Blue Calcite Stone Egg (Madagascar)


Blue Calcite Meaning

Picture the bluest of blue water, gently undulating through the warmth of the day – going nowhere in particular. Notice how any tension you might be carrying simply dissipates? Maybe you even start to slightly sway, keeping time with the lapping water in your mind’s eye.

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Blue Calcite Healing Properties

A lazy smile starts to form at the corners of your mouth and suddenly you are calm, happy and satisfied.

This is the energy of Blue Calcite.

Though the healing crystal Blue Calcite correlates to the elements of Fire (cleansing) and Air (psychic power), it’s super soothing energy seems to be better symbolized by the healing power of water.

Yet the Fire and Air elements of Blue Calcite speak to this healing stone’s mighty ability for energetic cleansing. Use Blue Calcite especially when you want to clear the path for your Third Eye, making intuitive and psychic messages easier to receive

Associated with the Throat Chakra, Blue Calcite is an excellent choice for those who wish to have more clear and confident communication.

  • Mind:
  • Body:
  • Spirit:

Blue Calcite Metaphysical Properties

  • Chakras: Throat (5th), Third Eye (6th)
  • Element: Fire, Air
  • Numerology: Number 8
  • Zodiac Signs: Cancer
  • Crystal Energy: Psychic Ability, Soothing Mind, Body & Spirit

Blue Calcite Properties

  • Color: Pale to Medium Deep Blue
  • Mining Locations: Africa, Brazil, Czech Republic, Germany, India, Mexico, Romania, UK, USA
  • Mineral Class: Carbonates
  • Family: Calcite
  • Crystal System: Trigonal
  • Chemical Composition: (CaCO3) Calcium Carbonate
  • Hardness: 3
Blue Calcite Stone Eggs

6 x 4.5 x 4.5, 6.5 x 5 x 5


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