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Pisces and Cancer Compatibility: Friendship, Sex & Love

A sweeter and easier love you’ll never know, and that’s the best way to describe the Pisces and Cancer relationship. Romance is a natural result of Pisces and Cancer compatibility. The friendship starts out impassioned and loyal. Yes, the Pisces and Cancer pair also work well on an emotional level when they are in balance.

When love happens, it is a genuine affair. Both parties in this pairing have deep and genuine feelings for the other. The emotions evolve into consummate love with ease. It is as if Pisces and Cancer are the Romeo and Juliet of the zodiac! The harmonious vibes are both in and out of bed!

This relationship is about equal give and take in every regard. Both parties are emotional beings. The Moon rules Cancer. Neptune rules Pisces. Both sharing the element of water as its influence. Emotion is the basis of this pairing, and that’s why they make such an exquisite connection.

Pisces and Cancer Table of Contents

Pisces and Cancer Compatibility

Cancer is hard to reach on an emotional level. They put up an adamantine wall of protection around their emotions. But Pisces, being an emotional soul understands. The Pisces partner awaits Cancer’s slow but eventual emergence from their shell.

Once Cancer emerges, it’s as if you can hear the trumpets playing in the skies. A royal decree from the heavens falls announcing trust exists. Well no, but it takes long enough to seem that way. Slow trusting Cancer will let Pisces in at some point. When that happens, the romance is set to blossom.

For the Pisces and Cancer love affair, there is so much to share between this pair. They both have a taste for romantic endeavors. Being a homebody is okay about fifty percent of the time. Why? Because they consider it snuggle time.

So, what’s the ideal date: A candlelight dinner and sipping wine by the hearth. Adventure is part of Pisces and Cancer relationship. So, outdoor camping where the two can be alone is also on the menu. The scene is fit with a picnic feast and cooking marshmallows on a stick. When the sky grows dark, they’re dancing slow underneath the stars to “Keeper of the Stars.” Of course, these two water creatures would be satisfied with a date or two along the sandy beach.

In this relationship, Pisces is stepping way out of their comfort zone. From wallflower to relationship lead is a long jump indeed. There’s no waiting of Cancer to rule the relationship. They are too far in their shell, so if trust is to happen, Pisces is the one to do all the grunt work. Cancer demands a strong romantic leader. They depend on the stability to help fortify the relationship.

Pisces and Cancer Love

What can we say about the sweet and oh so tender love affair between a Pisces and Cancer? The emotions are deep and powerful. Since these two have water ruling over their energies, they can have extremes in emotion. Things between the Pisces and Cancer pairing are either spectacular or awful. It is so hard for these water-ruled beings to discover a happy medium.

One day they won’t let each other out of their sight. The next, they can’t stand the sight of each other. It depends on the emotional tides influencing the Pisces and Cancer relationship. A good analogy here is the War of the Roses movie with Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner. We all know how that movie ends when it all goes south. If you don’t, let’s say it’s not a happy ending (No spoilers for you)!

Make no mistake about it, Pisces and Cancer are emotional. But, it doesn’t mean they are of mild temperament! Because of their emotionality, there are darker moments in the relationship. Those dark moments can become as dark as the ocean’s depths! The Pisces and Cancer clash is rough. It is tough enough to release an emotional storm with the power of the mythical Kraken!

Yet, this love is so fierce it will defy any emotional turmoil. Once the chaos subsides, they are either making angry love or crying. When crying, they are begging each other for forgiveness. It’s true their tempers put a hamper on the tender side, but let’s all be thankful anger is a passing emotion.

Let’s also be thankful the love they establish makes them the forgiving kind. It’s a good thing visits to the dark side of their natures remain rare. This connection is lasting due to the empathy and compassion each party has for one another. The heart-to-heart connection makes the Pisces and Cancer love match a power couple!

Pisces and Cancer Sex

Cancer stays true to their classic shy nature. They remain quite traditional in the bedroom. That being the case, Pisces is a bit frustrated by Cancer’s conservative bedroom action. Pisces is shy yes, but when the shyness dissipates it reveals a being with a terrific sex drive. Pisces enjoys experimentation but will have to take it slow with conservative Cancer.

Pisces tries to figure out what Cancer will and will not do in the bedroom. Attempts to talk about it will often get shut down due to Cancerian emotionality. It’s inevitable though that Pisces helps Cancer shed their inhibitions. The emotions are deep, but so is the trust in this pairing. The experimentation that Pisces craves is near at hand once Cancer loosens up a bit.

The sex life of the Pisces and Cancer pair is powerful and dynamic. Both are affectionate to one another, both in and out of the bedroom. Pisces is a natural at being gentle and tender. Cancer is all too receptive to Pisces’ touch. You can almost hear Rick Springfield singing in the background. There he goes as he bellows out the words to Affair of the Heart. “When we make love, it’s a passionate thing. You shudder and shake, sink your teeth in my skin. I almost believe you were made to be played by my hands.” Whew! Is it getting warm up in here? It’s impossible to question the depth of Pisces and Cancer compatibility.

Yes, the Pisces and Cancer connection is breath-taking when all is well. But, when emotions ride high, watch out! The tides that rule this relationship are way offshore. It’s a warning of an emotional tsunami underway! Those observing Pisces and Cancer from the outside wait in silence. They’re quiet because of the palpable tension! When it is good it is oh so good, and when this relationship goes bad it is oh so bad indeed!

Pisces and Cancer Communication

The Pisces and Cancer love affair is nothing short of quixotic. Pisces is a dreamer. Cancer will go for emotional over intellectual connection any day. This couple is prone to flights of fancy, regardless of the impracticality of it all. Both are strong personalities with a dreamy nature. Pisces is pensive and imaginative. Cancer loving and moody.

But nobody understands Cancer’s moodiness like a Pisces does. Pisces takes the lead in this connection, which is an unusual move. Often it is Pisces who prefers being passive. But, if Pisces waits around for Cancer to take up the gauntlet, they’ll be waiting a mighty long time. Did you feel hell freeze over yet?

Cancer is an affectionate soul with romantic ideas. They offer a tender response to Pisces’ leadership. But, Cancer still stays safe within an emotional shell. They emerge when they are ready and not a minute sooner. No amount of poking brings the Cancer around any faster. It all works out in the end.

Pisces takes the relationship with equal seriousness. They make sure to keep from stomping on Cancer’s sensitive feelings because they know how it feels. These two have intuitive abilities that intensify Pisces and Cancer compatibility. They can communicate with gestures and thoughts alone. Their intuitive nature translates well in the bedroom too.

This pair has outstanding communication; they are constant in thinking about their mate’s feelings. Both spoken and unspoken forms of communication tighten the knot of love with this pair.

Pisces and Cancer Clashes

Pisces is a free soul, and they like to wander. This will prove much to the annoyance of the homebody Cancer. If Cancer expects Pisces to curb their adventurous nature, Pisces feels trapped. If Pisces doesn’t tone down the need to go out, Cancer begins to feel the emotional neglect. Arguments ensue thereby upsetting the Pisces and Cancer love match. Pisces might say hurtful things when the silent treatment annoys them enough. Cancer, already silent, will grow even more distant and cold.

If Cancer makes Pisces feel shame for being so dreamy, they will withdraw from Cancer and fast. If Cancer puts too much pressure on Pisces, then Pisces will tell white lies. It is only to keep Cancer from breathing down their neck. If Cancer catches Pisces telling lies, they will do one of two things. They will forgive and forget or, with trust gone, they will run for the hills. It all depends on the depth of the lies and what Pisces ends up hiding.

Pisces and Cancer Polarity

The Pisces and Cancer connection is one sharing feminine energies. These energies are a polarity or Yin energy. The intuitive and sensitive natures of Pisces and Cancer are gentle when they are at their best. They are both receptive and open to one another. If Pisces takes on a projective air, Cancer is receptive and vice versa. Often, Pisces takes the lead and Cancer is happy to hop on for the ride. If we compare this couple to music, Pisces is the first and Cancer the second violinist. They are comfortable with their roles, so this improves Pisces and Cancer compatibility.

There’s no power struggle here because Cancer is happy to let Pisces lead. Cancer is a bit too happy to take a backseat sometimes. Herein lies the trouble. Codependency is the extreme of the Pisces and Cancer connection. Fights can prove dramatic enough to show up on an episode of Cops. When hearts and minds collide in the Pisces and Cancer connection, there are few who DON’T KNOW about it!

Pisces and Cancer Aspects

In astrological terms, two signs that are four signs apart on the zodiac wheel are trine. This measurement of the distance between the signs is the aspect of the signs. The trine aspect influences the compatibility of Pisces and Cancer. When signs are trine, they will have the same element influencing them. As we’ve already seen these two signs have the element of water influencing their behavior. This means they can share a deeper understanding of one another.

The Pisces and Cancer sign can prove harmonious and happy. They feel a kinship and offer each other a considerable level of tolerance. This couple finds significant happiness in finding someone who understands them. It is much like the sense of a homecoming where one receives a warm embrace. But, there is a danger lies in too much familiarity. If they don’t keep a bit of mystery, then the Pisces and Cancer relationship can fizzle.

Pisces and Cancer Elements

Ah, yes, the water signs of Pisces and Cancer both swim the depths of human emotion. These two personalities are intuitive too. Cancer is perceptive and has great empathy. Pisces is intuitive, dreamy, and psychic. These two need no words for speaking. Since these two share the water element they connect as if they’ve known each other forever.

The intimacy runs deep between these two, and if Cancer grows to trust Pisces, no naysayer will stand in the way. These two water ruled personas feel great comfort with one another. They share the same values too. Still, a healthy relationship requires space and autonomy for each partner. Cancer’s clinginess is apt to threaten the health of the relationship. That’s when Pisces rears up in self-preservation mode, and feelings get hurt.

If we were to compare the Pisces and Cancer couple to ideal film quotes, you’d see these two brimming with romance. Pisces might borrow a line from Moulin Rouge. You might hear them saying: “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return.”

Then Cancer might recite a line from the film Juno. You’ll hear a Cancer saying, “The best thing you can do is find someone who loves you for exactly what you are. Good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome, what have you.” The Pisces and Cancer love match brings together some of the world’s most sensitive souls. Thank goodness, they share a mutual respect for each other’s feelings most of the time.

Pisces Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility

The Cancer Woman is happy to dote on the Pisces Man. She is all too grateful for him taking the lead in the relationship. She is more than happy to follow him because he understands her all too well. It seems as if these two have had a magical connection since they first looked into each other’s eyes.

The Cancer Woman is certain Pisces let her see his soul that day. She is careful about trusting him at the beginning of the Pisces and Cancer love match. The Pisces Man’s harmonious nature and emotional sensitivity capture her heart. His water-god like looks are more than enough to make her swoon.

She doesn’t want to fall into a love trap that’s an illusion though. The Cancer Woman steps with care into the relationship. The Pisces Man is patient enough to wait for her. He knows it is a matter of time before she succumbs to his unbelievable charms. He feels like a demi-god every time she looks at him with her soul-filled eyes.

The connection is fast, and it is not rare for friendship to move to love just as fast. Not at all a surprise, this couple is talking commitment within months of dating. It’s apt to be much to the panic of friends and family who are telling to slow the train down.

The Pisces Man is not at all surprised with the Cancer Woman and her moodiness. He meets her first outburst with calm understanding. He’ll do the same for her second and third upset too. After a while though, the Pisces Man starts to distance himself. Rising tensions threaten Pisces and Cancer compatibility.

He prefers to let the Cancer Woman recover from the temporary emotional insanity. When the Pisces Man is accepting and forgiving, the Cancer Woman cannot believe her eyes. He’s too good to be true. Indeed, she may feel a bait and switch when he distances himself from her. She doesn’t understand weighty emotions are too heavy for Pisces to manage in excess.

Temperament is what this couple needs to worry about the most. Mood swings are common for both personalities. Cancer will clam right up and refuse to speak. Pisces, in need of explanation for one’s mood, will grow angry fast when Cancer zips their lips. To Pisces, the silent treatment is like psychological torture.

Pisces sometimes feels Cancer is needy and smothering. Cancer thinks Pisces is cold-hearted and distant. It gets even worse when the two are going with the flow. This flow is relationship harmony. Then they find themselves smashing against obstacles in the water. The rocks are everyday relationship challenges. Now the bickering begins. If the couple does not learn compromise, the Pisces and Cancer relationship suffers.

Pisces Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility

The Pisces Woman is an intuitive soul, so she knows how to crack into the emotional armor of the Cancer Man. The two-star signs feel the immediate attraction. The Cancer Man finds the Pisces Woman like a moth to the flame. Despite his shy nature, she remains steadfast and true. She is diligent about earning his trust. With trust born, the Cancer Man becomes affectionate, warm, and responsive.

This relationship runs into trouble if the couple starts keeping too many secrets. Both signs are prone to secrets and being mysterious. Cancer will hide what they are feeling as if they are hiding in secret. Pisces will have big dreams that Cancer might find impractical. Then Pisces keeps the dreams on a down low. They don’t like having their dreams under a microscope for judgment or ridicule.

The relationship dynamics sometimes leave the Pisces and Cancer love match wanting. Pisces and Cancer love match wanting. The shy and reserved cancer wants to take on the role of hero. But his reservations hold him back. He doesn’t know how to bridge the gap between who he is and who he longs to be. The Pisces Woman wants someone to rescue her, and she desires to be what Cancer chases. But it is impossible for Pisces to be the lead and the chased.

Trouble also brews in areas of finance. Pisces is a spendthrift sparing no expense on living one’s dreams. The Cancer Man is not having it. “Adventure shouldn’t have a price limit,” is the Pisces Woman’s philosophy. “Adventure shouldn’t cost so much,” is the money-savvy Cancer’s motto. You can hear Pisces saying it now, “But you can’t put a price tag on fun.” The Cancer Man says, “I just did.”

It’s true that Pisces knows how to cast a mood or too, but tolerating Cancer’s mood swings is not their thing. Cancer can become trusting but then way too needy. The clinging to Pisces all but smothers them. Pisces is a carefree soul so Cancer’s neediness can feel a bit like drowning.

The sexual connection is intense. It contributes to greater Pisces and Cancer compatibility. When it comes to the sex life in the Pisces and Cancer pairing, both parties are quite satisfied. Pisces brings to the sex connection experimentation. Cancer brings intimacy. Both are a bit on the shy side though.

Both the Pisces Woman and the Cancer Man will find themselves catering to impulses. They tend to the needs of their inner child. Pisces’ inner child is ready for some fun. Cancer’s inner child is ready for some alone time because they aren’t too fond of sharing the sandbox.

Pisces and Cancer Love Match Wrap-Up

It can take a while before these partners can connect on a sexual level with comfort. Once the wallflower syndrome passes, the Pisces and Cancer discover intimacy. It’s a connection few ever get to experience in this lifetime.

The depth of compatibility you’ll find in a Pisces and Cancer connection. But, what about the other signs in the zodiac though? Are there connections that can equal this much intensity? Do you want to learn more about these romantic connections? Explore the astrological information on Building Beautiful Souls now to find out!

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