Flying Dreams: What They Mean & How To Interpret Them

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Ah, flying dreams. Usually euphoric and empowering, dreams about flying can stir your emotions for years to come. After all, what spirit doesn’t yearn to soar with eagles, fly to the heavens, and float amongst the stars? Dreams of flying are among the most common dreams yet because of the profound effect they have on our heart flying dreams are anything but common. So, let’s take a look at why your Higher Self is sending such lofty flying imagery in your dreams.

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What Does It Mean When You Dream of Flying

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So, what do all the different images of flying in our dreams mean? Well, the meanings can be a literal reference a flight. Or dream meaning might stem from the subconscious and require interpretation. There are so many meanings one can derive.

For example, Sigmund Freud compares flying dreams sex. He suggests flying in dreams hints at the desire to have a full body sexual experience. But, a flying dream can also be something as simple as a “flight of the imagination.” Images of flying correspond with god-like abilities. Flying links to the supernatural, and might also signify things a person hopes for or aspires to do.

But, flying imagery means more and here, we’ll explore a variety of flying and flight dream meanings. Don’t forget to use the complete A to Z Dream Dictionary on this site to look up more dream imagery. Check out all the imagery you can remember. It will help you find the deeper meaning of flying dreams.

Dreams of Flying with or Without Aid

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Flying represents many ideas actions and concepts. The act of flying is rarely, if ever, a standalone symbol. If you’re or someone else is flying, the other imagery in the narrative help define dream meaning. Let’s consider the story of Daedalus and Icarus here. It will show how the meaning of flying takes on several meanings.

First, flying represents the escape from being in a Labyrinth trapped. But, the symbol turns out to be a warning of flying too high as well. It references flight into unknown or dangerous territory. In such cases, the consequences of one’s daring nature is clear.

When Icarus can’t fly and falls into the sea to his death, the entire image suggestion a need to pay attention. It’s a good idea to honor the wisdom of our elders. In doing so, you might avoid difficulties when you wake. You might even escape catastrophic consequences.

Flying Dream Meanings on Flight Direction

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The simplest definition of flying comes from the notion of freedom. Flying signifies overcoming significant obstacles as if in sheer defiance of such challenges. Flying means you are breaking free from what tethers you to the earth.

Flying is escape and allows you to explore from new heights and perspectives. The direction in which you are flying in the dream will often help clarify the meaning of the experience. For example, flying upward is a sign of ascension or perhaps transcendence. Flying in a downward direction represents dissension. If you can recall what you are flying toward can also help you in defining the dream experience.

Imagine, for example, flying toward the Earth and then landing on green grass. The latter imagery might suggest the need for grounding. Dreams of flight might bring your balance into question. It might also mean you need to pull yourself back from flights of fancy. Flying is an image relating to imagination. Thus, it may be time to more realistic about a situation in your waking life.

If you see yourself flying in circles, this may signify cycles. The same image may signify repetitious action or the need to practice a skill. “Circling in on something,” like an answer or a direction is another flying correspondence.

Flying to the right might signify being on the right course or directing yourself to do the right thing. Flying to the left might signify a unique approach. It may hint to taking the left-handed path in a spiritual sense. Here, “left” corresponds with a sinister connotation. Thus, some people may view flying left as having a negative undertone.

The notion of flying can also equal defiance. You may find you are one who defies the rules of physics if flying unaided and without equipment. At a minimum, flying can symbolize going against the norm.

What Do Dreams about Flying Mean if Flying High

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When you see this dream imagery, it alludes to the euphoria that flight induces. The sense of “flying high” or “feeling high” are meaningful here. High flying links to goal setting, achievements, and conquering challenges. Flying might signify success in your waking life in all aspects of your life. The success may be in the arena of love, finance, and career.

Images of flying high in the air also allude to elevated ideas and concepts. Consider “high hopes,” “high aspirations,” “high ideals,” “flights of fancy,” and “flight of the imagination.” All serve as images corresponding with lofty thoughts. Flying high also corresponds with grandiose ideas, pompous behavior, or showing-off. This is true if you see yourself falling after flying to great heights. Such images go along with the notion of “pride goeth before the fall.”

Consider flying imagery through the lens of perspective. For example, imagine flying and seeing things “from a new angle,” or from a “new viewpoint.” This allows you to see things in a new light, to have an epiphany, or to take in a broader view of something. This same elevation of perspective can provide you with key information.

You might discover something you might not otherwise be able to see from your position on the ground. But, once in flight, you get the full picture. You are more empowered to make a better decision about something in your waking life. Flying allows greater clarity when seeing the earth below.

Imagine the Eagle as it flies through the sky. The Eagle sees the smallest of movements on the ground beneath. This links your dream imagery with the notion of having an “eagle eye point of view.”

Dreams and Flying Low

When not flying very far from the ground and hovering, this can mean you are holding yourself back. It signifies you are not experiencing full flight due to fear. Or, you are anchoring yourself where you are to feel more secure while in flight. Hovering can also link to feeling as if you are being tied down and prevented from taking flight.

When hovering low, the dream connotes you are looking down on someone or something. It may mean you are standing above others and acting with a “fixed mind.” Thus, the dream warns of being judgmental in your waking life. Hovering dreams may also signify the personal fear of being unable to achieve goals. It might even hint at self-sabotage as you hold yourself back from success.

Dream Imagery and Interpreting Dreams of Flying

For example, if you are in a relationship feeling trapped, you might have dreams of taking flight. Or, you might dream of being unable to fly because you have broken wings. Both scenarios reflect events in your life.

Flying into things like a rope or wires: Flying high or into objects is a warning of potential undesirable entanglements. The subconscious is urging you to make sure the path to your goals is clear. You’ll want to do so before forging forward and getting involved in situations you rather not be a part of at all.

Flying in a plane: Dreams of flying a plane are like those where you are in a car. Both the plane and vehicle are how you are moving through your life. If you fly high, you will achieve your goals, if low, you are being precarious. If you are not flying the plane and you are a passenger, you feel as if you have no control over your waking life.

You may question your direction or who is in the lead of your life events. If the plane crashes, you are steering your life in the wrong direction. it is time to rethink your life path.

Flying solo: Flying alone demonstrates skill, knowledge, and confidence. It signifies you have all the resources you need to make a situation in your waking life successful. If you are flying with a bunch of other people, this can signify necessary networking. it may hint at the reliance on other individuals to help in achieving the desired goal.

Time and Dreams of Flying

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When images of flying appear in dreams, this could be a reference to the concept of time. It can also signify the speed in which it passes. It might even reference the notion of change or transition. Why? Because every passing second has another second takes its place.

In fact, some poets refer to time taking flight. For example, in “To His Coy Mistress,” Andrew Marvell refers to “Time’s winged chariot.” He tells of time as he feels it at his back and drawing closer all the time. The poem is one presenting the concept of carpe diem. The phrase is Latin for “seize the day.” It suggests time is fleeting so it is important to enjoy the moment.

For instance, if traveling long distances via plane, time zones change. As another example, imagine seeing a clock with wings, which is a much more obvious time reference. If you see symbols relating flying with time, it suggests you need to spend more time focusing on the here and now.

It also means you should work on making yourself mindful and aware. It might also suggest you will have fun too. Here you can consider the saying “time flies when we are having fun,” for potential connection.

Flying Dream Meaning with Mammals, Birds, and Insects

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Bats flying: Bats rely on echolocation to fly. So, they symbolize being able to feel vibrations. They hint at the need to attune ourselves to the natural rhythms of nature. Bats also signify “flying blind.” So, you might have to use intuition to make it through a waking situation you cannot see yourself through.

Birds chattering: Flying birds chattering back and forth points to flying words and gossip.

Birds flying: If you see birds flying, consider the type of bird in your dreams to gain more meaning:

Bluejay: Trickster energies, and the use of one’s personal power.

Butterflies: If you see butterflies, you are likely going through a transformation. If you are about to go through significant changes in your life, you may see flying butterflies in dreams.

Cardinal: Good will, joy, cheer, vital life force, and good will.

Cedar Waxwing: If you see these birds flying, they teach the nature of sharing. They also signal the need to be charitable in your waking life.

Crows: Crow signify trickster energies. But, the dream of a crow in flight suggests allowing your voice to take flight. (Crows are vocal creatures capable of learning a language).

Doves: Peace and harmony, but also finding solid ground (akin to the story of Noah’s Ark).

Dragonfly: Immortality, Transformation, adaptability, joy, purity, wisdom, epiphanies, and illumination.

Eagles: This bird of prey is emblematic of freedom, but also a sign of the Great Spirit. Thus, dreams of the Eagle might be of some serious importance or key to your personal freedom.

Fly: If you see a fly flying about in a dream, there is a double connotation to flight. You might want to give some extra attention to dream messages about flies. Also, flies correspond with the saying a “fly in the ointment.” The phrase signifies something is turning a situation sour. Consider the saying a “fly on the wall,” meaning being in the unique position. The same cliché might suggest taking in all that is being said or done in a situation. Or, it can signify you can discover secrets.

Hummingbird: Infinity, joy, happiness, enjoying life’s sweetness, and gratitude.

Ladybug: Joy, happiness, luck

Peacock: Pride, Beauty, the Divine Feminine

Raven: A flying raven signifies messengers spirit communication. To dream of the Raven hints that a deceased loved one is guarding you. It can also signify that the deceased will communicate with you.

What Does Flying in a Dream Mean in Biblical References

Several references in the Bible associate the act of flying or “taking flight. The phrase connotes as fleeing or entry into a location. For instance, in 2 Samuel 15:13:37, the passage mentions how David take’s flight from Jerusalem. In contrast, Matthew 2:13 mentions the flight of people into Egypt. Thus, the reference to flight signifies moving out or into a territory. Sometimes, flying references connote an act of cowardice.

There are myriad references to angels in the Bible. If you are seeing flying angels in your dreams, it might point to spiritual issues in your waking life. You might find yourself praying for divine intervention. Or, you might end up with the need to reconsider how you are addressing the issue in a “good” or “bad” way.

Word Play in Flying Dreams

Sometimes word play, puns, cliches, and old sayings can crop up in dreams to convey meaning. If you see flying imagery, consider word play below to see if it holds meaning for you.

Flying colors: If you see a dream where colors are flying around, this means imminent success. The dream of a colorful flag waving in the air means the same thing. It may point to a waking event where you question if you are on the winning end of the situation.

Flying under the radar: If you’re bobbing in and out or escaping someone’s grasp the motion is telling. It means you are “flying under the radar.” Now apply that meaning to a real-life scenario where you squeak by in a situation.

Fly by night: This references a business that sets up and crumbles fast. It is a business that fails to last long. Usually, it involves scam. Your dream may be a warning to watch out for fraudulent action or behavior.

Fly by the book: If you think of this saying, it s
suggests you do everything on the up and up in your waking life. You are working within a situation according to the rules without deviation.

Fly a kite: If you dream of flying a kite, it might signify it is time to let your inner child play. It might also point to the need for quality time with your living children if you have them. Otherwise, if you dream of telling someone to go fly a kite, you might tire of dealing with someone. You may find yourself wishing to get them out of your presence. In fact, you might just want to take up and send them flying!

Fly in the face (teeth) : If you see something fly in your face, it is something that defies rules. Something in your waking life is outside of normal boundaries. This also signifies potential challenges.

Flying fish: Fish, if flying, are out of water. Thus, the fish symbolize a “fish out of water” experience. In your waking life, there’s something making you feel very uncomfortable.

When pigs fly: Of course, this references never, right? Well in the land of dreams, pigs can fly. So, you should never say anything is impossible!

Flying Dream Meaning of Supernatural and Esoteric Symbols

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Out of Body Experiences (OBE) are moments when you feel as if you are an observer outside of your body. People who have had this experience in the past often report rising from the body.

They tell of looking back on it while floating or hovering at the ceiling or in a corner of the room. This allows the individual to see and experience things from a safe distance. They see things from the outside the body and from a new angle.

These experiences occur after something traumatic. But, the experiences are also something that a person can self-induce sometimes. You might see yourself flying above yourself in your dream. Or, the flying dream could be a real out-of-body experience as well, and once you return to your body, you awaken. If merely a dream, your dreaming mind might tell you to take a closer look at yourself. But, it is a view you must take from an elevated perspective.

OBEs are experiences many people report. The same individuals are often those who experience lucid dreaming too. Some people report waking up with the sensation of paralysis or the inability to move.

OBEs are a state sometimes occurring via meditation, visualization, and trance. An intentional OBE corresponds with astral projection or astral travel. This event is where one seeks to travel outside of the physical body. The purpose is to explore the astral realm. The individual can interact with others while in the astral.

Remote viewing: Seeing something at distance with the mind. The practice occurs without going to the physical location. It is possible astral travel is part of this practice

Sacral Chakra: The sacral chakra is yellow. It corresponds with anxieties and fears. Thus, if you dream of flying and frightens you, then you might experience a block in the region of the third chakra.

So, what does it mean when you dream about flying? It’s clear the meaning of flight dreams depends on environmental conditions. Life events also play a role in determining dream meaning. One’s understanding of symbols influences the answer to what do flying dreams mean as well. For easy dream interpretation of flying scenarios, personal meaning of symbols applies.

The Icarus Connection with Flying Dreams

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Visions of flight have long been a universal symbol of humankind. People have has always longed for the freedom to soar through the skies. The desire for flight capabilities existed long before the invention of planes. We can only imagine what humans thought the first time they saw a flying creature. But, we can surmise they link the ability with something extraordinary or supernatural.

Flying has fascinated humankind for centuries. Stories of flying beings are in the Babylonian myth. These stories date back as far back as 2,400 B.C.E. There are myriad biblical references to angelic beings. Many gods and goddesses in ancient cultures the world over have wings in depictions of them.

Of course, it was easy for ancient cultures to link flight with a supernatural skill of the gods. Also throughout myth, one can encounter avian beings and winged creatures. The creatures all have the gift of flight. Much later, Ovid, a Roman poet, tells the story of Daedalus and his son Icarus in Metamorphoses.

Daedalus is a craftsman, one considered a genius, who creates the Labyrinth. Of course, his creation becomes his own impending doom. When King Minos of Crete decides to imprison both Daedalus and his son Icarus in the Labyrinth.

Oh, but the genius he is, Daedalus manages to make two sets of wings by attaching a bunch of feathers to a wooden frame. And what did he use to keep the wings so tight when packing them with feathers? WAX! (Sounds kind of like a shaky set up if you ask me. But if you’re imprisoned in a Labyrinth, you don’t have a lot of options, right?) Of course, the plot thickens…

Daedalus gives one set of wings to Icarus and puts on the other. He suggests to Icarus that flying a little too close to the Sun will melt the wax. Daedalus stress the danger by warning Icarus to keep his flight in the low zone. The duo takes flight and make their escape from the Labyrinth.

Daedalus doesn’t pass his genius onto his son, but. Icarus loves with the ability to fly. Against all warnings he flies too high. Then the wax melts! What happens next? Icarus falls fast and furious into the sea like a duck you just plucked prepped for Christmas dinner!

With planes, helicopters, parachutes, and gliders the norm, flying is a universal symbol. It is one of the common image people encounter in dream narratives. With the human fascination with flight, it’s no wonder images of flying pop into dream scenes. The messages one receives from such images are rich with information and insight!

Flying Dreams Final Take

The flying dream meanings above reveals information leading to a greater understanding. If you draw positive insights, enact the messages you receive! You can allow your dreams to take flight and use the teachings to build your own beautiful soul! Now you can listen to your dreams, learn from them, and help your spirit soar to new, enlightened heights!

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