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Libra and Libra Compatibility: Friendship, Sex & Love

Libra and Libra compatibility is fiery and passionate! When two Libra’s come together in a relationship, it’s a natural attraction. They make a connection between two loving and compassionate souls. Libras seek tranquility and harmony meaning this duo craves harmonious vibes!

Both Libras in this relationship will prove self-indulgent. But, to get their own satisfaction they ensure the comfort of their mate. The Libra and Libra connection fall under the loving influence of the planet Venus. A more compassionate and gentle connection is scarce.

These two make excellent friends and are likely drawn to one another because of how good they look. Libras are always looking to make a good impression on friends, family, and lovers. They are fashionistas at heart, loving brand name clothing and being on top of the latest styles. Looking good contributes to their confidence. It also contributes to their ability to enjoy all the socialization Libras crave.

Libra and Libra Table of Contents

Libra and Libra Compatibility

This duo in the Libra and Libra love match shares a penchant for the posh things in life. They feel worthy and deserving of the best of the best. They’ll want the latest styles, household appliances, and they’ll seek luxuries. It is of no consequence what their real budget allows.

Both Libras will see life through rose-colored glasses. Libras grow up with a wistful and whimsical perspective. It’s a point of view they rarely shed unless reality becomes harsh. But, once they are grounded, they can be harshly realistic. They are intensely sentimental, optimistic, and idealistic. If reality sets in, it’s usually a difficult lesson to master.

Mostly the goal of this relationship will be peace or harmonious vibes. Libras can stand negative energies, especially those stemming from melodrama. It’s easy to keep tumultuous emotions at bay. But, only when limiting connection to an intellectual meeting of the minds.

Since Libras seem to share an equal balance between love and rationality, this proves a boon. When one Libra is up and the other down, one partner can serve as an anchor for the other. If both parties experience emotional turmoil, it’s best to let the energies subside. Once emotions calm, then it’s okay to forge forward. If there’s a separation on an emotional level, this duo can still keep the connection strong. Doing so will require the couple to maintain a rational connection instead.

Libra and Libra Love

Two Libras will find great strength in the common values they share. They will have similar outlooks on life. Both parties are self-reliant, modest, and dreamy. These two imaginative souls have little trouble transitioning from friendship into romance. Libras hold high the importance of commitment. So, both will demand a partner who is faithful. This duo is apt to form a spiritual bond which helps make the emotional connection even stronger.

Since Libras are natural leaders, this duo will battle over who is lead in the relationship. The duo will have to compromise. It’s best if there’s a fifty-fifty approach to relationship leadership to keep things fair.

It’s not uncommon to find two Libras in love who appear absolutely love-struck. Both remain true to one another providing the relationship remains warm and affectionate. If either party turns frigid, it throws the harmonious vibes of love off course. It may send one party looking outside the Libra and Libra relationship for affection. A Libra can seem cold or distant sometimes. So, it’s common for relationships between two Libras to fall apart without due cause.

Two Libras better be ready to share one another with the world. While private time is important for Libra lovers, so is socialization. If the two should wed, each Libra is marrying the entire family. They’ll be marrying into one another’s circle of friends too. The Libra and Libra pairing involves more than two people. It will have a worldly element because of Libra’s need for the limelight.

Libra and Libra Sex

Looking good is the prerequisite for one Libra to become attracted to the other. Both Libras are meticulous about appearance, clothing, and style. One’s behavior outside the bedroom serves as foreplay as much as sweet words and flirtation.

Libras are chatty, so they’ll talk about the act of sex as much as they enjoy the physical interaction. Pillow talk is definitely on the menu for two Libra lovers. Libras will also make a practice of discussing past love affairs. It’s not uncommon for Libras to create a ranking system in their mind. One Libra will rank the other and draw direct comparisons with lovers from the past. They have high expectations in the Libra and Libra love match that might seem near impossible to meet.

Two Libras will discuss the foreplay they have together to figure out how to up the ante. They love to experiment so there is nothing they’ll write off the menu without trying it first. The only thing lasting longer than their conversations is lovemaking.

Both parties in this pair are equal in give and take. They attune to one another’s needs. Libras are affectionate, discriminating, and enthusiastic lovers. The aim for each partner is to ensure they have a good time all while enjoying a physical connection.

Libra and Libra Communication

Libras have likable personalities, so they are popular and captivating. They will want their partner to like them, so they end up engaging in people-pleasing tactics. They are prone to flattering their partner and lay the compliments on thick. By flattering their partner it’s a double win for Libra. The partner ends up feeling happy and satisfied. Meanwhile, the Libra partner flattering the other guarantees their own long-term personal gratification. There will be endless opportunities for Libras to charm one another too. Libras have an insatiable need for compliments and flattery. Stroking one another’s ego enhances Libra and Libra compatibility.

Decisions big and small are something Libras won’t hesitate to share. They feel it important that each party has a say before the gavel comes down on any decision they face. There’s mutual respect for one another’s voice when this relationship is in balance. Libras have a realistic view of the world so “balance” is always part of any equation they are trying to solve.

Humor and wit play a big role in the way two Libras communicate with one another. They can sometimes be playful, and they joke a lot. They appreciate the humor that comes with sarcasm. Both Libras are capable of playing practical jokes on one another.

Libras can break things just to fix them and will fix things that need no fixing. The problem lies in their near-perfectionist nature. Two Libras will constantly analyze, assess, and reevaluate conditions or situations. If it has room for repair, Libras will tackle the issue head-on, even when it’s unnecessary to do so.

Two Libras can get along well for a long period without ever complaining. They are good at letting negativity roll off their backs at the moment. But, they can end up sweeping emotional hurts under the rug. Here, hurts will fester and brew into nasty resentments. It might be years before Libra makes such resentments known. When finally released, it’s tad amount to opening Pandora’s box. All that’s left inside the box is “hope” for healing.

Libra and Libra Clashes

Their propensity for overbuying, overspending, and overindulgence wreaks havoc with this love affair. Both parties will blame the other when finances and the budget are blown out of the water. The truth is the parties in the Libra and Libra relationship see life through a champagne colored lens. When the lens falls away, their budget usually falls short of what they both feel entitled to out of life. To repair this issue, they will need to be realistic about what they have to spend and what this couple feels they deserve.

But, Libras may avoid dealing with the cash flow issue altogether. It’s easier to keep overlooking what they’re doing than seeing the problem for what it is. If they ignore the problem too long, everything will crash in on them. The truth is harsh when their only option left is bankruptcy!

Their sense of entitlement can hurt the relationship in other ways as well. Both Libras “want what they want when they want it!” This may leave them banging heads or a push-pull dynamic may result. The friction as these two fight for relationship lead stirs up emotional animosities.

Libras can be cool and aloof when communicating. Using intellect instead of the heart to frame what one is saying can make both parties cynical. If either party is over critical of the other, they might take what is said to heart. Hurt feelings are lasting and shape relationship interaction in the future. It’s best of Libras to adhere to the “think before you speak” rule to ensure relationship tranquility.

Libra and Libra Polarity

All zodiac signs align with a polarity. The energetic forces in question are Yin and Yang forces. Yin forces are feminine, so they are sensitive, receptive, and passive. Yang energies are masculine, so they are assertive, dominant, and action-oriented. When polarities complement one another, it contributes to Libra and Libra compatibility.

Libra aligns with Yang forces. The absence of Yin energies might lead one to believe there’s an imbalance in the pairing. This is not the case though. Instead of creating imbalance, this duo can prove a source of motivation for one another. Both are driven. So, if they align goals, there’s no difficulty conquering obstacles.

If this relationship falls out of balance though, Yang energies polarize. This means one or both partners become aggressive, bullish, and fix minded. If they lack flexibility and adaptability, it may complicate the emotional connection. Two Libras might bang heads in trying to figure out who will take the lead. It becomes all too easy to step on each other’s toes. Hurt feelings are the result.

Repairing the imbalance will require one or both parties embrace Yin energies. They must be more sensitive, receptive, and intuitive. Two Libras will have to tune into one another’s emotional needs to find harmony once more. Agreeing to disagree and compromise also help in restoring happiness.

Libra and Libra Aspects

All signs in the zodiac are on a celestial wheel. The distance between signs on the wheel form an angle or aspect. The aspect is a measurement one uses in determining sign compatibility.

Within Libra and Libra love match, the signs are the same. There is no distance between these signs. When there is no distance between signs, it forms a conjunct aspect. Basically, it’s tad amount to a Libra falling in love with themselves when two Libras meet! Their connection depends on their commonalities. Since there’s so many of them, the relationship proves strong. A Libra and Libra union is just as much an act of loving another as it is self-love.

Two Libras elicit harmonious vibes. They openly accept who they are and know each other well enough to form a near-psychic bond. There’s no need to speak what’s on one’s mind. A Libra already knows exactly where another Libra’s head is at most of the time.

The major downfall with this pairing is over-familiarity. They might know each too well, so the relationship grows dull. To remedy this issue, it’s best if both Libra’s remain independent. Having a life outside the love connection ensures enough room for personal growth.

Libra and Libra Elements

All signs in the zodiac correspond with one of four elements: Air, Fire, Water, or Earth. With two Libras they share the same Air influence. Both parties in the Libra and Libra relationship love adventure, socialization, and travel. Travelling allows this duo to meet new people and make new friends. It also increases their time in the limelight, which they adore.

Two Libras are both flighty and fickle. In other relationships, this might prove difficult to overcome. But Libras are peace seekers and understand one another’s quirks. It’s this same air influence making them both imaginative and creative.

The conversations between them are wonderful and can last for hours. Thus, they connect on an intellectual level long before love blooms. This same communication allows them to talk through any problems arising between them.

In sharing similar interests and tastes, two Libras find a love for the arts, music, and beauty. A day at the mall shopping is probably one of the most fun dates this duo will plan together. That’s only if it’s topped with a night on the town at the finest restaurant. They will have to have caviar and the best champagne on the menu!

Libra Man and Libra Woman Compatibility

When a Libra and Libra get together, it’s a pleasant combination. The constant strive for harmony makes for an exceptional Libra and Libra compatibility. But, there are things this couple will find challenging along the way. The obstacles can put a real threat to the potential feel-good vibes this duo normally shares.

The Libra Man and Libra Woman have a good understanding of one another. They know where they stand with personal ethics, values, and morals. Both Libras have a similar outlook as far as a long-term connection, love, and marriage. They also share similar parenting styles. So, they can meet eye-to-eye on parenting decisions.

It is easy for the Libra Man to know exactly what the Libra Woman needs and wants. She doesn’t have to be outright and direct with her expectations although she will be. She doesn’t leave room for error. The Libra Woman wants her man to know what she’s all about and what she’s looking for out of their romantic connection.

In a Libra pairing, the couple wants to spend a lot of time with one another. There’s a nice balance between cuddle and social time. Both will have a circle of friends they hold close. As the relationship blossoms, both Libras will introduce their partner to their friends. It’s not uncommon for both circles to overlap and widen.

The Libra Man has a natural competitive nature and prefers the lead in the relationship. The Libra Woman has the same competitiveness brewing in her blood. She will demand leadership time as well. If they cannot agree on taking turns, they are bound to bang heads. This duo is apt to stick to a routine as they like things being fairly predictable. They might have to break free from routine to avoid monotony from taking root.

Libras are right fighters and prefer to win every debate. It’s a huge problem in the Libra and Libra love math. Both parties can end up stretching a debate to its limits. Not wanting to give in or to compromise can plant the seeds of resentment in this pairing. The Libra and Libra connection thrive on harmony. So, dysfunctional situations are like drinking poison for this duo.

The Libra Woman is flexible and adapts well to just about any situation. She can persuade the Libra Man most times. Other times, he sees right through her persuasive efforts. When he does, he will stand rigid against them unless he sees a benefit in acquiescing to her desires. If he learns to adapt and remain opened-minded, his feminine counterpart has much to teach him. She is poised, elegant, and friendly. The Libra Man will see in the Libra Woman the best of himself and ways to better himself.

Libra Woman and Libra Man Compatibility

Intellect rules over the pairing of a Libra Woman and a Libra Man. Since Air influences Libras, their connection grows when they talk. Both Libras have the gifts of eloquence and charm. They are persuasive souls with good humor and an excellent attitude toward life.

The influence of Venus makes this duo seek pleasure in all things. The romantic pairing of a Libra Woman and Libra Man can be compared to the “flower children of the zodiac.” It’s all about peace, love, and harmony in the Libra and Libra love match, baby!

When the Libra Woman and Libra Man join in romance, they serve as mirror images for one another. They desire the same things out of life with pleasure and beauty being at the root of all they crave. It’s common for Libras to feel like they’ve found their other half. This pairing might serve as a connection in which karmic debts are analyzed and repaid.

Regarding romantic pursuits, two Libras are moving forward at the same speed. Neither party feels rushed or hurried into lasting commitment. The Libra Man and Libra Woman find comfort in knowing they are on the same page. They can discuss any aspect of the relationship openly and honestly. With harmony and peace in mind, this duo finds ways through minor challenges.

Two Libras seek the luxuries in life. It puts them on the same wavelength with the material world. But, it also makes them wasteful with money. The Libra Man and Libra Woman won’t see eye-to-eye on money because they’ll both be spending it rapidly! By the time they put a spotlight on the budget, the damage is already done. To avoid this problem, it is best for both parties to be practical about cash from the outset.

Just as Libras don’t like saying “No” to others, they don’t like hearing the word “No,” either. There will be an ongoing struggle between peace-keeping and asserting independence in the Libra and Libra relationship. If either party stands strong in their “No,” the other party might become resentful because of it.

Libras aren’t too fond of dramatics either. If the Libra Man or Libra Woman become emotional in excess, it can rub the other party the wrong way. Air being the influencing element makes Libra turn to rationality for solving problems. It can make both parties seem cold and non-caring. The best way to handle sensitive issues is for each party to remain understanding. If either party becomes cynical or critical, the harsh words hurt the other party. It can cause long-term hurts that brews into toxic resentment.

Libra and Libra Love Match Wrap-Up

Few couples can develop the intense romantic bond Venus-influenced Libra’s do! This couple has it made in the shade as they cruise down lover’s lane. Their happiness lies in their willingness to work with one another. Mutual respect goes a long way for bettering Libra and Libra compatibility. They have a special appreciation of one another’s strengths. But, it is the ability to tolerate differences that make or break this romantic pairing.

Do you think your relationship is as strong as a Libra and Libra match? What is your compatibility with your lover? Can you work through potential pitfalls facing your romantic relationship? Building Beautiful Souls can help you discover the answers you seek!

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