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Taurus and Taurus Compatibility: Friendship, Love & Sex

What is Taurus and Taurus compatibility like? Nothing short of amazing! This romantic duo has one of the highest compatibility ratings in the zodiac! Two Taurus personalities together are the proverbial “peas in a pod!” These Venus-ruled love bugs get comfortable with one another and fast! It’s all love, cuddles, and passion from there!

Stability is the core nature of the Taurus and Taurus connection. These two personalities are so much alike they must be kindred spirits. They love being together and partaking of anything pleasurable. Food, music and the arts are appealing to the Taurean.

Food is especially appealing, and there’s nothing like bringing two foodies together! Fine dining and romantic moments in the kitchen are sure to occur. Some tasty treats may work their way into the bedroom too!

This relationship is sensible and practical outside bedroom walls. But, it doesn’t mean these two bulls can’t release their wild side when in the privacy of the bedchamber! Sensuality and high sensitivity to touch is the recipe between the sheets. Best of all, nobody knows a Taurus’ temperament like another Taurus. There’s no need to explain oneself when this pair hook up. They know each other all too well, so explanations are not a rule.

The one thing Taurus’ need the most is a secure relationship. Change is unsettling and not something a Taurus appreciates. A steady and predictable relationship makes Taurus more secure. If there is a question of trust, Taurus becomes unstable, uncertain, and moody. It’s not like a Taurus to be disloyal but it if happens, the other Taurus partner lets fury reign!

Taurus and Taurus Table of Contents

Taurus and Taurus Compatibility

Taurus and Taurus compatibility is unquestionable! When people encounter two Tauruses in love, it’s an unforgettable experience. It’s like witnessing the happily-ever-after ending of a fairy tale in real life. This romantic pair beam when gazing into each other’s eyes. They are always caressing one another and flirting. They walk together hand-in-hand, even years into the relationship.

When many other couples break up, the Taurus and Taurus connection proves ever-lasting. Before you know it, this pair moves from friends too, lovers, and a long-time happily married couple. Their friends are constant in asking how on earth they remain so content together. The answer is always the same, “Love, patience, compromise, respect, and forgiveness.”

Tauruses are creatures of tradition. They enjoy planning out their lives together. They appreciate the chance to discuss the values they both maintain. This couple is all about family, so it’s common to find Taurus and Taurus relationships with lovebirds who have one or more children. This pair makes exceptional parents. Taureans who raise their children to work hard and enjoy all the beautiful things in life.

Taurus and Taurus Love

It’s hard to imagine a love that runs deeper than that in the Taurus and Taurus relationship. These two have attributes that align with perfection. They both have a love for private time and the home environment. They both enjoy the company of family and friends. Long-term goals are also in alignment when two Taurean personalities get together. When love happens for them, it’s as if the stars themselves align with perfection.

When sharing a focus on a dream, two Taurean personalities can make any dream a reality. This duo is unstoppable because of their hard-headedness and determination. They set out on a goal with a strategy in place. Obstacles fall away like autumn leaves in the wind. Dedication is the characteristic of a Taurus personality. Once they commit to something, they don’t lose sight of what they are committing themselves too.

Two Taureans make fast friends. Love soon follows. They become lovers quick but remain best friends too. When all energies are in balance, the path of love for two Tauruses is smooth and deliberate.

Taurus souls don’t just hate change, they run from it while screaming into the dark night! It’s hard to keep things fresh and new. It’s even harder if these two earthy souls don’t embrace chance occasionally. Stagnation can make the most beautiful experiences dull and uneventful. Taurus needs to enjoy the pleasures in life. So, desensitization is a definitive death for Taurus and Taurus compatibility.

Yes, the high Taurus and Taurus compatibility factor ensures a wonderful love match. But, it doesn’t mean every Taurus and Taurus pairing makes love last. Differing points of focus between a romantic pairing, it leads to frustration. If one Taurus wants commitment and the other friendship, things can become bitter. No one holds a grudge faster than a Taurus with several emotional hurts.

Taurus and Taurus Sex

The antics of the Taurus and Taurus love match when in the bedroom range the gamut. Sometimes the theme song for the night is Whitesnake’s “Slow ‘n Easy.” Other times their love antics are more fitting for Scorpion’s “Rock You Like a Hurricane!” Their lovemaking sessions have a long intro first! Taurus rules the throat, so a lot of pillow talking and whispering sweet nothings is in order!

Taurus is a creature that takes their time. Foreplay is one of their favorite things to do. The longer this romantic duo draws out the pleasure, the better. They’ll want to make sure they are plenty aroused before heading for that moment of blissful ecstasy.

Now, don’t think anger is an emotion you’ll see in a Taurus’ bedroom. When these two let their temper loose, cuddling and sweet lovemaking are out the window. But, if they make up after an argument, then the sex is great! These two sensual beings sure know how to make peace with one another!

The bedroom is one place where there are creature comforts galore. The finest sheets, soft bed coverings, and large posh pillows bedeck the king-sized bed. There’s apt to be artistry to the room’s design for Taureans are visual creatures. Earth tones with warm browns, light amethysts, and deep greens give the room a “safe, homey feel.” It is here these Taureans can let themselves go whether resting or in the throes of wild abandon!

Taurus and Taurus Communication

Again, Tauruses align with the throat as an anatomical correspondence. Thus, they love to talk to one another about anything and everything. The favorite topics of conversation include pastimes, philosophy, and the arts.

Taurus and Taurus personalities often have exquisite singing voices too. If they aren’t professional singers, you’ll find them enjoying karaoke night at a local club. They’ll probably have a karaoke machine for the home as well.

It’s a good thing Tauruses are great listeners. They understand the wisdom behind “Speak little and listen much.” There are times when you’ll see Taurus and Taurus couples sitting quietly in the middle of a crowd. It is at this time they drink in everything they can from the environment. Doing so allows them to learn a lot about the people they interact with and what makes them tick.

Since this star sign rules the throat, Tauruses are quite vocal. They offer their opinions, even when no one asks. The willingness to speak their mind so openly sometimes proves a problem. Why? Taureans demand honesty at all times. Their opinions are too honest sometimes. They might come across a crass or harsh. Opinionated expressions can even lead to disagreements in the Taurus and Taurus love match.

Most of the time, however, Taureans are elegant and eloquent. They choose the most beautiful and expressive words to say what they are feeling. Creative creatures, Taureans the see the use of language as an art.

Taurus and Taurus Clashes

Fighting for common interests in the Taurus and Taurus matchup is not unusual. The energies are flawless when this couple has a common end goal in sight. If this pair concentrates on separate goals, the battle ensues. The question arises which partner’s goal will take the lead in importance. Taurus despise change. So, deciding whose goal requires focus can be a bone of contention.

Taureans develop a fixed mindset over time. They can be so stubborn and hard to sway, the refuse to do what’s right for the greater good. If two Taureans become upset with one another, all hell breaks loss! Think about the movie “The War of the Roses,” with Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner. Then you get an idea of two Tauruses who love and hate each other at the same time! It’s not long before someone is breaking beloved knickknacks. Meanwhile, in a fit of fury, the other partner ends up swinging from the crystal chandelier!

When Tauruses fight, you are letting loose two bulls in an arena, and the matador waves the red flag! The wise matador will get the hell up out of there! There’s no stopping the rage of the furious bull! Things will have to subside on their own before this duo makes amends. Saying “I’m sorry,” is something the Taurean personality must master. They have to get over the hardheadedness and deal with the fact that an apology is admitting wrongdoing. Making amends and asking for forgiveness contributes to Taurus and Taurus compatibility.

Taurus and Taurus Polarity

In astrology, star signs correspond with a Yin or Yang polarity. The polarities are the same as those seen in the Yin Yang harmony symbol. The idea of polarities stems from Chinese philosophy. Polarities refer to masculine or feminine opposing energies. These contrary forces interconnect, complement one another, and also oppose one another.

Yin and Yang stem from the term yin-yang meaning positive-negative or bright-dark. The term also relates to the Chinese word for the sunny and shady side. In the Taurus and Taurus pair, the parties align with yin energies. Yin energies passive, yielding, diffuse, soft, and slow. Yang forces correspond with the active, assertive, solid, fast, and dry.

With Yin forces influencing the Taureans, both partners are thoughtful, reflective, and humble. The duo remains romantic and treats one another with sensitivity and gentleness. The Taurus and Taurus pair are intuitive. The attune to one another so they can share thoughts without even speaking. Intuitive and insightful, the Taurean pair shares a telepathic and understanding bond.

The polarization of energies means Yin or Yang forces are out of balance. When Yin polarizes, the energetic influence surfaces as passive aggressiveness, passivity, and martyrdom. To re-balance, embracing masculine Yin energies helps. It will restore harmony between the Taurus and Taurus love match.

Taurus and Taurus Aspects

When examining compatibility, astrologers consider aspect. The aspects of star signs are the distance between the signs on the celestial wheel. Since the parties in a double-Taurus relationship share the same sign, there is no distance to measure. When the star signs are the same in a relationship, they are conjunct.

In a conjunct relationship, compatibility is almost a guarantee. Falling in love with someone of the same sign is like falling in love with yourself! You’ve got a partner who thinks and acts almost exactly as you do.

Now, unless you have an issue with self-loathing, a conjunct relationship is dreamy! When things are smooth in a conjunct relationship, both parties learn self-love. In achieving love of the self, it makes it possible to be authentic when loving a same sign partner.

Taurus and Taurus Elements

Every star sign aligns with one of the four elements. Steady, stable, and headstrong Taurus aligns with the Earth element. The elemental influence contributes to Taurean strength, steadiness, and stubbornness. The Taurus and Taurus relationship consists of a well-grounded, earth-loving pair. As the earth is solid and always consistent, so too is the Taurus and Taurus relationship. The parties are dependable and responsible.

This relationship goes from wild and passionate to warm and compassionate. The day-to-day routine is all too comfortable for Taureans who love being comfortable. Here is where problems exist. It’s all too easy to slip into a boring routine; this is where earth energies run cold. Romance goes from sizzle to fizzle when this happens! It takes ongoing work to keep the romance hopping!

Taurus Man and Taurus Woman Compatibility

So, how do a Taurus Man and Taurus Woman pair work out? The attraction between the Taurus Man and Taurus Woman evolves naturally. It’s common for the double Taurean relationship to start out as “just friends.” As this couple interacts with one another, They discover the attributes they share.

It’s not long before the Taurus Man and Taurus Woman grow close. The next thing you know, they are wining and dining one another at their favorite restaurants. When not dining out, they cook for each other at home.

You’ll see the Taurus Man and Taurus Woman at wine and cheese tasting events. Dates include the farmer’s markets sampling organic foods, or planning weekend picnics. Rest assured, they pack the basket with their favorite gastronomic delights!

With the Taurus Man and the Taurus Woman, the relationship is stable. Both parties are well-balanced. The Taurus Man is well-tempered and calm, but even if a bad mood strikes, the Taurus Woman soothes him. She is at-the-ready to embrace him when he needs it. She’s intuitive, so she knows when to say something to inspire her man. She also knows when it is better to say nothing or when it is better to just hold and caress him. Being a source of comfort for one another enhances Taurus and Taurus compatibility.

The Taurus Man is one who doesn’t fear commitment. The Taurus Woman is more than happy to say yes when her man asks her to tie the knot. This duo has no problem seeing the happiness on the horizon and life of lasting love. But, they are also reasonable. Both parties have high emotional intelligence. As such, they know their love life will not be problem free.

What’s the biggest problem the Taurus Man and Taurus Woman face? Stubbornness! Who will be the worst for being bull-headed? It’s hard to tell and depends on the day. For Taureans, there’s no gender bias defining which partner is more stubborn! Compromising is not something this duo enjoys. But, it is a skill they MUST master!

The Taurus and Taurus pair are demanding when it comes to fidelity. The Taurus Man has no problem with remaining loyal as long as the relationship is happy. The same goes for the Taurus Woman. Trouble brews if these two slips into complacency and take one another for granted. Each party will feel the other is mistreating them. As sensual creatures who crave comfort, it’s not long before one or both scream “Loyalty be damned!”

Comfort in the Taurus Man and Taurus Woman relationship is a good thing. Excessive comfort is a death trap. If boredom ensues, the relationship stagnates. It’s a slow and brutal death for love. When the relationship goes into hibernation, Taureans feel the suffocation of boredom.

Taurus Woman and Taurus Man Compatibility

The Taurus Woman and Taurus Man compatibility is undeniable. If the Taurus and Taurus love match overcome obstacles they face, they have the key to happiness eternal!

The Taurus Woman and Taurus Man are level-headed and grounded. The partners in this love match know they can count on each other when the chips are down. The couple likes the slow and easy road to love. They get along with ease. Why? Because they have no trouble talking to one another about everything.

In the Taurus Woman and Taurus Man relationship, both parties know all about luxury. They demand the best. They are often in agreement when it comes to household décor. They share tastes when buying items and landscaping outside the home. The Taurus Man and Taurus room have a natural eye for the beautiful and posh.

With Yin forces influencing Taureans, the Taurus Woman is soft, gentle, and kind. She’s always available when her partner needs a soft place to land. She’s happy to listen to the Taurus Man while he gets his troubles off his chest. The Taurean Woman contributes all she can to the relationship. She’s a diligent worker, and her brilliance allows her to climb the ladder of success.

The Taurus Woman treats the home like a sacred temple. But, so does the Taurean male. When working together on any task, with a common goal in focus, this couple will know success. In the Taurus and Taurus relationship, the Taurus Man serves as a source of great strength. He makes his partner feel safe and secure. He is a natural leader and protector. Anything or anyone threatening the loved ones of the Taurean Man meets with the wrath of the bull!

One of the biggest challenges this duo faces is attribute magnification. Say what? The Taurus Woman and Taurus Man are so similar: It’s like looking in a mirror. This duo brings similar characteristics together. It results in the magnification of their common attributes.

Magnifying positive attributes is fine. But, bring out the more complicated characteristics and watch out! Double the bull-headedness? Double the jealousy? Double the egocentric tendencies? It all means double trouble!

Taurus and Taurus Love Match Wrap-Up

The Taurus and Taurus connection is one of the most successful relationships. Both partners know what they want from a loving relationship. They develop trust in one another quick. It’s as if trust is never a question at all if the relationship remains healthy. Lasting happiness is a heartbeat and commitment away for this loving duo.

Challenges exist in this relationship, but there are relatively few. Taureans need to go into the relationship aware of potential pitfalls. If they do, they are ahead of the game. Then, they can focus the famous unbendable-will and-steadfast-stubbornness on conquering relationship challenges! If they do, there’s nothing that will stop them from achieving a lifelong love! The Taurus and Taurus compatibility remains stellar! They’ll become a dynamo power couple living the dream romance so many crave!

Do you want to know if you’re compatible with a Taurus partner? Maybe you want to know about the compatibility between other zodiac signs? Compatibility can teach you a lot about how to navigate a relationship! That’s right; it’s as if you have a roadmap on how to make relationships work! Not to worry; all the information you need is at your fingertips. Here at Building Beautiful Souls, you can begin exploring zodiac compatibility!

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