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Aries and Virgo Compatibility: Friendship, Love, & Sex

Think of the word “challenging” when you question Aries and Virgo compatibility! The Aries and Virgo couple have a boatload of obstacles to face. If they make a true and lasting love match, both Aries and Virgo have work ahead. Forging a friendship first makes a romance more promising. With dedication and compassion, Aries and Virgo can enjoy being together in and out of bed!

But, this challenging couple can also heal one another! Through compassion, love, and a ton of patience, the Aries and Virgo pairing leads to growth. The best way for this unique pairing to get along is to find common ground. If they both focus on the same goals, they can improve their love connection. When Aries and Virgo find themselves off in different life directions, frustration ensues.

In the Aries and Virgo match, keeping the relationship thriving is where the real work begins. The partners in this coupling must get on the same page. Virgo lives life moment-by-moment. But, Aries’ progressive and forward nature rivals that of the Aquarian personality!

Aries is a spontaneous soul. Their motto is a “wait and see” or “play it by ear approach” to every situation. Virgo is a methodical planner and can’t stand to have plans up in the air. Finding balance with differing points of view contributes to relationship success.

Aries and Virgo Table of Contents

Aries and Virgo Compatibility

Pushing the love bar to perfection irritates the less-than-patient Aries partner. When Virgo complains or demands more from Aries, it’s like a pressure cooker ready to blow its top. Too much pressure threatens the health of the Aries and Virgo relationship.

Virgo must release steam from the cooker by backing off the perfection button. Otherwise, Aries will take so much of the pressure before letting the lid blow clean off. Then, fighting becomes the call of the day. It’s a short fast slide down the road to relationship misery from there.

Aries is more active but so is Virgo. This couple shares an interest in remaining active. With a focus on health, this couple can increase the personal time they spend together. But, Virgo will call for some quiet time, so they can collect their thoughts.

Aries may find Virgo’s “downtime” a bore. When there’s a threat of boredom, Aries does well to leave Virgo to their private time. The Aries partner can use the time to pursue activities less appealing to Virgo.

The obstacles challenging Aries and Virgo compatibility are myriad. The couple seems to make an inadequate love match. But, there are positive results from this unique love combination. Virgo likes keeping an eye on the smallest of details when working on a project. Aries rather take care of the big issues. They prefer leaving the small details to the more-than-attentive Virgo partner. Thus, when working a project or when having a common goal, this pair is a dynamo match.

Every base gets covered as this pair covers all angles in a situation. Aries stands strong in the face of Virgo’s innate weaknesses. Virgo is strong in the areas where Aries falls short. It’s a win-win situation when this couple works in unison on any task.

Aries is a bold, brash, and sassy personality. Virgo is a conventional, middle-of-the-road type. It’s true each party is approaching a situation from opposite sides of the fence. But, acceptance of different approaches to any obstacles ensures a solid bond. It contributes to a stronger Aries and Virgo love match.

Aries and Virgo Love

Commitment-phobic fits both partners. The attitude contributes to the Aries and Virgo compatibility factor. Contributing to a relationship, Aries must convince Virgo of a relationship’s benefits. Constant shows of desire along with a gentle approach between the sheets is a good place to start.

Aries may find it hard to put up with Virgo’s demand for a perfect love affair. But, that’s a Virgo for you. They demand perfection in all things, and this includes love. Aries has little patience for the burning pleas for exactness. The Aries partner thinks occasional shows of affection and satisfactory intercourse is sufficient.

The problem this pair might face when dancing is deciding who is in the lead. This problem echoes throughout the relationship as both are natural leaders. Meeting somewhere in the middle is vital. Allowing each party decision making privileges puts a cap on potential debates. The entire relationship is one long waltz through the intricate web of love!

Aries and Virgo Sex

Dating in the Aries and Virgo love match is natural and easy. Virgo demands a partner of impeccable ethics and etiquette. Being well-dressed is also on the list of demands for perfection-loving Virgo!

Aries has no problem meeting Virgo’s dress-for-success requirements! They are more than attentive to their looks and wardrobe. Why? Making an exceptional impression on others is the hallmark of the Aries’ influence! They see looking good as a weapon in the arena of social success!

So, what else is on the list of seductive qualities in the eyes of a Virgo? A partner with a strong presence. The perfect Virgo mate is one who doesn’t waiver in the face of adversity.

Virgo has a taste for leadership and sees such qualities as attractive in a partner. The perfect couple in the eyes of Virgo is those who are a powerhouse when working together. Unity outside shows potential for unity inside the bedroom walls!

Aries exudes the essence of strength with their all-natural warrior attitude. Virgo has no problem pursuing an Aries partner right from the start. The pursuit is something Aries enjoys as it strokes their ego. The sexual libido of Aries ensures some spicy bedroom moments! A Virgo partner promises a touch of romance and sweet seductions.

The attraction the partners in an Aires and Virgo relationship is undeniable. It’s like one person is metal, and the other is a powerful magnet. The relationship can prove lasting if the Aries-Virgo pairing can keep their eye on the ball. Maintaining a good perspective and acknowledging positive characteristics empowers the relationship.

Aries is one to live out their desires. Virgo gets pleasure from intimate moments and fulfilling the Aries partner. The couple experiences physical and emotional enjoyment in the bedroom. The physical connection between Aries and Virgo is a reaffirmation of attraction. It also reestablishes the emotional bond between them. Between the sheets is an ecstatic experience on an emotional and spiritual level.

The Virgo partner might want more foreplay than the Aries partner delivers! Aries rushes forward, sometimes “pushing or ramming” their way through a situation. Aries has no qualms about getting down to the nitty-gritty in the sack. But, this hastiness in the bedroom leaves Virgo wanting for a slower approach to the main event.

Virgos need tons of stimulating and playful sex talk. It takes time to get the Virgo partner revved up and ready for a lusty romp. Aries has no trouble turning up the dial. The Aries partner skips “ready” and “set,” while heading straight for the “GO” button!

Aries and Virgo Communication

Virgo needs perfection in all methods of communication. It makes them feel good about being in a relationship. If there’s a limit on how much Aries communicates feelings, Virgo sees it as rejection. Aries is one who gets satisfaction in sex alone. Virgo requires a layer of emotional depth for sex to feel the physical act is one of love.

Aries and Virgo conquer issues with trust early in the relationship. The forthright and truthful nature of Aries are characteristics Virgo craves. Virgo’s desire for purity in all things promises long-term fidelity and honesty.

Sharing activities of interest might prove challenging. Finding activities they both like is hard for the Aries and Virgo love match. But, there are things Aries and Virgo enjoy doing they can do as a couple. Dancing is something both partners like to do. So, taking up lessons together can prove a means of connecting on a social level.

Aries and Virgo Clashes

Virgo’s perfectionism spoils the connection this pair can establish before becoming close. Aries has a habit of starting things and tending to them as long as necessary. If something else grabs Aries’ attention, they have no problem leaving loose ends.

Moving onto the next thing they find enticing is an Aries trait. Warrior-mode makes them conquer one thing and move onto the next. Aries moves on before the battlefield is clean! Leaving things incomplete or unfinished is downright maddening to the obsessive Virgo.

Aries is sure to hear all about their shortcoming when in a hurry to move from one project to another. Otherwise, Virgo will clean up the mess and seethe in bitterness for having to do so. Passive aggressive behaviors are not beneath a Virgo. who wants everything “just so.”

Deciding who controls the bank account in this relationship is easy. Managing money is difficult. Virgo’s perfectionist attitude bleeds right into the financial realm. They have no problem cutting coupons and saving receipts for every rebate possible.

Aries finds trivial matters daunting and penny-pinching a pain in the neck. Fights over money are common in the Aries and Virgo relationship. Joining a money-controlling Virgo with a spend-happy Aries promises epic battles.

If fighting ensues, Aries goes into full warrior mode. Voices raise, harsh words cut like knives. Virgos don’t like the lack of peace destroying their sense of perfection. They’ll hold onto hurtful words. The verbal arrows become cancerous to the Aries and Virgo relationship. Neither partner is prone to backing down or admitting wrongdoing.

Stubbornness in both parties means a successful relationship 50 percent of the time. The other 50 percent of relationships fail. Refusal to give in and forgive is one of the chief reasons for the relationship crash. An inability to accept a partner for who they are is a death sentence for this pair. It is the second main reason behind relationship failure.

Aries and Virgo Polarity

When referencing astrology, the term “polarity” signifies masculine or feminine energy. Polarity is the balance between yin and yang forces. Yin is feminine. Yang is masculine. Each sun sign has a polarity and combining polarities plays a role in compatibility.

Virgo corresponds with Yin. Aries corresponds with Yang. This alignment of energies makes Virgo receptive, sensitive, and responsive to Aries. The alignment with Yang makes Aries assertive, stable, and constant.

When in balance, Yin and Yang energies work together. The balance of energies influences specific personality attributes. Such characteristics contribute to the greater good of the relationship. A balance of Yin and Yang appears when Aries and Virgo partners support one another. Focus on strong suits is necessary for maintaining relationship balance.

But, if out of balance, Yin and Yang energies polarize. Polarization has a negative impact on Aries and Virgo compatibility. The polarization of energies happens when the Aries-Virgo pair play on weaknesses. Virgo being passive is prone to passive-aggressive action. Aries being assertive converts assertion into aggression. Polarization results in domineering Aries actions and sacrificing Virgo behaviors.

To find balance again, Virgo must embrace the Yang attributes it is lacking. They will have to become more confident, direct, and open. The same situation goes for the Aries partner. A lack of balance in polarity means Aries needs to become receptive and flexible.

Aries and Virgo Aspects

In astrology, the distance between star signs in the zodiac wheel is the aspect. The aspect is what astrologers use for calculating Synastry. What’s Synastry? It’s a fancy word for relationship compatibility. In the Aries and Virgo match, the aspect is a quincunx.

When signs are quincunx, they are five zodiac signs apart from one another. The quincunx pairing is one that seems to defy all odds. It screams the truism “opposites attract.” Aries and Virgo signs are opposite in many ways. The Fire and Earth elements have characteristics opposing one another. Polarities in the Aries and Virgo love match are also at opposite ends of the spectrum.

When two opposing forces come together in romance, it’s like joining Heaven and Hell. But, only one realm will dominate the relationship at any time. Which realm Aries and Virgo raise up depends on how they interact with one another. So, the relationship might establish a heavenly connection. Or they can spend the entire Aries and Virgo relationship raising hell with one another!

Aries is like the mirror of a Virgo and vice versa. What one partner shuns the other partner embraces. This dynamic means each partner brings something of value to the table. Strong suits can support a partner’s weaknesses. Weaknesses can then achieve strength from a partner’s strong suits.

Aries and Virgo Elements

The element of fire aligns with the Aries Sun Sign. Virgo aligns with the earth element. Thus, Aries is the adventurous, willful, and powerful mate. Virgo stands as the well-grounded, sensible partner. If Virgo is not careful, they can drag Aries down. The constant stress on being practical or sensible will make Virgo seem like a stick in the mud. It’s a turn off to the thrill-of-the-chase loving Aries. Virgo is happy with things status quo. But, the fire element’s influence on Aries makes them long for the next adrenaline rush!

Virgo demands constancy and devotion. Fiery Aries’ aloof nature might leave Virgo feeling left behind or forgotten. Virgo’s need for a steadfast partner turns into Aries’ emotional prison. Remember, the earth can support fire as a hearth or smother it if it clings to its flames. Fire can heat the earth, but it can also scorch it. An element’s contribution to Aries and Virgo compatibility depends on polarization and each partner’s adaptability.

Balance exists only in moderation and in accepting each other “as is.” Aries and Virgo have an opportunity for growth. But, they must overcome what makes them different from one another. Their distinct characteristics can serve as a catalyst for change and growth. Or, the differences can serve as seeds of destruction.

Virgo can promise a compassionate and soft place for Aries to land. Aries can offer Virgo lessons in adaptation and acceptance of continual change. Virgo is sensible, but also sensual, answering Aries’ call, “I DESIRE.” Virgo’s slow and analytical pace teaches Aries how to appreciate the small moments in life.

Aries personalities are leaders. They direct or control. An Aries is happiest when in authority. Virgo is wishy-washy versus decisive. So, Aries’ firm and strong-minded nature is something Virgo welcomes. But, if Aries becomes stern or snooty, it’s sure to rub polite and moderate Virgo the wrong way.

An Aries personality might come across as discerning. But, to an extreme, this discrimination is nit-picky. They will lean toward the posh and expensive because of their sense of entitlement. If the Aries partner is snooty or condescending, Virgo won’t tolerate Aries’ attitude for long!

Aries Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility

With all the obstacles in the Aries and Virgo love match, it’s easy to think “impossible love affair.” But, the Aries Man and Virgo Woman can make a real go of it with some dedication and tenacity. The Virgo Woman is someone you might mistake as timid or nervous.

Attributes less than steadfast determination might seem appalling to an Aries Man. But, the Virgo Woman isn’t mild as much as she is receptive and flexible. It’s her receptive and open nature that is the perfect suit for the assertive Aries Man.

He will appreciate her dedication and trustworthiness. Fidelity is what he demands. She will appreciate the strength of the Aries Man as long as he doesn’t convert it into a domineering attitude. The Aries and Virgo relationship proves enduring when both partners remain flexible.

The Virgo Woman needs emotional support despite her natural leadership qualities. She needs the wine and dine approach throughout the relationship. The Aries Man demands excitement and adventure. The Virgo Woman can expect the bedroom sex to have a few taboos or risky tricks on the list of acceptable moves. Virgo is a sensual creature. She’ll have no problem keeping pace with the spicier needs of her Aries counterpart.

The Virgo Woman might wish for Aries to slow it down in the bedroom. Instead of going from zero to sixty during foreplay, she prefers a slow stroll down pleasure lane. If the Aries Man refuses to slow down his roll, the Virgo female might feel her partner leaves her hanging!

One of the largest obstacles the Aries Man and Virgo woman faces is finding things they can do together. They may have to be innovative in the “shared interests” department. If they find common ground and things to do together, it helps in strengthening the romantic bond.

The confident Virgo Woman attracts the charismatic Aries Man like a moth to a flame! He mesmerizes her with his captivating sweet talk, however brief. She appreciates the smallest of efforts to keep the romance brewing. Aries and Virgo compatibility grows with the intensity of attraction.

The Aries Man doesn’t have to explain himself to the Virgo Woman. Her passive nature makes her accept him as he is unless a perfectionist attitude gets in the way. Lowering perfection standards makes the Aries Man and Virgo Woman pairing successful. Aries will not change his ways to conform to a Virgo’s dreamy or impossible expectations.

If the Virgo Woman chastises Aries for every transgression, he’ll see her as a relentless nag. No matter how hard she pushes, the Virgo Woman will not sway Aries to be more demonstrative. What she sees is what she gets with love and affection.

Aries separates himself from the realm of emotion. He does this whenever and wherever possible. The Virgo Woman can match his aloofness when the situation calls for it.

Aries Woman and Virgo Man Compatibility

It’s hard to imagine the assertive and unconventional Aries Woman match with Virgo Man. It’s clear the Aries Woman ends up the alpha in the pairing. A Virgo Man has no problem with his lady taking the lead in the relationship. A Virgo Man much rather focus on the small details. An Aries Woman takes the relationship helm.

An Aries Woman appreciates the Virgo Man for his patience and undying loyalty. His practical nature helps her feel more in balance. The Virgo Man is down-to-earth and sensible. He’s an anchor for Aries who can let her ambitions run away and out of control. Each partner in the Aries and Virgo love match expects a loving and monogamous partner.

With a single glance, Virgo tells the Aries woman to curtail her anger. She is quick to tame her temper to keep her partner happy. With few words, he calms her. There’s no need to lecture Aries who stops listening after hearing the phrase, “You know what you need to do?”

The Aries Woman stands up for her Virgo Man when the need arises. She has no problem backing up the decisions he makes. She knows him as a relentless perfectionist. He’s one who will analyze a situation from every angle before bringing the decisive hammer down. The Virgo Man appreciates Aries’ willingness to have his back. She does so without questioning his authority or decisions.

Yes, the Virgo Man is receptive and passive, but it doesn’t make him submissive. He’s a partner who demands equal time at the relationship helm as a decision maker. If leadership duties go unshared, danger lurks in the air. An unfair authoritative structure promises the demise of the Aries and Virgo relationship.

The Virgo Man is flexible. He has no problem adapting to the willful and direct Aries Woman’s nature. The Aries Woman is one who shines in the role of relationship leader. Virgo has no difficulty letting the outside world see his woman as the leader of this duo. The truth is between Aries and Virgo anyway: It’s equal billing all the way or the highway!

The Aries Woman has no trouble fulfilling the emotional needs of her Virgo Man. He longs for no other because the Aries Woman is all the Virgo Man desires. The antics in the bedroom keep the core of this relationship super-hot! When these two lovers hit the sheets, it’s better than the grand finale at the fourth of July’s firework show!

Aries and Virgo Love Match Wrap-Up

So, is it surprising to find the Aries and Virgo pair make it long-term? A couple often at odds, for some the connection is next to impossible to imagine. But, Virgo will see this relationship as having a focus on intimacy and love. Aries might have a focus on sex and physical satisfaction. Virgo is dutiful. Aries desirous.

Putting strengths together makes this pair unbeatable and intensifies Aries and Virgo compatibility. Love may not be the only force driving this couple forward. This pairing might be about balancing karma from one lifetime to another.

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