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Taurus and Virgo Compatibility: Friendship, Love & Sex

So, is the Taurus and Virgo compatibility factor high? Or will this love combination see its doom before ever getting off the ground? This relationship has some serious trials. But, these two earth signs can find beautiful and lasting love! Both personalities are steadfast, loyal, and true. With such attributes in place, it ensures a stable and loving bond. If this couple does things right, it’s one of the most stable connections between zodiac signs!

Virgos are generous souls, and Taureans are equally so. These two lovebirds will spoil each other rotten. They are always displaying affection whether at home or out in public. Taurus and Virgo hold hands and give each other gentle kisses all the time. Their connection runs deep. They have no fear in expressing their feelings for one another.

They love sensual touch, so when not hand-in-hand, they are arm-in-arm. When not strolling around, the Taurus and Virgo couple are wrapping their arms around each other in a long embrace! This couple does not limit the amount of affection they will share with one another. Showering affection on one another is part of this romantic duo’s daily routine!

Taurus and Virgo have no problem working together on shaping the life they want to live. Taurus is the planner who plans everything down to the household budget, childcare, and home décor. Virgo is more than happy to help Taurus make their dreams a reality. They will assist with dream manifestation with the greatest amount of efficiency.

Taurus and Virgo Table of Contents

Taurus and Virgo Compatibility

With the Taurus and Virgo relationship, the compatibility is undeniable! Taurus is a steadfast and stable personality seeking an effortless lifestyle and predictable love life. Taurean personalities have the motto of “I have,” so much of their life centers on harvesting what they desire. Once they harness their basic needs and desires, the use what they harness to sustain a life of tranquility and beauty. Thus, the Taurus personality is one aligning with archetypes like the Builder and Provider.

But, Taurus is not all practicality. They are not a stick in the mud! They are lovers of nature and the natural world. You’ll find they love spending time outdoors, whether they are camping, hiking local trails, or growing a lovely garden in the backyard.

Taurus loves to celebrate life and appreciate the arts and music. When not at home taking in some cuddle time, they are out on the town dancing. They might even spend downtime cutting a rug right in their own living room. Thus, Taurus aligns with archetypes of the Gardner and the Dancer. They’ll need a partner who loves celebrating life as much as they do!

Yes, a Virgo personality suits a Taurus nicely! Virgos are analytical and methodical, but they still appreciate nature. They are a disciplined soul, who loves learning as much as sharing knowledge with others; this aligns Virgos with the archetypes of Mentor and Teacher or Guide and the Disciple. As practical souls, they share similar traits with Taureans: This contributes to Taurus and Virgo compatibility.

A Virgo is a dedicated worker, and when they commit to a task, they see it through to its completion. A Virgo personality demands efficiency, and it’s these attributes a Taurus adores! Taurus is one abhorring change of any kind. With a Virgo, they find a partner who seeks to make tasks simple. Virgos have discriminating personalities, so they are particular about what they covet. Taurus shares this characteristic as they have a keen eye for all things beautiful.

Taurus and Virgo Love

When the Taurus and Virgo couple falls for one another, it’s only after a comfortable courtship. Taurus is open to a relationship while Virgo needs to develop trust before moving forward. Virgo has trouble trusting people, so Taurus has work ahead.

How can Taurus convince mistrusting Virgo they are trustworthy? By merely being a Taurus. The steadfast Taurus is one of the most loyal personalities of all the zodiac signs. They demand the same loyalty in return. As gentle and tender lovers, it’s easy for Taurus to convince Virgo they are safe.

As Taurus and Virgo draw closer to one another in a relationship, Taurus is the first to say, “I love you.” Virgo is more cautious about their emotions and how they express them. They want absolute certainty they’ve found the right person before uttering such sacred words. When Virgo finally says the words “I love you,” the expression is pure and the absolute, sweet truth.

What contributes to the excellent Taurus and Virgo compatibility is the patience of the Taurean partner. Taurus will wait for Virgo to come around and open to their true feelings. With extraordinary empathy, Taurus understands how confusing it can be for Virgo who has trouble trusting others.

There is a limit to how long Taurus will wait, however. When it becomes clear Virgo has no intention on ever moving forward because they repress their feelings, Taurus will give up the romantic pursuit. They will have no other choice but to do so as they are chasing a dead-end relationship at that point.

Taurus and Virgo Sex

The Taurus and Virgo love match is a beautiful thing between the sheets! When it comes to sexual encounters, Virgo the Virgin wants to take things slow. That’s fine by Taurus who enjoys taking their sweet time, anyway. There’s no rush to get things started in the bedroom. Taurus much rather savor every moment and waiting for Virgo’s readiness is nothing more than sweet anticipation!

Virgo is a humble soul. So, they’ll want vanilla sex all the way. The lights better be off too, because when it comes to sex, Virgo is super shy and anxious about body perception. Taurus has no trouble sticking to a “vanilla bedroom menu” if it pleases their partner. Hey, as long as the touch is sensual and they both feel good, Taurus will bust out the light bulbs!

Taurus will encourage Virgo to loosen up in the bedroom once intimacy and trust emerge. Taurus can teach Virgo how to let go of inhibitions, and maybe (just maybe) they’ll add a dash of chocolate to the bedroom antics flavor list!

Taurus dotes of Virgo in the bedroom as much as outside of it. By spoiling their lover, they ease Virgo’s mind. It allows them to feel comfortable with their partner and to release their deep, hidden, and primitive sexual desires. Through continual sensual touch, Taurus makes Virgo’s heart quicken and awakens in them a hunger they never knew they had!

The only issue this duo faces regarding sexual encounters is the near absence of spontaneity. Taurus plans and Virgo responds. It’s rare if these two just have a wild midday romp in the hay! With no spontaneity, sex can become too much of a routine. It will serve the Taurus and Virgo relationship well to mix things up occasionally! It can prove to be some of the most memorable sexual encounters they ever have together.

Taurus and Virgo Communication

Taurus must make no assumptions their Virgo partner understands where they are coming from when they communicate with one another. Since Virgo is precise and analytical, they often over-analyze what Taurus is saying, or they take Taurus at their word literally. Taurus must be clear about what their words mean and should take care to watch out for double entendres! Virgo will think Taurus means every word of what they say!

Not all communication is smooth-going for the Taurus and Virgo love match. Taurus can develop a fixed mind and opinion about things. This immutable approach is foreign to Virgo who looks at things from all angles. Virgo might not settle on a single answer or opinion. They look at a situation through different lenses to adapt the most flexible and suitable approach or solution possible.

Virgo has work ahead if they are looking to change Taurus’ mind about anything. They must have hardcore evidence supporting their argument, and even then, Virgo faces difficulty. Taurus hates change even if it is changing their mindset. Persuading a Taurus to change at all is like convincing the Sun it isn’t the center of our solar system.

Taureans can be bold and brash while Virgos are modest and often quiet. Both partners are intelligent and love learning. How they assimilate knowledge, and the opinions they develop is where these two lovebirds differ. Virgo needs the patience of a Taurean to deal with Taurus’ stubborn nature. Taurus needs the flexibility of a Virgo to embrace the idea that not all change is bad!

Taurus and Virgo Clashes

While Taurus and Virgo both love beautiful things, there are differences in what they are willing to spend to get them. Taurus, who is often practical, will spare no expense when it comes to buying something beautiful. Virgo looks for beautiful things at local flea markets and garage sales. It’s the spendthrift versus the penny pincher!

The difference in spending modes may seem minor, but when it comes time to budget, it can blow out of proportion. Remember, Taurus is the planner of the pair and is apt to be the main budgeter. Much to Virgo’s surprise is just how much Taurus spends on Christmas gifts or for home renovations! Analytical Virgo is apt to lose their normally humble demeanor when they see the dollar signs rolling in Taurus’ eyes!

Clashes occur in the Taurus and Virgo love match every time there’s a difference in opinion. Taurus personalities are down to earth and sensible. They see modern science and medicine as the realistic ways to care for the body. Holistic healing is secondary as Taurus sees it as a decent supplement to the tried and true Western medicinal treatments.

Virgo would often prefer forgoing the use of traditional medicine, for their favorite holistic treatments and herbals. This duo may argue over which means of healthcare is more sufficient every time someone gets a head cold!

Taurus and Virgo Polarity

In astrology, the astrological signs align with one of two polarities. The polarities are Yin and Yang forces. These forces are forms of energy that are feminine or masculine. The latter reference is not a term pointing to gender, but the vibration of the energy in question.

Yin is feminine, so it is passive, soft, and non-resisting or open. Yang is dominant, assertive, and projective. With the Taurus and Virgo signs, both zodiac symbols share the yin polarity; this makes the personalities in the Taurus and Virgo relationship open, receptive and non-resistant to one another. It seems like a nice combination, but that’s if the polarities do not polarize.

What happens during polarization? The Yin energy becomes passive aggressive and martyr-like. Both parties in the relationship become self-sacrificing instead of complementing one another’s strengths. To establish balance again, it is necessary for Taurus and Virgo to embrace more Yang energy. Doing so will prevent mood fluctuations, epic battles, and codependency in the relationship.

Taurus and Virgo Aspects

In astrology, all zodiac signs have an aspect when they astrologer compares signs for compatibility. The aspect is the distance between the signs one is comparing. In the Taurus and Virgo pairing, the zodiac signs form a trine aspect. A trine is equal to 120 degrees or four signs apart on the celestial wheel.

When two signs create a trine aspect, it promises a nice harmony between the signs in a relationship. If the people in the relationship work together and focus on one another’s strengths, the relationship is successful. The trine aspect is a guarantee of Taurus and Virgo compatibility.

Taurus and Virgo are personalities that motivate one another. Virgo encourages Taurus to embrace motivation and overcome inertia. Taurus encourages Virgo to let go of inhibitions and to free themselves from dogmatic thinking. In this relationship, the pair helps one another to grow.

Within the Taurus-Virgo combo, this pair shares the same polarity and the same elemental influence. The trine aspect here means these souls may feel as if they have known each other for an entire lifetime. They feel safe and secure with one another after a long period of developing trust. It is a couple with a lasting connection because they are supportive and affectionate.

Taurus and Virgo Elements

The Taurus and Virgo couple share the same polarity, so it’s not a surprise to discover they share the same element. Both signs have an earth element alignment. These signs are grounded and have a stable relationship framework. Personal truth, integrity, and consistency are important elements in the Taurus and Virgo love match.

Both parties in the matchup feel tradition is important. Taurus is less flexible when holding to traditions. Virgo is more willing to integrate modern ideas into old practices. Both personalities demand structure and a predictable routine to feel at home with one another.

Change occurs slowly if at all. Taurus is not kind when it comes to change, but will bend if it is for the greater good. Virgo remains the flexible partner, bending and changing when necessary to maintain harmonious vibes.

While the pair is steadfast and true, they can get stuck in the same old routine day in and day out. When this happens, stagnation sets in and the couple grows bored with one another. Mixing up the routine with some spontaneity is the way to clear the problem. But, for these two strategic planners, spontaneous action is almost an alien concept.

To break out of the stagnation trap, the pair needs to expand their minds and open their hearts. Developing one’s circle of friends can introduce the couple to new and never-thought-of-before ideas! As earth-influenced creatures, Taurus and Virgo are prone to materialism. Virgo concerns themselves with personal status in the working world.

Taurus Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility

There’s safety, security, and a solid partnership in the Taurus and Virgo relationship. Yes, it is true the Taurus Man and Virgo Woman will need to make a few changes to make the relationship work. But, the changes are not huge or cumbersome, at least not for Virgo! Taurus may fret just because someone utters the word “change.”

Taurus has plenty of patience, and he will need it if he’s with a shy, humble Virgo Woman. She’s slow to open to him and share emotions. Thank goodness Taureans are known for their natural persistence. He will stay by her side until she is ready to dive into the watery depths of emotional intimacy. Once Virgo opens up, she becomes appreciative of Taurus’ remarkable patience with her.

This couple shares the characteristics of practicality and the preference for tranquility. Both hate melodrama and prefer privacy over excessive socialization. The Taurus Man finds the Virgo Woman’s intelligence and humility attractive attributes. But, her graceful physical beauty captures the visual Taurean’s eye first. The Virgo Woman focuses on health and fitness, so she often has a body that’s well-toned and shapely.

The similarities and differences between this duo balance perfectly lending to Taurus and Virgo compatibility. Yes, this couple shares similar traditions, ethics, and values. They even have similar behaviors when it comes to focusing on efficiency and conservative undertakings. But, it’s what makes them different that adds spice to this romantic hook up!

The Taurus Man has a shadow side that makes him overly cautious and sometimes hedonistic. When these characteristics are dominant, he’s all about pleasure seeking and decadent delights. For humble Virgo, this might intimidate at first. Once the Virgo Woman is no longer afraid to have sex with the lights on, all bets are off! She’s apt to become just as hedonistic as her Taurus Man with the right guidance!

The Virgo Woman has her shadow side to contend with as well. But, some characteristics like her perfectionism and fussiness might prove beneficial to the relationship. The Taurus Man appreciates a perfectionist attitude when it comes tending to all matters of the home. Her excessive fussing over her man can prove a boon to the attention seeking Taurus Man.

The Taurus Man finds the Virgo Woman’s commitment to all things pure and flawless impressive. She uses the same care when caring for herself, which Taurus finds an amazing attribute. A Virgo Woman makes sure not a single hair is out of place as she readies for her day. The Taurus Man is in awe of the Virgo’s natural beauty and how easy she makes “looking good” appear.

Taurus Woman and Virgo Man Compatibility

The Taurus and Virgo love match serves as a template for the “holy grail” of romantic connections. The Taurus Woman and Virgo Man are in a relationship that can last for years. Love has no problem thriving in this pairing since they are so much alike. The Taurus Woman and the Virgo Man are conservative personalities who take a slow path to love. When sure there is some sincere emotion between the two, the Taurus Woman remains respectful of her man’s need to take things slow.

The Virgo Man never rushes into a commitment. He ever rarely rushes any decision. The Taurus Woman learns fast she needs the ultimate patience if she’s going to spend her life with a Taurus male. The Taurus Woman has a calm demeanor and is reassuring for the Virgo Man. She’s quick to ask him about his day or what’s on his mind. Doing so promises her the ability to keep the communication lines between them open.

The Virgo Man is exceptional in the business world. The Taurus Woman encourages him to do well both in and out of the office. She is an endless well of encouragement, and he appreciates her positivity. The Virgo Man seeks balance in all aspects of his life. The Taurus Woman is more than happy to ensure he gets it if she gets in her cuddle time.

The Virgo Man contributes his analytical thinking and meticulousness to the relationship. The Virgo Man has no trouble committing to memory all the days the Taurus Woman assigns importance. He is one to pay close attention to detail, so the Taurus Woman loves it when he remembers special anniversary dates or brings up special memories.

She sees his remembrances as extra special, and it contributes to the betterment of the Taurus and Virgo relationship. If he remembers what she wore on their first date or what her favorite restaurant is, she practically swoons! It’s even better when the Virgo Man remembers something important she has said as it shows he’s been paying attention to her!

Mostly, the Taurus Woman is frugal with money. That’s until something beautiful catches her eye. Here is where the Virgo Man and Taurus Woman’s similarities diverge. Taurus is more apt to impulse buy, and the Virgo Man is more prone to remain conservative with spending. It’s all too easy for spending to get out of hand for a Taurus who has a champagne taste with a Kool-Aid® purse!

Taurus and Virgo Love Match Wrap-Up

The question of compatibility between a Taurus and Virgo shouldn’t be a question at all! This couple has the best chance out of all the couples in the zodiac to experience lasting love. When paired, there’s a ton of patience, affection, and expression of feelings. The Taurus and Virgo match is almost perfect in every with, with little to hinder this couple from getting along. With flexibility, it is smooth sailing ahead for the Taurus and Virgo couple. A willingness to make it work is all it takes to confirm the outstanding Taurus and Virgo compatibility this couple creates.

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