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Aries and Capricorn Compatibility: Friendship, Love & Sex

The question of Aries and Capricorn compatibility often arises. It’s a necessary question whenever these two-star signs join in a romantic pairing. Can Aries and Capricorn survive the challenges a romantic relationship brings? The simple answer is “Yes!” But, the complex answer is there is work ahead for this duo. Challenges arise when bringing these two unique personalities together. If they make a go of love, the journey is not free of obstacles.

This couple has attributes in common. The commonalities between them lend strength to the relationship. Both Aries and Capricorn strive to achieve the goals they set. They are creatures of action and movement. When this pair collaborates their efforts on a project or goal, there’s nothing they can’t do. Aries and Capricorn can form a solid friendship which can blossom into lasting love.

Aries sometimes acts without thinking first. They dive right into the next project or situation. They have no problem getting knee-deep into a situation before considering outcomes. Capricorn differs when it comes to making decisions. The Capricorn partner thinks things through while considering all potential outcomes. Aries braces for surprise. The Capricorn partner doesn’t appreciate surprises. They will plan, and Aries laughs. Why? Because Aries sees planning as an unnecessary measure.

Capricorn is a humble and quiet soul. Aries is the direct opposite with a bold and brash personality. Aries likes to stand out from the crowd. Capricorn doesn’t mind the limelight, but they prefer the crowd’s respect. Aries doesn’t care what others are thinking, just as long as they are in the spotlight. As long as this pair maintains mutual respect for one another in and out of bed, their relationship can survive.

Aries and Capricorn Table of Contents

Aries and Capricorn Compatibility

Aries finds Capricorn as a romantic partner who always promises a soft and safe place to land. Restless Aries gains confidence when in love with Capricorn. Why? Because Capricorn is a stable and trustworthy partner. The Aries personality is volatile and action-oriented. Capricorn helps Aries find their center and learn how to establish strong roots.

Aries teaches Capricorn how to let loose. Capricorn tends to repress their wild nature. Aries helps them release it and to experience real freedom. This relationship remains romantic and loving. The love stays the distance as long as reckless Aries doesn’t force Capricorn into the role of parent. Capricorn much rather be a lover! You can almost hear the lyrics to Pat Benatar’s “I Need a Lover,” playing in the background right now! “I need a lover that won’t drive me crazy” is the motto of the Aries and Capricorn relationship.

When sharing dreams and goals, Aries and Capricorn can make dreams happen. They bring their individual skills to the table to achieve goals. Their strengths make dream building easy. Both Aries and Capricorn love the limelight. Aries sees socializing to gathering adoration. Capricorn sees networking as a mean of establishing recognition.

Capricorn is most effective under stress. When a crisis arises, Capricorn saves the day. Aries is most effective when it comes to adventurous acts. Spontaneous action is Aries’ specialty! Capricorn’s practicality and Aries’ spur-of-the-moment action ensure this couple covers all bases!

Capricorn’s best attribute is perseverance. Aries best characteristics are drive and motivation. When it comes to getting things done, the Aries and Capricorn love match lead the way. But, Aries’ impetuous nature makes them one who chases desires. While chasing what they covet the most, Aries is without worry of consequence. Capricorn’s practicality causes them to consider specific actions before enacting any measures.

Aries and Capricorn Love

The question of compatibility factor within the Aries and Capricorn relationship is legitimate. Coming from extreme ends of the zodiac, it’s hard to imagine these two personalities falling in love. Aries is a pioneer while Capricorn is a natural homebody. The Aries partner chooses a road less traveled. Capricorn walks along the well-worn footpaths of the wise ones of old. This is a relationship expressing uncertainty versus constancy in a nutshell!

Aries is not afraid to take on new endeavors. Capricorn tries something new after brainstorming, planning, and creating a strategy. To Capricorn, Aries is tension-inducing and impetuous. To Aries, Capricorn needs to take a chill.

This couple can enjoy one another’s company but may fret over how they will spend the time. Both partners know what they want to do. But, it is a rare occasion when these two hard heads meet in the middle. One partner must have a willingness to give up the lead. Capricorn is the one that bends with the greatest ease in this pairing.

Aries may have trouble getting Capricorn to date. Capricorn is picky. Aries is carefree. A nonchalant attitude from the sure-of-themselves Aries irritates Capricorn to high hell. It’s okay because Capricorn returns the favor in the bedroom. Aries will become frustrated when Capricorn refuses to mix up the bedroom’s play menu. The level of stubbornness this couple shares diminishes Aries and Capricorn compatibility.

At least one of these personalities has patience. Aries is not that person. Capricorn has no problem taking things slow and making sure their mate is right for them. Aries dives into relationships without asking a slew of questions. In fact, the one chief question for Aries in any relationship is, “Hey, what’s your name and number?”

With a ton of patience and compromise, the Aries and Capricorn relationship can end up at the altar. If marriage is a notion for this couple, a lifetime of challenges stands ahead. In fact, the road after marriage is an infrastructure in sore need of repair. Plenty of potholes threaten to trip this couple up along the way. They will have to master communication skills and forget about being right fighters. Aries and Capricorn have to learn to embrace their partner’s irksome idiosyncrasies.

Aries and Capricorn Sex

The sex life of Aries and Capricorn is like riding a roller coaster. Sometimes this couple has a high sex drive between them. Sometimes the ride slows down to a complete stop! Not to worry, it’s not long before the next ride starts up again. When the sex drive is high, it’s like a ride on Space Mountain in the dark!

Aries has a high kink factor, and this doesn’t mesh with Capricorn’s vanilla sense for sex. But, when comparing charisma and stamina, Capricorn keeps pace with energetic Aries. But, Capricorn backs away from sexual experimentation, bedroom encounters are enjoyable.

Foreplay will have to involve massage though as both partners are sensitive to touch. Capricorn can make Aries purr by running their fingers through Aries’ hair. Aries can turn Capricorn on by rubbing their feet and a few erotic kisses on the calves and the back of the knees. To keep things going, Aries has to give up on the need to rush through foreplay. Capricorn demands a partner who has a slow hand.

Aries and Capricorn Communication

If they are talking about dreams, achievements, or personal goals, it’s a smooth conversation. Other than that, the communication between the Aries and Capricorn love match is raw at best. Aries can be rigid and condescending. They have a strict opinion about everything and are difficult to persuade otherwise. Levelheaded Capricorn is forward-thinking. The practical nature Capricorn maintains makes it difficult to tolerate Aries’ biases.

Sometimes Capricorn will look on Aries with disdain. Contempt arises when Aries says something ignorant or does something irrational. Most times, Capricorn tries to be supportive and patient. But, there are times when open-minded Capricorn draws a line in the sand. Willful Aries crosses it. Capricorn won’t tolerate it. When condescending or trite, Capricorn finds Aries aggravating.

On the opposite side of the coin, Aries doesn’t take kindly to boundaries or limitations. When Capricorn attempt to draw a line, Aries will jump over it on purpose just to make a point. Aries finds Capricorn a bore because they have the stick-in-the-mud, prudish attitude. If this couple allows egos to reign, all compromise and hopes of happiness go out the window.

Aries and Capricorn Clashes

Aries is the youthful archetype in the zodiac. Being the first zodiac on the wheel, its corresponding archetype is The Child. Capricorn is at the end of the zodiac wheel. It corresponds with wisdom and experience. The archetype aligning with Capricorn is The Father. Capricorn is deliberate, methodical, and responsible. Aries is impulsive, rebellious, and tenacious. Like a child, Aries might resent Capricorn if they become didactic or parental. Like a parent, Capricorn’s frustration increases with Aries’ irresponsible actions.

The Aries personality runs from commitment. Sweet and loving Capricorn can sway Aries in the right direction. How? By showing their partner stability and adventure is not an impossible mix! If Aries and Capricorn compatibility is out of balance, too much of an elemental influence leads to difficulties.

With Earth as their element, Capricorn become unmoving and stubborn. Capricorn can also become cool and distant. With Fire backing Aries,’ they can jealousy, impatience, and restlessness burn wild. Capricorn prefers being in one place. Aries finds staying in one place too long restrictive. Capricorn demands relationship stability. Aries might demand too much in the way of personal space and freedom.

With Aries having the sign of the Ram and Capricorn the Sea Goat, both partners push for leadership. It’s easy to see these two lovers will bang heads occasionally. Compromise is the way through the headstrong moments when this love match is at odds.

Aries and Capricorn Polarity

When examining the compatibility between two zodiac signs, astrologers consider polarity. What is polarity? It is the understanding that every star sign aligns with masculine or feminine energy. The reference to masculine or feminine is not a focus on gender. It is a focus on passive and projective energy forms in the Aries and Capricorn love match.

The same concept is visible in the harmony symbol also known as Yin and Yang. Yin is feminine. Yang is masculine. Yin aligns with Capricorn. Yang aligns with Aries. With masculine and feminine energies working in unison, there’s harmony in this relationship.

Aries is projective or assertive when energies are in balance. Capricorn is open, welcoming, and perceptive. But, if the energies polarize, things become difficult in this romantic relationship. Aries can become antagonistic or domineering. Sometimes Aries’ actions may seem arrogant, nonchalant, or cavalier. If Capricorn is out of balance, they become a martyr or passive aggressive. Capricorn can also become self-sacrificing and moody.

To repair the polarization of energies, embracing the opposing energy leads to healing. Aries requires more Yin. Capricorn requires more Yang. Capricorn improves when becoming more candid and certain. Aries improves when becoming more tolerant, understanding, and reasonable.

Aries and Capricorn Aspects

When speaking of astrology, the term aspect comes up in the conversation. The word aspect references the distance between zodiac signs on the celestial wheel. This distance is a consideration when examining relationship compatibility.

In the Aries and Capricorn relationship, the distance between the two signs is three zodiac signs. This distance is a square. It means the signs form a harsh 90-degree angle between the two signs. The square symbol creates an interesting dynamic in the Aries and Capricorn match.

The challenge in this relationship is both parties have a massive, stubborn streak! We’re dealing with two headstrong people struggle. Both partners want control in the relationship. But, with patience and compromise, the control issue doesn’t have to exist at all.

If Aries or Capricorn has a traumatic upbringing, the pairing can help to heal one another. The pairing may resurrect of old emotional wounds. It gives either party a chance to reexamine the long-ignored emotions. Once the emotions arise from the subconscious healing can take place.

The aspects of this relationship suggest the Aries and Capricorn pairing is no walk on the beach. There’s plenty of ongoing work to do to ensure this relationship thrives. The life lessons stemming from this relationship teach the couple successful compromise.

Growth comes from learning tolerance of one another and embracing a partner’s quirks. Strength comes from learning to rely on one another. The Aries and Capricorn relationship survives love’s challenges. Mutual respect for one another.

Aries and Capricorn Elements

In astrology, every zodiac sign on the celestial wheel corresponds with an element. Air, Earth, Fire, and Water are the four elements influencing star signs. Elemental energies enhance a person’s disposition and behaviors. The sign of Aries corresponds with fire. The sign of Capricorn corresponds with earth.

When elemental differences, it’s difficult to imagine how this duo is compatible. Despite differing elemental influences, Aries and Capricorn have a high compatibility factor! How can this be the case? This couple gets along well when they focus on the strong attributes in one another.

Earth serves as a mantle for fire. If Earth energies are excessive, then Capricorn risks smothering Aries. It’s imperative both partners give one another plenty of personal space. Doing so helps enhance Aries and Capricorn compatibility.

Fire energies enhance loving, warm, and compassionate attributes in Aries. But, if the fire element goes out of control, it leaves behind a scorched Earth. Aries needs to keep jealousy and their quick temper under control. Patience and understanding ensure relationship satisfaction.

Earth is stable. Fire is volatile. The latter energies express the nature of the star signs the elements influence. Fire influences Aries. Earth influences Capricorn. Thus, Capricorn wants to commit. Aries is fleeting and always in motion.

Aries Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility

The Aries Man is hard to pin down. The difficulty in landing an Aries Man is part of his charm. Some women enjoy the thrill of the chase. The most forbidden fruit is the most tempting. Not for the Capricorn Woman because she finds Aries’ resistance to commitment irritating.

If this love connection lasts, Capricorn tires of being the adult all the time. They feel like they’ve adopted a rebellious teenager. The Aries Man embodies the perpetual Peter Pan who never grows up. The Capricorn remains in full control. She is the epitome of responsibility. Aries’ reckless and wanton behavior is a turnoff to the practical Capricorn Woman.

The Aries Man is a hard worker though. His ambitions shine no matter what occupation he fills. Here, the Aries Man matches the drive of the Capricorn Woman. She excels in the workforce where people look up to her as the model employee. She works her way up the career ladder of success with ease. Aries finds the Capricorn Woman’s focus on work admirable. At least here is one topic in which this opposing duo agree.

When Capricorn grows familiar with Aries’ impetuous ways, they voice their opinion. She tires of his unpredictable and wily ways. While Capricorn is chewing Aries out for being such a child, Aries is casting a dirty look her way. Disdain between them brews and threatens the connection in the Aries and Capricorn love match. The Capricorn Woman’s anger is cancerous. It becomes a permanent grudge. A lasting relationship will find it difficult to manifest roots within this context.

When Aries and Capricorn meet, it brings together the traditionalist with the pioneer. Aries is an extrovert while Capricorn is an introvert. Aries needs an audience to stroke his ego. Capricorn likes an audience for the adoration.

The Aries Man is a social butterfly much to the Capricorn woman’s dismay. Her man will hang out with plenty of women he calls “just friends.” Because of his recklessness, the Capricorn woman has difficulty trusting Aries at all.

Aries Woman and Capricorn Man Compatibility

The Capricorn Man and the Aries Woman have a tough go at love. Patience, compromise, and a willingness to look the other way lead to success. Otherwise, trouble brews like a bubbling cauldron overflowing with potential relationship issues.

Creating an Aries and Capricorn love match blends the stubborn with the more stubborn. The immovable earth energies of Capricorn blend with the unpredictability of Aries’ fire. When working together toward a common goal, harmony is achievable. When at odds, the Capricorn Man and Aries Woman struggle to keep their wits about them.

It’s easy to see why the Capricorn Man finds the Aries Woman attractive enough to want to date her. She’s a fiery, independent spirit. Her personal strength and desire for adventure are a draw for him. The Aries Woman knows what she wants and lets nothing stand in her way of getting it. But, she’s flighty and fickle too, with her desires changing as much as the flames in a wind-fed fire.

With fire as the fuel of her soul, the Aries woman is unpredictable and volatile. One minute she’s happy, the next she’s fuming. She can change her emotions faster than a chameleon standing in front of a kaleidoscope lens! The Capricorn Man finds her unpredictable behavior hard to bear and disturbing. He’s a calm, cool, collected soul, looking for a peaceful long-term relationship. But, he’s chosen an Aries Woman who can be rebellious and reckless even when at her best.

The Capricorn Man is a strong male who demands peace and quiet. Yes, there’s time for adventure and a time for stillness. The Capricorn Man insists on planning everything. The Aries Woman has no patience for waiting around to have plans flesh out. The Capricorn Man fumes because his Aries partner blows off basic responsibilities. There’s plenty of frustrations in the Aries and Capricorn relationship.

Both the Aries Woman and Capricorn Man have egocentric tendencies. They can forget about the needs of their partner while addressing their own. Ignoring the needs of their significant other is a fast road to relationship ruin. Within a matter of days, this relationship can unravel like a ball of yarn. That same ball of yarn is unraveling at the hands of the household cat Aries insists on getting!

By some miracle, some Aries and Capricorn couples last in a long-term relationship. Often, the Aries partner is older and has time to mature. Or, the Capricorn partner has the patience of Mother Teresa!

Aries and Capricorn Love Match Wrap-Up

The Aries and Capricorn compatibility factor is volatile because it’s no easy road to walk. The line to success for a long-term relationship is thin. There’s enough love to make the relationship work if there are compromise and patience as well. Love alone won’t cut it. This couple is too competitive and stubborn to make it on love alone.

Success in the Aries and Capricorn relationship comes from respect and mutual consideration. This couple needs to work hard at keeping boredom at bay. They also need to polish their communication skills. Without open, clear, and unassuming communication, this couple won’t make it past first base!

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