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Sagittarius and Cancer Compatibility: Friendship, Love & Sex

Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility is volatile because the two personalities have remarkable differences. Sometimes this couple shares enough attributes, so it strengthens the relationship’s longevity. When emotions, intellect, and values align, Cancer and Sagittarius can make a go of love.

But, the strength of common bonds must outweigh the substantial relationship differences. Such differences are not always insurmountable; this is especially true when obstacles cause the foundation of the Cancer and Sagittarius match to crumble.

But, if the goal is living a lifelong, loving relationship, this love match is worth the risk. If this duo arms themselves with tolerance and compassionate understanding, many obstacles are conquerable! Yes, this pairing is a risky love affair. But, as Lord Alfred Tennyson says, “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all!”

Sagittarius and Cancer Table of Contents

Sagittarius and Cancer Compatibility

In the Cancer and Sagittarius love match, there’s a shared appreciation of things with comedic value. This duo loves laughing together. They are both smart and witty, so there’s always a punch line on hand at just the right time to drop one. They say laughter heals, but in this relationship, it serves as a bonding agent.

In a pairing where Cancer and Sagittarius love laughter, the connection runs deep. It is no surprise when this pair visits nearly every comedy show in town. Movie night is the time they watch the latest comedy on the silver screen. They favor cable specials where comedians help them escape the real world. It makes for a great, at-home date night. Their ability to laugh at things helps them jump many relationship hurdles.

Both Cancer and Sagittarius are foodies at heart. They’ll find fun times in the kitchen as they share their favorite recipes. Frequent dinner parties at home let Cancer show off their interior decorating skills. There’s the second benefit of getting Sagittarius to stick around the house occasionally. Backyard barbecues swap out for dinner parties when the weather is nice.

Sagittarius and Cancer Love

The Cancer and Sagittarius relationship join the Mother and the Explorer archetypes. Cancer is the all-loving, nurturing Mother. They are looking to create a compassionate and safe world for this pair. It is a world where Cancer dreams of living out a life in romantic bliss. Sagittarius is the Explorer who is ever ready to set out on the next conquest. There’s always some enticing exploit on the horizon. Sagittarius seems to run from the love nest Cancer builds. Tying themselves down is not on their bucket list. Sagittarius and Cancer personalities seem to run in opposite directions.

Cancer must let loose and give Sagittarius enough freedom and independence. Doing so allows them to pave the way to a smooth love affair.

Sagittarius needs room to grow and roam. As the mother archetype takes shape, Cancer is better off as a free-roam Mother. She is one who has confidence in her child to allow them to go off into the world on their own. She doesn’t hover over her children watching their every move. It’s this access to the world Cancer will need to give Sagittarius. It’s the only way to make their partner comfortable in the relationship.

Sagittarius doesn’t like to answer to anyone. With Jupiter as their ruling planet, they crave expansion and growth. Cancer focuses on making the home a fortress for their love. Sagittarius is looking to wander. It becomes a parent-child relationship where Sagittarius rebels against the parent for freedom. If Cancer doesn’t learn to let go, there can be a lot of growing pains along the way!

Sagittarius and Cancer Sex

The sexual attraction in the Cancer and Sagittarius love match is tense at best. Cancer has emotional needs demanding fulfillment in and out of the bedroom. In fact, foreplay for Cancer begins outside of the bedchamber. They’ll need fulfillment before they can even consider becoming physically intimate. Fulfillment of the heart before sexual satisfaction is the natural course for Cancer.

Meanwhile, Sagittarius is talking a whole different language when it comes to sex. They don’t need emotional fulfillment to enjoy a good old-fashioned romp in the hay. Cancer sees Sagittarius’ ability to disconnect from emotion unsettling. The most important thing for a Cancer personality is the ability to feel secure.

If Sagittarius tunes into emotions, Cancer has no problem warming up to them. Of course, uninhibited Sagittarius takes the lead when it comes to sex. Cancer is comfortable following Sagittarius’ lead if they control the experimentation. Sagittarius loves to joke around and make light of things. To Sagittarius, sex is not just about feeling good, it’s all about having a good time. They walk a thin line here if they don’t take things as seriously as Cancer sees them. The physical connection is about emotional expression in the eyes of Cancer. Sagittarius might see moody and broody Cancer as a real stick in the mud.

Sagittarius and Cancer Communication

One thing reducing the Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility factor is the means in which these two personalities communicate. Sagittarius has a positive outlook on life. They are the philosophical idealist who is forever looking to expand their knowledge base. The world is their oyster, and they seek to claim it. With Fire as a ruling element, they have no problem speaking their minds. They are strong believers in the purity of expression.

Sagittarius feels everyone should speak the truth, no matter the degree it might dazzle or shock the listener. Their blunt and assertive nature might seem aggressive to the passive, ultra-sensitive Cancer soul. Cancer tries to put words to emotions so intense few words can describe them. Sagittarius is cool and direct, having no difficulty speaking their mind. The clash between Cancer and Sagittarius in the realm of communication is undeniable.

Cancer is the natural homebody. Part of their desire to be home all the time resides in the fact they want their Sagittarius mate all to themselves. Cancer wants the full focus of their mate as they require a lot of affection and attention. The other reason why Cancer prefers to remain in the home all the time is that they are natural introverts. Just like the crab who carries its home on its back, Cancer never wants to leave the safety of their shell.

In the home environment, Cancer can choose who they let into their emotional world. Caring for the home and building up like a fortress of love allows Cancer to hide from what they fear will trample their emotions. The ability to micromanage the world gives Cancer the illusion of control. Sagittarius will break clean through the illusion if Cancer tries to enforce domestic tie downs.

Sagittarius and Cancer Clashes

The differences between them create difficult challenges in the Cancer and Sagittarius relationship. All too often, Cancer and Sagittarius are going in different directions. Cancer runs for home and Sagittarius runs for the hills. Cancer demands emotional support, but Sagittarius insists their partner stands on their own. It’s not long before resentments begin to brew in this relationship.

Cancer sees Sagittarius’ need to run all the time as disinterest. They start to feel as if Sagittarius is blowing them off. Feeling stinging jealousy of the world when it gets Sagittarius’ attention, Cancer broods.

Sagittarius sees Cancer’s sulking as manipulative. Annoyance grows when Sagittarius feels like Cancer is guilt-tripping them. They rebel against their partner. The effect Cancer wants from their passive aggressive action doesn’t come to pass. Hoping Sagittarius will cave out of guilt and stay home more, it pushes their mate away.

Cancer avoids conflict at all costs. Sagittarius speaks their mind, so any dispute arising in the relationship results in harsh conversations. Cancer begins to see Sagittarius as cold and uncaring. Sagittarius starts to see Cancer as a ball and chain holding them back from happiness.

Sagittarius and Cancer Polarity

In astrology, all signs correspond with either a Yin or Yang force. These forces hold sway on the behaviors of the people and zodiac signs they influence. Cancer aligns with the feminine Yin force. Sagittarius aligns with the masculine Yang force.

The reference to masculine and feminine have nothing to do with gender. It is a reference to an energetic influence. Yin is passive, sensitive, and open. Yin is empathetic and intuitive. Yang is the opposing force or action-oriented, driven, and ambitious. Yang is assertive.

With these polarities in mind, this romantic combination is complimentary. This is when Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility is fair. These two establish a natural harmonious vibe when all is in accord. But, if things get out of balance, watch out! That’s when the forces demonstrate polarization. When Yin and Yang polarize, it changes the natural attributes of a specific sign.

Imbalances lead to chaotic forces. Cancer’s passive-aggressive tendencies and martyr-like behavior drives level-headed Sagittarius crazy! Sagittarius’ ambitions and adventures will leave Cancer lonely and longing for more attention.

Cancer must embrace Yang energies to re-balance. In doing so, they become more open, sympathetic, and sensitive. Sagittarius must embrace Yang energies. It will help them in becoming more direct, assertive, and driven again.

Sagittarius and Cancer Aspects

In astrology, compatibility involves a special measurement. The aspect is a measurement of the distance between two signs on the celestial wheel. The measurement is a reference in degrees. With the Cancer Sagittarius aspect, the signs are 150 degrees apart. This is the injunct or quincunx aspect.

So, what does all this astrology jargon mean? What it boils down to is the Cancer and Sagittarius love match is one that seems to defy all odds. These two people couldn’t be more different from one another, yet they get along well. They put truth into the old saying “opposites attract!”

In the presence of harmony, the Cancer and Sagittarius connection is heavenly! With a connection this intense, if things are out of alignment, chaos ensues! This duo will either feel like they’ve found the love of their life, or they’ll be at each other’s throats! On some days they may feel they know each other like no one else. On other days, they might question if the “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” holds elements of truth. You might hear them saying to their mate, “Who the hell are you? Like, where’s the pod?”

People outside of this pairing are curious and amazed all at once. They are the last people you would imagine falling in love. But, as the fates would have it, there may be a karmic undercurrent in this relationship. Working together, Cancer and Sagittarius can work through the karmic debt. Thus, this affair can find love and balance.

Sagittarius and Cancer Elements

All zodiac signs on the celestial wheel align with an element. Cancer is a water sign. Sagittarius is a fire sign. So, of course, the first question is, how on earth does this pair work? Will Water drown out Fire? Doesn’t Fire make water disappear through evaporation? How can these elemental influences mix at all and result in positivity? One word: Steam!

When water and fire compromise, the result is steam. Both elements remain influential, but there’s a fifty-fifty balance. Compromise is, therefore, essential in the Cancer and Sagittarius relationship. Without compromise, this extremely odd couple will remain at odds.

Cancer is a personality needing emotional security, affection, and attention. If Sagittarius remains too aloof or cool, Cancer may see this as rejection. They’ll either give up on the chase, or they’ll get steamed and jealous! Sagittarius needs a practical and ambitious partner. But, they can find Cancer’s emotional mood swings as daunting. It’s not long before Sagittarius steams across Cancer’s emotional waters. They’re on a new journey heading for brighter horizons and less tumultuous waters.

Cancer should be more open to Sagittarius’ need for ambitious. Sagittarius needs to become more sensitive to Cancer’s emotional needs. Focus on strengths, and plenty of patience are the formula to relationship’s success. After establishing balance, this romantic duo can forge into love full steam ahead!

Cancer Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

The Cancer Man and Sagittarius Woman in love will have plenty of pitfalls on the road to love. The simple fact is that Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility is volatile at its best. What makes this love affair so challenging? The Cancer Man and Sagittarius have great attributes in common. But, it’s their differences that pushes them worlds apart. If they don’t learn to meet in the middle and eye-to-eye, there’s little chance this affair will endure a lifetime.

Differences between the Cancer Man and the Sagittarius Woman are distinct. It’s amazing they fall in love. Cancer is emotive and slow moving. Sagittarius is energetic and in full control of their emotions. The Sagittarius Woman’s energy level and drive might appeal to the Cancer Man at first. But, this is because he seeks a strong mate who can make him feel safe and secure. Later, the Cancer Man finds Sagittarius’s never-stop energy levels intimidating.

A bond between the Cancer Man and Sagittarius woman is a true-to-life clash. It’s the war between the introvert and extrovert. Cancer is the epitome of a wallflower. Sagittarius is a soul who must experience the external world and all it offers. In a Cancer and Sagittarius love match, there’s the endless push and pull dynamic. Sagittarius sees Cancer as pulling them down. They feel like an anchor on a bird trying to fly. Cancer sees Sagittarius as emotionally neglectful and selfish. They can’t understand why they address their need to roam, not Cancer’s emotional needs.

It might seem as if this couple is always walking on thin ice and they are always listening to see if the ice is cracking. But, there are positives in the Cancer Man and Sagittarius Woman connection too. When Sagittarius is in a happy-go-lucky mood, and Cancer mirrors this mood, there’s lots of joy and laughter. This couple loves comedic communications and entertainment of all kinds. Truly, the best moments in the Cancer-Sagittarius combo are filled with laughter.

If the Cancer Man and Sagittarius Woman avoid a parent-child relationship, peace reigns. Cancer will have to let go of their need to micromanage every moment of the relationship. Sagittarius will never change their need to roam. But, tolerance of Sagittarius’ need for independence ensures a better chance at love. Sagittarius will need to compromise occasionally too. Instead of rebelling against Cancer, a few nights at home for Sagittarius helps solidify the relationship.

Cancer Woman and Sagittarius Man Compatibility

The Cancer Woman and Sagittarius Man face an all uphill battle with love. This is because they are so very different when looking at personality attributes. The one big thing they have in common is a fixed, stubborn mind. They both know what they want even if they go about getting it in different ways. Cancer manipulates with emotion. Sagittarius expects all good things to come to them. An excessive amount of confidence can make the Sagittarius Man seem naïve and arrogant.

The truth is both parties in this love affair are capable of mature behavior. But, it’s not unlike a Cancer and Sagittarius to behave in immature ways. It’s all too natural for Cancer to start mothering a Sagittarius. At first, the Sagittarian man might mistake this mothering for loads of affection. But it isn’t long before mothering transforms into smothering.

The Sagittarius Man has little to no patience for a Cancer Woman who tries to tie him down prematurely. There’s a whole world to explore. Sagittarius is forever at the precipice of adventure. When one adventure ends, he already has another. The Cancer Woman wonders if he will ever settle down.

The Cancer Woman attempts to make the homestead desirable to her mate. She’ll go out of her way to choose all the right colors, decoratives, and pretty things. Her home is her pride and joy. It comes second only to her family and children. Her goal is a lover’s fortress where she can keep the outside world at bay. But, there’s no cage, gilded or otherwise, the Sagittarius Man will see fit to stay in at any time.

With perspectives on love so different, how can Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility improve? First, this duo will have to acknowledge the huge differences between them. Then they’ll want to stop at acknowledgment and leap right into acceptance. If Sagittarius makes any effort to change the Cancer Woman, she sees it as a negative critique of values. Hurt feelings erupt easy, especially when dealing with a Cancer personality. Cancer will have to get over the need for Sagittarius’s undivided attention. The Sagittarius Man will always have one on the relationship and the other on the world.

Sagittarius rules the realm of the rational. They are thinkers and philosophers. Cancers rule the realm of emotions. They are lovers and caregivers. Each realm comes with strengths. Sagittarius can be an anchor for Cancer. They can help them bring dreams into manifestation by fueling them with ambition. The Sagittarius Man can find the Cancer Woman inspiring. Opening to her gentle nature is not a sign of weakness. When Sagittarius is willing to admit this, he can begin to connect with his mate on a deeper level.

Sagittarius and Cancer Love Match Wrap-Up

There’s little doubt the Cancer and Sagittarius relationship faces a rocky road. But, the challenges they face are not something they cannot overcome. With a firm commitment and a willingness to be flexible, Cancer and Sagittarius can find love. Making it last will take ongoing work. Both parties will have to be patient with one another. They’ll also need to make allowances for idiosyncrasies if the love is going to last.

Does your love affair face similar challenges? A look at zodiac compatibility can help you find out! Building Beautiful Souls has all the compatibility information you need! Start discovering what makes your mate tick. Take the time to identify potential challenges. It will help you improve your love relationship and the chances of making it last!

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