Serpentine Hearts (Peru)


Serpentine Meaning

Serpentine lives up to its name by having symbolic properties similar to snakes. When you need to shed the old skin and grow, it’s an ideal amulet. This healing crystal, shaped into a heart, is particularly beneficial to those going through relationship changes that threaten to cause tension or worries.

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Serpentine Healing Properties

The ancients carried Serpentine as a ward against diseases and witchcraft. Having said that, don’t be surprised if you start encountering etheric beings more frequently when you work with this stone. Place some in your garden to attract the fey and watch your land flourish.

Light workers feel this healing stone activates Kundalini energy, often described as a snake of energy at the base of the spine. However, it’s strongly recommended that you learn about kundalini energy or work with someone experienced in controlling it before endeavoring such an awakening. Serpentine pairs well with Lingam stones for this type of working.

  • Mind: Emotional symmetry; Peaceful problem solving
  • Body: Protection; Health; Postpartum amulet; Kidney or stomach disorders; Female sexuality
  • Spirit: Spell turning; Meditation, Blessings; Contacting Devas & Angels; Chakra clearing; Kundalini energy

Serpentine Metaphysical Properties

  • Chakras: Heart (4th), Crown (7th), Clears All
  • Element:
  • Numerology: Number 8
  • Zodiac Signs: Gemini
  • Crystal Energy:

Serpentine Properties

  • Color: Various shades of Green as well as yellow, brown, or black. Can be solid or mottled in color.
  • Mining Locations: Brazil, Canada, China, Greenland, India, Mexico, Peru, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, UK, USA
  • Mineral Class: Silicates
  • Family: (Mica Group)
  • Crystal System: Variable
  • Chemical Composition: (Mg,Fe)3Si2O5(OH)4, Magnesium Iron Silicate Hydroxide
  • Hardness: 3 – 4.5
Serpentine Hearts

40mm x 30mm, 45mm x 40mm


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