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Pisces and Libra Compatibility: Friendship, Love & Sex

The Pisces and Libra relationship is one overflowing with romance! These two unique personalities do believe in fairy tales! The happily-ever-after is something they can see on the horizon. When they first meet, the Pisces and Libra pair feel right at home with one another. They click as if they are forever friends.

The rose-colored glasses aren’t long off for wearing after the initial meeting. There’re a lot of racing pulses and fluttering butterflies when sharing glances. Life cannot be more beautiful when Pisces and Libra first connect.

There’s plenty of romantic dating and a whole lot of wooing one another. Dates include places where these two can bask in the glory of the other. Private moments are the preference with picnics in the park at a special spot away from the crowd. A few bit sized sandwiches, a bit of wine, and a sweet treat make the meal complete.

They sit and talk the afternoon away and amaze themselves with how fast the time flies; it is here they both open to one another while sharing experiences. They are comfortable with one another and open right from the start. Instincts allow the Pisces and Libra love match to establish trust right off the bat. It’s this deep trust that intensifies the romance and physical connection in bed!

Pisces and Libra Table of Contents

Pisces and Libra Compatibility

The Pisces and Libra match starts out so sweet both parties begin to wonder if it’s too good to be true. They question themselves all the time. Each party is wondering if romance is blinding them to some huge issue that lies ahead. It’s enough to drive the pair crazy if they don’t get a grip on it. They must accept that what they have is a beautiful, near-flawless connection.

Still, even with emerging doubts, the Pisces and Libra connection remains. It is mesmerizing. The way to get through the initial doubt is to take on a carpe diem attitude about it all and to savor every moment.
Libra will be a natural leader in the Pisces and Libra connection. Pisces is more than happen to be receptive to Libra’s leadership. With both accepting a role, it ensures Pisces and Libra compatibility. Pisces is one who prefers the safety of solitude, and they are often the introvert. Libra is the opposite, being a big-time social butterfly.

One partner can chat it up with about anyone. The other prefers the safety of the dream realm and their own thoughts. Still, even with these differences, the Pisces and Libra pair is worthwhile.

Pisces and Libra Love

Within the Pisces and Libra pairing, the immediate trust allows for sharing dreams. The dreams they share are those they are trying to fill and those that have fallen away. The growing love between them enables each partner to encourage the other. This also allows the attempt to revive the dreams of the past. Each partner is quick to become a source of encouragement and strength for the other.

It is as if the Pisces and Libra match is one poetic breath-taking moment after another. The love story that emerges from this romance is one perfect for the Lifetime Network. It’s the kind you read about in some bodice-ripping Harlequin Romance® novel. But, as it is with any romance that runs this deep, there are a few shadows that haunt those sun-filled days in the park.

This pair will do best in love if they remember that each is a teacher and a guide. What one has as a strength is a weakness in the other. Pisces is the intuitive one. They are psychic and have a high level of perception. Libra will find this thrilling and intriguing all at once. Pisces can teach Libra how to tap into that intuitive ability with a bit of work and focus. Soon enough, these two are chatting it up without ever speaking. The connection intensifies the Pisces and Libra relationship.

Libra is one who will expect to lead in the relationship. It’s a good thing that Pisces doesn’t often put up an argument about it. Pisces is more than happy to go with the flow and remains flexible as the relationship unfolds. But, Pisces shouldn’t take a back seat all the time. They begin to give up too much of their personal freedom and autonomy.

Pisces must be accepting of themselves before Libra can lead. It ensures no threat to the Piscean identity. Libra will need to let Pisces have some freedom to be who they are so they don’t cramp their partner’s style. There’s no room for partner makeovers in this relationship.

Pisces and Libra Sex

It’s true the ruling elements of Pisces and Libra do not complement one another. But, other influences are making this hookup possible. Venus is exalted in Pisces. Venus rules Libra. This promises sexual gratification in the Pisces and Libra sex connection. When in the bedroom, intimacy is something this pair achieves with each. They are gentle, tender, and passions run high. Both parties are selfless and focus on the partner’s satisfaction.

While experimentation is not out of the question, this pair’s love life is more on the vanilla side. Fifty Shades of Grey Darker makes this pair shudder a bit. Neither the balanced and intellectual Libra or the emotional Pisces find pain enticing. Similar desires in the bedroom improve Pisces and Libra compatibility. Sweet kisses, soft whispers, and gentle sighs fill this pair’s bedroom.

Libra is passionate and Pisces compassionate. Libra is a bit fast-paced. Pisces likes taking things slow. Libra will take the lead in the bedroom, but Pisces is quick to let loose their deepest desires. This pair balances each other’s needs and desires. A sweeter sexual connection is rare indeed.

Pisces and Libra Communication

With the Pisces and Libra pairing the conversations are often all about dreams. The dreams they share are big indeed. But, it is all too often this pair does not follow through on manifestation. This can lead to an all talk no action feeling between the pair. It can also lead to disappointment where the couple longs for dreams that never see the light of day. It’s a big letdown for the Pisces and Libra love match to dream big and manifest little.

Libra is the big questioner in the relationship. True to the star sign, the Libra personality is constant when weighing options. They might wonder if Pisces is the love of their life or one more stop on the road to true love. Pisces is eccentric and surreal. They might dive into the depth of emotions rather than get tangled up in a net of love. The uncertainty in the relationship might remain unspoken between the two. It may be the first of secrets in the Pisces and Libra pairing.

Pisces and Libra Clashes

Libra is a bit more decisive than Pisces. The water-ruled Pisces is one who can be wishy-washy. If Libra becomes inflexible or condescending in any way, this can make Pisces retreat. Libra can sometimes be set in their ways as it is their nature to strive for balance. This makes Libra someone who might dole out advice to the Pisces partner. The Libra personality means no harm by it, but it can rub Pisces the wrong way. Pisces is not one who conforms to the mundane world and its rules well.

Libra is choosy when it comes to who is within their social circle. They also have a champagne taste no matter what size the purse. Pisces is not practical with money either. Establishing savings in the Pisces and Libra relationship will prove difficult.

Pisces is also an antisocial creature by nature. So, it might irritate them when Libra tries to force them out of their shell. Libra will sometimes feel a need to fix Pisces’ differences to make them better. Again, this can send Pisces running in another direction.

Pisces is content to be the way they are. They don’t take kindly to someone attempting to make over their broody, emotional persona. Libra must be accepting of Pisces differences. It proves full respect for their partner.

Pisces and Libra Polarity

The mention of polarity in astrology is a reference to energies. These energies are feminine and masculine. More common is the reference to Yin and Yang. Yin is feminine energy. Yang is masculine. Each of these energies corresponds with a Star Sign. When it comes to the Pisces and Libra pair, Libra is a masculine Yang energy. Pisces is the feminine Yin energy. At first, it might seem this pairing can swim the waters of emotional love. All seems perfect and blissful.

After all, Yin complements Yang and vice versa. They are perfect as counterparts in the Pisces and Libra love match. They balance each other out. Yang is projective and aggressive. Yin is passive and receptive. When in balance, this match works quite well. But, issues arise when energies polarize. When does this happen? When either the Yin or Yang energies are the product of extreme actions, beliefs, or behaviors.

Libra can become a bit domineering and bossy if the Yang energies are out of balance. Pisces can become passive-aggressive if extremes in behavior are present. If these two remain in balance, there’s a harmonious tone in the relationship. Finding balance is essential to the health of this love affair.

This means Libra needs to become more sensitive. Libra must learn tolerance for Pisces’ eccentric nature. Pisces will need to forge ahead with confidence. It’s time to be courageous in facing the mundane world instead of hiding in isolation.

Pisces and Libra Aspects

When speaking of aspects in astrology, it is referencing how far apart signs are on the zodiac wheel. Why is this important? It is a measurement of Star Sign compatibility. In the Pisces and Libra pairing, the couple is a full five signs apart.

This is a quincunx aspect. This pairing is intriguing and multifaceted in the most extreme of ways. The aspect suggests a difficult Pisces and Libra compatibility.

Yes, the Pisces and Libra pairing is one that is like paradise or like hell. It all depends on the actions of the parties within the pairing. Libra and Pisces have a lot in common, but the two are very different personas indeed.
Libra is an extrovert. Pisces is the introvert. Libra socializes. Pisces hides. It might seem strange that this pair connects on any level whatsoever.

Adaptation and acceptance are key to keeping this odd pair together. Both partners must embrace flexibility and compassion, otherwise trouble brews. The adaptation for both parties might mean some sacrifices. If that happens, love can blossom in the Pisces and Libra pairing and thrive.

Compatibility is dependent on compromise and understanding. For Pisces, the relationship is about intimacy and sexual gratification. For Libra, the relationship is about commitment and service. If both parties know themselves well enough, they can adapt.

A power couple can emerge from the Pisces and Libra connection. That is if they choose to cooperate with one another. Sometimes the Pisces and Libra relationship is about balancing karma. This means Pisces and Libra join for life lessons over love, but love can still thrive.

Pisces and Libra Elements

As every Star Sign has an aspect and polarity, the signs correspond to elements. Chatty and intellectual Libra aligns with the Air element. Pisces is a sign that Water rules. Water and Air are signs that often do not match up. This leads to some significant differences in the Air and Pisces personalities.

One major difference is the social nature of these two creatures. One person, Libra, loves socializing and meeting up with others. Pisces is a person preferring solitude or a small circle of friends.

Libra is fast to trust while Pisces is distrusting by nature. Pisces can grow jealous of the broad circle of friends Libra embraces. Libra grows weary of the small click Pisces insists on being around.

Compromise is essential. Libra will have to be more understanding of Pisces’ need for smaller social circles. Pisces will have to learn to step out of their comfort zone from time to time. It won’t hurt them to make a few more good friends and social connections.

Pisces Man and Libra Woman Compatibility

The Pisces and Libra love match make a sweet connection right from the beginning. Their love grows fast and deep. Despite differences in personality, the initial connection is blind to these differences. Rather, the pairing finds the personality differences endearing or even cute. But, it is these same differences that can become problematic in the future.

Even so, the connection between the Pisces Man and Libra Woman is strong. These two people can join in a relationship that leads to growth for both partners. Each partner has strengths the other does not. Pisces and Libra have so much to teach each other. If this pair chooses to embrace the lessons they can share, growth is the result.

What can this romantic pairing teach one another that leads to growth? Pisces is a fine teacher of emotionality. Libra can sometimes be a bit superficial. Their feelings run deep, which intensifies Pisces and Libra compatibility.

Pisces can teach Libra to be less superficial. Pisces teaches that embracing deep emotions lends to the intensity of their relationship. Another lesson from the water sign is how to go with the flow. The Pisces Man is one who will teach the Libra Woman about the comforts of home and the beauty of solitude.

Libra as a teacher helps Pisces loosen up a bit. Libra shows Pisces emotional balance. The lessons Libra shares reveals how to stay in balance. This can help prevent the realm of emotion from overwhelming Pisces. The lesson of detachment can serve Pisces well who tends to get all caught up in emotional intensity.

Pisces is the homemaker as they prefer the comfort of home. In the Pisces Man and Libra Woman pairing, Libra finds the Pisces Man’s homemaking skills amazing. He cooks, cleans, and makes a lovely home, all while being a romantic partner and sweet person.

The Libra Woman amazes the Pisces Man with Libra’s ability to socialize and network. He plans the house parties, and she’ll bring in the crowd. In the Libra and Pisces relationship, the pair appreciates the arts, music, and beauty. This similarity allows them to find much to appreciate about life.

The Pisces Man and Libra Woman are into the latest cultural interests. You might find this couple with a karaoke singing machine in the living room. It’s perfect for the small house parties they host on occasion. Pisces invites the socializing scene into the home where they feel a bit safer than out on the town.

Libra appreciates Pisces’ effort to make friends even though it is difficult. Both love watching movies and the arts of all kinds. The Pisces Man also embraces the idea of travel. But, it is better if the destination is somewhere remote and promises the couple plenty of alone time.

The differences in this pair are in socialness and emotional expression. These are tough hurdles, but love makes them easier to overcome. Libra is sensitive and allows Pisces the solitude necessary for emotional exploration. The Pisces Man is caring enough to allow the Libra Woman time to fill her need to socialize. It is flexibility, appreciation, and openness that makes this pair successful.

Pisces Woman and Libra Man Compatibility

The Pisces and Libra love match has a sweet connection when they first meet. They cannot deny the mutual attraction. The connection is undeniable. The Pisces Woman is one who is sweet and understanding. She’s apt to discuss her dreams with the Libra Man. Social Libra has no problem tuning into the Pisces Woman. He makes her feel special. Tells her she is one-of-a-kind. The romance blooms fast. Then reality kicks in and challenges do arise. But, it doesn’t mean an end to the fairy tale yet.

The Libra Man is someone is often decisive and rigid. Decisions are a clear-cut answer of yes or no or pros or cons. Pisces seems like one who procrastinates all the time. It proves an irritation for her man. For Libra, decisions are a mere matter of black and white. For Pisces, there are fifty different tones of gray to a decision. The Pisces’ woman’s emotional nature does not allow such striking clarity.

The Pisces Woman and the Libra man are sentimental and nostalgic. The attraction between the two grows over time. The chemistry of this couples serves to enhance Pisces and Libra compatibility. Pisces wants to teach Libra how emotional intensity makes the relationship connection sweeter.

Libra’s Air sign rationality and logic might make him oppose emotional exploration. With a bit of flexibility, it promises greater success for the Pisces Woman and Libra Man. He opens himself up to Pisces. She shows him the intensity of emotions he has never known.

The Libra Man has a genuine affection for the Pisces Woman. He wants to be as close to her as possible. He’s nostalgic, so he keeps in his mind the sweet connection when they first met. He wants to keep that romantic fire blazing. He yearns to teach the Pisces Woman that there’s so much the world offers in the way of fantastic experiences. He pushes her to bring her dreams into manifestation on a physical plane.

If the Pisces and Libra relationship doesn’t result in openness, difficulties arise. The tension can become palpable. The Pisces Woman will need to be ready to listen to her Libra Man. Yes, she will find him next to impossible sometimes because he can be aloof or fickle.

Sometimes he’s downright condescending. The negative emotions produce energies too heavy for Pisces to handle. It can irritate her to no end. But, if Pisces plays along, it’s not long before the Libra Man balances himself out. It’s then that he contradicts his own rigid opinions.

Pisces and Libra Love Match Wrap-Up

The Pisces and Libra couple have some hurdles to conquer. But, these hurdles are not impossible issues to manage. If both parties are serious, the initial romance that blooms between them can last a lifetime. Libra can teach Pisces balance between emotions and the grounded mundane world. Pisces can teach Libra about a depth of emotion they have never known. Life lessons and love strengthen the ties that bind.

It’s true that the Pisces and Libra love match can prove amazing! Bet you’re wondering about the compatibility of other people in your life right now, aren’t you? Don’t waste another minute wondering! Building Beautiful Souls has all the astrological compatibility information you seek. Begin your search now! You’ll amaze yourself with your discoveries.

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