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Leo and Pisces Compatibility: Friendship, Love & Sex

There’s lots of dynamic tension in the Pisces and Leo relationship. The couple will either make it or break it. It is all up to them. While both are romantic and spiritual souls, they are at the opposite end of the spectrum. Can you say night and day? This relationship is either limited or limitless. It is all depending on how the Pisces and Leo direct their energies.

The Leo Man is the one who plans on being the Knight and Shining Armor. The Leo Woman needs so rescuing from such a hero, and it’s a good thing. She’d be sweating it out waiting around for Pisces to save her. Pisces loves being the distressed damsel in need of heroic saving. It fits right into the fairy tale they conjure up in their mind.

Both partners need cherishing and love. But, Leos go beyond that and seek out admiration too. It’s not enough to respect a Leo. All that doting best come across as reverence. Otherwise, Pisces disappoints the regal Leo personality. Pisces will dote on Leo for a time. But, if Leo ignores them, passive aggressiveness sets in hard and fast. If left to their own devices long enough, it won’t be long until Pisces hits the road. It’s clear work lies ahead for this duo when it comes to friendship and love. If they work together, Pisces and Leo can have a great relationship in and out of bed!

Leo and Pisces Table of Contents

Leo and Pisces Compatibility

The Pisces and Leo love affair works about half the time. The other half of the time it starts out hot and turns icy. Drama is not uncommon in this relationship. Limelight-loving Leo will not appreciate the negativity to which Pisces is prone. Leo won’t let it weigh them down for long. Pisces finds Leo is sometimes a bit bullish and bossy. It is only the confidence that Pisces is running into and finding an irritation. When the relationship starts out Leo’s confidence is a turn on. As the relationship ages, it becomes a raw subject. Pisces begins to perceive Leo as aloof and condescending.

Pisces has fantastic ideas but no motivation. Leo has all the drive and some creativity too. Working together on projects improves Pisces and Leo compatibility. Thus, Leo will find Pisces a bit on the lazy side. Leo struggles with trying to understand why Pisces insists on holding back. Pisces fails to express the safety the feel by keeping their dreams their own. If this pair can be constructive about how to manage anger issues they might have a chance. They become co-creators of fantastical things.

Leo and Pisces Love

Pisces lives in a surreal world of mystery and illusion. When they operate in the real-world environment, it’s like breaking through a veil. This makes them deep, intense spiritual beings and by their nature eccentric. They live on the fringe and prefer the shadows of isolation. Leo is the exact opposite. They mirror back the light stemming from their ruling celestial body. The Sun is the power behind Leo’s energy and drive. It is their burning will and ambition. Leo strives to make things happen. Pisces is content to dream. The Sunlight puts an end to Pisces’ shadowy world and leaves them no safe place to hide.

Trust is not something that is common in this pairing. They will often lie to one another just to avoid drama. Pisces will tell Leo they are content when they are not. “Who me? Why would I be jealous?” Pisces says. Leo plays along, “I didn’t think you were the kind. I figure you can handle it.” All the while, Leo knows full well Pisces’ heart is breaking. It hurts every time Leo diverts attention to another person.

Love cannot thrive in the environment the Pisces and Leo relationship establishes. If it manages to manifest at all, it often doesn’t stand a chance of surviving for long. Unless Leo and Pisces are straightforward, the relationship doesn’t work. It’s too bad and tragic really. They could grow by leaps and bounds if they were willing to take a leap of faith and believe in one another.

Leo and Pisces Sex

The Pisces and Leo love match doesn’t have to be in love to have a good romp in the hay. It is possible to experience sexual satisfaction without love coming into play. Such is often the case with the Pisces and Leo pairing. Leo’s drive and ambition turn into an animalistic and primal nature in the bedroom. Pisces’ brings its penchant for fantasy to the task. But, they also leave the emotions behind a wall of protection.

They see no point in letting emotions get loose if Leo turns out untrustworthy down the road. It’s a means of getting satisfaction on an emotional and sexual level without injury to emotions. Water and fire elements make sure the initiation into sex is hot! The physical act itself leaves both parties satisfied. Neither Pisces nor Leo leaves the bedroom with any complaints. At least they please each other on a physical level.

Love and real emotion enter the arena only after Pisces feels safe enough to let it happen. When does this happen? It happens when Leo proves they are ready for a fifty-fifty relationship. This means they must be willing to include all the strings, bells, and whistles. Acceptance contributes to greater Pisces and Leo compatibility. It is a true test, indeed, because Leo can often be self-centered and selfish without even meaning to do so.

Leo and Pisces Communication

Pisces enjoys casual conversation with intellectual and chatty Leo. Leo returns the favor by tuning into Pisces when they begin to talk about some of their dreams. Of course, Pisces doesn’t reveal all right off the bat. It takes a bit of time for trust to develop. Sometimes the relationship doesn’t make it that far. If it does, Pisces has fantastical dreams. Leo can teach Pisces how to follow them and to bring them into manifestation.

Leo has an unstoppable passion when it comes to the pursuit of goals. Pisces will prove a huge inspiration to Leo. Of course, the Pisces and Leo love match thrives because of creativity. Leo can show Pisces tricks for grounding and remaining committed to one’s aim. It can help Pisces be a bit less lofty. If Leo allows, Pisces can teach Leo how to tap into the deep wells of inspiration. Such creativity is in the depths of emotion Pisces deals with so often. Leo is a source of realism for the Piscean personality. Pisces is the one who triggers new creative endeavors in the goal-oriented Leo.

Leo and Pisces Clashes

The list of how Pisces and Leo clash proves considerable. Let’s start with the fact that one party is confident and the other elusive. Can you guess which star sign is which? Of course, the Sun-ruled Leo loves to shine out in public. They are a social creature with tons of friends and close family ties. They gather people around like a pride of lions and lionesses. Leo needs lots of attention and, in fact, demand it. Pisces prefers solitude where they can be alone to think and fantasize.

Let’s face it, Leo can be abrupt and a bit cold sometimes, despite the Sun ruling their personality. Even the Sun eclipses occasionally, right? Even the Sunsets every night. So, it is the same with the good graces of the Leo personality. Grace only goes so far but does support Pisces and Leo compatibility. Pisces knows how to test the boundaries of that grace too. Pisces returns to the deep waters of intuition and emotion. It’s a natural reaction when feeling their partner threatens emotional integrity. The light Leo offers has no way to reach the bottomless waters of emotionality. They must wait for Pisces to emerge again before working things out. Leo isn’t one to wait around. What king would?

Leo and Pisces Polarity

In astrological terms, polarities are energies corresponding to a star sign. Pisces is feminine energy or Yin. Leo is masculine energy or Yang. It is common to feel that feminine and masculine energy should work well together, but it is not always the case. Yin is passive, submissive, and receptive. Yang is powerful, aggressive, and projective. They seem to be opposite but do leave room for harmony. Yet, it is easy for Yin and Yang energies to go out of balance. When this happens, it polarizes the energies in question.

If Leo is extreme, they can be a bit bullish and domineering. Their energy might seem aggressive. When Leo’s extremes result in emotional injury, Pisces retreats. They play the martyr and become passive-aggressive. Resentment is seething underneath it all. The only means of balancing Yin and Yang in the Pisces and Leo relationship is compromise. Tolerance of differences and acceptance of the other is imperative. Otherwise, the relationship can expect trouble.

Leo and Pisces Aspects

In astrology, when discussing the aspect between two signs, it refers to distance. The zodiac signs Pisces and Leo are five signs apart on the zodiac wheel. This means the signs are quincunx. This measurement is what helps in assessing star sign compatibility. This quincunx aspect makes the Pisces and Leo match one that is questionable or “iffy.” It all depends on the two people in the relationship and if they give it their all in making things work. This couple will feel heavenly or as if they just stepped off the train in the city of “Dis” in Dante’s Inferno. This duo must approach the relationship with all the positivity they can muster. Otherwise, it’s “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here!”

At least Pisces and Leo intrigue each other. They can’t help but find each other fascinating. Pisces, the natural wallflower, wonders how Leo loves all the limelight. The Pisces and Leo love match can’t make it without mutual empathy. Leo wonders about the flight of imagination to which Pisces is prone. Pisces thinks Leo might be a workaholic. Those outside the relationship will also wonder: What on earth happened here? If things go amiss between this romantic couple, you’ll hear people say: “What fresh hell is this?”

Leo and Pisces Elements

The fire element rules over compassionate-hearted Leo. Pisces is a water-ruled personality. Already you can see where trouble brews. Water and Fire don’t mix. They are two different characters indeed. The needs and desires of Pisces and Leo clash. Pisces can all but drown Leo’s warm nature with the friction they create. Leo is bound to burn Pisces by irreparably hurting their feelings. It’s not that Leo wants to hurt Pisces either. The sensitivity of Pisces is what comes into question. The depth of Piscean emotion mixes with flights of fancy. It leaves Leo not understanding how to handle their partner’s eccentric nature.

The only way the Pisces and Leo combination has a chance of working is if these two learn compromise. A “Live and let live” attitude is necessary between them. It will improve Pisces and Leo compatibility. Leo will have to leave Pisces to their own devices when emotional. Why? Because Leo has no way of swimming into the depths of that level of emotion. Any attempt to do so would compromise their inner fire. Pisces will have to leave Leo to their own devices when they are seeking attention. Why? Pisces is likely to burn with unnecessary jealousy over Leo’s never-ending need to shine.

Without compromise, Pisces smothers Leo. In turn, Leo’s lion-like anger kicks in just for self-preservation. Leo might lash out at Pisces, and the Piscean partner will not understand. Pisces will wonder why Leo cannot see that their jealousy exists only because their love for Leo is so deep. Pisces might resort to telling Leo lies to keep the peace. All the while, they brood and sulk.

Pisces Man and Leo Woman Compatibility

The success rate of a connection between a Pisces Man and Leo Woman depends on how much they work at it. The Pisces Man finds the Leo Woman compassionate and sexy. She’s strong and independent. Still, it is her screaming confidence that calls to him. It is something he lacks as a shy kind of fellow. The Pisces and Leo relationship is alluring to both parties in the beginning. Pisces lets the Leo Woman take the lead as he respects her strong presence.

The Leo Woman finds the Pisces Man has a shy side: One she finds intensely attractive. It is different from other men she’s dated. It is cute in a way, and she longs to nurture him. She expresses her nurturing by showering the Pisces Man with compliments and love. After all, it is what she expects in return. The Pisces Man is affectionate with Leo, in return, if the relationship is on solid ground.

But, should Pisces become moody or emotional, it can kick the energies out of balance. Leo likes to socialize, and Pisces is prone to jealous notions. If Pisces asks the Leo Woman to tone it down with socializing, it rubs her the wrong way. The Pisces Man cannot see men and women just being friends. The Leo Woman is fond of her circle of good friends and acquaintances. The Pisces Man’s jealousy intensifies. Something has got to give for the Pisces and Leo love match to work.

Pisces Woman and Leo Man Compatibility

The Leo Man will not go without plenty of limelight. He craves it as it feeds his confidence. As he enjoys his friends and family, The Pisces Woman beams with pride. But, The Leo Man unknowingly and unintentionally neglects Pisces’ need for equal affections. Leo gets all caught up in enjoying being the center of attention. The Pisces Woman will make their disappointment well known to Leo. But, her brief outburst just pushes Leo further away. You can hear Leo singing lyrics by Matthew Wilder as they walk away: “Ain’t nothing gonna break my stride, ain’t nothing gonna slow me down.” The Pisces Woman sticks to her own devices while singing the mournful words by Dokken: “I’m alone again without you!”

The Leo Man, once affectionate and loving, might come off as egotistical and narcissistic. The Pisces Woman, once cute and shy, comes off as a stick in the mud and a real drag. Money is an issue here too as saving it is next to impossible. Leo demands the best of everything. Pisces is a spendthrift. Pinching pennies is not a concept this pair shares.

Pisces has got to give Leo their room for individuality. Otherwise, the relationship slides downhill like an avalanche. With work and consideration, romance can bloom between these two different star signs. Leo and Pisces compatibility improves when the pair works together creatively. Of course, Pisces will remain the quiet wallflower. Leo will remain the center of attention at every gathering. Neither party will change their core nature. It’s written in the stars after all. Tolerance breeds relationship success. Disdain poisons the well of love.

The combination of a Pisces Woman and Leo Man is a unique mix. Each person in this love affair finds their partner beguiling. Pisces’ is eccentric and surreal, much to the curiosity of the assertive Leo Man. The Pisces woman has so many dreams, and her soft, tender demeanor is enchanting. When Pisces is in a good mood, her aura shines. This might be what draws in Leo in the first place. Later, when her moody extreme rears its ugly head, he might cry foul.

Pisces cannot help but feel an attraction to the gallant Leo. The darker emotionality of Pisces draws them to the light they need for balance. Sun-ruled Leo is like the lighthouse in a storm. Pisces is the ship thrashing against the ocean waves. The light draws the ship home and to safety. Romance is hot and steamy in the beginning stages of the Pisces Woman and Leo Man connection. That’s what happens when you mix the fire and water elements together in the Pisces and Leo relationship.

Once the rose-colored glasses fade to white, the differences are crystal clear. Pisces loves the quiet and solitude. Their home is their sacred space where they can leave the intrusive world outdoors. That is until the Leo Man comes marching in with all his friends. Of course, that’s moments before he announces he has a few guests tonight.

Leo and Pisces Love Match Wrap-Up

While challenging, it is possible for those under the influence of Fire and Water elements to work. But, it’s a relationship that goes against the natural order of things. Such is the Pisces and Leo love affair as it goes against the grain. Still, some of the best relationships do. How can the couple make it when odds defy them? Patience with one another and temper control are necessary. Tolerance and empathy also go a long way to help make the Pisces and Leo relationship last. Of utmost importance is that each party respect the other. It contributes to Pisces and Leo compatibility.

It’s nice to see Pisces has a chance with a Leo if they are ready to do the work! But what about other zodiac connections? Do you want to find out about the compatibility between friends and family? Feel free to use the astrological insight Building Beautiful Souls offers!

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