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Aries and Leo Compatibility: Friendship, Love, & Sex

There is no question the Aries and Leo relationship is on fire! It’s hot, hot, hot! Oh, did I say it was hot already! You can almost see the sparks flying off the heels of these two love-struck Star Signs! A spotlight from the heavens shows off their happy glow. The universe seems to be rolling out the red carpet for this connection to happen! The two attractive personalities are all too happy for the blessing. They enjoy the chance to show off how good they look together!

There’s so much promise in the Aries and Leo match. There are so many possibilities in friendship, love, and in bed too! Fire fuels the love between Aries and Leo. It is the same fire ensuring a compassionate and loving connection. They are often generous with one another and warm with all their sentiments. They both feed into one another’s ego too. They know all the flattering things to say to make their partner beam with joy!

Ambitions run high with this pair though. If they aren’t careful dangers lie ahead. They crop up with this pair entering to the jungle of emotional complexities. There looms also sorts of dark creatures ready to devour their love if they don’t watch out. One big problem is the over inflation of the ego. All that doting and ego stroking might make an Aries and Leo love match too comfortable. It’s too easy to get a fat head. It’s even easier to forget one’s partner needs a whole lot of doting and affection too.

The jungle of emotions is home to potential competition and jealousy. Around every corner, there’s a bit of bitterness and resentment. It lies in waiting to sour the connection. Aries and Leo will have to strive to keep their heavenly connection pristine. They will have to fight to ensure their love remains free from tainted emotions. Only then will they rise above all other couples in the zodiac as an emblem of lasting love.

Aries and Leo Table of Contents

Aries and Leo Compatibility

The Aries and Leo match is a template for romantic compatibility! These two can become the power couple of all power couples if they play the cards right! The Aries and Leo match is striking to look at and fun to observe. They are adventurous souls seeking one thrill after another. They like to draw a circle of onlookers around them. Aries sees friendliness as a way of networking. Leo sees socialization as a way of gaining loyal fans. Both parties appreciate when they can take a spot in the spotlight.

The sexual tension is palpable. It makes the Aries and Leo compatibility incredible. Those who observe this pair in action are apt to feel the electricity in the air. Aries and Leo share the same degree of energy which seems endless and ever-refreshing. They just need to slow down on occasion. A stroll through the garden and romantic down time are necessary once and a while. It is all too easy for Aries and Leo to get caught up in all the fun and being the life of every party.

Aries and Leo Love

The discovery of love is a quick find in the Aries and Leo match. This couple becomes fast friends and even faster lovers. They see each other as cut from the same metal. It is as if the same mold-maker is responsible for shaping their personalities. Aries sees Leo as regal, charming and charismatic. Leo sees Aries as strong, attractive and intelligent. They draw to each other like magnets. The fire fueling their relationship heats the connection up fast. Love has fresh soil on which to thrive.

If Aries and Leo insist they work together and not against one another, all is well with the world. If they desire to fight for relationship rulership they might start playing unfairly. There are no winners in the end because power struggles only brew up resentments. Fair play is the rule every day in the Aries and Leo relationship.

Aries and Leo Sex

Aries and Leo in the bedroom are sure to have a wild time! When these two touch and engage in sex they are heading for spontaneous combustion! Fire ruled Star Signs together in the bedroom are a promise of a lusty environment. The heat is on and these two let loose on one another like a Super Volcano long overdue for an eruption! The attraction between these passionate people is one they cannot deny. From the moment they start down the path of romance, the appeal is irresistible. They feel intensifies every step of the way.

Both partners enjoy the physical nature of sex. The sexual attraction increases Aries and Leo compatibility. Aries and Leo than happy to ensure the pleasure of their partner. Why? Well, the better question is “Why not?” It ensures their pleasure in return. If you were to view the house from the outside while these two are having a romp session, there’s a surprise coming. It’s the fresh steam running down the windows. You might think with all that heat they might burn down the house!

Aries and Leo Communication

The Aries and Leo connection, as great as it can be, does have some minor challenges along the way. This pair can move from one end to the other when dealing with the emotional spectrum. When it is good then everything is good. But if things go bad, it goes very bad indeed! About eighty percent of the time Aries and Leo dance around the edges of ecstasy and euphoria. The other twenty percent have them battling against one another. Why? Two lead oriented personalities in a relationship are bound to ram heads.

Aries will need to speak up more and demand the attention they need. It is not a small leap to see warrior-minded Aries successful in doing so. Leo tends to ignore a partner’s needs over their own. They don’t do it because they are bad people. They just get caught up in how good all that attention and doting feels. Every so often they must step down and give Aries time on the throne. There are occasions where a firm reminder helps Leo realize the error of their ways.

Leo and Aries have terrible tempers once they are set loose. The key here is to avoid triggering these tempers in the first place. Addressing one another in anger only leads to resentment. The Leo and Aries love match will need to have a one-on-one talk about expectations. Their impulsive nature and impatience can also prove a problem. It can cause them to rush to judge or act rash before relationship issues see a real resolution.

Aries and Leo Clashes

Oh my gods, are there clashes in the Aries and Leo match up? Can we say “Hell, yes!” You can’t put two ambitious hot heads in the arena and not expect the sparks at some point! Sure, the beginning of the relationship rolls in smooth enough. That’s because they like the warm and fuzzy feeling deep in their gut that comes with new love. With rose-colored glasses on, the Aries and Leo relationship looks as if it will have no problems. It might seem it is immune to difficulties.

But, Aries and Leo don’t have a clear road to love. There’s work to do if it’s going to thrive. The Aries and Leo pairing have way too much in common not to experience some difficulties. Familiarity breeds contempt. In the Aries and Leo relationship, too much of it brings in boredom too.

Aries and Leo are limelight lovers. If they don’t share the limelight, trouble lies ahead. If friends, family, children get more attention, it stirs the embers of jealousy. Jealousy turns them into childish adults. If they don’t agree to share the toys, then someone’s getting kicked out of the playpen! With a ram and a lion fighting for all the Lincoln Logs, who the hell knows how the round will end?

Aries and Leo Polarity

When talking about star signs every zodiac sign corresponds with energy. These energy forms boil down to a masculine or feminine energy. The masculine energy is Yang. It is an aggressive and powerful energy. The feminine energy is Yin. It is a form of receptive and passive energy. While Aries and Leo share the same element, they also share the same energy. Both signs are Yang energy.

The dual Yang sign relationship has unique challenges. When working together they are undefeatable. But, if working against one another all hell breaks loose. You can picture all that fire everywhere! Both Aries and Leo have ambitions that make them born leaders. Two leaders in an Aries and Leo love match with no one being receptive to the other’s lead is disastrous. The power struggle between the Aries and Leo personality is epic indeed!

When fighting one another, both parties become domineering and stubborn. Words flow out in anger. Feelings get hurt and resentment fuels anger even more. If these two let things get out of hand, their argument takes on the heat of an out of control fire tornado! This couple will need to tone down the heated rhetoric when they argue. They’ll do well to avoid arguing altogether. Compassion and patience will balance out the aggressive energies.

Aries and Leo Aspects

In astrology, the measurement between Star Signs determines compatibility. The sign of Aries and Leo are four zodiac signs apart on the wheel of the zodiac. This measurement is a trine. With the trine relationship in place, Aries and Leo are quite compatible. They might feel a kinship or as if they have known each other for years when they first meet.

Falling in love is not at all difficult since the Aries and Leo couple can look at each other and think “soulmate.” Whether a twin flame soul mate or born from the same soul group, there’s something that stirs within Aries and Leo. They know they belong together right from the start. It’s this certainty that strengthens Aries and Leo compatibility. They might not be able to put their finger on it right away. But, the initial connection is undeniable.

It’s an easy task to find harmony in the Aries and Leo match. They accept each other for who they are. They love the fact there aren’t a million questions or the need to explain their actions. They can appreciate their partner bare naked and with personality under full exposure!

Aries and Leo Elements

When referencing zodiac signs, every sign corresponds with one of the four elements. In the case of signs like Aries and Leo, both zodiac signs correspond with the element of fire. Because they have the same element influencing behavior, their preference is similar. This gives Aries and Leo lots of common ground to work with in the Aries and Leo love relationship.

Fire makes Aries and Leo personalities have loads of drive and ambition. Finding excellent careers and excelling in all they do should be of no surprise. The need to fill personal ambition is something both Aries and Leo understand. They serve to motivate one another. The Aries and Leo relationship can push their partner at times when their drive might run low. When in balance, the fire fueling their drive can make them a power couple.

Fire ensures that Aries and Leo feel right at home with one another too. It’s as if they have known each other all their lives. Both push forward to the next adventure in their lives. Both star signs crave thrill and excitement. They look into one another’s eyes and see themselves reflecting back.

Love and compassion are not hard to find in the Aries and Leo pairing. Though the compassionate nature tends to come from the regal Leo. This love sees balance with the right amount of lust and desire. The bedroom antics go from romantic to hot in zero to sixty!

Aries Man and Leo Woman Compatibility

The Aries Man cannot help by fall for the Leo Woman. The minute he spots her, he knows she’s a beauty. There she is with her circle of friends all around her standing out from the crowd. With a flick of that gorgeous mane of hair and a wink, she captures his eye. Is it his imagination or is that a halo of light around the top of her head? The Aries and Leo love match starts out with both partners drawing in the other.

The Leo Woman spots the warrior like Aries Man and the word “Adonis” screams in her head. He’s in her line of sights like she’s on the Sahara in the wild and he’s prey. “He’s mine,” she says to herself without a doubt that it is true. She knows it takes a mere moment to tap into her powers of seduction. She tames his soul before he even knows her name.

It’s important for the Aries Man and Leo Woman not to go overboard with the sense of comfort. It can lead to a period of taking each other for granted. When imbalances occur, then the darker side of the relationship erupts. Both are stubborn and aggressive. Their arguments will know the fire element well as it serves as a source of fuel. If they let things get out of hand, they’ll find themselves burning ties. They will cut the relationship connection before repairs can even become a consideration. Walking away without saying “Sorry,” will leave the relationship’s end bitter.

Aries and Leo can be headstrong and they both have opinions all their own. If they agree with opinions there’s no trouble. Cooperation and fair play make good for Aries and Leo compatibility. But, if either the Aries Man or the Leo woman try to force their opinion onto the other partner, a fire ignites. There’s no room for being pushy in this pairing, which is a problem common with a match like Aries and Leo. When two born leaders get into a relationship they learn how to share the stage. It’s a compromise or they don’t go forward a single step.

Aries is willful but so is Leo. Aries can be condescending, but Leo can top condescending with a know-it-all attitude. Both Aries and Leo will do well to leave their opinions and their shiny egos at the door. Rather than dominant one another, they will need to heed to the push and pull in the relationship. They can do this by agreeing to step down and let each partner have a fair period in the driver’s seat.

Aries Woman and Leo Man Compatibility

The Aries Woman can’t take her eyes of Leo. He exudes a king-like aura demanding respect. She appreciates his energetic nature and his often-sunny disposition. He seems to tap into an endless well of energy that fuels his every ambition. The Leo Man’s positivity is something that is contagious indeed. Hard work is not hard work at all in the Aries and Leo relationship.

It is more an entertaining challenge for the pair. The Aries Woman is not one to take an optimistic point of view. It’s against her natural nature as a warrior. But, she sees this same feature in Leo. He can see the glasses as half full instead of half empty. He can teach her how to change perspectives as well. Once she masters the lesson, the two become a power couple. There’s no set back they cannot handle. There’s no hurdle that is not already conquered for this pair with a positive outlook.

Leo appreciates the Aries Woman’s straightforwardness. The direct means of communications keeps things simple. Leo sees no need to let emotions complicate things. The Aries and Leo pair much prefer blunt confrontation. It lets them let go of the past as soon as possible. It frees them to carry on with the business that is future related instead. There’s no hidden print, no fine lines to cross, and no ambiguities. The pair finds the direct approach beyond refreshing.

The Leo and Aries love match can fall into the pit of jealousy. This tends to happen when either party spends too much time alone or with friends. If they handle it with care, they can talk about it and apologize for the slight. If they respond with stubborn and anger, the battle of a lifetime is in the offing. In the right corner, the light weight by aggressive Aries Woman stands her ground. In the left corner of the ring, Leo stands ready to pounce with harsh sentiments.

It is clear they both expect loyalty from one another. If Aries or Leo has a traumatic relationship in the past, it will cause them warier of their partner. The radar for unfaithfulness remains on high. If either party in the Aries and Leo match stray it can prove an unforgivable move. Earning the trust back one once had will be next to impossible. The infidelity will stand as a huge shadow over the relationship.

Aries is prone to jealous rage, but then again, so is Leo. This makes it imperative that both parties remain true to one another. Leo understands the importance of loyalty. The Leo personality is an individual who commits to their friends. They are willing to help anyone in need at any time. Sometimes the Aries personality feels jealous at Leo’s interactions with others. Leo soothes the heart of the Aries woman.

The Aries and Leo compatibility factor depends on how the pair wants to play. This relationship is either pure heaven and light or total hell and pandemonium. It’s hard to find an in-between. That’s because headstrong Aries and Leo demand proper treatment in a relationship. If they don’t get it they grow bitter. A lack of commitment and attentiveness is a bitter pill to swallow.

Aries and Leo Love Match Wrap-Up

There is no denying the Aries and Leo match is one that has an unbelievable amount of potential. Overcoming minor issues call for a change of heart and flexibility. With a bit of self-control and an eye on the future, Aries and Leo can walk off into the sunset. It’s a love story with the promise of a happy ending for both if they get out of their own way.

The Aries and Leo connection is one of the hottest and most fiery connections of all. Do you wonder how your relationship compares? Do you want to learn more about the personality attributes of lovers, friends, or family? There’s no reason whatsoever to wait until the right time. The fact is the truth is within your grasp! Just see all the astrology information Building Beautiful Souls supplies.

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