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Aquarius and Pisces Compatibility: Love, Sex & Friendship

An Aquarius and Pisces relationship is remarkable. It’s a connection of Piscean dreams and Aquarian intellect! Bringing these two Sun Signs together puts all the brain’s lobes to work at once! The result of this romantic mix is a power couple basking in savant genius! From friendship to consummate love, this love match shares deep emotions that intensify their compatibility.

With the Aquarius and Pisces love affair, mental and intellectual stimulation takes priority. The conversations between these two are beyond stimulating. The communication serves as a pillar of strength in the relationship. Empathy is the second pillar. It allows each party to embrace and cherish the quirks and idiosyncrasies of the other.

Aquarius and Pisces Table of Contents

Aquarius and Pisces Compatibility

The Aquarius and Pisces love match can be successful. The level of success is dependent on trust. If the Pisces personality becomes smothering, the Aquarius born’s instinct is to run. When Aquarius stops giving the Pisces emotional support, the partner might become despondent.

Increasing Aquarius and Pisces compatibility requires empathy from both parties. The Aquarius personality needs to be ready to support the Pisces partner when they note a need. The Aquarian might have to fine-tune their sensitivity to Pisces’ emotional demands. Pisces personalities need to be aware of the quirky Aquarian nature. It will prevent any unnecessary emotional upset.

Aquarius personalities are eccentric and on the wild side. The Piscean’s dreams are both achievable and unrealistic. To ensure ongoing compatibility, each partner must help the other stay grounded. This means the pair must express a continual desire to communicate.

The Aquarian personality is something that draws a wistful Pisces in like a moth to a candle flame. During conversations, the Aquarian is prone to flights of fancy. Ideas weave in and out of their savant-like mind. They love to talk. Their knowledge is vast and diverse. It leaves the Pisces partner in absolute awe of their massive intellect. The Aquarius personality derives pleasure from the Piscean partner’s attentiveness.

With a meeting of the minds, the Aquarius and Pisces compatibility factor increases. It’s the meeting of the hearts where things get thorny. But, two dedicated souls who want to make it work can make a successful go of it.

The couple will enter the relationship with a light and fun air. If the couple attunes to the needs of each other, the relationship will stay the course. Denying a partner of emotional support releases a poison arrow into the partnership.

Aquarius and Pisces Love

Aquarius and Pisces compatibility exists in the unique worldview the parties share. Aquarius sees the world as a judgmental as society tends to outcast the eccentric. Eccentricity is the hallmark of the Aquarian personality.

The person born under this sign finds civilization in need of a new perspective. Pisces is the dreamy partner. With lofty visions of life, the Piscean born finds the physical world insensitive. Trying to keep dreams alive becomes a struggle for the person born under this Sun Sign.

A shared view of the world as harsh and cruel increases Aquarius and Pisces compatibility. The couple’s perspective is a stepping stone in the relationship building process. They both know how it feels when the world rejects them. The Aquarian and Pisces born can find acceptance in one another.

The love this couple experience is deep and satisfying. The attributes they have in common strengthen the match. Pisces and Aquarius lovers are idealistic. The Aquarius and Pisces relationship consists of innovative dreamers with high hopes. When they converse, focus shifts from the mundane to dreams. Oh, and does this couple dream big? Without a doubt!

Pisces may find the Aquarius partner cool or distant sometimes. To the extreme, the Aquarius partner might be aloof or frigid. The Aquarian might discover the Pisces mate a bit unrealistic. The idealistic Pisces partner might end up daydreaming of creative opportunities. The pairing needs to make allowances for each other’s eccentricities.

Aquarius and Pisces Sex

The sex between these lovers is intense and passionate. The step to passion stems from friendship first. The Aquarius and Pisces pairing need companionship as a pre-requisite to romantic love. Once trust and camaraderie bloom, love will follow with greater ease. In this mind-bending love affair, mental stimulation comes before between-the-sheets arousal.

Boring is not a word that corresponds to the Aquarius and Pisces affair. An Aquarius lover is stimulating on an intellectual level. A Pisces lover is an adventurous bed partner. The Aquarius partner brings excitement and risk into the bedroom. A Pisces partner instills intense emotion and nurturing.

Sexual encounters in the Aquarius and Pisces love match will never grow old or boring. Why? Because the lustful Aquarius partner’s approach to sex is erotic and unconventional. The starry-eyed Pisces partner brings balance to the lustful desires of an Aquarius. With Pisces, there’s a need for candlelight dinners and romantic encounters. The sex life is harmonious and energetic. This couple allows for the equal expression of passion and romance.

The bedroom for this loving and lusty couple suits the preferences of both parties. Walk into the bedroom of this unconventional couple. You’ll find fluffy pillows and satin sheets. There’s apt to be a four-poster bed. Scan the room, and you’ll catch sight of an apparatus in the corner. No doubt, the author of Fifty Shades Darker would blush over having to write about it!

Aquarius and Pisces Communication

When the Aquarian and Piscean minds meet, the sharing of ideas is arousing in and of itself! As the relationship develops and stability reigns, trust grows. The more intimate these two become, the more intense the trust. When the Aquarius and Pisces relationship is comfortable, there’s smooth communication.

The Aquarius and Pisces affair increases with excellent communication. The couple can keep the communication pathways fresh by keeping an open perspective. The Piscean needs to recognize the slow to commit attitude of the Aquarius as a conscious choice. The Aquarian needs to acknowledge Pisces’ need for balance and emotional support. Through compassionate interactions, the Aquarius and Pisces lovers will find personal peace.

If there’s instability in the Aquarius and Pisces love match, communication suffers. The Aquarian born stays distant from emotional interactions. When the Aquarian’s attentions turn cool, the Pisces partner might feel hurt. The Aquarius partner becomes rebellious if the Pisces partner infringes on their freedom.

A Pisces has a thin skin and gets hurt feelings with ease. It makes it difficult to understand the Aquarian’s love of freedom. The relationship can become a struggle for both power and attention. Pisces is the unfortunate one. The Aquarius will walk away from strife rather than deal with it.

Aquarius and Pisces Clashes

There’s plenty of heat and passion between an Aquarius and Pisces pairing. Love and lust exist, but only if it is they couple has understanding and compassion too. The keyword for the Aquarian and Piscean relationship is none other than COMPROMISE. Both parties will have to give into the other at some point in the relationship. Both parties will have to learn how to listen to the other. A willingness to find a middle ground will be a regular event in this complicated affair.

The parties in this relationship can be empathetic and understanding. Both can be stubborn. Aquarius has a hot temper. They have a considerably low level of tolerance. This relationship will need more work than most to keep it healthy. There’s no room for complacency or impatience.

For the first two months of the Aquarius and Pisces relationship, things will be hot and steamy. This is particularly true if there’s a lot of mental stimulation. Yet, this heat and intensity wears down fast. When things become cool, the Aquarian will need a bit more space and freedom. This may leave the Piscean wondering: “What did I do wrong?” With growing concern, the Pisces will give chase after the Aquarian. The irony is that this will only serve to irritate the Aquarian who was looking to be alone.

Aquarius and Pisces Polarity

So, what is this energy behind the Aquarian and Piscean relationship? What makes it work against all the odds? To answer this question, it becomes necessary to consider polarity. The Aquarius sign is yin or feminine energy. The Pisces sun sign is the opposite: A yang or masculine energy. To bring these two polarities together creates harmony and balance. Pisces is the passive, or submissive energy in the relationship. This explains the softer emotions and the thinner skin of the Piscean. It explains why Pisces personalities are so emotive and sensitive. The yin energies align with the Pisces’ intense interest in the feminine mysteries.

The Aquarius sign is masculine, projective energy. This energy tends to be forceful and aggressive, but when in balance, it can prove a positive force. When things are out of balance, the yin-yang energies polarize. It reflects the complications between the couple.

For clarity, imagine an Aquarius and Pisces love match with each party on a seesaw. When the seesaw goes up and down this fluctuates the energies in the relationship. Then, the Pisces party becomes passive-aggressive or a martyr in the relationship. An Aquarian’s frustration will make them stubborn and overbearing. If the seesaw is level, it makes all things even. Hence, an even polarity allows for a level and balanced relationship with fewer conflicts.

Aquarius and Pisces Aspects

The distance between signs on the zodiac wheel is the aspect. Aquarius and Aquarius relationships are conjunct. But, Aquarius and Pisces connections are one position apart. With a single sign between them, Aquarius and Pisces form a semisextile aspect.

For ease of comparison, imagine two homes next to one another. Each house belongs to a different person with unique tastes and preferences. Even the decorating might be different. Remember though, neighbors can be great friends. Or the can be a total pain in the arse!

It is the same with the Aquarian and Piscean relationship. The pairing is either a love and friendship match or love-hate pairing. It’s best to hope for love and friendship! The relationship starting out with intense attraction and sexual heat, might be nice, but it might not prove lasting. Friction between the pair leads to a fizzle and fade relationship, not genuine Aquarius and Pisces compatibility. The key here is that friendship serves as the foundation for relationship permanency and endurance.

Aquarius and Pisces Elements

The elements corresponding with these two signs reveal the conflicts the couple faces. The air element rules the Aquarian born. The water element rules Pisces. A logical look at air and water makes it easy to see how one can suffocate the other. Air is an element aligning with intellect. Water is an element aligning with emotion. Never have two things clashed as much as intellect and emotion. These are the main challenges in the Aquarian-Pisces combination.

Those under the influence of the air sign are appreciative of change as it clears out the old and brings in the new. Novelty and variety are the keywords for the Aquarian born. These personalities can be talkative. They enjoy hearing their voice and bask in the glory of their own eloquence. They enjoy interacting with others willing to share knowledge. Air signs love novelty. The water sign Pisces is moody, brilliant, sweet, and emotional. Like water and its movement, those born under the sign of Pisces seek the easiest means of flowing through life. Air signs can detach themselves from someone without a sense of guilt. Water signs have a harder time letting go.

Aquarius Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

As far as attraction, the chemistry between the Aquarius man and any Pisces woman, it’s impressive. In considering the Aquarius and Pisces relationship, it’s hard to fathom it can work. It almost seems as if the two of them are going in opposite directions. It’s a kind of energy that would give the most earnest of Pisces’s a headache. But somehow in some quirky way it is a pairing that works. It’s important to note the relationship is not foolproof by any means.

The Aquarius man and the Pisces woman make an interesting mix. The affair is a science project. An experiment gone awry. Remember those Rube Goldberg projects in high school? You know, the project your parents hated? It took days to come up with some ridiculous means of completing the project. Of course, the project couldn’t be easy. You couldn’t spend more than ten dollars to do the project. In the end, you had to take a mile-long route around the natural order of things to get a piece of paper to flip over. The excitement of it all. Remember all those hair-pulling moments?

The Rube Goldberg project epitomizes the Aquarius and the Pisces couple. A whole lot of excitement and all the hair-pulling moments. When these two get together, they take “the road less traveled.” Come to think of it, it’s better to say they take the road never taken by anyone ever. You might think the Aquarius and Pisces love match prefer things the hard way. From the outside looking in, that’s how their life appears.

The Aquarius and Pisces relationship marries logic to flights of fancy. It’s a match wedding intellect to emotion with a delicious morsel of insanity on the side. The Aquarius man is methodical and analytical. His attitude is sometimes callous. This flies in the face of the Pisces woman who commits to her daily morning meditation. She then follows the practice with some relaxing yoga. The Aquarius man heads off to a job at the office. The Pisces woman takes up the paint brushes and hits the canvas in her art studio. To describe the Aquarius man and Pisces woman affair only takes three words: Night and day.

The circle of friends that surrounds the Aquarius man and Pisces woman is a bizarre tribe indeed. Those born under the Aquarius and Pisces sun signs attract the strange and eccentric. And you thought Barnum & Bailey Circus is ending? Not if you run into this couple. If you were to run into this circle of friends, a deer in headlights stare is the correct response.

Problems can arise that will influence Aquarius and Pisces compatibility. The Pisces Woman may feel she must chase the Aquarius man to keep him inside the “fence.” He’ll start out the relationship ready to run. He prefers casual dating to commitment. It’s not long before he begins his struggle with his own commitment issues though. The Pisces woman is mesmerizing and alluring. The Aquarius Man might begin to wonder if she’s an enchanter. It wouldn’t be unusual to find a spell book or two in her house. The books will be right next to a copy of Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa’s The Philosophy of the Occult.

Do Aquarius men and the Pisces women have anything in common? Besides eccentric friends and a taste for the unusual, that is? The answer is a resounding “yes!” The common ground for this couple is in humanitarian endeavors. They both enjoy helping people and healing others. They listen to their friends, even if they have trouble tuning to the needs of their romantic partner.

Aquarius Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

Enigmas and paradoxes are on the top of the list for conversations for the couple. The Bermuda Triangle and the Jersey Devil are excellent conversations for the dinner table. Topics capable of scaring the pants off the average Joe are what these two discuss. Ah, how lovely: Some ghoulish discussion between the Aquarius Woman and Pisces Man! You can bet Friday and Saturday night movies are a choice of similar theme. An Aquarius and Pisces relationship come with a common interest in the bizarre.

The average date with the Aquarius Woman might be dinner out and a horror movie. Think of this as the typical movie night: The Rite with a demonic version of Anthony Hopkins to get a date to warm up! This couple will never run out of weird and wonderful things to discuss. And, it doesn’t take much to picture them on the perfect date at the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Odditorium!

This is a relationship is confusing and puzzling. Uniting the Aquarius woman and Pisces man results in a chemical reaction. (For the love of the gods, wear your goggles and gloves!) Sometimes the mix serves up a sweet effect and other times you’ve got an explosion on your hands!

Speaking of enigmas, the Aquarian Woman is a mystery. The Pisces man may have trouble understanding the actions of the Aquarius Woman. She is one who will not commit until she is positive her knight in shining armor is in front of her. To that end, she will put the Pisces man through tests. She wants to know his levels of commitment and loyalty. In the Aquarius and Pisces love match, the Pisces man finds the mystique of his partner enchanting. She mesmerizes him with her charms but confuses him with her occasional indifference.

But, there will come a time when the Aquarius woman and Pisces man do not agree. (You can put money on it!) When it does, it will be time to do massive amounts of compromising to keep things fair. With the Aquarian female, socializing and being out on the town every night is a natural practice. Her circle of friends helps by breathing life into her existence. The Pisces man might be more of a homebody with a desire for plenty of alone time and close snuggling on the couch.

Aquarius and Pisces Love Match Wrap-Up

If seeking a perfect love connection, the Aquarius and Pisces relationship is not for you. In fact, if you are looking for perfection in a relationship at all, you might do better and give up the ghost. The Aquarius and Pisces relationship will work out well if both partners are ready to work hard. Planning in advance for the relationship shows an interest in developing something worthwhile.

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