters. All you must do is feed it and watch him eat; oh, and make sure you put the grain down on a round surface, like a piece of wood with all the letters of the alphabet on it … see what he spells out for you!

Aleuromancy: (Also Ailuromancy)

Looks like Dunkin Donuts needs to step up its game! If only they would fill their doughnut holes with predictions inside! But hey, at least you get the same effect with today’s fortune cookies! Aleuromancy stems from the ancient Greek word for flour (aleuron), and gets its name from the god Apollo who had the epithet of Aleuromantis who is also the god of prophecy. Outcomes and predictions are put down on small pieces of parchment or paper, rolled up into some dough and baked. The dough balls are then dispersed randomly.

Alomancy: (Also Adryomancy or Adromancy)

A great practice if you’re on a camping trip and you want a little future info prediction from the campfire! Stemming from the Greek word for salt (halo), this involves a diviner using salt as a substance for pattern discovery. Patterns involve examination of formed ridges, valleys, and depressions as well as the smooth sections in the salt; rough spots, pits, and deeply rigid areas represent delays, upset, irritation, and challenges while smooth areas represent smooth sailing ahead.

Alpha Mind State:

A simple but effective self-help technique for sure! A state of mind in which the brain naturally shifts into just before one drifts off to sleep; it is a relaxed state in which the subconscious proves more open and highly suggestive. Full consciousness is the beta or gamma state, but right before one enters a full slumber (where eventually deep delta waves are experienced), the alpha state occurs. People can enter the alpha state intentionally and in doing so, implant specific suggestions into their own subconscious mind in an effort to initiate new behaviors, habits, and to improve their life.


Kind of scary to think what happens in your life could fall on whether you could digest something or not, huh? And yes, some folks believe it’s true! This is a form of divination in which barley is used, particularly when baked into barley bread loaves or cakes. In ancient times, this form of divination was used as a test of one’s innocence: If one were thought to have been involved in criminal activity, they would have to eat a barley cake or some bread. It’s akin to aleuromancy.

Angel Readings:

This type of psychic ability involves in the belief in Angelic beings all around you, with the ability not only to intercept or intervene on your behalf, or that they will communicate with you by conveying messages via the subconscious mind. You’ve got an angel watching over you! 🙂

Animal Communication

Oh, if only animals could talk … oh, but wait … they can! Animals communicate with other animals and people – sometimes directly via telepathy and sometimes by relating symbolic messages and teachings (Spirit, Totem, & Power Animals). The term Animal Communication also expresses the practice of:
Then there are animal psychics who communicate with the animal to assess the animal’s well-being. Also, animals have great wisdom and can share insights about the family which can be healing to the whole tribe!

    • Ailuromancy/Felidomancy: Looks like the cat’s out of the bag … at least if you are performing ailuromancy: divination via cat observation.
    • Alectryomancy: Is a bird-like Ouija! No Joke! Watching roosters eat grain spread over an area featuring the alphabet to see what the grain selections spell out is the art of alectryomancy. This is a form of Auspicy.
    • Auspicy: Hey, guess what, a little birdie told me … the future, that is! Auspicy is using the siting of birds and using the sightings for future predictions.
    • Canomancy: Nothing like saying to the dog, “Hey, throw me a bone here will ya?” That’s what you’re doing when you are divining by observing dogs and their behavior.

I encourage you to visit my site WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com where you can begin to explore all of the messages animals convey.

Animal Telepathy (Interspecies Communication)

I’m OK, you’re OK. Animals communicate with other animals (as well as humans) via telepathy. Ever see the YouTube videos (or personally in your backyard or in the wild) of interspecies play – like a raven playing with a wolf or random deer playing with the family dog? When two unlikely animal friends meet up and begin play, it’s because they have telepathically communicated and decided to be BFFs.

Anomalous Cognition:

I can hear the words now… “I just knew it!” This is a term coined by professional parapsychologists used to refer to the still unexplained ability for people to have knowledge of something without knowing the source from which that information stems while the information is usually received through one or more psychic senses.

Angel Readings:

This type of psychic ability involves having a true belief in Angels. Divination of this form includes the power to recognize messages from angels as well as accurately interpret symbols and oracular messages on angel oracle card decks.


Yes, I talk to the animals and the animals talk back! Apantomancy involves interpreting the messages we get from the random animals we meet. Theriomancy or Zoomancy are other means for referencing the art of animal communication.


What’s wrong? You look like you’ve seen a ghost! And indeed, you have if you’ve spotted an apparition which is synonymous with the word ghost. Apparition sightings include crisis apparitions, partial, and full apparitions. Some ghosts interact with the living and demonstrate intelligence. Other apparitions appear then disappear.


This term describes not only the disappearance of objects, but the teleportation of such objects that materialize elsewhere. How and why apportation occurs is unknown. The most common items are stones, keys, flowers, and coins. Now where the heck did that watch go? Maybe this is where all those mismatched dryer socks end up too?

Arithmancy: (Also Arithomancy)

Consider divination using numbers … that’s the definition of arithmancy, an ancient form of Numerology. Fortunes are defined by using numerical values and numbers assigned to each letter of the alphabet (a cycle of 0-9). Many people use Numerology to define their life path and the lessons they need to learn in this lifetime.

Astragalomancy: (Also Astragyromancy, Cubomancy and like Cleromancy)

Snake eyes! Yahtzee! This practice is divining with a simple toss of the dice. In ancient times, the dice were crafted out of huckle-bones (often the right and left ankle bones of sheep were used for this purpose) and featured two marked rounded sides as well as four flat sides. Sometimes the dice featured symbols derived from the cabala, and the prophetic determinations were made by the caster of the bones.

Astral Projection: (Also Astral Travel or Mental Projection)

Yup, the lights are on, but nobody is home right now – be back soon! This practice is a method in which a person willfully exits the body and has an Out of Body Experience (OBE). The process requires the belief that the body is a vessel and the soul connected to it with a fine silver cord, leaving it possible for the soul to leave the physical body for a short time as astral body and travel around in the physical and astral realms.


Time to thank your lucky stars! Astrology is a form of divining a person’s characteristics, lifestyle, compatibility with others, personality traits, and life lessons by observing the stars and other celestial bodies, particularly 12 constellations in the Western Zodiac. Alternative cultures also have astrological systems for predictive purposes.


Calling bird watchers again! The practice of prophecy in ancient Rome which involved observing the movement of birds following a lightning and thunder storm and their behavior thereof.

Aura Reading:

Anybody else hearing the Beach Boys in their head yet? “Good, Good, Good, Good Vibrations” – Aura reading is the ability to pick up on the energetic bodies of various individuals as well as living and inanimate objects. Being able to sense or see the energetic body of another.


Gives a whole new meaning to foreshadowing and the cliché “It was a dark and stormy morning…” It’s the examination of the force and direction of the wind for information, is a form of aerology, or the practicing of wind observation for foretelling the future.

Automatic Writing:

With this handwriting, I should’ve been a doctor. Automatic writing is the act of writing out something without conscious awareness of writing; Automatic writing might occur while someone is in a trance state, or the writer might be conscious but not aware of the writing when it occurs.


Have an axe to grind? Divination using axes, a saw, or a hatchet: Great for the modern-day woodsman! The practice involved the individual taking up the weapon and throwing it into the earth or taking the axe and swinging it into the body of a tree and observing the quivering of the blade or the handle’s direction.

Psychic Abilities & Powers

Belomancy: (Also Bolomancy or Bellomancy)

“Ah … let us consider “whether ‘tis nobler to suffer the slings of arrows of outrageous fortune …” At least, that’s what belomancy lets us do, in part. The practice is an ancient divinatory practice used by the Scythians, Arabs, Greeks, and Babylonians, which involved the use of arrows for divining purposes. Phrases were written out on two out of three arrows.

Bibliomancy: (Also see sortes, chartomancy, rhapsodomancy, and stichomancy)

Let’s take a page out of your book to determine what the future may bring … and we can with a bit of bibliomancy! Yes indeed, a form of divination for the book lover in all of us! The use of books, particularly those of high esteem like the Bible, wherein the diviner pulls up random passages in the book to discover answers to questions, insight, or guidance. Yes, bookworms will love this psychic practice!


Want to see if you’ll be able to turn over a new leaf in the future? Try a little botanomancy to see if the future sets the stage for such a possibility! Botanomancy is the art of divining by using fig, Vervain, or sage leaves; these leaves were sometimes burned and then the diviner would observe the smoke as they burned. The leaves were then scattered in the wind for seeking the best direction to take.


Want to know about any challenges or bumps in the road for yourself or maybe your future child? Practicing bumpology will do the trick! A study of bumps appearing on one’s skin in ancient times (see phrenology); today, it also references the study of the “baby bump” of pregnant women to divine the future of the child.

Psychic Abilities & Powers

Candle Readings: (Also Carromancy, Ceromancy, or Ceroscopy)

Don’t throw out those old small candles just yet … Candle Reading is a practice wherein the diviner melts a candle and allows the hot wax to drip into water. The shapes and patterns reveal the future. The practice was common during the eighteenth century, especially when envelopes were often closed with wax seals.


Where there’s smoke there’s fire. Looking at patterns and any shapes appearing in smoke to predict the future. Watch the campfire or watch a bit of incense burn – see what patterns crop up!

Cartomancy: (Also Chartomancy, Card Reading)

It’s all in the cards, at least when performing cartomancy! This is the art of telling one’s fortune by using a standard deck of playing cards or an oracle deck like the Tarot. Also akin to Chartomancy, which is the use of paper and inscriptions to make predictions. Because Tarot Card are believed to have stemmed from playing cards, Tarot Card Reading can, also, be considered a form of Cartomancy.

Catoptromancy: (also Enoptromancy and Captromancy)

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall …” The use of a reflective surface like a mirror to foresee future events and gain insight. The practice might include putting the mirror under a pillow to instigate dreams of one’s mate, and sometimes people used this method of divining to find out if they would recover from sickness.

Causimancy: (also Causimomancy)

Another night by the campfire awaits! A form of pyromancy wherein you must examine the flames and assess their movement or compare how fast several items burn in a blazing fire.

Cephalonomancy: (Also Cephaleonomancy)

We sincerely hope nobody uses this method of divination anymore but for the sake of thoroughness and historical accuracy we included it. This is the practice of boiling a donkey or goat’s head in order to ‘see’ the messages or omens.


They say, “Lightning never strikes the same place twice …” so diviners better move fast on this one! Ceraunoscopy is divining via the observation of lightning and thunder and the intensity of the storm.

Ceromancy: )See Candle Reading)

Chakra Balancing:

A real means of tilting the balance in your favor! The practice of using methods for manipulating the auric fields; the use of guided meditations, and holistic healing modalities are all ways of rebalancing the energies in the Chakra system: Energy centers aligning with the spine and with minor chakras in various parts of the body as well.

Learn all about the 7 Chakra Symbols, Colors, and Meanings.

Chakra Healing:

A modality of polarity therapy or energy healing involving hands-on (or off) treatment like that of auric balancing or Reiki, where one works with universal energies for healing. The goal is to establish an even and steady flow of chi from the coccyx to the top of one’s head and back again.

Chakra Reading:

Are you the picture of good health? Someone reading your chakras might be able to tell you! An experience wherein someone capable of sensing your energies will assess the health and status of each of your chakras to see if they are blocked or opened.


Ever hear all great minds run on the same channel? Well, they do when you are talking about a great spirit mind running through the channeler! Channeling occurs when a spirit or intelligent being makes use of the body and mind of a psychic or medium in order to communicate with the living directly. The psychic or medium or channeler is not hearing the communication and relaying it, but the spirit is engaging in direct communication.

Chiromancy:(Also Chirognomy and Palmistry)

This gives a whole new meaning to too much time on your hands! The act of reading one’s lines and ridges and the shapes of one’s fingers and hands to determine one’s future.

Clairaudience: (Also Clear Hearing)

Hey, do you hear what I hear? Hearing information without the physical ears, but through the paraphysical sense of hearing.

Claircognizance: (Also Clairgnosis, Claircognizant, Clairnostic, Clairknostic, or Clear Knowing)

Yeah … it’s that gut feeling we all need to listen to! The psychic ability to know things or hold an intrinsic knowledge without knowing of the source. Also called a sense of “knowing without knowing.”

Clairempathy: (Clear Emotion)

Hey, how you feeling? Never mind, I already know! This is the ability to feel emotions of others, whether the person is outwardly expressing them or not. Sometimes it involves actually experiencing the emotion of the living, but also the deceased.

Clairgustance: (Clear Tasting)

The ability to taste or perceive the essence of a substance from the ethereal realms without contact.

Clairolfactory: (Clear Smelling)

Here we’re talking about the ability to smell something with the paraphysical senses. As an example: often times we will smell the perfume of someone who has passed over. This is due to their sending their ‘scent’ when their spirit pops in for a visit.


Can you feel the vibe? Picking up on feelings or sensations through the paraphysical senses. This can start with something as simple as your hair standing up on end or feeling cold spots …


Definitely one way to stay in-touch! This is the physic ability to touch something with the paraphysical sense of touch or beyond the physical realm.

Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing):

“I see, said the blind man,”. This is the paraphysical sense of sight, not using the physical eyes, but seeing events, people, things, or places through psychic sense. One who has this ability is a clairvoyant.


You’re just a stone’s throw away… Of course, that’s if you are practicing the divinatory art of cleromancy once practiced in ancient times through the act of tossing bones or stones (later dice) to determine the future. Also, known as Astragyromancy for dice divination.

Clidomancy (Also Cleidomancy):

You can have the “keys to the kingdom” of future knowledge, if you ask the right questions at the right time and use just the right divinatory tools, at least according to the practice of Clidomancy. This is a divinatory method performed when the Moon and Sun shifts into the Virgo constellation. At that time, the practitioner ties a key to the bible and then uses the same key as a pendulum to determine one’s future. Akin to Coscinomancy or Radiesthesia.

Combat Sense:

This is when you can confidently say, “I know your next move”. When in martial arts combat (or any kind of combat, we suppose), this is one opponent’s ability to feel or predict the next martial arts move that will be made by the other opponent.


An age-old method for deciding a person’s guilt or innocence in a matter wherein a pair of shears or a hanging sieve was hung by a thread while a list of potential perpetrators’ names is called out loud; When the sieve moved or quivered, that person was the guilty party.


Barley cakes anyone? Well, that’s what you would use if you are performing this form of divination; the cakes are actually offered up as sacrifices in hopes of gaining future insight. This also involves divining using the use of onion sprouts … The method varies, but old techniques required that names be put on a bulb before being planted; the first to sprout would reveal the name of a person who would be healthy and enjoy longevity.

Crystal Ball Gazing (Also see cyrstallomancy and scrying)

Gaze into my crystal ball… This is one of the most commonly known methods of fortune-telling methods involving the use of a glass sphere, quartz point or crystal ball in order to ‘see’ future events.


Do you feel that? Then you might be experiencing cryptesthesia: A hidden sensitivity one has for the paraphysical or paranormal in nature. Akin to clairsentience.


Remember ‘spin the bottle’? LOL Surprise! You were ‘divining’! This practice has the diviner pose a question, spin the bottle, and find the answer in the direction where the bottle’s top points.

Psychic Abilities & Powers


Are things starting to swing in the right direction for you? You can find out using the art of dactylomancy, the practice of tying a weight to the end of a cord, chain, or string; making a pendulum and interpreting the movements of such for divining purposes. Akin to the art of Radiesthesia.


There’s nothing more relaxing (or informative) than listening to the crackling fire and burning some laurel leaves! When you use daphnomancy for divination, you are tuning into the crackling sounds for omens to come; the louder the sounds the better!

Déjà vu:

Hey … this looks really familiar! At least, that’s what you’re saying when you experience the “seen it before phenomena” of Déjà vu … the definite understanding that you’ve seen something, someone, or someplace or that you had an experience in the past that is repeating itself in the present.


The practice of summoning or conjuring up a demon to answer questions or give psychic intel. For the record, we here at BuildingBeautifulSouls.com don’t believe in demons. Besides, why go to the dark side? They don’t even have cookies. 🙁


Hey, get an extra Yule log and an extra mistletoe this year … they may reveal a bit of information to you … The act of putting a mistletoe or oak branch or two in a blazing fire to determine what symbols show up in the rising smoke and the direction the smoke takes. The mistletoe and oak give clues to the origin of this practice as both were sacred trees to the Druids.

Dice Divination: (See Astragalomancy)

Divine Intervention:

This is something most of us eventually hope for when things get way too challenging! The moment when the Divine or Universe intervenes in human affairs: A miraculous event. This can be considered a psychic ability because, sometimes, we have to be open psychically to see the signs from spirit – and angels, guides, etc.

Divining Rods:

Okay … point the way! The use of a Y-shaped stick or L-shaped metal rods for the discovery of cold spots, underground water supplies, minerals, metals, and missing items or people.

Dreams: (Also Psychic Dreaming)

Only in your dreams … at least that’s where you can gain information through psychic messages … A state experienced during sleep where you can freely explore scenarios from your waking life safely; receive messages from the Higher Self, subconscious, and spirits, and receive symbolic insight through the imagery and auditory experiences you have during the dream session.

Psychic Abilities & Powers


“I soooo know how you feel!” Someone who can pick up on the emotions of another; a sensitive who will feel what others are feeling even if the person they are picking up on is not expressing their feelings outwardly. This ability has negative side effects as many empaths have difficulty controlling the influx of emotional information they detect.


What a shocking talent to have! Kind sounds like Storm from X-Men, huh? This is a psychic ability wherein a person uses the mind alone, without any aid from the physical body other than brain power, to generate electrical currents, electricity, and energies.


“A good way to determine if you might face and future ordeals by fire!” A form of divination that is a sub-category under pyromancy where the diviner throws laurel leaves in the fire to let them burn and so he or she can make predictions.

Energy Healing:

“Healing energies are on their way!” The use of universal energies for naturally healing the body’s energetic system. One common means of this healing modality is Reiki.

Energy Manipulation:

Well aren’t you just a bundle of energy! This practice is the use of visualization techniques or thoughts to control and manage energy, particularly the universal energy coursing through the person and everyone/everything (the life force chi, ki, or prana), but also psychic energy.

ESP Sixth Sense: (Extra Sensory Perception)

This refers to the paraphysical senses one uses to detect feelings, sounds, visual cues, smells, tastes, and other sensory information that is only accessible beyond the capabilities of the physical senses.


When an uninvited spirit or entity enters into a living being and and uses the physical body as a host, an exorcism is performed to banish the offending spirit of entity through the eviction from the body and banishment.


Divination by sacrificing animals and viewing the animal’s entrails. We sure hope that’s a thing of the past because it’s just too medieval for us here at BuildingBeautifulSouls.com.

Psychic Abilities & Powers

Fairies (also Faerie Whispering):

If you tell those who would not understand that you talk to these beings, they might say you are “away with the fairies!” This is the act of using one’s psychic abilities and awareness to detect a perhaps communicate with faeries.

Faith Healing:

“You’ve got that healing touch …” At least you do when faith healing, which is the combination of laying-on of hands and prayer to heal someone. The use of universal energies through the application of a healing modality like Reiki or Theta Healing.

Feng Shui:

Ah … harmonious living by intentional design! A philosophy stemming from Chinese traditions wherein an understanding of the subtle and not so subtle energies of people and their environment affect and interrelate, particularly with a concentration on the elements of water and wind.


This is the ability to either predict or foresee/envision things that might happen if certain actions are taken at the present moment. The use of the mind to visualize future events and how things will play out. And hey, foresight is better than hindsight!

Psychic Abilities & Powers


Talk about REALLY LISTENING to your gut! This is a form of divination wherein words are brought forth with a deep tonality and while taking deep breaths so the sounds emanate from the gut. The diviner enters a trance-like state before performing this method of divination.


Hey, let’s have a few laughs together; After all, our futures will be revealed and maybe a bit of the past too! This is a form of divination interpreting the way a person experiences laughter: The tone, length, and intensity of the laugh are considered.


see Astrology. Plotting the natal chart for a new baby.


Let’s examine the energy of numbers … that’s what you’ll do when gaining information through the practice and art of geomancy. The practice of drawing conclusions from dots and lines within the Geometric system of divination.

Ghost Busting:

“Nobody likes uninvited house guests, you know?” Ghost Busting is the subject of many television shows and films alike, the real-life pursuit if investigating active hauntings/ethereal recordings and the removal of entities or ghosts in a person’s home.

Ghost Whisperer:

Yeah! I talk to ghosts, and why not? Ghost Whisper is a term, not just telling of the famed television show, but an actual practice wherein a medium ghost whisper is one who can hear the voices of spirits and convey what they want to say to those left behind in the physical realm.


Got handwriting like chicken scratch? It can really say a lot about you, according to the art of graphology: An examination of the nuisances in the way one writes things down: The features of one’s writing is used for the purposes of divination.


Moving in circles and feeling a little off balance because of it … we’ll that’s what you’ll be doing if you’re practicing Gyromancy: A form of divination requiring you create a circle with all the letters of the alphabet running along the perimeter of the form you create. Then you run around the circle until you become dizzy and lose your balance … where you fall are the letters chosen. Run and repeat! You’re a human Ouija!

Psychic Abilities & Powers


Some predictions you will just have to take with a grain of salt … at least that’s the case when performing Halolmancy (a form of alomancy): This involves tossing salt up into the air, letting it land, and seeking out patterns. You can also burn the salt in a bonfire of campfire.

Haruspication: (Also Hieromancy and Hieroscopy)

It takes a lot of guts to perform this type of divination! Why, because you’ll be looking at the innards of an animal that has been sacrificed prior to inspection! Gross, right?


Finally, a bit of divination where you can get in on some serious horse sense: Hippomancy will having you watch the movements, sounds, and foot


See Astrology. There art of creating astrological charts and interpreting the charts created.


If you really want to find a divination that you can take to easily, like a duck to water perhaps, then you might want to consider diving into a practice like water divination or hydromancy. The water has properties you can observe as you scry into its surface.


Ah the power of suggestion … definitely part and parcel of hypnosis! A state of consciousness that is a lot like sleep which is artificially triggered by a hypnotist. Once in the state, the individual is open and receptive to directions and suggestions. When used as a form of trance, it is a method in which one can receive psychic information as did Edgar Cayce, otherwise known as the Sleeping Prophet.

Psychic Abilities & Powers

I Ching:

Does your future look bright? Find out with the toss of the coins … actually six tosses! The I Ching or Book of Changes, an ancient Chinese text can help you find out! The book is a special system of divination based in philosophical concepts. The practice involves the use of 64 figures made up of solid and broken lines called hexagrams. Each figure consists of six lines with one on top of the other thereby forming a square shape and each is assigned a different meaning.


Let’s go fishing! Then we can gut a fish, cut off its head, and do a bit of divination! Yikes! Well, that’s what the practice of ichthyomancy involves!

Insight: (See Intuition)


“I just have this feeling …” Yup, that’s what we say when tapping into intuition. The word intuition is often interchanged with “gut feeling” but really referencing a form of awareness that is based in psychic senses. Guess it’s something we ignore at our peril!

Psychic Abilities & Powers


Write down the things you pick up on to track the successful use of paraphysical senses and paranormal or psychic senses; Documenting experiences helps you learn to recognize the inner voice of intuition too!

Psychic Abilities & Powers

Ki: (See also Prana, Chi, and Ki, which are Indian, Chinese, and Japanese expressions meaning ‘Ki”)

This is all about the life-force with us all … This is a higher power, the Divine, Universal Energies pouring through us all and what is relied on for hands-on healing methods like Reiki.

Psychic Abilities & Powers


And like a moth, our gaze is drawn to the flame … at least when practicing this method of divination: It involves the use of a torch or oil lamp with a flame as the scrying tool!


Want to get the dish on something or someone? You might be able to pick up some info using this form of divination wherein water is put into a basin or dish of water. Small stones are dropped into the bowl and the diviner tunes into the sounds of the splash … don’t want to use stones? Floating oil can be added to the water for interpretative purposes instead.


There’s nothing more euphoric than the sense of floating on air, which is what you’ll feel when you accomplish a feat like levitation! The ability involves defying gravity and making people, animals, or objects hover over the ground without any physical support when doing so.


At the campfire once more, that’s where you can listen to the crackling flames, the popping sounds, and watch the smoke rise as your fortune is revealed thanks to the practice of libanomancy!


What direction should you take in life? Well go on, grab a map, a talisman made of stone, rocks, or even crystals and toss them on the surface of the map image to find out. Now, you’ve put the divination practice of lithomancy into practice!

Lucid Dreaming:

Don’t wake your sleepy head just yet! A state during a dream in which you suddenly realize you are dreaming, but remain within the dream and start to interact with the scenario presented.


Do ya’ feel lucky? Well? Do ya’? The energies of luck wax and wane in our lives, and it does seem that sometimes it is unfairly disturbed to people who do not notice it’s prescience or who would not consider luck as behind the arrival of a positive windfall. We include ‘luck’ in a psychic abilities list because it’s closely tied to ‘manifesting your reality’ or ‘the law of attraction’ or ‘blessings from angels/god, etc.”.

Lucky Charm:

Do you believe in the magic associated with an object in which you hold dear? Then you might be thinking of your lucky charm: A talisman said to bring you luck and happiness.

Psychic Abilities & Powers


Remember not to cast your pearls in front of swine, they won’t appreciate it! Actually, while sounding like a beverage, margaritomancy involves the act of casting pearls for divinatory purposes; the pearls were tossed into a pot over a fire.


Time for some relaxation and inner reflection. The practice of silencing the conscious mind to tap into the subconscious, higher self, or Divine within for guidance and insight.

Medical Intuition: (Also Intuitive Counselor, Medical Psychic, or Medical Clairvoyant)

Hey Doc, what do you think? An intelligent doctor with amazing insight too … A practitioner of medicine who uses intuitive or psychic abilities in as a modality for diagnosis.


So, if a spirit moves from medium to another, is it safe to call that a form of channel hopping? A person who connects with spirit and who behaves as a conduit for the disembodied spirit, either by speaking for them or allowing the spirit to channel through them to communicate with the living directly. The medium enters a trance state but also remains aware and conscious during the session while the spirit speaks through the medium, also called trance mediumship.


“Excuse me, I’ll be stepping out for just a moment …” or at least it will seem that way if you practice metagnomy: A specialty often undertaken by Edgar Cayce, the famed Sleeping Prophet, metagnomy is the act of entering into a hypnotized trance-like state to retrieve answers about the future or for healing purposes.


Let us hope the future’s not “as black as thunder …” and yes, that’s really an expression! The use of lightning and thunder to predict events, particularly considering the sound and intensity of the storm; practiced in ancient Roman times.


Got a forehead as wrinkled as a washboard? This might hold some meaning in terms of your future: Metoposcopy is a practice combining an examination of one’s forehead in conjunction with the astrology that might represent them.


The word Metaphysics stems from Ancient Greece and is a combination of two words – Meta, meaning over and beyond – and physics. Broadly speaking, it is the study of the nature of the world, reality, and existence. Currently, these studies include (to name only a few):

Philosophy, Religion, Parapsychology, Mysticism, Yoga, ESP, Dreams, Jungian Psychology, Transpersonal and Theocentric Psychology, Astrology, Meditation, Self-Help Studies, Positive Thinking, Life After Death, Transcendentalism, Mysticism, Reincarnation

Mirror Gazing:

“Mirror, Mirror, on the wall who is the most psychic of them all”? 😉 This psychic ability or power is divination while scrying into a mirror.


More than a simple beauty mark … it might tell you something about your future or character! Predicting future events by considering body anomalies like blemishes, birthmarks, moles, and scars.


Listen intently … and don’t turn a deaf ear to the sounds you hear … they can tell you much! Omens were sought by interpreting the noises and hisses of molten lead when dropped into a cauldron of water. Alternatively, the shapes formed by the molten metal solidifying in the water were observed. Also, the directions that spilled liquid metal would flow when poured onto a flat surface could be prophesized upon.

Morphing: Talk about transformation! Moving from the physical realm into the super-physical or astral realm at one’s leisure; Shamans are said to walk between the world of spirit and the physical … morphing is a modernized reference for this!


Do you smell a rat? You might be able to predict something amiss when you practice myomancy and literally work with rats to do so! The act of observing rats, mice, and other rodents to make future predictions based on the observed behavior and what it might come to symbolize for the diviner. Also, a study of the movement of rodents, the holes they create and the sounds the creatures make.


An initiate of the secret teachings of the ancients. One who believes in the existence of paranormal or metaphysical reality. A Shaman, psychic, medium, clairvoyant, etc.

Psychic Abilities & Powers

Namology: (also Nameology)

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet …” but, would it hold the same divinatory meaning? The practice of using both numerology and the art of Astrology to determine the appropriate name for a person, place, or business.

Near Death Experience:

Literally a matter of life and death if we think about it! (Also After Death Experience or NDE) A phrase coined by Raymond Moody who was the first to study the experiences of those who had nearly died or did die and returned to tell about it. Experiences following being clinically dead and the medically revived.

Nature Spirits:

The belief that all of nature consists of four basic elements, each with an animal representation. Earth, air, fire, and water, or gnomes, sylphs, salamanders, and water undines respectively, each of which serve as physical representatives of the element’s essence.


Kind of puts a new spin on the phrase, “Yield the ghost,” huh? The art of conducting a séance and communicating with the deceased for retrieving information of divining.

Numerology: (Also Numeromancy)

Yeah … I’ve got your number! Using numbers and letters to determine a person’s life path, strengths, attributes, and life events. Also, using the numbers found in birthdates, phone numbers, address and the like for further interpretation.

Psychic Abilities & Powers


Windows to a person’s soul, right? This is the act of looking into the eyes of a person to divine. The character of the eye, shape of it, color, reflections, iris features and shadows were used in this divinatory practice. To look in the eyes of a person to search for truth or to see straight through to the soul.

Oinomancy: (Also Oenomancy)

Don’t cry over spilt milk … do a little divination instead! A form of divination in which a spilled fluid is examined on a piece of paper or cloth. Sometimes this involves looking at sediment in the bottom of a wine bottle or glass to see patterns for interpretation.


Don’t cut that cord just yet … This is a form of divination involving the examination of an umbilical cord to determine the number of offspring a female will have. The curls in the cord are counted to get the result.


Want to know if something has no chance of happening? Find out ‘in your dreams!’ The practice of taking symbols, images, sounds, and scenarios from dreams and interpreting them for meaning which can be applied for life enhancement and personal insight and growth. Check out all the dream interpretation information on Building Beautiful Souls to learn more about dream symbols and meanings.

Onomancy: (Also Nomancy and Onomomancy)

Playing a little name game might tell you a bit about yourself! This is the art of using the letters in a person’s name for divinatory purposes; usually numbers are assigned to each letter and numerological references are made.

Onychomancy: (Also Onymancy or Onimancy)

Finally, a bit of divination that is great for the hands and cuticles! This practice involves applying oil to the fingernails and allowing sunlight to hit the shiny fingertips Symbols were observed and interpreted by the diviner. The symbols near the cuticle were in the distant future while those at the tip of the nail were believed to be set for the near future.


If you don’t get any messages from the practice, at least you’ve got a good start for some Egg Drop Soup! (Also Ovomancy, Onychomancy, Oomantia, or Ooscopy) The method of determining the future by cracking open an egg and letting it drop into hot water. The forms are used for interpretative purposes.


“Seek and ye shall find …” in ancient times and Oracle was a priest or priestess who was consulted in an effort to receive answers to personal questions or to interpret moments. There were also communicate with for healing purposes. Today and Oracle is still a person who divines the future but is also someone who is a psychic or mystic.

Ornithomancy: (Also Theriomancy)

Nothing like getting a bird’s eye view of the future … the practitioner of this form of future telling looks to the birds in the sky for omens. Official augers or Seers in the Roman government were important at the time of the Roman Empire, and they would often use birds for divinatory purposes.

Ouija: (Also Talking Board or Spirit Board)

Who is here? What do you want? When did you die? All questions you’ll likely pose when using a Ouija to communicate with world of spirit? Some consider it a dangerous practice, Ouija board use that is, even despite the fact it has been used for hundreds of years in effort to connect with spirit.

Out of Body Experience: (also Astral Projection, Mental Projection, or OBE)

For some reason I feel beside myself today! That’s what you’ll say if you ever experience an OBE! This is an experience where a person astral projects out of the body but remains connected to it with a silver cord; the out of body experience is often reported by those who are having a near death experience, a phrase coined by Raymond Moody.

Psychic Abilities & Powers


It’s all there right in the palm of your hand! This is the act of reading one’s lines and ridges and the shapes of one’s fingers and hands in an effort to determine one’s future and fate.


The study of extrasensory perception and paranormal phenomena.

Past Life Regression:

Here comes a blast from your past! This is a state one enters into and experiences after being hypnotized where one sees and/or hears events from their life prior to the one where the individual is currently incarnate.


Perhaps it’s all water under the bridge? Reading the future from the motion, patterns, formations, and the bubbles of a spring or fountain. It is a variant of hydromancy involving moving water. Changes in the water consistency and color are also examined.


Here’s a form of divination where you can really get into the swing of things! When a crystal or other heavy bob on a chain or string is used to dangle over words, letters or a yes/no while a question is posed it is called pendulum divination. See also Radiesthesia.

Pet Psychic:

A psychic ability and power which involves telepathic communication with the animal kingdom for the purposes of delivering messages from the animals to ‘owners’ or caretakers.

Phrenology: (Also Organoscopy):

It’s all in your head … or the shape of your head that is! This is a method of determining a person’s attributes or characteristics by examining the different shapes and bumps on one’s head. It was popular during the Victorian era when it was used to determine one’s guilt in a crime once personality traits and to identify one’s character and/or temperament.


Is your future a “bed of roses,” or are you perceiving the future through “rose-colored glasses?” The use of rose petals to determine one’s future in ancient Greece there was a practice of holding Rose leaves in one hand and then clapping in an effort to judge the successful outcome of one’s endeavors.


I can read the answer all over your face! The examination of the face includes looking at warts, moles, wrinkles, skin and other anomalies and other unique features to divine the future.


Want to know what happens next? At least you do if you’ve experienced precognition: An awareness and knowledge of events that will occur in the future that are obtained by unknown means and that proved true and accurate.


And how the heck did you know that anyway? A person attuned to innate paraphysical abilities giving them access to information about the past, present, and/or future.

Psychic Healing:

Natural healing at its finest! The entrance of a trance-like state to use psychic abilities to heal a person suffering from an injury or illness. Sometimes this practice is attempted from afar by sending positive healing energies to the ill individual. A person with one or more paraphysical senses that are active including clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairolfactory, or clairgustance or other extra sensory skills like telepathy and telekinesis.

Psychic Medium:

An individual that serves as a conduit or a channel for spirits looking to meditate with a living and vice versa. This individual will rely on extrasensory perception, spirit guides, angels, and/or the universe or divine to make a connection with spirits.

Psychic Journaling:

“Know thyself” are the words appearing at the Oracle of Delphi … A practice of going within and tuning into the silence of one can gain inner guidance and documenting that guidance for future reference.

Psychic Surgery:

The act of making an energetic-based incision in the human body to remove a disorder or disease.


A method of divination involving extra sensory perceptions picked up and interpreted to automatic writing methods.

Psychokinesis: (Also Telekinesis)

Using the human mind and spirit to move items or objects without the use of the physical body.

Psychomancy: (see Psychometry)

Psychometry: (Also Psychoscopy)

A method of sensing the energies and histories of an object and/or its owner. The individual holds the object in their receptive and (nondominant hand) and takes in the information that they receive as a visual experience within the mind. Once findings are made, the diviner then reports the sensations and visualized experiences.


They say that shamans are those who walk between the world of the physical and the realm of spirit … this is just one example of a psychonaut: A word stemming from the ancient Greek terms for mind/spirit and navigator or sailor … literally, a psychonaut is a navigator or of the mind or a spirit sailor in which the person enters into altered states of consciousness through the use of mind-altering drugs or meditation/trance, and lucid dreaming states wherein entering such states allows for the person to engage in exploration.


Did you see “Firestarter”? Pyrokinesis is the psychic ability to trigger and cease fires while only using the human mind to manipulate the flames negatively or positively.

Pyromancy: (also Pyroscopy)

Divining the future by staring into or scrying into flames. The diviner examines the fire color, shape, smoke rising from the fire.

Psychic Abilities & Powers

Quartz Crystalmancy:

You may not be able to get blood out of a stone, but you can certainly get psychic messages! Quartz Crystalmancy this involves using a crystal point instead of a ball for divination.

Psychic Abilities & Powers


Here’s where you really get into the swing of things … Radiesthesia This practice wherein the diviner use a pendulum or rods for the purposes of locating items, water, or divining for specific answers to questions. The pendulum and or rod serves as a tool that amplifies the diviner’s ability to pick up on things as one’s electromagnetic field is sensitivity is heightened by the use of such tools.


“Now here’s a total blast from your past!” Regression is an act where the individual uses meditation and/or regression techniques in order to experience past life events or to remember specific memories that have long been forgotten.


Send out good energy! This is a hands-on of off, healing, holistic modality established by Mikao Usui in the early 20th century in Japan. The term Reiki is actually a combination of two words: Rei with the meaning of higher power or God and Ki which means life force energy. If we are to translate the word Reiki into the original Japanese the word comes to mean ghostly power.

Remote Viewing:(also Telesthesia or Extrasensory Perception)

“As far as the [psychic eye) can see” … This is a practice that has been studied by researchers at the Stanford research Institute. The parapsychologists were looking to capture evidence of clairvoyant activity while under controlled conditions in a lab. Remote viewing is a lot like astral projection were in the person leaves their body to see another location.

Retrocognition: (Also Post Cognition)

“I just knew it!” … This is a psychic ability wherein the individual can see past events clearly and describes them. Sometimes called retrocognition or psychometry where the individual holds an object and detects the history from the energies emanating from it.

Rhabdomancy: “Seek and ye shall find!”

The realization of dowsing rods to discover underground minerals and water. Typically, the rods use are made of Hazelwood but modern versions of this practice involve the use of metal dowsing rods as well. This form of divination also involves use of wands, sticks, and rods.


Nostradamus is not the only one who put knowledge of the future down in poetic form! This is a method of answering questions or making predictions by using poetic works and randomly choosing passages to answer such questions or to foresee such events. Akin to stichomancy and bibliomancy.


Maybe you were born under a lucky star … let’s use Roadomancy to find out: A practice involving the use or examination of constellations in the sky and their position in order to make predictions about a person’s characteristics, behaviors, attributes, and or their future. Akin to astrology.

Runes, Rune Stones: (Also Runic Divination, Runecasting, or Cleromancy)

A whole new meaning to spelling things out for you! Runes are a form of writing and an ancient alphabet stemming from Scandinavia and originating at least from 1500 years ago or more. One of the first runic alphabets was the Futhark. Later, additional rune alphabets were developed. The word runes literally mean mystery or secret and the letters were used for the purposes of divining the future. Viking Runes are one example.

Psychic Abilities & Powers

Sand Scrying:

Go ahead. Draw that line in the sand. Sand Scrying is a mode of divination involving the use of sand while it spread on a flat surface. The diviner uses appointed implement or pencil and holds it loosely to allow automatic writing to occur.

Sciamancy: See Sciomancy

Scrying: See Mirror, Crystal Ball Gazing, and Hydromancy

Second Sight: (Also Remote Viewing or Precognition)

I can see clearly now! This is a psychic ability allowing an individual to see both past and future happenings before they occur and/or after they occur and sometimes at a great distance from the actual indication of the occurrences. Only the paraphysical senses are used in the detection of knowledge.


A method of predicting the future by taking an iron to straw and burning it. The diviner would observe how the straw burned and curled during the process in order to make predictions. You’ll likely have to make quick observations … dry straw burns quickly!

Sixth Sense:

This term references the paraphysical senses one has in addition to physical senses and is another reference for extra sensory perception. Such senses include clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairolfactory, and clairgustance.


This word referred to a person who divined during the medieval times and divination was considered a form of sorcery. The term is also used to reference the practice of drawing lots or casting bones. Chances are …

Spirit Board: (see Ouija)

Spirit Communication:

A term used to describe the spiritualist movement originating from the United Kingdom. The movement began with séances being organized and eventually led to people delivering psychic readings by making personal connections with the spirits, the universe, or divine. Today, spirit communication references any type of communication directly or indirectly with the spirit.

Spiritualist Movement:

Starting out in the United Kingdom this movement got its beginnings from people who wanted to organize and arrange seances. To read more about these amazing psychic pioneers, visit Spiritualist National Union UK and Spiritualist National Union International.


A form of divination wherein ashes are examined after a fire. The fire was once performed for the purposes of conducting a ritual sacrifice. The diviner would put a question in the ashes overnight and allow the elements to be exposed to the ashes. What remained was what was examined for predicting the future.

Star Sign:

What do the stars say about your future? Akin to sun sign, this phrase references the position of the stars in the sky and the zodiac sign at the day and time of a person’s birth and is said to influence the person’s behavior as well as their lifetime.

Stichomancy: (see Bibliomancy)

Divination by using books, magazine, and, now, the Internet. The process involves asking a question and opening a book/website to a random page so as to find the answer.


Calling all fashionistas and style enthusiasts, yes there actually is a form of divination that is based on the way a person dresses themselves. Talk about dressing for success and considering what your image says about you!

Sun Sign:

A term referencing the zodiac sign one is born under at the time of their birth. An alternative reference is also Star Sign.

Sycomancy: (Also Phyllomancy)

Let’s just see how things unfold … This is a form of divination involving the use of fig leaves. In lieu of such leaves, the diviner might use rolled up pieces of paper that have been burned or soaked. Items would then be observed to see how they unfurl or burn in order to make predictions about the future.

Psychic Abilities & Powers


Time to take up that lucky rabbit’s foot! A special object endowed with specific powers thought to protect an individual. The powers are derived from the objects design and the object being charged for a specific purpose.

Taromancy: (Also Chartomancy and Tarotmancy)

Tarot time! This is the art of practicing divination via the use of tarot cards. Most modern decks consist of 78 cards with 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana all of which depict universal experiences within the human lifespan for divinatory interpretation.

Tasseomancy: (Also Tasseography):

Tea time! This is the ancient art form of divination by examination of tea leaves or coffee grains that remain at the bottom of a cup once the tea is consumed. What remains is interpreted for patterns which hold meeting for the diviner.

Tea Leaf Reading: (see Tasseomancy)


This would be wonderful when it comes to housework, no? After all, it is the use of the human mind to move objects without having to physically touch them.


I can see right through you. 😉 At least you say this if you are using the psychic ability involving the transference of one’s thoughts to another individual or several people through mental processes and without speaking or using body language for expression.

Tephramancy: (Also Tephromancy and Spodomancy)

And out of the ashes come answers … This is a divinatory practice involving the examination of the ashes produced by a ritual fire or by examining the ashes produced by tree bark. In ancient times, it might have also referenced the divination using ashes from a sacrificial victim.

Theta Healing with Vianna Stibel:

A special technique of energy healing as taught by Vianna Stibel based on a spiritual philosophy used for the purposes of improving the spirit, body, and mind.

Tiromancy: (Also Tyromancy)

And what kind of cheese do you want on your sandwich … it might be able to tell you a bit about yourself! Divination involving the act of making cheese. As the cheese was made, the curds were examined for various patterns and holes that might reveal predictions or omens.

Trance Mediumship: (Also Mental Mediumship, Medium, & Spirit Communication)


Aunt Sally, is that you? It sure does look like you! When referencing mediumship abilities, this refers to the moment when the medium takes on the physical characteristics of the spirit.

Psychic Abilities & Powers

Usui Reiki:

Your just a natural at this healing thing … This is another reference for the hands-on healing method involving the transference of universal energy through the Reiki healer and into the body of the individual requiring healing.

Psychic Abilities & Powers

Voodoo: (Also Vodun)

Far more than the practice of using Voodoo dolls … The term voodoo means a spirit and originates from Africa. The religious system itself also stems from the same region and is usually portrayed inappropriately or incorrectly in modern media. The practice is syncretic and brings together traditions from various religious systems and the occult.

Psychic Abilities & Powers

White Light:

Let’s shed some light on the subject! White light visualization is what a person envisions and feels when looking to cleanse and purify their aura, negative energies, the mind, and body.

Psychic Abilities & Powers


Now you’re speaking my language! Or you might be if you experience Xenoglossy: A phenomenon where an individual suddenly talks in a foreign language that they have not studied; it is also a symptom of past life regression when a person has undergone hypnosis and suddenly they speak in a foreign tongue.

Xylomancy: (Also Zylomancy)

Certainly, a practice that will make your next nature walk interesting! This method of predicting the future involves using pieces of wood and burning them to see what patterns form or where one just chooses random pieces of branches and twigs along the path to make predictions.

Psychic Abilities & Powers

Ying Yang:

Ah, the feeling of complete balance and harmony! The masculine and feminine or projective and receptive energies as seen by the ancient Chinese as being two primal forces within the universe. Per the Chinese philosophy, the energies course through all things.

Psychic Abilities & Powers

Zen Mind:

“I’m feeling totally Zen right now … and that’s a good place to be at … A relaxed state of mind achieved during meditation with the goal of seeking out insight and enlightenment.


You’ll be weighing things carefully with this type of divination practice where weights are used to predict the future. In ancient Greece, a scale with the balance was used. There is no reference as to exactly how the process worked. It is however that the scale produced “yes” and “no” responses much like when you are using a pendulum for divination.

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