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Virgo and Libra Compatibility: Friendship, Sex & Love

There’s a delicate balance making Virgo and Libra compatibility a reality for this pair. The things Virgo and Libra share in common make a decent foundation for friendship and love. But, there’re differences contributing to some major pitfalls in the relationship too. Knowing what lies ahead for this romantic pairing increases compatibility considerably.

For the most part, a Virgo and Libra love affair has a relaxing, feel-good vibe right from the start. The “good sensation” stems from Libra’s remarkable ability to enchant and mesmerize. Virgo enjoys Libra’s optimism, joy, and good humor. It makes them feel “alive” in a world they often see through a dull, analytical lens.

The good vibrations between a Virgo and Libra partner are short lived though. They’ll need to know how to maintain the energy if they’re going to make it last. As choosy personalities, they’ll have to ride the energetic waves of the relationship. Such waves fall under the influence of mood, environment, and each party’s perspective on life. If either party becomes complacent, the compatibility factor between them takes a radical dive!

Virgo and Libra Table of Contents

Virgo and Libra Compatibility

In the Virgo and Libra love affair, this duo has no problem communicating. Libras love talking as do Virgos. The only thing Libra needs to do is to learn how to cut out the loquaciousness. It’s best to be direct when talking to Virgo, so they don’t turn Libra out. This party has no trouble complimenting one another on their appearance. Both insist on looking good. Both also know a few kind words will encourage continued attentiveness with one another.

When Virgo communicates, it’s direct and concise. They are in a hurry to get right to the point. Virgo values every minute and wastes no time beating around the bush. Libra will have Virgo trying to figure out puns and reading between the lines. The Virgo personality doesn’t much care for the sarcasm, and dark humor Libras tend to use. They’ll spend a lot of time wishing Libra would just be straight with them and say what they mean. They prefer a cold, direct means of communication. Their style is far different from the serpentine means Libra uses for expression.

Virgos are unemotional, cool, and distant with communication. Libra can pull off the same attitude on a superficial level, but internally chaos reigns. If Libra must hide their feelings all the time, they may look to another for emotional fulfillment. Tuning into the emotional needs of one another intensifies Virgo and Libra compatibility.

Virgo and Libra Love

In the Virgo and Libra relationship, the dating life starts out like most fairy tales. Virgo finds Libra perfectly enchanting. They make Virgo feel good and smother them with flattery. Libra compliments Virgo on everything from their looks to their brains. They are successful in stroking Virgo’s ego. The Libra personality dazzles Virgo. They use sweet words, impressive intellect, and an amiable nature to woo them.

The initial connection between Virgo and Libra have this duo smitten. It’s not long before imaginative Libra’s contagious flights of fancy are in the head of Virgo. Soon they feel like they’ve known Libra for several lifetimes. They lose touch with their grounded sense of reality. They begin imagining standing at the altar of marriage with their soulmate!

After this couple takes off the infatuation goggles, reality sets in. First, Virgo feels as if they have a champagne and caviar relationship. But when things cool, it turns to one of soup crackers and fruit punch!

Still, there lingers some enchantment. Virgo finds Libra’s ability to cast an illusion of deep connection impressive. Libra will turn up the heat to try to impress Virgo so they can keep the relationship alive. If they fail to impress Virgo, Libra feels like a total failure. They’ll look to the horizon for other romantic opportunities. Even worse, Libra will do so without even giving Virgo a heads up.

Virgo and Libra Sex

In the Virgo and Libra love match, Libra is very sexual. They enjoy physical connections with Virgo. Libra has no problem bragging about their sexual greatness. This can lead to one of two problems. It might inhibit Virgo entirely, never allowing them to become sexually liberated. Or, the Virgo partner gets insulted by Libra’s over-sized sexual ego and heads for love in a new direction.

Libras tend to compare their existing lovers with their former. They even have a rating system all their own. Virgo won’t stand being second best to anyone. It’s best Libra forego with the rating system altogether to keep relationship peace.

Virgos demand total secrecy about what goes on behind the bedroom walls. Libra finds it exciting to talk about their sexual escapes. If Virgo gets a whiff of Libra’s loose lips, the relationship runs ashore. To kiss and tell is a violation Virgo will not willingly overlook.

Virgo and Libra Communication

The Virgo and Libra pairing have an outer presence that’s poised, calm, and collected. They both crave some excitement to maintain an interest in one another. This duo shares a similar level of intellect, so conversations prove intriguing. They’ll talk about philosophy, history, and the arts. They also discuss their latest literary interests.

They enjoy going to the theatre together. Virgo and Libra won’t have to compromise too much on the shows they attend. Whether opera or musicals, plays or rock concerts, both parties enjoy live entertainment. Sharing of similar interests is a pillar of strength in the Virgo and Libra relationship.

Virgo and Libra compatibility grows when they look to one another as a teacher and guide. Libra understands the complex nature of human relationships. Virgo understands the analytical nature of human beings. Both parties can teach one another important lessons. The education they offer is on how to interact with and understand their fellow human beings. They can also teach one another how to understand each other.

Libra and Virgo are personalities that can thrive in isolation. The only difference is that Virgo is happy with isolation all the time. Libra needs to come up for air occasionally. Why?Because, they hinge their value on how well the community receives them.

Libras are also naturals at helping people, and so are Virgos. Both personalities can sense when a person is in need and they come right to their aid. It’s a good thing Libras can sense when someone needs assistance because Virgos are not likely to ask. They’ll take the help when offered but hunting it down is not their thing.

Virgo and Libra Clashes

This duo will differ dramatically in interests and activities. Libra and Virgo both enjoy literature. But, Libra’s reading romances while Virgo is reading thrillers. They both love music too. Where Libra loves all genres, Virgos prefer classical music and soft rock. The couple will need to plan regular outings to avoid the cutting-edge of boredom.

Virgo likes downtime at home and prefers isolation. Libra doesn’t mind isolation occasionally, but withers without regular socialization. They must meet in the middle in figuring out stay-at-home-time and outings. With Virgo’s penchant for organizing, they’ll break out the calendar to schedule dates.

At the start of the Virgo and Libra love match, the thrill seems like it will never end. When the “infatuation goggles” fall away, the simplicity of the relationship brings disappointment. Virgo feels Libra promised far more than they are delivering. Libra gets distracted with ease. If Virgo doesn’t keep their attention, they’ll soon be looking elsewhere for romantic thrills.

Virgo and Libra Polarity

All signs in the zodiac align with a polarity. The two energetic forces signs align with are Yin and Yang. Yin is a feminine force. Yang is masculine. But, the gender references do not relate to gender at all. They convey the attributes of the energetic forces in question.

The feminine Yin force is passive, yielding, and nonresistant. The Yang force is forceful, assertive, and action-oriented. Both forces complement one another. Virgo aligns with Yin. Libra aligns with Yang. Thus, there’s a natural complementary balance between the signs when they’re in balance.

If a polarity goes out of balance, it results in polarization. This changes the attributes of the signs and persons under the polarities’ influences. If Virgo endures the polarization of Yin, they become resistant and passive-aggressive. If Libra experiences the polarization of Yang, they’re aggressive, dominate, and dictatorial.

To recapture the balance in the relationship, each party must embrace opposing polarities. Virgo needs to become more assertive and direct. Libra needs to become more empathetic, sympathetic and intuitive. Both parties do well when demonstrating patience and tolerance for one another. It will improve Virgo and Libra compatibility.

Virgo and Libra Aspects

Aspect in astrological terms is the measurement of the distance between two zodiac signs. The distance is important as it helps to decide zodiac compatibility. The measurement comes from the angle between two signs on the celestial wheel.

In the Virgo and Libra pairing, the distance between signs is one sign apart. Thus, this couple as a semisextile aspect between them. This means one can look at this romantic pairing as people who live parallel lives. They have a few common factors between them. But, the number of differences between them is way higher. They can live and work alongside one another, but not without a lot of work to keep things in balance.

Some astrologers see the sign of Libra as the evolution of the sign of Virgo. A Virgo lacks intense emotionality but finds emotional connectivity in the sign of Libra. Libra has a mature emotional body while Virgo remains more intellectual and aloof. Libra has much to teach Virgo about the benefit of being social and open. Virgo has much to remind Libra about when it comes to the advantages of secrecy.

Bear in mind the big differences these two bring to the table of the relationship can ignite sparks. Where sparks fly, fire can burn. There’s plenty of passion (in and out of the bedroom) for the Virgo and Libra love match. Strong-headed and stubborn, Virgo will make every effort to see the relationship through. Libra might become fickle or flighty though if things don’t look like they are working out.

Virgo and Libra Elements

All signs correspond with one of the four elements: Earth, Fire, Air, or Water. The elements hold an energetic influence over the signs they correspond with. These influences either complement or oppose one another. Virgo corresponds with the Earth element. Libra corresponds with the Air element. Because these elements are different, they are complementary as well.

In the Virgo and Libra love relationship, the couple end ups looking like a serious odd couple. But, even an “odd couple” finds innovative and fun ways to get along. Earth energies make Virgo stable, secure, and dependable. Air influences make Libra fickle, flighty, and unstable. It appears where one zodiac sign is weak, the other is strong. This duo can complement each other when focusing on personal strengths.

Earthy Virgo and Air influenced Libra are both intelligent. They enjoy talking, but for different reasons about different things. Virgo doesn’t care for flowery language, frills, and unnecessary chattiness. Libra’s love to fill the air with their voice. They are opinionated, love to gossip, and have trouble keeping secrets. As Virgo says, “Loose lips, sink ships.” Libra will need to be careful not to discuss taboo subjects outside the relationship. If they don’t, the pillar of trust crumbles and the relationship with it.

Virgo is an ever-constant presence who seldom changes. Libra can change their mind and opinion like the wind. Virgo won’t take kindly to Libra’s volatility as they demand consistency. Libra is a procrastinator. They seem to show up for scheduled events whenever the wind catches their sails. Virgo’s timeliness and scheduling conflict with Libra’s fancy-free life approach.

Virgo Man and Libra Woman Compatibility

The Virgo Man and Libra Woman may be different regarding personality traits. But, they have common goals in mind. Both want a relationship that’s loving and free of melodramatics. The simpler the relationship is for this pairing, the better. A Virgo Man and Libra Woman have a strong connection become of their desire to communicate. The Virgo Man loves the intellectual nature of their discussions. A Libra Woman loves the attention Virgo gives them when they tune into what she has to say.

In the Virgo and Libra affair, this couple shares a similar penchant for perfection. The Libra Woman adores all things beautiful, thanks to the planet Venus’ influence. She’ll bedeck the home with pieces of art, soothing colors, and luxurious furnishings. Every corner of the home is well-designed and welcoming. Virgo’s need for perfection is fulfilled by Libra’s need for perfect beauty.

Both have a similar desire for organization. It helps strengthen Virgo and Libra compatibility. There’s nothing pretty about disorganization says a Libra Woman. Now, the Virgo Man might cater to this sentiment by being obsessive about cleanliness. Or he might rub her the wrong way with his penchant for hoarding and chaotic organization. If he is obsessive about cleaning, Libra is tolerant when obsessions become irritating. The chaotic organization will turn Libra off completely because it will invoke anxiety.

The sexual connection between a Virgo Man and Libra Woman starts out warm and inviting. They both enjoy a good romp in the hay even if it’s a little on the traditional side. If Libra learns Virgo’s need to trust in the couple’s privacy, the Virgo Man will open up little by little. When Libra shows they keep Virgo’s secrets safe, inhibitions fall away. It lets the sexual connection become erotic and experimental. The Virgo Man refuses to deal with any “kiss and tell situations.” If Libra talks to friends about their sex life, Virgo’s apt to cut ties.

Since the Virgo Man and Libra Woman set the bar high regarding standards, things become difficult. It’s possible both parties will demand perfection. This preference exists even when Virgo and Libra fall far from perfection themselves. The Virgo Man will become critical and complain to his partner. A Libra Woman will make it look like it all rolls off her back for the sake of harmony. But, hidden resentments will linger and fester. It can destroy the Virgo and Libra love match.

The Virgo Man is direct in handling relationship difficulties. The Libra Woman uses her charms to manipulate her way out of problems. Here this couple will not see eye-to-eye. The Virgo Man will think the Libra Woman is insincere and playing games. The truth of the matter is she’s dealing with the situation they only way she’s ever known.

Virgo Woman and Libra Man Compatibility

The Virgo Woman and the Libra Man have different life views. But, they can be successful because of common goals. When this couple identifies what makes them unique, the next step is to become tolerant. Common and opposing attributes in balance strengthen a strong Virgo and Libra relationship.

A Virgo Woman and Libra Man share the desire to have a lifelong relationship with someone they trust. Both want a feel-good quality to the relationship where happiness reigns. This duo will have to compromise in many areas if they are going to make their dreams of love manifest. What they cannot compromise on, tolerance will take care of the rest.

With a Virgo Woman, she is one who demands the respect of time. Her time is her most valuable asset, and she doesn’t like wasting it. She’ll have a set calendar filled with appointments. A Virgo Woman has everything strategically planned down to the minute.

The Libra Man will have to work around and with her schedule to plan outings and social connections. Here a problem may arise when Virgo discovers Libra’s flighty nature. Libra’s propensity for procrastination is a royal turn off. The Virgo Woman will complain directly to the Libra Man. She has no problem making it known she’s not going to tolerate inconsistency.

A Libra Man loves a comfortable home. He won’t hesitate to spend money on buying all things lending comfort to his abode. Overspending isn’t an issue because he feels both he and his mate deserve the best of everything. His sense of entitlement might land him in trouble with the Virgo Woman. These two bash heads in determining who controls the household budget. They also have epic battles over spending. It’s a Virgo Woman that usually ends up in control of the funds. She’ll take precautionary measures ensuring there’s tight control on the checkbook.

The Virgo Woman will teach the Libra Man the importance of saving money for that rainy day. Though he won’t enjoy it much, she’ll have him sifting through Sunday newspaper fliers. She’ll have him looking for sales and signing up for wholesale membership clubs. Meanwhile, she’s patiently cutting out coupons to add to her coupon binder.

Things go from enticing and enchanting to fizzled out and dry in a Virgo and Libra pairing. If this couple doesn’t plan romantic outings, it hurts Virgo and Libra compatibility. Picnics, movie nights, and weekend getaways are just the start. The Virgo Woman and Libra Man need to work consistently on being sweet to one another.

Virgo and Libra Love Match Wrap-Up

There’s a good degree of volatility influencing the Virgo and Libra love match, but love can survive. Libra’s need for balance, love, and peace reigns over their flighty nature. Virgo fights for the relationship when they discover Libra’s common goals and dreams. To keep the relationship going, Virgo will need to drop the criticism down about ten notches. Libra will need to forego gossip and learn that some things are not meant to be shared with others.

Virgo and Libra can conquer the pitfalls of love with some hard work and commitment. But, what about your love life? Do you and your partner have what it takes to ride love’s roller coaster? Are you ready for all the loops and hoops love brings? Your compatibility will play a big role in your success. Let Building Beautiful Souls help you figure out your astrological compatibility today? Check out the zodiac compatibility for all signs free!

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