November Horoscope 2017

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What is your monthly horoscope for November 2017? Grab your soul lantern because mystery and intrigue is on the way and it’s time to shine light in all the dark places. Discover what the next 30 days has in store for your Zodiac Sign!

October Horoscope 2017

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October 2017 monthly horoscopes are here and they’re all about FALLing into love! Oh, stop groaning. You should know us and our love of puns by now. 😉 So, grab your pumpkins and read all about what you can expect during this glorious and colorful time of the year!

September Horoscope 2017

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Each year the sun spends most of its time in September and Virgo. For September 2017 Virgo energy is on steroids! All 12 Zodiac Signs are likely to be focused on ‘getting it right’ and looking for all areas of their life that could use sprucing up – movement toward Virgo-esque ‘perfection’.

July Horoscope 2017

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Yes! We have two New Moons in Leo during 2017! The first few weeks of July could be likened to the calm before the storm. This continues right up until the first New Moon in Leo takes place on July 23. So, hang on to your hats. July is gonna be a wild ride into the stars!

June Horoscope 2017

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***Special Note*** Below is the June horoscope and monthly astrology overview for June 2017. Scroll down to find the monthly horoscope for your zodiac sign! Horoscopes are provided for you, Beautiful Soul, by internationally recognized astrologer, Sara Gilbert. Visit her site and book your astrology reading with Sara, today! June Horoscope 2017 – Overview […]