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Cancer and Cancer Compatibility: Friendship, Love & Sex

Cancer and Cancer compatibility is spectacular! When the Cancer and Cancer duo join in a love affair, they find happiness and bliss! These two personalities know each other so well, they do not need to explain themselves. They share the same interests and enjoy the friendship the pairing offers. Whether in a mood or feeling ecstatic, the Cancer and Cancer match know how to comfort one another in and out of bed!

This loving couple is tender, and beyond sweet! They can predict the behaviors of their partners. How is this possible you may ask? It’s because of the similarities they share. It’s as if they have the bond of psychic twins!

In the Cancer and Cancer love match, there is so much promise of romantic and marital bliss. These two souls know each other so well, it’s hard to not understand one another. Pairing understanding and love with personal freedom is the formula for success. Love comes quickly to Cancer partners. The work they have to do to keep their heads above emotional waters is more than worth the effort.

Cancer and Cancer Table of Contents

Cancer and Cancer Compatibility

Two Cancers will have an identical vision of “happily ever after.” Whether we’re talking white houses and white picket fences or a condo on the beach, both Cancers will be in accord. In a Cancer to Cancer pairing, domestic living is all part of the happily ever after scene. Marriage, children, and producing a family is part of a Cancer’s DNA.

Cancers are innovative and ingenious. The act of procreation is an essential part of creation. They make for gentle, friendly, and patient parents. They share their profound devotion to children. Two Cancers teach their offspring of the deep emotions that give life so much meaning. Cancers are natural homebodies, so they’ll put a lot of focus on the comfort of their abode.

Staying home and devoting time with the tribe is on the top of the “to-do” list. If a Cancer and Cancer couple didn’t buy a brand-new home, they will restore the place room-by-room. The warmth of every room is something they create by instilling their passion into the “walls.” Each room lends warmth and privacy to the quiet and privacy-craving Cancer pair.

Nights together means family dinners and family time together. There’s likely to be a family room in the house where everyone can enjoy time with one with one another and gaming. Homemade dinners are the norm. The kids learn how to cook early via family time in the kitchen. Two Cancers can establish a Brady Bunch home atmosphere.

It’s a place where the kids favor Walt Disney flicks and yearly trips to Disneyland. Upon entering a Cancer and Cancer love match, Rachel Ray and Martha Stewart will approve! How can they not when Cancers have such exceptional tastes in food and decor?

Cancer and Cancer Love

Two Cancers have an intense level of trust in one another. They know each other, and they know themselves. Infidelity is not part of their vocabulary. Why? Because in a Cancer and Cancer relationship, the partners demand loyalty. With the depth of emotion they share, they also empathize with one another. They know how bad it hurts when with a disloyal partner. Caring for each other the way they do; this duo develops an unrivaled level of trust.

Cancers are grounded souls. They know what they want from a partner and aren’t afraid to tell them so. This duo accepts one another, faults, and all. Cancer personalities get along well, in part, because of their understanding.

They’re easy-going, particularly when with someone with similar values and ethics. Perfection is not something they seek because they’re both realists. Their compassion and benevolent hearts give them a remarkable amount of patience.

With the desire to establish a long-term relationship and family, it’s easy for Cancer and Cancer to fall in love. They’ll see forever in one another’s eyes long before saying the words, “I love you.” For this relationship to thrive, two Cancers demand stability. Since they work together for the same end, their trust in each other is undeniable!

The loving attributes of Cancer outshine their sensual nature. A Cancer and Cancer combo is about friends and family. This tag team is all about long-term commitments and parenting. Being Moon-ruled, their motto is “I love you to the moon and back!”

They may be prone to sudden mood swings. But, if in sync with one another, they will have shifts in mood at the same time. If out of sync, patience and understanding go a long way. Mutual respect helps to make it through periods where tumultuous emotions reign.

Cancer and Cancer Sex

Cancers are timid, so initiating sex is off to a slow start. These two bashful personalities need to recognize how natural it is to trust one another. The trust will have to develop before they are plunging into the sack. It’s eventual, but they realize they’re staring at a mirror image of themselves in every way. It is then the passionate phase of the affair is easier to approach.

When this pair has sex, the feelings run deep. It’s unusual to have a Cancer get into sex with someone for immediate gratification alone. Both Cancers have the Moon as a ruling planet, so they are sensitive and emotive souls. Between the sheets has to result in more than physical satisfaction. Otherwise, the act leaves a Cancer feeling hollow and wanting.

Sexual chemistry follows emotional intimacy. The meeting of emotional intellect stimulates the chemistry between these Water-ruled creatures. Neither partner in the Cancer and Cancer love match keeps tabs on who has more sexual experience. There is no worry of partners rating one another on the lack of experience in the sex department.

The sexual connection is all about feelings and emotional intensity, not perfect movements (or lack thereof!). What other personalities might find tedious and unimaginative, a Cancer-Cancer combo find pleasurable! The most important thing when having sex is that both parties feel the depth of devotion.

Cancer and Cancer Communication

Cancers are the kings and queens of the emotional realm. Communication between them is few words, non-vocal, or mental. They have a profound connection that magnifies the understanding between one another. If they are in a healthy spot in their relationship, there’s little demand for a lot of talking.

They like the quiet as it provides them with a chance to enjoy the moment. They prefer private time without the chaotic world entering into their emotional domain. If things have hit a rut, communication is often through actions instead of words. Cancers become sullen and broods. Knowing one another’s nature, it’s easy enough for two Cancers to see a mood change or signs of disapproval.

Otherwise, Cancer is giving plenty of nonverbal cues. Two Cancers can share an expression at a glance. They can see in one another’s eyes anger, indignation, or hurt. A word never needs to leave the lips of either party. Water ruled personalities have the gift of being able to see right through one another.

This duo benefits from learning how to verbalize some of their views more. The silent treatment seems to work in a pinch to voice frustration. But, it can upset the emotive Cancer partner over a lengthier period. Being able to communicate one’s upset will help get over emotional hurdles faster. Adding the ability to verbalize one’s feelings improves Cancer and Cancer compatibility.

Cancer and Cancer Clashes

Dealing with the sphere of emotion all the time can become chaotic. If the two Cancers in the pairing are in harmony, they should have little trouble sensing moods. But, if they are out of balance, then two Cancers may bang heads. Once in a while, one Cancer is in an excellent mood and the other hostile. Of course, it’s not long before the sullen partner drags the other down. If both Cancers are sullen, they may stay moody longer than the norm. Bad moods fuel bad spirits for lengthier periods.

An out-of-balance Cancer can seem distant and dispassionate to the more emotive Cancer. It can lead to hurt feelings and unspoken resentments. If they fail to recover balance quickly, the antagonisms can grow intense.

Emotional intensity in the Cancer and Cancer relationship is excellent. At least, when all is well. But, the emotional intensity gets out of hand when freedom is not part of the package. Each individual requires some “free time” aside from relationship.

Cancers need to give each other space just as much as they need to embrace. Acceptance of timing differences for emotional trends also improves compatibility. To avoid emotional confrontations, Cancers need to learn to let each other breathe.

Cancer and Cancer Polarity

In astrology, each zodiac sign aligns with a distinct polarity. The polarities are Yin and Yang. These polarities are forces or forms of energetic influences. Yin is feminine. Yang is masculine.

The feminine and masculine references do not express gender. Rather, Yin reflects the passive, responsive, and intuitive energy. It is such energy Yin imposes on those it rules. Yang aligns with a forceful, assertive, and action-oriented energetic influence.

Both Cancers in a Cancer-Cancer pairing fall under the influence of Yin. It seems as if a natural imbalance already exists with absent Yang energies. First, both Cancers are passive and receptive. They are intuitive, allowing them to experience a profound, psychic link. They are receptive to one another and compassionate. Sharing a Yin influence increases Cancer and Cancer compatibility.

But, absent Yang energies can have its negatives. The Cancer to Cancer pairing is not so action-oriented. So, if they fall out of balance, they can become inert, unambitious homebodies. They may have little ambition which hinders bringing dreams and aspirations into manifestation.

If Cancer loses harmony and gains excessive Yin energy, it changes Cancers’ behaviors. Cancerians can be martyr-like, self-sacrificing, and passive-aggressive. It can contribute to emotional confrontations and brewing resentments. Disagreements can turn into long episodes of silence.

Or, the pair engages in epic battles fuel by crazed emotions. To remedy the imbalance, either way, Cancers will have to embrace Yang energies. Being assertive, and emphatic, they can express hurt feelings and deal with them once and for all.

Cancer and Cancer Aspects

In astrology, Synastry or compatibility is something an astrologer determines by measurement. The measurement is in degrees and refers to the distance of the signs of the zodiac wheel. The Cancer and Cancer love match has a zero-degree measurement. They are the same sign, so there is no distance apart. The same sign is an aspect called the conjunct.

Conjuncts result in personalities in a relationship who are a mirror image of themselves. They have much in common because it is as if they stem of the same flesh. They share the same planetary influences, elements, and polarities. A conjunct aspect means a Cancer and Cancer relationship will find it easy to get along. There’s seldom any effort to preserving this romantic and sensitive pairing.

Little differences and personal quirkiness play next-to-no-part in how close two Cancers are. A Cancer-Cancer connection has a vivid awareness of what makes one another tick. They’re often on the same page and share identical values and inclinations.

This dynamic duo even recognizes when there are crazy mood shifts and how to deal with them. Neither partner assumes the need to explain themselves. It’s a good thing too. Being the non-verbal creatures, they’d have a terrible time trying if they had to do so.

When two Cancers meet, it is as if they’ve discovered that soulmate of their fantasies. But, not every moment is steeped in absolute euphoria. While these two know how to accept one another on an “as-is” basis, it doesn’t mean they won’t try to improve the packaging.

Cancer and Cancer Elements

Every sign in the zodiac aligns with one of the four elements. With Cancerians, this duo aligns with the element of water. It is not a surprise to discover the zodiac sign occurring under water’s influence is Moon-ruled. Thus, Cancers have a sentimental side to them that ebbs and flows like the tides of water.

The Moon ruling planet and water as a ruling result in emotive personalities. This unique mix makes Cancer personalities among the most emotional in the zodiac. Embracing deep passions in this love affair is easy. Their kinship contributes to the excellence of Cancer and Cancer compatibility. But it is as simple to drown in the world of emotion. Maintaining harmony is a key component to promising longevity in this romantic exchange.

The Cancer and Cancer affair is fast moving, like the rush of a river’s current. They become fast friends, fast lovers, and commitment is one more bend in the river. They are soon talking engagement. Within months there is the talk of a wedding, babies, and rearing a family. There’s no hesitancy in sharing dreams. Cancer and Cancer have an identical goal in family formation.

Cancers spend so much time swimming around in the emotional depths. They seldom rise from such waters without reason or plan to do so. They’ll make their home their private fortress. It is where they can remain protected from worldly intrusion. It does a Cancer pair well to let the world in still. Emerging from the emotional world will encourage them to keep in touch with reality.

Activity in the physical realm helps prevent the destruction of their independence. It will contribute to personal growth which is necessary to avoid relationship stagnation. Both factors are necessary if this pair wishes to keep emotions in check.

Cancer Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility

For the uniting of the sensitive Cancer duo, this pair seems to fall in love instantaneously. This pair gets along so easily, they seem to have been made for one another. The Cancer Man and Cancer Woman have a strong awareness of each other the other signs have trouble reproducing. They rise from the realm of abstract emotions where the rational fails to rule. Being able to figure out one another on an emotional level adds intensity to this love affair.

Cancer and Cancer relationships focus on the expression of love and making a happy abode. A Cancer Man is content with supporting a Cancer Woman in every way and vice versa. They are eager to get down to the business of long-term commitment and family-building. When Cancers weave a web of dreams, they start out on the same page. At the same starting point, they discover they share values and principles are near identical in every respect.

With so much in common one might think there’s not much to argue about in this pairing; they’d be wrong. In fact, the profound commonalities can be a considerable source of conflict if this couple isn’t careful. It is all too easy to become selfish, needy, and over-emotional in this pairing. A Cancer and Cancer love match needs to encourage independence to avoid passivity and absence of growth.

Cancer Men are romantic, compassionate souls who feel every emotion with surprising severity. Some may look at a Cancer Man as too delicate and vulnerable. That may be true, but he’ll never let you know it by admission. Like the Crab, he’ll side-step the issue where emotions require revelation. He’ll steep in his own resentment instead of vocalizing his trauma. A Cancer Woman possesses the same predisposition. If they don’t learn how to communicate about their emotions, problems loom.

Resentment isn’t too far off on the horizon when concerns are left neglected. Each party will expect the other knows what’s wrong. There’s vulnerability in these expectations. Having such a tight relationship leads the Cancer Man and Cancer Woman to think their partner should recognize their emotions. But, if they are not in sync, Cancer partners might miss the mark. If emotions are not addressed, then this couple can grow distant without knowing why. One partner seems cool and unsympathetic. The other haughty and bitter.

In the Cancer and Cancer relationship, this pair can reach the height of bliss or the depth of despair depending on how they support one another. If the Cancer Man and Cancer Woman become sullen it takes longer to emerge from emotional waters. The longer this couple swims in darker emotive waters, the stronger the threat to the affair. What helps keep them from the darkest watery depths? Undying loyalty and the expression of love regularly. Neither partner should ever engage in flirtatious behavior if they want love to last. Both Cancers also need to tune in to one another because they speak little. What they share verbally is of absolute relevance.

Cancer Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility

The Cancer Woman and Cancer Man start out on great footing. They seek the same desires and dreams. Both demand loyalty, a stable partner, and they choose to raise a family together. They are less about adventure and more about the stability of a day-to-day routine. The Cancer Woman and Cancer Man begin a relationship as fast friends. They move into love and romance while becoming best friends until the end.

The Cancer Woman is a natural with the realm of emotion. Why? Because women are often encouraged to express emotion. The Cancer Man may experience hindrances when it comes to emotional expression. He might experience having to be tough or to “suck it up. When it comes time to display emotions gives the emotive Cancer Man no outlet for expression. It can lead to frustrations and resentment. While a Cancer Woman expresses her emotional needs, the Cancer Man may become quiet or sullen.

If the Cancer Woman can’t figure out what’s going on with her fellow, she might start to question him. She wonders about the stability of their emotional connection. The Cancer Woman may doubt if he trusts her and if so why. When he becomes quiet and refuses to tell her what’s wrong, she may assume he has no faith she will support him. Should this trust issue remain, it can diminish Cancer and Cancer compatibility.

When one Cancer enters an unpleasant mood shift, they can take down their partner. If this pair remains in tune with one another, they can ride the waves of emotion with greater ease. But, if one Cancer is up and the other down, they can spend much of their time drowning one another. Soon it seems this duo is constantly brooding or down in the dumps. It may make them wonder why they paired up in the first place.

The Cancer and Cancer love match may fail to realize the need to kill off the pity party. It might make it impossible for this couple to escape it. The dark emotive depths they experience tend to weigh them down. If they are smart about it, they will learn how to “save” one another when they are drowning. The Cancer Woman is the better anchor in this pairing because of her ability to express emotion. Her ability to nurture is also a strong attribute that can help pull the Cancer Man out of his emotional hell.

This pairing has much promise if they learn to read each other; they also must not make assumptions about what the other is feeling. Yes, they know each other well, but it is always good to check in and question the partner regularly. Doing so will help things go forward with a better understanding and peace.

Cancer and Cancer Love Match Wrap-Up

Does the compatibility of two Cancers surprise you? What do you know of the compatibility of other zodiac signs? Are you interested in seeing how your relationships rate regarding Synastry? Building Beautiful Souls has the information you need to find out how compatible you are with others. You’re invited to discover what makes those you love tick! Improve your connections now. Knowledge is power and forewarned is forearmed!

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