Tumbled Apache Tears (Arizona, USA)


Apache Tears Meaning

Apache Tears have strong ties to the Earth Mother, which is why many metaphysical practitioners use them for grounding or improving their connections with the natural world.

Because of this maternal nature of Gaia’s energy, generally Apache Tears have strong symbolic connections to protective actions.

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Apache Tears Healing Properties

Their matrix seems ideally suited to removing grief and sorrow so you can think clearly and move forward with positive ideas.

When you feel overwhelmed psychically keep these handy. They have a lot in common with black Obsidian if you run into difficulty finding the stones commercially. Other excellent applications for this mystical crystal include keeping anger in check, living your truth, cleansing bitterness and facilitating resolutions.

  • Mind: Healing relationships; Intuitiveness; Healing sadness; banishing resentment
  • Body: Improved absorption of vitamins into the body; supporting immune functions; Cleansing
  • Spirit: Auric cleansing; Safety; Grounding; Security

Apache Tears have irregular shapes, just like people do! This makes the energy within very approachable.

When you want to clear dark goop out of your aura, Apache Tears are great choices.

Additionally, if you’re working on improving your psychic awareness, Apache Tears really give you a boost. There are some who believe some of Apache Tears’ ability to enhance psychic power is due to it’s ties to Mother Earth, thus giving the healing stone “women’s intuition”.

Healers often keep them in their kit for people undergoing emotional distress.

Some of the other sacred stones that Apache Tears work cooperatively with include Smoky Quartz, Black Tourmaline and Lodestone.

Apache Tears Metaphysical Properties

  • Chakras: Root (1st)
  • Element: Earth, Fire
  • Numerology: Number 1
  • Zodiac Signs: Capricorn, Aries
  • Crystal Energy: Psychic Abilities, Nurturing, Protective

Apache Tears Properties

  • Color: Translucent Black
  • Mining Locations: Worldwide
  • Mineral Class: Mineraloids; it is Volcanic Glass
  • Family:
  • Crystal System: Amorphous
  • Chemical Composition: SiO2 Silicon Dioxide with impurities
  • Hardness: 5 – 5.5
Tumbled Apache Tears

1 1/4- 1 1/2”, 3/4 -1”


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