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Leo and Leo Compatibility: Friendship, Love & Sex

Leo and Leo compatibility can be beautiful or volatile! Bringing two fiery souls together promises a whole lot of heat in and out of bed, but there’s the danger of getting burned too! Two Leos can’t help but fall for one another though. Being flirtatious personalities, when they spot one another a single glance results in an undeniable attraction!

The friendship between this duo forms easily enough. It isn’t long before the arrows of love are in the air! Their target: a near identical Leo personality! Both Leos in a love affair feel their hearts speed up at the thought of a romantic, risqué, and erotic love affair. Leos are the Kings of the zodiac, so they put on a royal or regal air. They know it’s all for the sake of entertainment and personal pleasure (and boy, do Leos know how to perform!).

The art of seduction is something Leo’s master quickly. With two masters of the art in the same love affair, there’s bound to be some of the hottest sexual moments between them they’ll experience in a lifetime. How’s that for intense sexual compatibility? Two Leos will blaze a hot and fiery trail into the bedchamber!

Leo and Leo Table of Contents

Leo and Leo Compatibility

It’s obvious two Leo personalities have much in common, so it contributes to compatibility. Leos share a high intellect and love of learning. They are both ambitious, action-oriented, and engage in a lifelong journey of learning. Social by nature, these Sun-ruled personalities love being in the limelight, getting noticed by others, and having their voice heard.

Leos are natural born leaders, and they will share the same charming and magnanimous personalities. They demand that a partner is faithful (Kings want adherents to be loyal to the reigning king, of course!). So, they can count on a lasting relationship: One that’s monogamous and based on total trust. Leos are usually honest and generous people, so you’ll see this duo volunteering for charitable work or working toward a higher cause.

Two Leos will find their greatest strengths is what lends pillars of support to the Leo and Leo love match. Their greatest strengths include their loyalty and generosity. Their ambition and confidence also strengthen the love affair.

Leo and Leo Love

The Leo and Leo relationship is exciting, exhilarating, and satisfying. The love Leos share is intense and gratifying. When in balance, this affair has great promise. The road to lasting love is written in the stars.

Bringing these lovers together is like merging two kingdoms. If the merger is done while there is peace in the land, all is well. But, if things are volatile between these two starry rulers, chaos reigns. Leos have no problem making love and peace. But, add any disruption into the mix and let the melodramatics reign!

What’s nice about this primal connection is that two Leos know each other all too well. They don’t have to explain their actions to one another. Each partner reflects one another. When the relationship starts, it’s as if two Leos get a running start over other zodiac pairings. Familiarity with the attributes of a Leo personality act as a platform for which this duo can launch the love affair.

But, what these two royals need to remember is too much of a good thing is never very good. The same familiarity this duo can use to launch a love affair into high gear is the same familiarity that goes old quick. There’s some true wisdom in the statement “familiarity breeds contempt.”

Leo and Leo Sex

Leos are erotic partners, so there’s plenty of fiery heat when these two jump into the sheets! They’ll spend what seems like hours of foreplay, as the sense of erotic touch drives them into an ecstatic frenzy! Leos love teasing their lovers and intensifying their desire until, like the Sun, it burns like a stellar fire within their core!

Unreserved, uninhibited, and open to sexual experimentation, the acceptable menu of bedroom antics expands over the course of time. The Leo and Leo love match consists of spicy lovers. They create a sexual portfolio with a mix of vanilla, chocolate, and yes, “dark chocolate” flavors as part of the tastes they enjoy during experimentation. Thank goodness Leos don’t kiss and tell! What they like doing between the sheets will make personalities under alternative zodiac signs flush with embarrassment! Even a hint of what happens between two hot and randy Leos in the bedroom leaves the average Joe screaming, “Too much information, Leo! TMI Leo, T-M-I!”

Hardly demure, even the neighbors find themselves blushing when two Leos are getting it on! Being quiet is not part of their sexual vocabulary. Remember, we’re dealing with two lions here, not one! Anyone in the vicinity when hormones and desire get the best of two Leos cannot escape hearing lions when they roar!

Yes, two Leos find a world of thrills in the bedroom, and they don’t have to be immediately in love to do so! Their sex drive and desire are forces triggering “instinctive drift.” When they draw down the shades and lights are low, Leo slides right into their animalistic nature. What do Leo lovers prefer? Everything that feels nice and a whole lot of naughtiness too! After experiencing a state of rapture others may never know, two Leos find post-coital bliss by stroking one another’s manes and whispering sweet words of love!

Leo and Leo Communication

Leos are highly intelligent. Eloquence is part of their communication skills. They have a gift for conversation and love socializing in wide circles. With each person they encounter, they see it as a learning experience. Constantly expanding their wisdom through social interaction allows Leos to continue to grow wise in the communication realm.

Two Leos in balance have no problem being direct and honest with one another. With the Sun as a ruling planet, the light shines on everything in the relationship, including the words they express. Honesty and a willingness to listen to one another contribute to the Leo and Leo compatibility. But, if an imbalance develops in either partner, the same direct, in-your-face, tell-it-like-it-is communication proves condescending and trite. It’s possible for two regal Kings to get along beautifully. But, verbal wars are not out of the question.

Leos are often amiable, friendly, and open. They pursue their passions, which is why they can maintain a sunny disposition when others are pessimistic. They have attention-getting tendencies, so they can use their communication skills for good or bane. They are not beneath manipulation if two Leos feel they aren’t getting the attention they deserve.

The way two Leos communicate with one another also falls under the influence of their competitive nature. If these two royals are willing to live together in harmony and share rulership of all domains under the relationship, peace falls over the land. If they remain head-to-head in a battle for rulership, it’s like the War of the Roses all over again! Being flexible and understanding improves Leo and Leo compatibility.

Leo and Leo Clashes

If weaknesses become the central focus of the Leo and Leo relationship, you’ll see these lions go wild! A Leo’s confidence in excess becomes egotism and vanity. There’s nothing worse than a Leo pairing with one more partner with a fat head! The ambition Leo holds as a common attribute turns to a stubborn streak when they are out of balance.

The Leo personality’s natural ability to entertain others can become ostentatious, showy, and pretentious to the point of annoyance. Leos are not beneath being melodramatic. When they exaggerate a situation, it can frustrate the in-balance partner. One partner might snap at other with a quick and stinging, “Get a grip!”

Headstrong Leos are heading for the relationship battlefield. When they have out of balance attributes, they try to dominate one another. No one wins in a love battle between Leos. Even if one Leo manages to dominate another, it leads to bitterness and resentment later. The negative emotions brew like a poisonous stew waiting to take down the person partner who keeps stirring the pot.

Leo and Leo Polarity

In astrology, all signs align with one of two polarities. The Yin and Yang forces are the energetic polarities influencing personalities falling under specific zodiac signs. Leos correspond with Yang energies. Yin energies are sensitive, intuitive, and receptive. Yang energies are action-oriented, assertive, and forward-moving.

Yin is feminine. Yang is masculine. These forces complement one another. At first glance, without Yin influences in play, it may look as if there is an innate problem with Leo and Leo compatibility. But, this is not the case. Two personalities under the Yang influence can get along wonderfully.

Both Leos are driven and ambitious. If they understand one another, they can also be supportive. One Leo partner can support the other as they pursue goals. When they have a joint vision, nothing is stopping them from accomplishing their dreams. If they fall out of balance, however, that’s when things become difficult.

A Leo personality who’s out of balance becomes aggressive, domineering, and pushy. If one or both partners have too much Yang energy, this duo is in for one hell of a time. They’ll bang heads, argue, and bully one another, all for the sake of the relationship lead. To remedy the situation, those who are out of balance will have to embrace Yin energies. It will allow the parties to become more sensitive, empathetic, and loving.

Leo and Leo Aspects

In the Leo and Leo relationship, the distance between signs creates the aspect. This distance relates to compatibility, and therefore astrologers measure it on the celestial wheel. The aspect is an angle measurement.

The Leo and Leo relationship shares the same sign, so there’s no distance between the pairing. The angle measurement is zero. The aspect is a conjunct formation.

When two signs are conjunct it’s like a formula for self-love. When one Leo partner looks at another, they will see much of themselves in their mate. If you get along with the same sign partner, there’s a good chance both partners love themselves.

Two Leos who get along have no problem accepting their mates as they are. The good news is both parties have advanced notice on any idiosyncrasies or differences each party in the relationship demonstrates. When the relationship begins, two Leos slip right into the love arena because everything is so familiar and comfortable. It’s like coming home after years of being away.

Two Leo’s together can develop a near psychic bond. Just like twins, this duo will be able to communicate without speaking. But, it’s important to allow space and freedom for each party in this love affair. It allows for personal growth and ongoing independence, so the relationship remains loving.

Leo and Leo Elements

The Leo and Leo relationship falls under the influence of the fire element. Two Leos can turn the heat on and keep the fires burning. The relationship is warm, compassionate, and loving. Just the right amount of fire promises lustful moments in the bedroom too.

But, an excess in the fire element promises a whole host of problems. Fires can keep tempers burning longer than necessary. The same element can turn ambition into aggressive action and a struggle for dominance. Fire also fuel that green-eyed beast called jealousy.

If the fire goes out of balance, it can equal a firestorm. With two Leos in the mix and a whole lot of stubbornness, it results in a fire tornado! Like a wildfire blazing out of control, this relationship can only run so long on high heat. When there’s nothing left to burn and hurt feelings are beyond repair, the Leo and Leo love match is looking at the scorched earth.

Leo Man and Leo Woman Compatibility

The Leo Man and Leo woman both have fixed attributes. They love starting projects they are passionate about and will see them through to the finish. Ambition and the desire to achieve get both the Leo Man and Leo Woman on the same page with shared visions.

In the Leo and Leo relationship, there’s no problem finding a partner who likes to get things started. Taking charge of a situation is not the problem. Allowing only one Leo to take charge of what’s going on is the challenge this duo faces. It’s all too easy for two Leos to stomp on one another’s feet and cross one another’s boundaries. Leos will spend their lives pursuing conquests, building kingdoms, and claiming an empire. If they do so together, the world is their oyster.

The Leo Man will struggle with a Leo Woman who is ready to battle him for rulership of the relationship. Compromise is what holds the relationship together. She’ll demand rule of the home and hearth. He’ll require space for his personal conquests. If this duo is non-traditional, it can even prove the other way around! In the kingdom of lions, it’s the lioness that does the majority of the hunting! Still, two Leos are at their very best when they work together in any and all situations.

An unconquerable pair comes from a Leo and Leo love affair if they agree to align their agendas. The Leo Man must treat the Leo Woman as an absolute equal, or the relationship won’t work. Besides, a Leo Woman will not have it any other way. He will have to allow her autonomy and the chance to socialize with all her favorite girlfriends too.

Lionesses share their lifetime with other lionesses within a pride. Likewise, it’s the same with the Leo Woman whose social circle serves as her emotional support system. It’s where she gains a power boost to her already incredible motivation and ambition. Her friends cheer her on while she conquers one world after another.

When two Leos are out of balance, arguments ensue. The Leo Man doesn’t stand a chance at winning in a verbal disagreement with a Leo Woman. Her roar is far louder than the Leo Man’s roar will ever be! If the Leo Man tries to hide anything from the Leo Woman, again he’s in trouble. Just like lions who have sight five times greater than a human being, A Leo Woman can see straight through the Leo male’s intentions.

If this couple finds each other at odds with an agenda, there’s hell to pay on both ends of the equation. Leo’s are so ambitious it is best they share a similar goal instead of trying to go in two different directions. Besides, a lion pride remains together and relies on the strength of all its members. The Leo and Leo compatibility factor improves when two lion-like lovers do the same!

Leo Woman and Leo Man Compatibility

The Leo Woman and Leo Man can make a real go of love and with just a little bit of effort. With a few changes and remaining adaptable, a Leo and Leo couple will discover lasting bliss! There’s plenty of benefits from merging the worlds of two Leos together too. All they have to do is be wary of the pitfalls as they walk down lovers’ lane in hopes of developing a lasting love.

One of the main benefits a Leo and Leo relationship offers is the energetic levels of both parties. If only other signs could bottle up this energy and sell it on the market, there’s a fortune to be made! The Sun is an endless source of energy for the Leo Woman and Leo Man. It promises strength, renewal, and growth. It’s also behind the oft sunny disposition this loving pair have each day.

Thank goddess Leos are optimistic by nature. They have a bright outlook for the future. This optimism can help them get through relationship difficulties with consistent ease. The Leo Woman and Leo Man share similar attributes, so they know each other all too well. They are courageous and loving. They admire one another and promise lasting loyalty.

The Leo Woman loves being told how beautiful she looks. The Leo Man knows his woman has a need to be noticed, so he showers her with sweet words and compliments. Of course, the Leo Man’s ego requires regular attention too. The Leo Woman has no problem making the Leo male feel like he is a full-blooded King.

But, when two lions go head to head, there’s going to have to come compromise. There is no instance where fighting kings rule together without forging a truce of some kind. Conflicts bring two raging lions into the ring. Tolerance and patience make sure both lions come out of the same ring all in one piece.

What conflicts might occur between two loving Leos? The green-eyed monster tends to stir up a storm or two. Leos are flirtatious by nature. It is part of their playful personality. Each lion has the tendency to rub the other lion’s fur the wrong way when they take flirting just a bit too far! Battles between Leos are just as epic as the sweets moments they share.

The Leo and Leo pair need to be ready for all the ups and downs they face. Of course, there are more ups than downs if they are the peace-keeping type of personality. If, however, there’s one or more war-faring Leos in the love mix, all havoc breaks loose! The love between this couple is long and lasting when they work together to conquer the pitfalls of love and relationships!

Leo and Leo Love Match Wrap-Up

Fixed signs with fixed minds, the Leo and Leo love affair has a clear course mapped out for them. The compatibility of these two frisky souls increases when they are willing to scratch one another’s backs instead digging their claws in and being stubborn. When this duo finds their harmony, they become nothing more than two smitten kittens! A passionate love affair is in the offing if both Leos remain flexible and compassionate!

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