Angel Numbers: The Complete Guide to Their Meanings & Messages

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Most have heard of or know about about Numerology, the sacred language, and symbolism of numbers. But do you know about the Angel Numbers? We live in exciting times when the truth of Angel Numbers is entering our communal awareness. More and more Angels are reaching out with messages. This complete guide shows you how to understand and interpret Angel Number meanings and messages. Open your heart to these heavenly messengers. You might be very surprised at special messages they send just for you.

Angel Numbers Table of Contents

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What Are Angel Numbers

While the Angels in the Bible were a somewhat dramatic lot, our Guardian Angels and Guides often prefer a subtle approach. Visions are all fine and good, but often scare people because they don’t understand the experience. This, in turn, can “turn off” a person’s natural connection to the Angelic realm out of fear. With this in mind, it’s not surprising to discover that Angels nudge our awareness. Perhaps they reveal something in a dream, or you keep encountering an image or idea repeatedly (to the point that you simply know this is not a coincidence); that is the time to pay attention.

Light Workers tell us that Angel Numbers are one of the most common ways that the Angelic realm communicates. It’s simple and pretty straight-forward. And our environment affords all manner of ways for you to happen across specific numbers pretty easily. Perhaps you shop for some clothing and the bill reads $23.45, this sequence is unusual and could very well be a message. Another example would be noting the time of 12:12 on December 12th.

The Spiritual Nature of Numbers: For the record, the idea of Angel Numbers isn’t really anything new. The ancients studied numbers and their interaction closely. For example, Plato felt that math could unravel the mysteries of the Universe and could actually be the language of God. Pythagoreans felt likewise that numbers represent principles and energies that reach to the Heavens. Various spiritual systems rely on numbers as a core for endeavoring to discover the algorithm of eternity, so to speak, like Sacred Geometry, Kabbalism, and Alchemy. Hindus use numbers as a part of religious practices and spiritual disciplines. Effectively, each number and grouping of numbers has its own esoteric frequency. Angels use that energy, providing you with the insights you need.

Seeing Angel Numbers

Let’s face it, few of us jump out of bed in the morning thinking, “today I’ll get a message from an angel” (unless it appears in your cup of coffee). So, the first step in recognizing when the Angels are trying to get your attention lies in awareness. Take a moment every day to invite the Angels into your world. This is like offering hospitality. Angels do not go where they feel they are not wanted or appreciated.

Throughout your day, work and walk with mindfulness. When something pops out at you during an intense moment, or you keep seeing the same numbers, again and again, remember them. For example, you might work on the 10th floor, see a license plate with 10 as part of it, get 10 cents in change, and so forth. It helps to keep a small notebook with you. Write down these numbers so you can go home with them. Research and meditate to figure out what the Angels are saying today. Mostly, accept the messages you receive with an open mind, heart, and spirit.

Angels are around us all the time. They look for ways to share ancient wisdom and provide assistance in day-to-day living. Many of their messages have to do with our spiritual life and working toward higher levels of awareness and personal growth. Angel numbers remind us to live in each moment with full awareness; this is so we don’t miss the blessing Angels try to provide.

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Angel Numbers as a Type of Divination

Effectively, yes: While Angels use the numbers for communication, the way we interact and respond to those numbers matters. Part of the symbolic value of Angel Numbers comes from Numerology–the art of divining with numbers. Each figure and sum has a specific vibration as distinctive as your fingerprint. Those energy signatures interact with each other creating patterns that represent your potentials, talents, nagging questions, etc.

The most important numbers in Numerology are 1-9 and then the master numbers of 11, 22 and 33. Master Numbers are like the fireworks of the mystical realm. They have a lot of influence and energy attached to them. So, when an Angel uses these in your life frequently–pay heed; this is important and should not wait in your subconscious for a convenient reading.

The good news for those of us who are sometimes wool-gathering is that the Angels will keep trying to give you a nudge until you get the message. Angelic communication is gentle and loving. They are not going to figuratively hit you over the head. Repetition serves its purpose until you reach the “ah ha” moment.

Why Do Angels Use Numbers?

Once people discover Angel numbers, they always ask why Angels prefer this to more direct forms of communication. Think for a moment of how the burning bush of the Bible affected Moses. The flame of God is a powerful thing. With this in mind, we come to understand that Angels vibrate on a different level than humans. They represent pure love and the purest of all good characteristics. Until a person elevates themselves spiritually, it is impossible to comprehend such beings in a physical form. It’s like trying to tune an am radio to an FM station. It’s a whole different bandwidth, spiritually speaking.

So the Angels use other things with which we are familiar to send their missives. One of the times when we receive number messages easily is upon going to sleep or waking up (in between states of awareness when your subconscious mind is more open). Glancing at your alarm clock over several days you notice a pattern. You see the same numbers and realize an Angel is presenting them to tell you something. If you don’t have to jump out of bed right away, this is a perfect moment to pray or meditate on the meaning for you. If that doesn’t prove fruitful consult an Angel Number guide for insight.

Just like you carry a notebook in which you store your daily Angel Number interactions, keep one next to your bed. You can go back to these any time and read them again. Often, there’s more than one message or a lesson that needs integrating.

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Interpretation 101: Understanding The Meaning of Angel Numbers

Once you receive Angelic messages, it helps if you have some foundational knowledge about interpreting them. Don’t worry, it’s easy but it will take a little time before you just know the meaning of a number or number series. Remember, no matter where you are numbers are also visible–on the ATM, billboards, your cell phone, addresses, street signs, mile markers, menus, receipts… well, the list goes on and on. Teach yourself to watch. Over time you’ll find that discovering Angel messages comes far more easily and often.

Just as in Numerology, Angel numbers have symbolic value and a specific resonance. Remember that numbers relate to something that you’re experiencing, something you worry over, something you’re questioning. Angels come to our aid in times of need. Don’t be afraid to make your needs, wishes, and inquiries known to the Universe.

By the Numbers

Here is a brief review of single-digit numbers and Master numbers as they relate to Angelic messages:

Zero: Not only Angels, but the Divine is also offering guidance. This is a totally clean slate. Like a circle with no beginning or end, Zero’s message is one of comfort and encouragement. Keep the faith.

One: One is the number of the Monad. It represents your independence, your greatest fears, and intense desires. As you stand in yourself, keep your mind on the good things. Banish negativity and begin re-wiring your reality.

Two: Two is the number of partnership, in this case between you and Angels, you and your Higher Self and you and the Divine. Hold your vision close to your heart knowing that when the storm clears, you will have advanced in your awareness.

Three: When an Angel brings the number 3 to you, expect a blessing of some sort. You may receive a happy dream from an Ancestor, wisdom from a friend or even communication from a Spirit Guide or ancient Master. If the latter, they will escort you forward in your spiritual journey.

Four: Some trouble is afoot. You may feel like the center of a whirlwind, but you are not alone. The Angels are reaching out with protection and help. Release yourself into their care.

Five: The tides are turning for the better. Ask your Angels to help manifest this positive transformation.

Six: Angel number six represents the dichotomy of fear vs. trust and spiritual vs. mundane truths. You are being directed to find balance. Ask the Angels for help in overcoming unreasonable distress.

Seven: There is a reason we use the term “Lucky Seven.” In the Angelic realm, it is a fortunate number. Doors open; opportunity knocks. Choose wisely.

Eight: Eight builds on the auspicious nature of 7, but usually in the areas of providence and prosperity. Angels are bringing you gifts that will support your spiritual goals.

Nine: Nine is a question from your Angels. What is your true Path? What feeds your soul and challenges you to be the best human possible? Embrace that now. No more standing on the sidelines. Let your light shine and act.

Eleven: If you have a gut feeling about something your Angels are saying, trust it! Ignoring your inner voice leads down a bad path filled with self-doubt. Stay true to your beliefs and intention.

Twenty-Two: Twenty-two represents patience in the Angelic realm. Some things take time, particularly important things. Your prayers did not fall on deaf ears. Stay motivated and put the foundations under your dreams.

Thirty-Three: The Angel message from 33 is to trust your higher self and your guides. Facts are important, but so is staying in touch with your spiritual abilities. You are close to achieving the completion of an important lesson. Read all about Angel Number 33.

Forty-Four: The Angel message from 44 is to remind you Angel Guides are helping you actualize something you care deeply about. But, the Angels also want to encourage you to keep focus until your desires manifest. Discover the meaning and significance behind Angel Number 44!

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Angel Numbers When Appearing in Triple Digits

Good things come in threes, or so they say. It is not uncommon for Angels to use three of the same number as a message. So, the basic meaning in a numeral just got ramped up by three (or four… if it is a four-digit sequence). Here’s an overview of 0-9 triplicates.

111: Don’t overthink everything and push away the negative ideas that weigh you down. The Angels say there is a wonderful prospect on the horizon. Your mind needs to be razor sharp to act quickly and accurately. You know the cartoons where a light bulb goes on over a character’s head–this is one BIG, BRIGHT bulb that shines on your ideas. Read more about Angel Number 111.

222: A spiritual Spring arrives in your heart. You have fresh concepts that have amazing potential. The Angels remind you, however, that seeds don’t grow overnight without any tending. Stick with your goal, stay positive to your vision and go the distance. Remember hard work makes good magic. Read more about Angel Number 222.

333: It is not only Angels who walk with you today but Ascended Masters. Call upon them for anything weighing your heart down. They offer their love and guidance freely. Read more about Angel Number 333.

444: Release your worry or sorrow. Angels are with you. Lean on them for comfort and support. You do not have to face the darkness alone. Read all about Angel Number 444.

555: There is a saying that the only thing we can truly depend upon in life is change. Well, you are about to experience that in spades so prepare yourself. Know that transformation isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, this could be the answer to a wish whispered to your Angels. Be at peace. Read more about the meaning of Angel Number 555.

666: Not as frightening as the Number of the Beast, but you definitely have your priorities out of whack. Take several steps back from mundane, material things. Reach out to your Angels and reconnect with Spirit. Give service freely in order to receive. Read all about Angel Number 666.

777: Hard work manifests in rewards. The Angels want you to know how proud they are of your continued efforts for good. If ever there was a time when a miracle may manifest, it’s now. Read all about Angel Number 777.

888: Angel number 888 speaks of endings and beginnings. A door is about to close but not for long. Another will open when you’re ready. Take what you have learned from your Angel guides forward with you into that new space with confidence. Read all about Angel Number 888.

999: Angels alert you to environmental issues that you can help remedy. Earth is very important to our spiritual growth. By working with Earth energies such as Ley Lines, you can reconnect with the Mother. So doing closes a huge chapter in your life, with satisfaction. Find about more about Angel Number 999.

000: This is a Divine message. God shares love and peace with you. You can feel that pure white light hugging your aura. Whatever has happened, that cycle is now finished. Time to move onward and upward. Learn more about the meaning and significance of Angel Number 000.

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Angel Number Sequences

Rather than triple numbers as discussed previously, you may encounter a specific sequence of number. One should note that there is no hard and fast “rule” about how many numbers Angel communication includes. However, lightworkers tell us that most often Angels use 4 or less for their messages. Why? Quite simply because it’s not like writing a sentence. Angel numbers have a lot of information in them, particularly in series. Those 3-4 numerals can bear a whole bucket load of guidance. It is akin to spiritual shorthand.

So let’s use an example of 123. You see this in various locations throughout the day. The break room clock, a memo, an address, and so forth. Now the question becomes: how do you interpret this message?

There are different thoughts on this. Trust your instinct to pick the process that seems to make sense to you. If a method comes off as ridiculous in your mind, you will not be able to use it effectively. Psychologically your perspective of a technique highly influences your success or failure.

System one is reading the numbers left to right as you would a book. One says you are becoming more independent and walking your talk. Two acts as a reminder to stay in a close working relationship with your spiritual guides for ongoing personal growth. Three presages a blessing on the horizon thanks, in part, to your focus on real soul-searching. Sensitives believe that the middle number (in this case 2) is like BOLD typing; that is the core of the Angel’s message supporting the vibrational values of the other two numbers.

A second method for interpreting the Angel number is by reducing it to a single figure. So, 1+2+3 = 6, the number of balance between head and heart, spiritual vs. mundane. The only time you would NOT reduce the addition to a single figure is if the message adds up to 11 or 22 (Master numbers). For example, 128 adds up to 11. 985 adds up to 22.

When you find yourself uncertain about what your Angel number means, wait until you have a quiet moment. Sit and center yourself. Take three, deep cleansing breaths. Close your eyes and open yourself to your Angels, asking for clarification. Give it time. We are not accustomed to sitting in silence. However, this is when the Divine and Angels can get a word in edgewise to our ever-busy brains.

Your guiding Angels will do everything possible to get your attention so we become active participants in the story of our soul. The hard part for humans is self-trust. We often brush off synchronicity as a mere coincidence and pay it no mind. All of life consists of patterns. Angel numbers are one of them responding to your inner conversations and confusions. Don’t toss away this gift. Listen, pay attention and trust what you are seeing with your own eyes!

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Angel Number Pairing: Two to Tango?

Numbers offer a wide variety for the Angels’ use. Here, we examine sequences where one specific number weighs heavily into the equation. For example, if you see 525 repeatedly, the number with the most energy is 5. That specific vibration influences the way you interpret 2.

Here’s an illustration to get you started:

    • 1 paired with 2: This number represents spring and new growth. The air is fresh, and the bulbs planted in your spirit begin blossoming. You are headed the right way. Continue, trusting your Angels for guidance.
    • 1 paired with 3: You are very fortunate. The Ascended Masters are taking notice and offering you the chance at learning ancient insights into manifesting what we want and need in life. The focus now is on the type of soul contract you signed before entering the earth plane. What is your true life’s purpose? You can carve out your destiny. Let the Masters and Angels guide you.
    • 1 paired with 4: All sparks begin with a thought. Some create well-tended fires, while others rage out of control. Be careful what you wish for as it may very well manifest. If you are seeing 411 regularly, this is a giant red light saying: Stop! Contact us now! Angels have some important data for you that cannot wait.
    • 1 paired with 5: Sometimes we all get caught up in wool-gathering. Right now, however, the Angels want you focused. Changes are on the horizon for which you want to be ready and prepared.
  • 1 paired with 6: Look up! Step away from the material world and focus on the Divine. You are probably frustrated by something trivial and need the Angels’ perspective.
  • 1 and 7: You just got a gold star from your Angels. They are very proud of your choices and progress. You are making great choices. Accept the compliment with gratitude in your heart.
  • 1 and 8: All life has stages like a chapter in a book. One chapter might be Adulthood, while the next might read Midlife. Other examples include moving from being single to married, or an apartment dweller to a homeowner. Whatever the transition, leave the past behind you. Open your arms and spirit to what awaits.
  • 1 and 9: Progressing onward from 8, you are now on the other side of the threshold. Here you can see the amazing shifts in energy that you and the Angels manifested thus far together. This gives you greater confidence in Angelic messages and in your own spiritual path.
  • 1 and 0: God is with you. God is actually always with you, but we are not always paying attention. The Angels tell you to look to the source. Are you living prayerfully and mindfully?

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Combination Keynotes for Pairing Angel Numbers

Continuing along these lines, we have listed keynotes for the pairing of numbers with a third (1-9):

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Combinations with Two

  • 2 and 1: New beginnings, particularly in the area of personal faith.
  • 2 and 3: Working with Masters for future fulfillment.
  • 2 and 4: A new sense of purpose supported by Angels.
  • 2 and 5: Clarity of intention and objectives sustained and encouraged by the Angelic Realm.
  • 2 and 6: Angels telling you to watch for some type of gain.
  • 2 and 7: Good news is around the corner. The Angels say everything is in place for that objective you recently put into play (like applying for an apprenticeship).
  • 2 and 8: Trust your Angels’ gentle signals for guidance through a transition.
  • 2 and 9: Recovery from loss; a blessing in disguise.
  • 2 and 0: Keep the sacred door to God open and have faith. Wonderful news is forthcoming. All things happen for a reason.

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Combinations with Three

  • 3 and 1: Your thoughts begin expressing ancient wisdom from the Masters. This can be disconcerting, but don’t close yourself off. Focus on your soul’s journey through time.
  • 3 and 2: You are enjoying a new project and even the Angelic guides are excited about it. This brings tremendous happiness.
  • 3 and 4: Wow! There are so many Angels and Masters reaching out to you right now. Reach back!
  • 3 and 5: Angels and guides are here to help you through a difficult challenge. Know that you are not alone.
  • 3 and 6: A time of material blessings. These take some stress away so you can better focus on healing yourself and teaching others some of what you’ve learned.
  • 3 and 7: Happiness in abundance. All of heaven celebrates with your choices. You deserve this. Embrace your bliss.
  • 3 and 8: Now is not the time to give up. Watch how you use sacred energies knowing that God is always with you.
  • 3 and 9: What burdens are you carrying that hold you back? The Angels say, put them down and rest. There is nothing to fear. You are loved.
  • 3 and 0: Your Angelic guide is waving wildly to get your attention. Where has your focus drifted? To be a co-creator, you can’t live on the spiritual sidelines.

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Combinations with Four

  • Four and 1: The Angels are telling you to make a wish, but make it a sound one. Think about needs vs. wants.
  • 4 and 2: Do not think for a moment you are alone or abandoned. In our darkest hours, we can’t always sense the Angels but they are with you.
  • 4 and 3: Even more protective than 4 and 2–you are surrounded by white light energy filled with love and guidance.
  • 4 and 5: Shifts in energy are everywhere, and your Angels are overseeing at least one of them.
  • 4 and 6: Stop worrying so much over things. Focusing on the negative makes it harder for Angels to step in with assistance.
  • 4 and 7: Whatever you have been doing, the Angels think it’s great. You know it too because your spirit feels lighter.
  • 4 and 8: Take it slow right now. While change is imminent listen to your Angels before moving into that new purpose.
  • 4 and 9: Keep the faith and live prayerfully. Something in your life is over, but the Angels are there to open new doors.
  • 4 and 0: Take a deep breath. Can you smell the sweetness of love all around you? Those are your Angels. Enjoy this moment.

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Combinations with Five

  • 5 and 1: What is your goal? Take the reins back on your mind and focus. Now let the Angels guide you.
  • 5 and 2: Clarity thy name is Guardian Angel. You have a beautiful soul watching over you. Continue with strong thoughts about your goals.
  • 5 and 3: Reach out your hand. An Angel stands ready to take it, and stay with you through this time of difficult adjustments.
  • 5 and 4: Right now. Right here. Your Angel is present. What do you need them to hear? Speak your truth.
  • 5 and 6: The Angels are sending a material gift your way that eases your burdens.
  • 5 and 7: Your mind, body, and spirit are all in sync. This transforms your aura into brilliant rainbow hues that enrich your inner life.
  • 5 and 8: The sun is setting on something beloved. The Angels remind you that tomorrow will still come with the warm golden light of opportunity.
  • 5 and 9: What negative thought patterns and habits do you cling to? The Angels say, release them. You cannot move forward until the past no longer controls your future.
  • 5 and 0: Angels are here telling you that God wants some of your time and attention. Pray or meditate to find out God’s will.

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Combinations with Six

  • 6 and 1: If something bothers you down to your toes, Angels have come beginning the repair process.
  • 6 and 2: Trust in the relationship you’ve developed with your Angels in manifesting a dream.
  • 6 and 3: That blessing for which you’ve ardently prayed is right around the corner. The delivery service: your Angel and Ascended Masters.
  • 6 and 4: The waves of life threaten to knock your soul’s boat off course. Surrender to your Angelic helpers to bring you back to shore.
  • 6 and 5: We are spiritual beings living a human experience. Today something down-to-earth brightens your mood.
  • 6 and 7: A little serendipity blossoms in your life. Angels are opening doors for success, as are your diligent efforts.
  • 6 and 8: Providence comes on the wings of an angel once you sacrifice a possession that represents something harmful in your life.
  • 6 and 9: To quote a truism, now is the time to “let go and let God.”
  • 6 and 0: Do not be afraid to give up some material goods for the sake of your spiritual goals. The Angels will be there to meet your needs.

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Combinations with Seven

  • 7 and 1: If you weren’t certain, you should be. You are doing fantastic. Stay clearly focused on your goals and keep your emotions steady.
  • 7 and 2: This represents a positive answer to a question or application.
  • 7 and 3: Finally, your spiritual senses begin reassuring you of the Divine within. This is a joyful time so follow that bliss.
  • 7 and 4: Whether you are working on your own or in concert with others something is going wholly right. Don’t sweat the deadline–you’ll make it if you continue as you have.
  • 7 and 5: Transformation in body, mind or spirit (and perhaps all three) is coming. This is a very positive thing. Stay grounded, watch and learn the lesson your Angels have for you.
  • 7 and 6: This combination focuses on the Earthly realm. You have a wonderful chance to secure yourself. Your Angels will guide you on making the best right choice.
  • 7 and 8: You have a nagging sense that something is about to end. Do not worry. The Angels assure you this is a positive change in your life that precedes good news.
  • 7 and 9: You cannot greet the future without releasing the past. Put down the memories and angst and open your arms to a good dose of Angelic authenticity.
  • 7 and 0: The Angels are saying that the Divine is pleased with your progress. Keep it up.

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Combinations with Eight

  • 8 and 1: Life is a circle constantly turning. You are entering a new part of that wheel. Healing awaits.
  • 8 and 2: Opportunity knocks. Keep your sights fixed and listen to those gut feelings very closely. Angels will guide you to the next step.
  • 8 and 3: Your Angels have become a cheering squad, improving your overall energy. Life is good.
  • 8 and 4: Time to take things slow and meditate on your overall purpose in life as well as your deepest desire.
  • 8 and 5: In the blink of an eye, change happens. Do not give in to fear, but rather accept the love and support of your Angels.
  • 8 and 6: Some type of financial downswing that helps you detach from materialistic thinking.
  • 8 and 7: If you’ve had an ongoing nagging feeling about a person or situation, your Angel’s message is: Pay attention and buckle your seat belt for a bumpy ride.
  • 8 and 9: A chain of events unfolds unexpectedly. Follow those necessary transitions to completion.
  • 8 and 0: There is a grand plan for each person’s life. Be at peace and listen to God’s voice for comfort and direction.

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Combinations with Nine

  • 9 and 1: Something you have made from the ground up blossoms into reality, opening unexpected doors.
  • 9 and 2: It’s been a long road and you probably feel a little lost. Do not despair. The Angels are with you and will support you during your trials.
  • 9 and 3: Live your truth. Avoid anything and anyone that detracts from your sense of honor. Think positively.
  • 9 and 4: The Angels want to help you overcome a struggle. Take time to heal and then stand up proudly. Move on knowing your prayers have been heard.
  • 9 and 5: What negative habits or thought forms hold you back? The Angels are telling you this is a perfect time to release those. Don’t look back.
  • 9 and 6: You need a break from the 9-5 world. Go somewhere simple, quiet and peaceful. Here you will receive new messages from the spirit world about making your life the best it can be.
  • 9 and 7: Be proud of your hard work and the changes it creates in your life. The Angels are proud of you and say “just keep it real”.
  • 9 and 8: Whew! Things are moving much more quickly than anticipated. It’s ok to put on the breaks and reevaluate this situation.
  • 9 and 0: Live prayerfully, leaving the door open for messages from both your Angels and the Divine. Embrace your inner power.

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Combinations with Zero

  • 0 and 1: Thoughts guide action. Remain aware of how you think of yourself, others, the world, and the Divine. As you do, a resolution to a situation will make itself known.
  • 0 and 2: There is a difference between loneliness and being alone. If your heart yearns for a special connection, your Angels and the Divine are there to fill the gaps. This is a spiritual partnership.
  • 0 and 3: If you feel stuck or apathetic it’s because you’re not paying close attention to what the Masters and Angels are trying to tell you. Remain involved in your own spiritual progress.
  • 0 and 4: The energy of love surrounds you, sustains you, heals you. Remain thankful for the beautiful energy that Angels bring into your life.
  • 0 and 5: The winds of change come your way. They blow gently and with blessings from above.
  • 0 and 6: Do not let fear rule your heart and spirit. Look upward and trust in the Creator to meet your needs.
  • 0 and 7: If you never feel your efforts are appreciated, smile. The Angels have assembled a chorus of compliments for a job well done.
  • 0 and 8: Things are finally coming together. You begin to have a sense of your true purpose. The answer to a prayer is forthcoming.
  • 0 and 9: Energy cannot be created or destroyed it simply changes shape. Your spirit is transforming now, making you feel lighter and more free than ever before. FLY!

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Birthday Angel Numbers

The date of your birth is highly significant. Astrologers around this world use this time frame as an indicator of personality, talents, future opportunities and even love prospects. As such this is a very personal and intimate number in your life.

Lightworkers tell us that when your birthday appears in several places, the Angels are sending a message about your spiritual DNA. We come into this world with innocence. Each moment in our life transforms the basic structure of our soul. This becomes a fingerprint of sorts — a sign of who you truly are.

What type of contracts did you sign before coming to the earth realm? To use a common phrase, “what is the meaning of your life?” This is the moment to ponder those great mysteries with the Angels as guides.
This may seem overwhelming at first. The universe is a very big place. Nonetheless, you are HERE, NOW and a wholly unique creation, with likewise unique abilities and purpose. There is no keeping up with the Jones’ on a spiritual level. You walk through this world at your own pace, listening to the drumbeat of your heart. Embrace yourself and live that truth.

HINT: your birthday Angel numbers need not appear as 8 figures (08-02-1964). Rather, you might see 8264, 08264, 80264, or 82964 as examples.

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Have the Angels Forsaken You?

There may come times in your life when you don’t see Angel numbers don’t appear. This is wholly normal. It may mean that you don’t need assistance for a period (i.e. you are doing a great job with your life). Or, it may mean the Angels are trying to contact you a different way such as happenstance meetings, vivid dreams, recurring music, aromas, shimmers of light in unexpected places, temperature changes or finding a white feather in the absence of birds.

Remember the Angels are never far away. Think of them. Ask a question and then watch for appearing signs.


Sometimes we wonder why the Angels would take time to focus on our personal well-being. That is part of their “job”! Angels come into our life when we get off track when we need reassurance or just to say hello. They are an integral part of the vibration that leads us to the Light. As we focus more attention on our Angels, our consciousness expands. The essence of love grows within, and our spirit soars with awareness.

The key to working closely with Angels is mindfulness. You must willingly and honestly welcome them and whatever message they bear. Note, you may not always like the answer you get. Angels don’t spoon feed us–they shoot from the hip. So be ready for a reality check. On the other hand, when in need Angel feathers surround you in warmth, light, and love.

Don’t be afraid to be intuitive with the messages you receive. There are circumstances that may shape the meaning of your Angel numbers. For example, consider what you were thinking about or doing just before the numbers appear. The numbers may be a direct answer to that moment. If you still can’t figure it out, keep a notebook and return to that number or numbers later when you can really focus.

Oh, and by the way, don’t try to fool an Angel. Be honest. Be real. Because let’s face it, trying to pull the wool over any Divine being is a highly unrewarding endeavor. Connecting with Angels is empowering and transformational experience, but you must go into this endeavor with truth in your heart.

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Angel Numbers and Seeing the Signs

Signs of Angels are around us all the time. The more an Angel number appears to you, the greater its importance in your life. Some Angel numbers speak of something “down the pike” while others are very timely. In either case, pay attention. You don’t want to miss this!

Once you start seeing Angel numbers, it’s nearly impossible to “unsee” them. Your mind quickly adapts to discovering Angelic messages wherever you go, at any time of the day. Numbers start turning up everywhere. While our society trains us to consider these sightings as a mere coincidence, Lightworkers know otherwise. The Angels are heaven’s envoy. They bring positive change into our lives so that we can likewise bless others. Angels awaken the slumbering soul and fill it with peace and love. Once you feel this, you cannot mistake it for happenstance. It vibrates at such a high level that you feel aglow.

Angels are a Universal support system and allies. They create a bridge between our world, the higher self and the Divine in order to further our spiritual advancement. This is one of the reasons a particular Angel number may return over and over again at various stages of your life. It brings you back to center. It resonates with the oneness of humankind and acts as a message of Universal connection. This Angel number challenges you again to be the best person possible and live fully.

Everyone has the vast spiritual potential within. It’s hard, however, to see that when we feel so flawed. The idea that we cannot be “good enough” for higher callings is a lie perpetuated by an ailing society. Angels are here saying, “don’t buy into it!” Accept your gifts and the nuggets of wisdom offered by Angel numbers. Reawaken yourself from the deepest core of your being. This is when you can truly see yourself as a part of the big picture where your part is valued, treasured and necessary to the greater whole.

Angel numbers represent the sacred patterns of all eternity. From creation onward, they have been with us, shaping history. As these patterns erupt in our environment, receiving the message is important. While this article has given you the basic meaning of numbers and sequences considered semi-universal, please know they are not carved in stone. Angels know us; they know our spirit and they know to what stimulus we will react positively. So if you read about an Angel Number sequence here and think, well that’s not what I got out of it: That’s perfectly ok. In fact, it’s wonderful. No book can substitute for your own intuitive senses, particularly in spiritual matters. Celebrate your Angel numbers, honor them and renew your spirit. Keep walking with the light.

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