Dreams About Spiders: What Does It Mean When You Dream About Spiders

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Dreams about spiders, they can be among your worst nightmares! Imagine the following scenario for a moment. You are sitting in a grandiose bedroom; everything in the room is lush, posh, and the best money can buy. A huge king-sized bed is behind you as you consider a large vanity mirror in front of you. You sit in front this of mirror daydreaming. You’re brushing through your long hair. Your peripheral vision catches something in the mirror moving in the background.

It takes another split second for your brain the register what you are seeing. Giant, black spiders crawling over the headboard! They crawl down the length of the bed, and over the edge toward where you sit at the vanity. There are thousands of spiders… so much so… it looks like a black moving waterfall flowing over the side of the bed!

You wake with a start! You know dreams have meaning, but what the heck could this spider dream mean? And what if it didn’t scare you? What if you had a lovely conversation with the spider(s) and awoke with a renewed sense of clarity and peace?

So, let’s examine what dreams about spiders means to you. If you need help with other dream symbols, please use our dream dictionary. I hope the resource will help you master dream symbolism and make discoveries that will help you on your soul’s journey.

Dreams about Spiders Table of Contents

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Spiders

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Okay, I’ve got the he-bee gee-bees thinking about it and writing it was creepy. I feel for you if you’ve awakened following a nasty spider dream! Dreams that are uncomfortable provide you with the greatest amount of life insight. That’s right. It is possible to gain an incredible amount of information from the things you fear. Even spiders. Yes, dreams about spiders are rich in meaning. So, you’ll need to be a dream detective to discover what they mean!

So, let’s look a bit deeper into dreams about spiders and meaning. Did you know in a western society 18% of males are fearful of spiders? As much as 55% of women also fear this crawling, speedy arachnid. In fact, it is not at all uncommon to have people dreaming of spiders and snakes. Both seem to invoke the same fears. Being bitten, hurt and aggressive injury are what the dreamer fears. And hey no one likes having hundreds of these nasty little creepers crawling on their flesh!

The spider dream scenario can vary. You might dream of spiders all over you. You might see them crawling through your hair. Maybe, there’s one or a hundred of spiders falling on you. Or, you have the sheer joy of watching thousands the speedy creatures hatching in your dreams. Whatever the case, when spiders come crawling they always have some important lessons! The fact your dream horrifies you means your subconscious wants you to remember. When dreams are horrifying, there’s a message of import beneath them. The dreams have insight your Higher Self is attempting the share.

Grandmother Spider

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Spider dream meaning may relate to the concept of Grandmother Spider. And, Grandmother Spider has so many lessons to share with us when she comes crawling into our dreams. She brings lessons on how to understand ourselves to how to change our perception. The information we gain is life-changing. We can discover the unique role we play as part of the universal tapestry. From revealing truth to the power of words, there’s always a message of import.

Dreams about spiders come with life lessons. Spider teaches the power of the trickster and chaotic forces. Dreams containing spider imagery teach the power of intent in achieving goals. It is these lessons she teaches when she comes to call. Through such lessons, Grandmother Spider remains a master teacher in our lives. It is it is so important to suspend our phobias and fears. We must do so long enough to allow us to have a serious look at the messages from the spider spirit. The dream visitation brings us gifts of insight if we learn to recognize the blessing.

Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave
Spider Dreams & Lies

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Ever hear the cliché, “Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive?” In this context, the symbolism of the spider corresponds to lying. But, it also hints at how easy it is to get tripped up when one attempts to lie. When someone is speaking truth, there is nothing but the truth to remember. But, when someone is telling lies, the tall tales stretch too far to track. Or, the lies one tells begin to contradict themselves. The same expression makes clear how lies tangle up situations and cause confusion. At a minimum, lies make things difficult. Through this lens, the spider is advising you to test the veracity of waking conditions. Ask yourself what dreams about spiders really mean. Consider the following questions:

  • Are you being told the truth?
  • Are you being lied to instead?
  • Are you in over your head in a situation?
  • Are you being less than truthful in a situation?
  • Are you deceiving yourself?
  • Is your subconscious calling on you to remove the veil of delusion so you can gain clarity in a situation?

Dreaming of Spider Webs

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When looking at dreams about spiders, consider the meaning of the web. The webs a spider weaves are nearly invisible. Of course, that is except for the old and dusty ones hanging in the corners of a room you notice. You know, the ones you see if, and only if, your mom and dad or the in-laws show up for dinner. Isn’t that always the way though?

It is both the strength and the transparency of the web that makes it possible for the spider to capture its prey. Many spider webs go unnoticed until it rains. Then, the water droplets collecting on the web make it more visible. The same occurs with the early morning dew.

To the Dakota and Lakota Indians, the invisibility of the spider web was used as an adornment. They thought it was to protect warriors as the invisibility would pass them. And because the web has holes all through, it protective properties. Some say arrows will pass through the webbing, so it makes the warriors impervious to projectiles.

Here the lesson of the spider might tell you to “don on a cloak of invisibility” in certain situations. Sometimes it is better to take a back seat or to be a wallflower. Thus, dreaming of spider webs suggests you should not draw attention to yourself. Spider might tell you to embrace invisibility.

If you are the kind of person who makes yourself invisible too much, the message of the spider may be different. The dream suggests you need to stop finding satisfaction in “the wizard-behind-the curtain-role.” It is time for you to step up. Embrace recognition. This can prove a very difficult lesson for people who have a fear of success or a fear of others judging them.

Spider is calling you to come out of your shell. Step into life’s arena where you can others recognize for your unique contributions. Finally, if you are feeling invisible as of late, spider’s message may call to you to make your voice heard. Instead of accepting not being heard, spider teaches you to make your presence known.

Illusion & Spider Dream Meaning

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Spiders are sometimes a symbol representing the stark contrast between illusion and chaos. Morticia Addams reveals an interesting connection between spider imagery and reality.

“Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.”

And who would have more knowledge about our creepy little friend than Morticia herself?

And in the simplest of descriptions we see how spiders can prove a symbol of perspective. In viewing reality from the position of spider watching the fly enter its web, everything is as it should be. But, become that fly caught in an inescapable web, and you’re bound to have an experience that is a far cry from normalcy! Or see yourself as the woman standing on a chair screaming for someone. Okay, she’s screaming for ANYONE to save her from a gargantuan spider and tormentor.

Now we can question our own perspectives. When we have dreams about spiders, we need to ask:

  • What lens are you viewing the world through?
  • When dealing with a specific situation, can you learn more if see things through the eyes of another? who are also going through the same situation?
  • How is your personal perspective shaping your reality?
  • Should you take on a new perspective?
  • Are you seeing a situation as it is, or through a skewed perspective?
  • What is your definition of normalcy? Is this definition too confining or not flexible enough?

Spiders in Native American Animals

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Cultural meanings are important when considering dreams about spiders. In Hindu understandings, if a spider is sitting by and observing a fly getting caught up in its web, it holds special meaning. The dream comes to represent being trapped in the physical world’s illusion. If you dream of flies in a web or seeing yourself trapped in a spider’s webbing, look at what is trapping you. In the physical world, are you bogged down by materialism? Are you clinging to things that will no longer serve you or your greater good?

Dreaming about spiders through this lens suggests you question where your focus lies. Take time to question if are focusing too much on the physical realm. If your understanding of the physical realm is at the cost of pursuing the spiritual. You can also consider the number of material items you cling too. Your dream imagery may tell you it is time for a physical “de-clutter” session. Doing so shows you are ready to welcome, new, fresh, and exciting energies into your life.

Spiders as the Trickster

Native American myth may reveal the meaning of dreams about spiders. Ikto’mi is a Native American trickster deity. He is also known as Unktomi, Unktome, Inktomi, Ictimike, and Ikto. With his name meaning both Spider-man (and we’re not talking Peter Parker here!) and Spider, who was honored by the Western, Southwestern and Plains native peoples. Ikto’mi has some of spider’s features and characteristics. The spider-like creature is a shapeshifter. He shows the role of trickster in that he will forecast the future. If the people listening to him fail to believe what he offers as truth, he makes the predictions occur.

This leaves one to question. Is Ikto’mi forecasting the future or forecasting his intentions only to act on them later? Is he enacting his will all along? This is possible as the trickster corresponds with the Greek God Hermes who corresponds with images of The Magician. And, The Magician is a master of his own will.

One point of interest is because Ikto’mi is a trickster, so he is seen in both good and evil roles. So too, is it with the spider, with some fearing the creatures and others honoring it. The interesting characteristics Ikto’mi has are much like that of the spider.

He uses “strings” much like a puppeteer who controls how humans behave. The spider uses a web to control the behaviors of its prey. Ikto’mi is also a deity who is honored for inventing language. This too connects to the spider as the creator of writing. Ikto’mi is also a part of Native American prophecy. In one story of him, the spider deity spins his web and weave it around the world. This prediction, represents phone lines or the introduction of the World Wide Web. Thus, he was, ultimately, honored as the god of technological innovations and language.

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As the trickster, the spider is one that easily represents the act of crossing boundaries. Sometimes the trickster behaves in ways that others cannot understand. When the trickster crosses boundaries he or she initiates chaos. But, out of this same chaos arises a greater good that might not have otherwise occurred.

If you view spiders as tricksters and through the Native American lens, then your dreams tell you to prepare for the unexpected. You may want to call into question any situation where you are imposing your will. Remember how Ikto’mi behaves like a puppeteer in some instances. Ask yourself, what strings are you trying to pull, and are you doing so in an ethical manner? Your dreams may tell you to consider your underlying motives and intent. Ask yourself some questions to gain some deeper insight into your spider dreams:

  • Are your intentions genuine?
  • Are you acting in such a way now that will later serve as a catalyst to a greater good?
  • In your waking hours, are you a master of your language?
  • Are you capable of communicating or are you experiencing communication issues?
  • Ask yourself if you are tapping into all the possible resources you can use in each situation.
  • Are there some technological innovations that might help you with a situation?
  • Do you know the importance of a forward-thinking attitude?

Spiders and the Native American Medicine Wheel

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Some Native American tribes consider the eight spider legs as signifying parts of the medicine wheel. They also symbolize the direction of the winds. Four of the spider’s legs represent four points of the Native American Medicine Wheel. The other four legs represent the four winds of change.

The medicine wheel’s directions can mean many things. Regarding the winds, your spider dream message may tell you to pay attention to the winds of change. The connection between spider and medicine wheel calls attention to cyclical things. The directions can signify:

  • The four elements of life.
  • The four peak points of a day including sunrise, noon, twilight and midnight.
  • The four stages of a person’s life including birth, youth, adulthood and death.
  • The four stages of birth, life, death, and rebirth.
  • The four seasons.
  • The four Airts or cardinal directions.

Consider how references to the latter cycles resonate with you. Are you moving through a certain life stage requiring your understanding or acknowledgment? Spider may call your attention to an important rite of passage.

Spider Dreams & Metaphysical Symbolism

Numerology can reveal some interesting meanings for dreams about spiders. Spider resonates with the numbers four and eight. Considering anatomical structure, spider resonates with the number two. The spider has two sections to its body. Considering number vibrations might provide insight into the meaning of the spider messages. So, think in numbers the next time spider comes crawling into your dream imagery! Think about the following number vibrations resonating in your life.

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Spider Dreams & Numerology

Numerology 2 Number 2 Symbols Meanings 1280x960

Number 2: The number two resonates with the concept of duality and harmony. It is about balance and equality. It also resonates with the sublime and the extreme. The number two energies correspond with happiness and sadness. Or, it aligns with joy and great sorrow. The extremes of good and evil, night and day, and things the contrast come into play. Each concept serves as the mirror image of contrasting concepts. Thus, the spider in your dreams calls you to consider the extremes in your life. Think about how situations in your life may be serving as a mirror of your internal state or vice versa.When the spider enters, she is telling you to restore balance. It is time to find your center.

If you feel the spider imagery associates with negativity, it tells of imbalance. Negative imagery points to instability and stagnation. Fears and phobias, and fear of the unknown come up for an answer to “what does it mean when you dream of a spider?” It can also as serve as a warning to expect unplanned, unexpected, chaotic change in your waking life.

Numerology 4 Number 4 Symbols Meanings 1280x960

Number 4: This number resonates with the concept of solid foundations and mastery. It corresponds with diligence, authority, service, loyalty, exactitude, and practicality. Picture a spider for a moment. Consider how all parts of the arachnid’s body is in balance allowing for symmetry.

When spider comes calling, this symmetry is what you need to strive for in waking life. You may be striving for emotional balance or spiritual growth. The balance may be necessary to maximize your general well-being. But, what if you are feeling the energies of the number four in a negative sense? Then dreams of the number four might signify dullness or laziness. It can also signal clumsiness, distrust, and unethical ideas or concepts. Here, spider images may show you opposing ideas. Why? The dreams can point to the need for repairing or remedying a negative situation.

Numerology 8 Number 8 Symbols Meanings 1280x960

Number 8: This number resonates with endless energies and the infinite. They also signify cyclical movement. It is a number corresponding with many goddesses. Eight resonates with myriad meanings. In a positive sense, the number means success, wise decision making, and intelligence. It can also point to pride, good judgment, self-confidence, and personal power. Your dreams may be telling you that you should be prouder or have pride in yourself.In a negative sense, the number eight may relate to karmic debt or egotistical action.

Your spider dreams may signify narcissism, and callous, unemphatic behaviors. When it comes to your life, spider, viewed through the energies resonating with the number eight, may tell you take back your personal power. You may need to focus on improving your self-confidence if you are having dreams about spiders. Negatively, spider might say it’s time to refrain from egocentric behaviors. Or, you can benefit from further focus on the balancing of your karma.

The notion of Karma also associates with the number eight. If you look at this number when is on its side, it shows an infinite loop or endless motion. This comes to represent the present cycle of cause-and-effect laws. Consider a spider in this light. “Are the webs you are weaving into your own life wholesome, genuine, and promising you good karma? Are you considering the effects of any cause you start? Are you looking at short and long-term goals?Are you foregoing immediate gratification to make sure you don’t make vital mistakes? Are you avoiding the buildup of more to your karmic debt? Remember, the web you weave comprises interconnected strands. The energies you sound out in your life is, bound to return to its point of origin.

Spider Dreams & Tarot Card Meanings

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The spider’s body is reminiscent of figure 8 laying on its side. This figure is the leminscate which is a written symbol representing infinity and your dreams about spiders may represent this concept. Two Tarot cards within the Major Arcana present with this same symbol: The Magician (1) and Strength (8). The same symbol is in two Minor Arcana cards. It appears in The Two of Pentacles depicting a juggler with two pentacles in the air. The energy is moving in the motion of the sideways figure eight. It also appears in Two of Cups, where the upright leminscate appears in the Caduceus of the Greek God Hermes.

Below are some of the Tarot messages the Spider might point out to you:

Dream Interpretation of Spiders and Tarot Correspondences

The Magician Tarot Card Meanings Rider Waite Tarot Deck 1280x960

The Magician: The main character is a Magician who corresponds with the God Hermes. It links the Two of Cups with Hermes’ caduceus and the Magician together. It also portrays the practitioner standing in front of an altar wielding his wand hand high in the air. Here, the Magician looks to draw down a blessing above to the physical plane. The card associates with shaping and controlling one’s reality. This control comes through one’s will, action, and result. If this card resonates with you, then Spider might tell you it is time to put greater focus on your reality. Ask yourself, how you are shaping its outcome?

Strength Tarot Card Meanings Rider Waite Tarot Deck 1280x960

Strength: The Magician deals with external energies. The Strength card deals with the internal. Here a woman holding the head of a lion as she tames the beast. A leminscate appears above her head as well. The card suggests gaining control of one’s interior world and the mind. It suggests a need to quiet the voices of internal criticism. If this card resonates with you, the arachnid is instructing you to turn to your inner strength. Focus on it–it may be necessary to manifest this same strength on a physical plane. If you are already in tune with Strength’s energies, it is far more likely to be an easier event to handle.

Two of Cups Tarot Card Meanings Rider Waite Tarot Deck

Two of Cups: The Two of Cups ties to the Strength Card since there is a lion head with wings at the top of the card. The card signifies connection, attraction, unity, and a healing relationship or commitment. With the dream interpretations of spiders, it tells you might enter a new relationship. It may signify a commitment in your waking hours. Or, you might need to focus on healing your long-term relationships with friends or loved ones.

Two of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings Rider Waite Tarot Deck

Two of Pentacles: This card depicts the juggler mentioned above. If it resonates with you, it means Spider is pointing at your day-to-day activities. Question how you manage challenges or adapt to changes in your life. Take time to examine your levels of patience and tolerance. Remember, learning how to juggle is a skill set, one that takes time and patience to master. This card suggests the challenges you face need patience. Your willingness to work at it until you master the technique of managing the dilemma.

Meaning of Spider Dreams in World Mythology

Spider Dreams & Creativity 900x900

On AncientOrigins.net, information reveals Northern Native American tribes identify spider as an animal helper. They also see spider as creator, and the keepers of ancient wisdom. Consider if your dreams about spider are pointing to concepts of creation. For example, the Lakota, identify the spider with trickster energies. Whereas Spider Grandmother, a concept belong to the Navajo, is one who brings the world into being through web weaving. The Hopi also associate spider with the Feminine Devine, considering the creature as Spider-Woman (And we are talking Marvel Comic heroes here either!). Spider Woman is none other than the Earth Goddess. It is she along with other deities who brought humankind into reality by molding them out of clay.

More on Dreaming about Spiders and Myth Correspondences

On Spider Yarns, several spider myths appear. These myths may give clues as to what your dreams about spiders mean. One such story comes from the Pima Indians. The tale portraying how a being called Earth Doctor created the world out of dirt. After creating the Earth and Sky he continued to dance. But, this forced the Earth to expand too far and left no room for the sky. His solution? To create a spider so she could weave a web between the Earth and Sky.

In other stories on AncientOrigins.net, the spider is not only creator but also as the destroyer. Per one story, the spider is one who wove a web creating the universe. The same spider remains in the center of this web as she controls the various strands of the web. As the story suggests this spider will one day consume the web she once wove. Then, she’ll can rebuild it. (A story almost reminiscent of the fiery phoenix that burns to ashes before rising from them again, renewed).

The Egyptian Goddess Neith associates with the creature. She is a Goddess who weaves destiny. Just as she is a goddess of weaving, she is also the same goddess who rules over hunting, wisdom and… yes… war.

When Spider brings messages to you and these types of deities resonate with you. She may call attention to your powers of creation and destruction. Perhaps it is time to ask yourself, just what are you creating in the world? What are you destroying and why? Spider calls for self-examination.

Just as the spider web is spider-centric, meaning the web is around the spider resting in the middle, we can view the world through an earth-centric lens. This is where the Universe is all around us as we stand as its center. Spider teaches us in such cases that we are the center of our own worlds. The vibrations we send through the webs we weave have repercussions. Such vibrations can reach many points of the web we weave around us.

Ikto’mi is from Lakota myth. He is not only a trickster, but he is also a deity responsible for naming creatures, personalities, and shapes. When no names were left over, he took on the role of a spider. Here spider points to the creative power of words and how words can capture thoughts and ideas. So, they can translate into a different form of expression, For example, from an idea into a written format. This role, in which Spider is to name things, make her the creator of the alphabet. This gives new meaning to E. B. White’s 1952 release of “Charlotte’s Web,” doesn’t it?

Spider might try to teach you to mind your words because they are powerful enough to create and destroy. Or, the person who is dreaming of web weaving may find this a call for more creativity. Or, it is a call to even take up some form of creative writing in his or her waking hours. Spider associate with communication, words, and storytelling. Dreams point to how words are magical, as it provides the user with a method of control. The web, being words, captures prey. That prey is a willing or not so willing audience. Once trapped in the web, the web weaver (word user) now has the attentions of a captive audience. In this way, Spider is teaching you to master your communication skills. It is pointing toward the need to work on your personal power of expression!

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