Green Opal Sphere (Madagascar)


SIZE: 50mm

Green Opal Meaning

Because of the Emerald-like hue in Green Opal, energy healers associate it with improved energy, rejuvenation, growth, happiness and a fresh spiritual perspective.

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Green Opal Healing Properties

Green Opal isn’t wholly green – it’s only the predominant hue with hints of purple, red and various shades in between. As a result, we cannot completely separate the meaning of Green Opal from other members of the family.

The word Opal has two origins. One is a Sanskrit term that translates as valuable stone and another is the Greek Opallios, meaning color change. Greek tradition says these amazing gems came from the tears of Zeus, and that they symbolize victory and psychic ability. Aborigine myth connects this healing crystal with Universal harmony.

Another connotation for Green Opal specifically is good fortune, particularly for people born in October.

The only caution with Green Opal is its tendency for it to act like an emotional projector. It’s hard to rein in spontaneity when working with this teacher.

Astrologically Opal correlates with Cancer, Libra, Scorpio and Pisces.

  • Mind: Creativity, Inspiration; Loyalty; Devotion; Self-expression
  • Body: Fever; Infection; Purification; Easing Childbirth/PMS; Improved circulation
  • Spirit: Finding your Path; Willful intent


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