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Sagittarius and Taurus Compatibility: Friendship, Love & Sex

Many people question the power of Taurus and Sagittarius compatibility. This love match gets about a fifty-fifty chance for success. Some Taureans and Sagittarians have the endurance to make love work. Some give up before love has a chance to bloom!

If this duo stays together long enough, Taurus helps Sagittarius ground. It will be easier on Sagittarius to steady themselves with a steadfast Taurean at their side. Taurus’ practical nature is a model for Sagittarius. It is a demonstration on how to develop roots. A firm foundation is what Sagittarius requires for emotional security.

Sagittarius is prone to taking risks, but often lands on their feet when they do. They can teach Taurus about “safe risk-taking.” It will help Taurus become a bit more flexible and far more open to adventure.

Taurus and Sagittarius have enough in common to become comfortable with one another. They have enough differences to keep the romantic connection enticing. A dash of predictability and a touch of mystery defines the Taurus and Sagittarius union.

They both have similar values and hold an interest in raising a family in the future. They also feel feeding the mind is a major priority. Taurus and Sagittarius promote higher learning as they are both eternal philosophers! They cry out the Socratic paradox together, “We know that we know nothing!”

Sagittarius and Taurus Table of Contents

Sagittarius and Taurus Compatibility

A Taurus and Sagittarius love match raises eyebrows! “Different” under-emphasizes the differences between these distinct star signs. It’s like bringing together peanut butter and mayonnaise and screaming, “It’s delicious!” (Apologies in advance to the one in a crowd of a hundred who agrees!)

Black and white. Night and day. Oscar Madison and Felix Unger. Taurus and Sagittarius. All the latter pairs are at odds with one another. But, you can’t have one without the other. Somehow, opposing forces complement or complete one another.

Mind you; consensus says peanut butter and mayonnaise together tastes awful! But, opposites often attract in relationships providing those in the relationship focus on individual strengths. Sonam Kapoor beautifully quotes the attraction of opposites:

“Opposites generally create intense chemistry. There are more chances of fireworks when different people are together than similar personalities.”

A union between Taurus and Sagittarius can work if this duo is ready to jump through the hoops to make it happen. Opposing personality traits will have this couple facing distinct roles in the relationship. Taurus is apt to be the one caring for the home environment. Ambitious Sagittarius is apt to be out and about looking to bring home the bacon. Opposing forces still create a nice balance in the Taurus-Sagittarius match.

Sagittarius and Taurus Love

A Taurus and Sagittarius relationship has a stable structure. Strength arises when the couple bases their connection on trust. Taurus demands honesty from their partner. Their lover must be loyal or face the vicious wrath of a raging bull!

Sagittarius prefers telling the truth over telling lies. It feels awkward if they attempt to conceal something. Taurus needs a true partner, and Sagittarius doesn’t lie, so they are perfect together.

Taurus and Sagittarius also stimulate one another on an intellectual level. Their gift of gab makes it so the Taurus-Sagittarius combo can connect. They’ll discuss everything from politics to religion, and philosophy to Hollywood gossip! Both parties find each other intelligent. Both parties find a high intellect mesmerizing and sexy.

Taurus loves doting on their mate, so they don’t have to worry about Sagittarius having a wandering eye. But, if Taurus slips into a slump, they might take their partner for granted. Sagittarius becomes restless. Sagittarius doesn’t like to lie, but they don’t like their mate ignoring them either. They’ll be honest about how they feel. Sagittarius rather cut ties and roam off with then be unfilled in a relationship with Taurus. Love is only as strong as the amount of affection they are willing to demonstrate.

Taurus and Sagittarius have a chance of survival if they become friends, then lovers. A basis in a friendship provides a relationship foundation. It also slows the roll of the relationship. It’s common for the relationship to fizzle out fast. Another common scenario is to see Taurus and Sagittarius end up in a “friends with benefits” situation only.

Sagittarius and Taurus Sex

The Taurus and Sagittarius love match will have to let go of sexual inhibitions. They also must get a new perspective on how they view their partner if passion is to ignite in the bedroom. Once the couple overcomes the romantic hurdles, that’s when they the bedroom is exciting! Sex in the Taurus-Sagittarius combo goes from lackluster to dynamite!

Sagittarius sees Taurus as too laid back, passive, and lazy. It might be Taurus’ casual nature causing Sagittarius to misjudge them. Taurus’ reality lens is also askew. They see Sagittarius as a perpetual teenager who never wants to grow up or grow old. They assume Sagittarius has a significant lack of maturity. Without a mature approach to sex, Taurus gets turned off and tunes out!

With the perceptions of Taurus and Sagittarius so far apart and far off from reality, it’s hard to see them as lovers. But, there are other characteristics these personalities have that bring them together. Both enjoy the physical act of sex and the intense ecstasy they can experience. Both parties in this union also enjoy expressing their affection through physical touch.

Affectionate beyond words, Taurus’ ruling planet is Venus: The Love Goddess herself! Jupiter is the planet of growth, expansion and happy-go-lucky energies. It holds sway over Sagittarius. Because of the planetary influences, Taurus and Sagittarius can find sexual fulfillment together. They must approach the act in a fun and loving way.

When between the sheets, Taurus needs to feel free and uninhibited. Sagittarius is most content when the atmosphere is light and happy. Both personalities will experiment, providing there’s a “safe word” to use! This way each partner ensures the other doesn’t cross boundaries during experimentation!

Sagittarius and Taurus Communication

This duo can wile away the hours chatting. It makes for terrific Taurus and Sagittarius compatibility. Taurus will ramble on about everything they find a visual pleasure. Sagittarius does the same in return. It’s as if they have finally found someone to share every beauty they encounter in the world. Their interests in lovely things bridge the gap between them. It’s a gap stemming from their significant personality differences.

But even the communication between these two opposing personalities is not infallible. If they find themselves disagreeing, the heat turns up in the debate quick. Taurus sees Sagittarius as ignorant even when it isn’t true. Sagittarius sees Taurus as small-minded. Taurus is deliberate in their word choices when putting Sagittarius in their place. Sagittarius rather endure old world tortures before listening to another word of criticism.

Taurus is a country bumpkin. They love nature and the privacy the country setting provides. Sagittarius wants to travel the entire world and meet new people. Never does it seem these two unique individuals meet in the middle. If they decide to compromise, the communication is a dramatic improvement.

Sagittarius and Taurus Clashes

Money is one of the major clashes in the Taurus and Sagittarius relationship. Taurus needs permanent roots to feel safe from the imminent threat of change. Sagittarius embraces the change Taurus dreads. Taurus wants to invest in a savings account. Sagittarius looks for a quick payoff with volatile stocks.

Sagittarius is on the go and Taurus prefers lots of downtime. Taurus’ biggest issue is getting over inertia. Slow, steady, and standing still: Those are the three stages of motion Taurus swears by! Sagittarius is ready for an instant change in any condition. Why? Because, Sagittarians are adaptable, flexible, and acquiescent.

Taurus’ resistance to change and Sagittarian impulsivity clash when buying things. Taurus seeks the tried and true or timeless items promising durability. Sagittarius gets caught up in the moment and finds pleasure in buying on impulse. They don’t think about longevity when buying something. Lasting product quality is a minor concern. The lack of spending discrimination will have Taurus furrowing their brow for sure!

It’s rare if Taurus and Sagittarius meet eye-to-eye on money issues. It’s better to get an unbiased money manager between to help with financial decisions of import. Compromise and careful budgeting are something this pair must embrace. Doing so will help in avoiding arguments over financials down the road.

Sagittarius and Taurus Polarity

Polarities aligning with sun signs will affect Taurus and Sagittarius compatibility. Such polarities are forces or forms on energy: These forces are Yin and Yang. Each energy plays a role in the behavior of the individual and star sign falling under its influence.

Yin energy is feminine. Yang energy is masculine. Masculine and feminine definitions are not gender references. Instead, “feminine” energies are passive, receptive, and intuitive. “Masculine” energies are an opposing force or aggressive, assertive, and projective.

Taurus aligns with feminine Yin energies. Sagittarius has Yang or masculine energies. It might seem bringing the signs together is natural or one will complement the other. If polarities influencing everyone are in balance, Taurus and Sagittarius interact well. When polarities polarize, problems arise.

Once Yin is out of balance, Taurus becomes self-denying, martyr-like, and passive-aggressive. The polarization of Yin energies makes Taurus out of sorts. They have difficulty tapping into their internal compass for guidance.

The polarization of Yang energies turns Sagittarius into a bully. Skeptical but open to considering new ideas, Sagittarius becomes cynical. Rather than living a meaningful life, polarization in Sagittarius results in mere existence.

Taurus remedies Yin imbalances by increasing their confidence and becoming open or direct. Sagittarius remedies Yang imbalances by becoming more empathetic and sensitive. Both parties will need patience when harmonizing Yin and Yang forces.

Sagittarius and Taurus Aspects

The aspect between the zodiac signs influences how well the parties get along. In the Taurus and Sagittarius love match, there’s an ongoing struggle. The distance between Taurus and Sagittarius is five signs apart. With five signs separating the two signs, it creates a quincunx aspect.

The aspect is also the “inconjunct” aspect. This aspect arises when signs are about 150 degrees apart. A quincunx aspect suggests the couple has trouble getting along. Misunderstandings occur due to communication issues. They share different elemental influences and opposing polarities.

With the Taurus and Sagittarius connection having an inconjunct aspect, there are challenges. The couple will spend their lives compromising, bending, and accommodating one another. Continual redirection and diversion are necessary, so there’s arduous work ahead.

Taurus and Sagittarius will have two distinct reasons for being in the relationship. Taurus seeks affection and intimacy. Sagittarius remains out of a sense of purpose. These two distinct souls will either love or hate each other. If love exists, they’ll work hard at defying the odds they face. When they despise one another, there’s little that can save the relationship.

Sagittarius and Taurus Elements

Every zodiac sign aligns with an element. Elemental influences influence the success of the Taurus and Sagittarius relationship. Taurus falls under the influence of the Earth element. Fire is the element influencing Sagittarius.

Earth can support the fire element while serving as a hearth or place where it can burn steady and warm. But, excessive earth energies can also smother that same fire. Fire can warm the cool earth, as the Sun does each day. But, when raging out of control, it can scorch the tender earth as well.

When Taurus is supportive, they serve as a soft place for Sagittarius to land when necessary. If Sagittarius is compassionate, Taurus thrives while basking their warm affection.

Taurus needs consistency when in a relationship with Sagittarius. Without constancy, uncertainty reigns and is suggestive of ongoing, dreaded change. Sagittarius needs independence and freedom. If Taurus becomes too clingy, they threaten to “smother” their partner.

Taurus Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

Taurus and Sagittarius compatibility is volatile. The Taurus Man and Sagittarius Woman are known as the “Odd Couple” amongst their friends. They differ in the way they approach life, their values, and what they demand from a relationship. With complete understanding and patience will this couple have a chance at making it.

What does a Taurus Man see in a Sagittarius Woman in the first place? She is an amiable, witty, and blithe person who loves life. Her phenomenal sense of humor and love of beautiful things are attractive to him. The Sagittarius woman is an eternal optimist, so Taurus finds it easy to relax in her presence when all is well.

The Sagittarius Woman is a ball of energy. She’s always on the move and loves to travel. She’s at her best when socializing with friends and family. Taurus appreciates how beautiful she looks when interacting with people she loves. He also loves the fact she is experimental and playful in and out of the bedroom.

But, the Taurus and Sagittarius love match is not a big old rose garden all the time. The Taurus Man also struggles with some of the Sagittarius Woman’s behaviors. She is prone to being erratic since she moves from one thing to another quick. Irresponsibility seems like her hallmark. She is not always attentive to small details. A Sagittarius Woman is apt to forget things of great importance. Her forgetfulness and oversights are much to the annoyance of practical Taurus.

Sagittarians are feisty, spirited, and prone to moodiness. She’s mastered top-level skills in sarcasm, so she’s already ready with a wise quip. But, she’s also a right fighter who always must have the last word. Stubborn Taurus doesn’t care for Sagittarius’ snide remarks.

The Sagittarius Woman finds Taurus attractive because he’s so loving and affectionate. She craves companionship and Taurus has no problem addressing her needs. At first, Taurus appreciates her candor and openness. But there’s a difference between being frank and trite. The Taurus man has no tolerance for the moments when she becomes snide or malicious.

The Taurus Man loves the outdoors. Hunting, fishing, and hiking through the woods are some of his favorite pastimes. Camping on weekends is part of his regular downtime activities list. The Sagittarius Woman also enjoys the outdoors. So, these two spend a lot of time partaking of the beauties in the natural world. She appreciates the consistent and steadfast nature of her man. But, she also knows there’s no calming him when his temper flares. She shut down and does her own thing until he comes to his senses.

Taurus Woman and Sagittarius Man Compatibility

The Taurus and Sagittarius relationship diverges from the typical romance. This couple is similar in a few instances. They can find common ground to build on together. But, how Taurus and Sagittarius handle the differences between them matters. It will make or break the relationship.

When hooking up with a Taurus Woman, the Sagittarius Man is taking a bull by its horns! She’s a walking, talking paradox who has a calm demeanor and a lovely smile. She’s at once coy and forward, innocent and experienced, classy and shocking. At first, the Sagittarius Man finds the Taurus Woman a fascination. She’s intelligent and fun. Her gift for gab proves enticing too. Sagittarius enjoys talking into the wee hours of the morning.

Taurus is a consistent and practical partner. Sagittarius thinks he’s covered all bases. Why does he have to worry about practicality when Taurus is already taking care of things? At first, Taurus is patience with flighty Sagittarius who is always on the move and looking for fun. But, irritation is not far off on the horizon. All it takes is for the Sagittarius Man to wave a little red flag and she’s heading straight for him, horns first!

The Taurus Woman is docile and ninety percent of the time she seems sedate. The term “sedate” fits Taurus with perfection. It is all too easy for him to become the potato-chip-eating, soda-pop-drinking-couch-potato. Taurus and Sagittarius compatibility increases when both partners remain attentive to each other.

The Sagittarius Man must be flexible with his time and demands. He often wants things his own way. The Taurus Woman shares the same point of view. But, she’ll be far more stubborn about it! Sagittarius needs to let his lady take the lead at least fifty percent of the time. It will improve how they relate with one another. It will also make her feel like she holds her voice sacred.

The Taurus Woman should be able to rest easy when it comes to her Sagittarius Man. He is loyal and devoted to the person he loves. Taurus cannot last in a relationship with a person who doesn’t commit. She demands loyalty and will walk away from someone if they stray. But she is still restless in the relationship. Why? The Sagittarius Man is charming and flirtatious. The Taurus Woman is prone to raging jealousy. It’s not that he is prone to cheating, but he has a need for everyone to love him.

Sagittarius and Taurus Love Match Wrap-Up

The Taurus and Sagittarius love match is not set up to succeed. But, it doesn’t mean the couple has no chance of keeping the love connection alive. To make it last, this couple should give a long-term friendship a shot first. They can use the time to get to know one another so a love relationship might be more predictable. During their friendship, they can explore common ground. What they discover together is something on which they can base the relationship. Doing so allows for this duo to have a safe port of commonality to return too when things get tough between them.

Compatibility between Taurus and Sagittarius is tenuous. But, it’s not impossible for this couple to fall in love. With commitment and a focus on the future, this couple can defy the odds of relationship failure. It is possible for love to last between a Taurus and Sagittarius who want it to work.

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