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The Page of Swords Tarot Card Meanings

The Page of Swords Tarot Table of Contents

The Page of Swords Tarot Card Meanings

You want action now!

So what if there’s so much more to know?

You’re eager to put everything you’ve learned to the test.

Well, you got your wish in the Page of Swords!

But you realize now that all your knowledge has been, well, theoretical. You’re faced with a whole new set of challenges, and you’ll need to be quick in your feet to master them.

The mountains in the background of the Page of Swords symbolize the Page’s wisdom. They’re Blue, meaning that his knowledge lacks practical experience. The lessons he has learned don’t fit as neatly into his current situation as he thought.

In the Page of Swords tarot, the birds high up in the sky are his goals and dreams. The storm clouds gathering in his picture perfect blue challenge his grand ideas and his plans of reaching them. As reality is setting in, things are no longer as crystal clear as they were in theory.

But that’s not really a problem. As the Earth aspect of Air, the Page of Swords tarot card is all about thinking on his feet.

True, even the ground isn’t as stable as he thought in the Page of Swords, but this young man has no intention of letting the world roll him.

The Page of Swords wants to prove himself. His Red boots symbolize passion and energy. The Page of Swords/ leggings and sleeves are yellow, meaning that he’s flexible enough to bend in the new wind that’s blowing in.

The color yellow also symbolizes swiftness in thought, movement, and action.

Looking over his shoulder and holding his sword high, the Page of Swords is on the lookout for any challenge – and he’s ready to strike at any time! The Page of Swords’ lack of experience makes him a bit too cautious.

He’ll need to learn courage and discrimination.

You can’t see the tip of his sword. This young whippersnapper is likely to surprise you.

***Note*** – The Page of Swords tarot is not always a male. There are tarot decks which depict them as “princesses” or female. In a reading it will be up to the reader to determine what gender The Page of Swords represents.

Upright Page of Swords Tarot Card Meanings

The Page of Swords is a lot like a bratty honors student. Annoyingly talented at just about everything he (or she) tries, he also thrives on showing off every single accomplishment.

He doesn’t mean any harm. Gifted with the mental capacity of a grown-up, he still has heart and life experience of a child.

If the Page of Swords tarot card represents you, it explains why so many jocks keep trying to stuff you into lockers – literally or metaphorically. Trying is the key word. These days, honors students study martial arts.

It’s a Jedi thing.

Geek is the new sexy and the Page of Swords tarot card shows that you’re highly idealistic and incredibly talented. On the other hand, you’re not wise in the ways of the world.

You’re still learning how your words and actions affect others. Still coming to grips with your power, you don’t always know when to pull your punches.

No, you don’t mean any harm. That’s why you don’t understand why others think you are cold, calculating, and insensitive. In your mind, the truth is more important than someone else’s feelings.

Sometimes that’s true, but not always.

When the Page of Swords card appears upright in a tarot reading, it encourages you to learn empathy and discrimination. Learn to distinguish between which truths need to shared and which ones need to be kept in confidence.

This will make it easier for others to trust you.

Your ideas are grand and important. But your direct – or blunt – manner often keeps you from bringing others on board.

A patient mentor can teach the Page great wisdom.

The Page of Swords tarot card suggests that you’re keenly aware of your surroundings. Chances are, past hardships have taught you to be cautious at an early age.

You can benefit greatly from learning to trust the right people. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life. Over time, this can grow into full-blown paranoia.

Sometimes, the Page of Swords points to an older person who is still young at heart. If he has gained wisdom throughout the years, he’s found a way to endure life’s ups and downs without becoming cynical.

Page of Swords Reversed Tarot Card Meanings

When the Page of Swords tarot card is reversed, our young hero has fallen down.

Maybe the earth under his feet was a little too wobbly, or a sudden gust of wind knocked him over.

It could also be that the big sword he’s holding is still too heavy and unwieldy in his inexperienced hands.

But any knight in the making needs to learn how to take a fall. That’s what a page is. And any page worth his salt is bound to quickly recover from such a setback.

While it’s good to be prudent, looking over your shoulder all the time can easily turn to paranoia. It may well be that past betrayals have made you mistrustful. But not everyone is out to get you.

Use your brilliant mind to look at the current situation objectively. After all, the Suit of Swords is all about intellectual analysis

Perhaps you’ve just worked yourself too hard, and now every minor obstacle looks like a major crisis. A good night’s sleep may put things back in the proper perspective.

Besides, looking over your shoulder all the time will blind you to what’s right in front of you.

The reversed Page of Swords tarot card suggests that an unexpected event will provide you with a powerful learning experience.

That’s not necessarily bad news. You can learn just as much from your successes as you can from your failures.

The trick is to focus on the right thing when it happens. Once you fully understand this experience, you can capitalize on this knowledge.

As a knight-in-training, it’s also important to develop a moral code – and then stick to it.

This is especially important when it comes to making promises.

Know your strengths and limitations before you give your word. Don’t commit yourself to something, if you’re not sure you can follow through.

The Page of Swords Tarot Card Metaphysical Correspondences:

Element: Air
Zodiac Signs : Libra
Healing Crystals : Clear Quartz

The Page of Swords Card & Tarot Numerology

The Pages are associated with the number 10. Here, an intellectual process has run its full course. The catch is that it raised more questions than it answered.

This can be a bit disorienting since it means that you now have to start on a brand new quest for knowledge.

But no worries: Your last journey has prepared you well for this trip.

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