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Taurus and Libra Compatibility: Friendship, Love & Sex

Taurus and Libra compatibility depends on this pair’s willingness to work together. This couple shares Venus as a ruling planet. Venus gets its name from the Goddess of Love, so surely there’s promise for this romantic duo! This relationship is either tranquil and loving, or outrageous and crazy! Either way, this love match is in for one bumpy and exciting ride down lover’s lane!

When Taurus and Libra make a connection, they have a joint focus on everything beautiful! They want the best things in life, and a posh existence together is the dream this duo shares. A home with a loving and comfortable environment serves as the sacred temple for this love match. Family and friends are important to both partners as well. They share a similar value system. Taurus enjoys harmony and Libra demands balance.

When encountering Taurus and Libra, others sense the compassionate nature of the relationship. Libra is social, open, and friendly. Taurus is amiable, sensual, and stable. On the surface, the relationship seems too good to be true.

But, the delightful nature Taurus and Libra personalities conquer love’s biggest obstacles. There’s nothing to hinder the loving connection with this pair. They must concentrate on the strengths of each partner, to make things work.

Taurus and Libra Table of Contents

Taurus and Libra Compatibility

Despite communication difficulties, Taurus and Libra can find happiness together. Venus’ influence has much to do with this couple getting along. They both have an appreciation for what’s beautiful in the world. Taurus is appreciative of the natural world. Libra is appreciative of beauty in art, music, and whatever create harmonious vibes.

The Taurus and Libra connection can result in a wonderful family life. Both personalities make excellent parents. Taurus is a steadfast, loyal, and stable spouse who helps secure a good home. Libra is a fair and friendly parent. They ensure the children pick up excellent social skills.

With family, both Taurus and Libra personalities cherish immediate and extended family. Tradition is important for both personalities. Although, Libra is more flexible about what traditions the couple embrace. Friends are also important to this couple. Though companions are more important for Libra who seeks approval through social connections.

When it comes to love, Taurus wants a gentle, tender, and devoted lover. Libra is always seeking balance, so they want a lover who is serious and responsible. This duo holds true love above all other values, and both demand a partner’s fidelity.

With activities, the personalities in the Taurus and Libra relationship share interests. Art shows, the museum, and visits to local galleries are on the list. Taurus might have to convince Libra to partake of some outdoor activities. But, when successful, this couple enjoys hikes and camping. Mall walking and window shopping while taking in visual pleasures is another pastime.

Taurus and Libra Love

Taurus and Libra need to start out a relationship at a slow and steady pace. Friendship is a prerequisite before these two can start taking things seriously. Both parties might prefer the fairy tale love affair. But a realistic approach to love is necessary. If these personalities leap into love too quick, the love fades and fizzles fast.

Taurus needs to feel secure in a loving relationship. Anything threat that sense security is equal to waving a red flag at the jealousy-prone bull! This is where things get difficult in the Taurus and Libra match. Usually-patient-Taurus loses patience quick when it seems Libra is drifting away. Libra’s social skills are amazing: A bit too amazing. When it comes to the opinion of the Taurean partner, Libra needs to chill out!

Taurus doesn’t like sharing. As Libra chit chats with anyone and everyone, the bull sits back wanting way more attention! Libras can be on the flirty side too, and this makes things way worse. If Taurus starts thinking Libra has a wandering eye, like a bull at the gate, Taurus’ rage flies! Things grow even more difficult if Libra lacks confidence and engages approval-seeking antics.

A Taurean’s trust is a fragile thing. Libra’s need for everyone’s approval looks like flirtatious, disloyal behavior. One to many coy smiles can destroy the trust in the relationship. With trust a pillar for relationship survival, mistrust threatens Taurus and Libra compatibility.

Taurus and Libra Sex

With the Taurus and Libra love match, Venus’ influence ensures a loving connection. The intense connection occurs in and out of the bedroom. Both parties in this pair make an instant friendship while dating. Libra is social and talkative, and Libra’s amiability is a draw for Taurus. Even if the love connection never happens, this duo forms an inseparable friendship.

Sharing a sense for all things beautiful, Taurus and Libra stage an exquisite bedroom set up. There’s something to stimulate every sense. Beyond sensual touch, this duo enjoys satin sheets, fluffy throws, and body pillows. Taurus will call for Egyptian musk incense; it helps set a romantic and lusty atmosphere. Mood lighting and a few candles set the stage for physical encounters.

Taurus is creature who loves music. Libra appreciates the harmonious vibes music creates. It’s likely Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On,” is playing in the background! As Taurus is a creature who enjoys sensual touch, Libra strikes a balance by being visual. The bedroom’s staging is perfect for getting Libra in the mood, and they prefer making love with the lights on!

This couple can have an exceptional sex life. But, they must keep the waves of communication open and flowing! Communicating needs and desires helps to keep the connection between intense. Libra is more willing to try new things in the bedroom. Taurus prefers the tried and true as they don’t care much for change.

Communication is the key that helps Libra tilt the scales in their favor. Being able to talk with one another is vital to the health of the Taurus and Libra relationship. It lets Libra persuade Taurus that occasional changes on the bedroom’s menu really aren’t so bad after all.

Taurus and Libra Communication

Taurus and Libra might have difficulty in the communication department. It’s not because they don’t have a handle on language either. Both personalities have the ability to speak with eloquence. Taurus and Libra are intelligent. Taurus is stable and predictable, but Libra is the opposite. This is where they diverge in the communication realm.

Steady Taurus is opinionated. The opinions Taurus develops are fixed: It’s rare when Taurus approves of changing their mind. Libra is more flexible and can bounce back and forth with their opinions on a matter. Libra is so fickle it can drive Taurus nuts! Libra will state one opinion, then another. Taurus will begin screaming inside their own head with frustration.

The same problem comes up when communicating decisive action. Taurus has no problem settling in a single decision quickly. Libra toys with an idea for days before settling on what’s “most fair.” Taurus’ limited patience will have them calling Libra a procrastinator.

Libra seeks harmony in every challenge. Taurus seeks the fastest solution, even if harmony is not the end result. Discussions between these two can result one of three situations. They will come together with an agreement, argue, or give each the silent treatment. For communication to improve, Taurus has to be more flexible. Libra has to be more assertive. It’s the only way communication works in the Taurus and Libra love match.

Taurus and Libra Clashes

Libra is a capricious soul. Taurus is a determined and decisive personality. Herein lies clash number one! Libra’s wishy-washy uncertainty is a real pain in the neck for Taurus. Libra sees Taurus’ stubborn nature as something they just can’t handle.

While this couple creates and maintains a beautiful home environment, some issues arise. Taurus is a natural planner. Libra likes to play things by ear. Their airy nature makes them hesitant to lock plans into place. They remain hesitant until they are sure they are moving forward with a position. The differences between them threatens Taurus and Libra compatibility.

In the home environment, Taurus is picky. They want everything in its place as it creates a predictable, unchanging environment. Libra is ready to rearrange the furniture every other week as they can’t decide which layout looks best. It only takes one time for Taurus to stub their toe on the coffee table. Libra moves around fifteen times before tempers heat up. Taurus screams out a series of explicatives, and Libra suggests Taurus is over-reacting.

Taurus can be obsessive when it comes to neatness. They like knowing where every item is as a creature of habit. Libra is flighty, and this carries over into how they keep the house. Taurus is right behind Libra picking up shoes, socks, and dirty clothes. By the time they get to the wet towels, Taurus is furious. Libra knows any excuse they give is tad amount to milking the bull.

Taurus and Libra Polarity

The compatibility in the Taurus and Libra love match depends on polarities. With every zodiac sign there is a corresponding polarity. The polarities are feminine and masculine forces. These forces complement each other and are Yin and Yang. Yin is feminine, and Yang is the opposing force.

The terms “masculine” and “feminine” are not references to gender. Instead, it signifies the type of energy influence each force creates. With the feminine force the energy is passive, open, and receptive. Yang is aggressive and active.

With the Taurus and Libra combo, Taurus aligns with Yin. Libra aligns with Yang. Thus, this relationship results in a natural balance of masculine and feminine energies. When both signs are in balance, they go together like cookies and cream! If Taurus and Libra focus on one another’s strongest attributes, the energies balance.

If an imbalance in an energetic force develops, it is because of the polarization of energies. If Taurus’ Yin energy polarizes, the individual becomes passive and self-sacrificing. To bring balance back, it’s necessary to embrace Yang energies. The Yang energies are can be harnessed through assertive action. The cultivation of confidence and direct action brings Yin back into balance.

Taurus and Libra Aspects

In astrology, the aspect of two signs helps determine compatibility. Aspect refers to distance on the celestial wheel between the zodiac signs. With the Taurus and Libra love relationship, the signs are five signs apart from one another. This measure of distance is a quincunx.

A quincunx aspect means the zodiac signs are 150 degrees apart on the wheel. This aspect has a specific kind of energy resulting in unease, conflict, and a need for adjustment. Taurus and Libra personalities have little in common with one another. Yes, they share the same ruling planet, Venus. But, their personalities are quite different. Adjustments in the relationship means making compromises. Patience and flexibility are necessary in this love match as well.

The connection between a Taurus and Libra personality may seem odd. It can be a relationship that’s loving and long-lasting or one that’s downright toxic. These two personalities attack life’s challenges from opposite ends of the spectrum. If they can meet in the middle, they can make it work. Once this couple establishes an emotional bond, it’s near inseverable.

The Taurus and Libra connection requires constant work. The stronger attributes of each party help to make up what the other party lacks. This union may be the result of karmic consequences. Both parties deal with emotional injuries stemming from past incarnations.

Taurus and Libra also differ in the ways they choose to communicate with others. Libras are dreamers and Taurus personalities motivate. By concentrating on goals, Taurus and Libra can find strength through common focus. They can work together using individual strengths to carry the relationship.

Taurus and Libra Elements

Taurus and Libra align with specific elements. Taurus corresponds with the element of Earth. Libra corresponds with the Air element. Earth and Air oppose one another. Air cools the Earth while Earth can smother Air. But, these two influences can help Taurus and Libra compatibility.

While Taurus and Libra seem at odds, earth-ruled Taurus can ground the airy Libra. The air-ruled Libra can trigger the imagination of Taurus. Libra’s harmonious vibes align with Taurus’ penchant for stillness. When in harmony these two respect and understand one another. They share the ruling planet of Venus, so both have a loving and seductive nature.

The differences between these two is that Libra that Taurus is more stable. Libra is flighty and social. They’ll need to meet in the middle on differences to avoid disagreements.

Taurus Man and Libra Woman Compatibility

Taurus and Libra compatibility is a factor facing multiple challenges. But, it doesn’t mean such challenges are unconquerable. With dedication, the hurdles the Taurus man and Libra Woman face diminish.

Taurus personalities are homebodies. Libras are social butterflies. Taurus are the no nonsense sign of the zodiac. They might be creative and artistic, but Taureans do not appreciate melodramatic antics. Libra doesn’t mind the unadventurous atmosphere of the relationship. It’s a nice down time from all the socializing they do. But, Libras do need time outside of the household. They crave the opportunity to socialize and maintain friendships. The Libra Woman is a lot like a flower. If she gets the sunshine she needs and her time in the light, she’ll thrive. Confine her into the shadows of the home and she begins to wilt.

Libra sometimes sees Taurus as a stick in the mud. Why? Because Taurus much rather be at home enjoying the comforts of life in privacy. A great movie, terrific book, cuddle time, or time with the kids are boon of Taurus’ existence.

Taurus sees Libra as fickle and flighty and wishes their partner could just settle down. Their need for a large circle of friends is irritating. Sometimes for Taurus, the relationship feels like the cat and mouse game where Tom and Jerry are scurrying all around the floor!

The Taurus Man wants his Libra Woman to himself. He sees others as a threat to the fidelity and sacredness of their relationship. When the Libra Woman is over-social, her partner might misconstrue her high sociability. The Taurus Man sees her as still shopping around while in a relationship. Taurus won’t stand for it for long. The Taurean personality is prone to possessiveness and jealousy.

Where the Taurus Man and Libra Woman match is in values balance, harmony, and tranquility. This Taurus and Libra love match uses common values to resolve conflicts arising. With patience for their partner’s idiosyncrasies, love can thrive. Taurus needs to accept Libra’s need for a huge circle of companions and their fickle nature. Libra needs to recognize that Taurus is easy to enrage if they feel their love is threatened.

One of the key factors contributing to compatibility in the relationship is respect. If Taurus respect’s Libra’s need for socialization, Libra responds with respect. If Libra accepts Taurus and their need for certainty, they curb a bit of the socializing to put Taurus at ease. Both partners make a concerted effort to think about walking a mile in the shoes of their significant other.

What makes the Taurus Man and Libra Woman a winning combination? Taurus is a loving, gentle, and compassionate lover. They are a dedicated friend, and their loyalty is unbreakable. The Libra Woman appreciates Taurus’ commitment. She is an eloquent, brilliant personality who serves as the embodiment of femininity. The Taurus Man sees his Libra mate as a goddess of all things beautiful. It’s a major confidence booster for the Libra Woman!

Taurus Woman and Libra Man Compatibility

The Taurus Woman and Libra Man have enough in common to keep the relationship hopping. They also have enough differences to keep the Taurus and Libra relationship interesting! It may take a bit of tweaking for these two to get on the same romantic page. But, when they do they are a force to reckon with for sure!

In this pairing, the Libra Man is amiable and friendly. He’s the seeker of instant solutions because he is most comfortable when at peace. He’s a real head turner, which can be a cause of concern for the Taurus Woman who wants him all to her lonesome!

The Taurus Woman has no problem keeping the attentions of her Libra Man. She keeps a lovely home environment and fills it with every comfort she can imagine. She doesn’t do this to please her man though. It is her natural preference to surround herself with comfortable furnishings and art. She cooks up some of the most delicious meals on the planet too, so she can satiate far more than his sexual appetite!

The Taurus Woman insists on her man being a gentleman. She will put her lover on a pedestal and dote on him as if he is he king of her domain. But, she demands equal respect in return and will accept nothing less.

The Libra Man adores all the pampering a Taurus Woman provides. He doesn’t take long at all for him to get used to being spoiled by his partner. Being a person who insists on fairness ensures there is balance in the relationship. The Taurus Woman loves all the attention and sensual touching she gets in return.

Patience contributes to Taurus and Libra compatibility. The Taurus woman is compassionate and warm. She has a preference for relaxing with her partner. Downtime is all about hugs and lots of cuddling.

She’s got a remarkable amount of restraint. She also embodies femininity with her poise and sensuality. She is the calm in most storms, unless she’s the one responsible for brewing it! Yes, she can wreak havoc when furious, but it takes forever to push her to the point of no return.

The Libra Man is also patient, loving, and kind: This is why his circle of friends remains so large! He admires the Taurus Woman and treats her like a lady. He has a keen understanding about the way she thinks. He empathizes with her insecurities most of the time. The only time he oversteps his bounds is when his own needs for recognition cause him to forget his partner.

Taurus and Libra Love Match Wrap-Up

Taurus and Libra personalities can make a go of a relationship and be successful in the game of love. In time and with a great deal of patience, this relationship can prove tender and memorable. The key to success in this pairing is found in the ability to embrace each other’s strengths. But, it is also necessary to have considerable tolerance. These lovers have to acknowledge and accept one another’s differences.

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