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Aries and Pisces Compatibility: Friendship, Love & Sex

Chaos is the first thing you think of when considering a Pisces and Aries relationship! Tension is the second word that comes to mind, but you’d be wrong about this one! As much as it is surprising, the Pisces and Aries relationship fares well in the world of romance. While Aries is self-assured and confident, Pisces is thoughtful and soft-hearted. Aries is the warrior pushing their way through the world. Pisces is the gentle, emotional soul navigating the depths of emotion. This couple ends up with two people mirroring the needs of each other. While Aries is brash and assertive, Pisces remains calm and receptive.

The match between a Pisces and an Aries defies all rational thinking. It is a formula that’s written all wrong. But, somehow this love match demonstrates a serious level of compatibility. Yes, a Pisces and Aries couple can work, even if the match goes against your sensibilities. But, why does this unusual pairing work when other pairings seem more compatible? What is it about the Pisces and Aries couple that makes their friendship and love successful? How is the connection possible both in and out of bed?

The Pisces personality is one who offers a serious level of tolerance. The patience a Pisces has is incredible. The Pisces and Aries love match works because each party knows their partner in ways others do not. This understanding makes Pisces more tolerant of some of Aries’ more erratic behaviors. Pisces is a caring soul who has no problem being a kind and supportive partner. Make no mistake, it is Pisces’ tolerance and patience behind the relationship’s success. The moment Pisces loses patience with Aries, things go south!

Aries and Pisces Table of Contents

Aries and Pisces Compatibility

Pisces is intuitive. Those born under this sign understand their partner on an energetic level. Pisces can sense an Aries partner’s mood or when they are feeling troubled. It allows for Pisces to be more responsive to the needs of Aries. Pisces’ intuitive abilities also give them the ability to see through a partner. When Aries is moody, Pisces knows it is because of insecurity. When Aries is aggressive, Pisces understands their love match is experiencing fear. Of course, you’ll never get an Aries to admit it!

It’s a good thing they don’t have to admit their weaknesses for Pisces to be considerate and understanding. Aries is impulsive and brazen. Temper tantrums and bouts of anger are not unusual for the Aries born. Pisces is patient with Aries when these moods occur. But, even Pisces has their limit.

Yes, Pisces will sometimes display the kind of patience belonging to the saints alone. The never-ending patience of Pisces ensures a higher Pisces and Aries compatibility factor. Still, Pisces born has boundaries too. Once Aries crosses the line, the giving and selfless nature of Pisces all but disappears. Then Pisces takes a stand and reaffirms what they will not accept in a relationship.

Pisces personalities are willing to be the hero in a relationship. They make sacrifices in hopes of the relationship’s success. But, their willingness to tolerate a lot is no carte blanche for Aries. The fire ruled Aries cannot behave in hurtful or irresponsible ways without repercussions. For this relationship to survive, the Aries partner will need to mature. They must manage their anger issues and ego-driven actions.

This couple finds romance because Aries finds Pisces intriguing. Why? Because this couple creates a unique balance. Pisces is mystical-minded and intuitive. Aries is the action-oriented zodiac sign, so this appeals to Pisces who is all about dreaming big. Put this pair together, and Pisces softens Aries’ aggressive ways. Aries teaches their partner how to manifest dreams.

Aries and Pisces Love

Falling in love is a slow process for the Pisces and Aries love match. They might date a few times so they can get to know each other well outside of the bedroom. They converse well together. They amaze themselves when they find they hold similar interests. Pisces talks about dreams, hopes, and desires for the future. Aries will share tales about their latest quests and the adventures they have had. With a similar interest in adventurous things, the Aries and Pisces couple begin to build a bond.

The Pisces and Aries pairing is one where both parties prefer a drama-free atmosphere. This pairing stays private to prevent intrusions from the outside world. Both are quiet about the relationship. Their silence is to keep outer influences from invading the special bond.

Arguing is not Pisces’ forte as the pressure makes them ill at ease. Aries also grows uncomfortable when conflicts arise. The fact that both parties in this pairing despise conflict is a double-edged sword. While it might be great, there are fewer disagreements in a Pisces-Aries pairing, this can be a problem. The issue arises when one or both parties avoid emotional expression. When hiding emotions to avoid conflict, the feelings can become overwhelming. This lets emotions fester and causes potential problems and resentment in the future. Maintaining an open dialog always ensures Pisces and Aries compatibility.

Aries and Pisces Sex

The Pisces and Aries connection in the bedroom is hot! You are getting the mix of two elemental influences here. Pisces is a water sign. Aries is a fire sign. Put them together, and it’s full-on steam! Pisces is the dreamer who introduces fantasy elements into the sex life. Aries is the motivated one bringing intense passions into the mix.

The connection in the Pisces and Aries relationship is one that is erotic and sensual. The thrill of the chase is what Aries is all about, and Pisces is willing prey. There won’t be a dull moment in the bedroom. Where things might clash a bit is in the realm of foreplay. Aries forges ahead with a will like a ram. Pisces takes their time, enjoying the emotional depth of the connection. Pisces prefers a lot of foreplay while their partner suggests they get right down to the deed itself!

Pisces is attractive and captivating. They desire a partner who is comfortable taking the lead. No one fills that role better than an Aries companion. Even when taking the slow road outside of the bedroom, things move fast between the sheets!

Pisces is seductive and erotic and has no problem seducing Aries with their charms. Somehow Pisces knows the right way to touch Aries so that the raging ram turns into a smitten kitten! Role-playing and fantasy are important to the Piscean personality. Aries finds Pisces’ imagination one that triggers a sense of adventure in the bedroom.

Aries and Pisces Communication

The Pisces and Aries pairing is one that thrives on the sharing of intellectual pursuits. Long conversations are part of the exquisite connection these two personalities make. Pisces loves to talk about their dreams. Aries loves to show Pisces how to make these dreams come true with a few simple steps. This combination is the merging of the dreamer and the doer. Together, the Pisces and Aries pairing can make manifest any dream Pisces fancies!

Pisces and Aries are both imaginative. But, Pisces has a penchant for creativity and fantasy. This focus on fantasy translates into romantic and erotic action in the bedroom. Outside the bedroom, the intellectual connection in this pairing ensures a solid connection. They communicate well. There’s no dull moment in this relationship. The Pisces-Aries connection is something that intensifies this pairing’s connection. This pair knows ongoing intellectual stimulation is necessary to make this relationship last. The couple merges intellect with imagination, and reason with vision!

Aries and Pisces Clashes

Sometimes Aries gets in their own way. They can be blunt and domineering. Make no mistake, Aries has a big heart. But, their impatience and harsh stance lead to trouble with sensitive Pisces. If Aries stomps on the sensitive feelings of their partner, then Pisces starts to brood. When Pisces starts brooding, it’s tough for them to break out of the cycle.

Yes, both parties in the Aries and Pisces relationship dislike conflict. But, how they manage it when it arises is an area of difference. Pisces chooses to run from conflict. Aries chooses to charge through it. If the conflict arises, this might have Aries stampeding over the sensitive Pisces. Their partner seeks cover from the chaos. It is best if Aries and Pisces go to separate corners until the anger storm passes. It will limit the damage that might occur during conflict.

It’s true that Aries is supportive of the Pisces partner and their dreams. But there is a thin line here. Aries can offer motivation and advice on how to make dreams a reality. But, if Pisces doesn’t try to realize their dreams, it frustrates the Aries born. A quote by Amos Bronson Alcott describes the Pisces dreamer. Alcott writes, “Our dreams drench us in sense, and senses step us again in dreams.”

It’s all too easy for the Pisces personality to have a dream and to drift into another. A quote describing a proper Aries born response to the always dreaming Pisces. It’s not hard to imagine hearing an Aries saying some proverb, “If you want your dreams to come true, don’t oversleep.” When Pisces seems to lack motivation, it might come across as laziness to Aries. A happy medium will need to happen if Pisces and Aries love match is going to endure.

Aries and Pisces Polarity

All signs in the zodiac correspond with a polarity. The term polarity references feminine and masculine energies. These energies are Yin and Yang correspondences. Yin is feminine. Yang is masculine. In the Pisces and Aires pairing, the Pisces sign aligns with Yin energies. Aries aligns with Yang energies. With both masculine and feminine energies, there’s a delicate balance between this pair.

In some ways, the Yin and Yang interchange of energies lends to relationship harmony. In other ways, it doesn’t. Pisces is a receptive sign while Aries is projective. If the relationship remains in balance, the Yin and Yang energies remain positive. It ensures a harmonious connection. If either of the parties goes to the extreme, the energies become polarized.

Aries can become a bully and a bit selfish. Pisces becomes passive-aggressive and resentful. To repair this imbalance, both Pisces and Aries make changes. Aries will need to develop some emotional sensitivity. Tolerance and a reasonable degree of patience will also serve Aries well. Pisces needs to improve their confidence. It allows for direct expression.

Aries and Pisces Aspects

In astrological terms, the distance between two signs on the zodiac wheel is the aspect. Since Pisces and Aries are one sign apart, they are semi-sextile. The semi-sextile aspect suggests that Pisces and Aries compatibility requires conquering certain challenges. But, this couple somehow makes it work against all the odds.

Pisces is a prerequisite or precondition of the energies in Aries. Remember, Pisces is the dreamer, and Aries is the doer. One must dream before acting. Pisces is sensitive and emotive. Yet, enough life challenges might make Pisces develop the thick skin of the Aries warrior. With semi-sextile signs, the personalities show greater depth through evolution and personal growth.

The Pisces and Aries pairing is like two people living next to each other. They have different houses, tastes, and preferences. Now imagine one day, Pisces goes and visits Aries. Despite the differences in household décor and in the way Aries lives, Pisces feels right at home. Pisces and Aries either make fantastic friends, or they hate each other. Either way, there’s a fine line between hate and passion. If the relationship ends in a breakup, the bitterness can prove lasting. Instead of making up, Aries and Pisces might end up with a lifetime of resentment.

Aries and Pisces Elements

Aries is a sign with fire as its influence. Water influences the sign of Pisces. The fire influence on Aries makes them aggressive and independent. It is the same element that makes Aries the adventurous soul. Water influenced Pisces is nurturing, soothing, and calming. Mood fluctuations are common for the Pisces born, making them sometimes pessimistic. Aries tends to hide emotions rather than display them. Pisces is expressive but in need of constant reassurance and comfort.

The Pisces and Aries relationship needs to be flexible to make it! Aries needs to bend a bit in the emotions department. They can be too hard on soft-hearted Aries. If this relationship is going to succeed, both parties will need to master the art of compromise. The relationship will be unsuccessful if Aries blazes through imposing their will.

Yes, Pisces likes a leader in the relationship, but not a master. Pisces will go with the flow. But, Pisces must learn to establish boundaries. One life lesson for the Piscean is to learn how to stand up for themselves without fear of repercussion.

Pisces Man and Aries Woman Compatibility

There is a karmic connection between the Pisces Man and an Aries Woman. It is this deep connection that helps the relationship start out strong. This connection allows the Pisces-Aries match to defy the odds against their compatibility.

The Pisces Man is a deep thinker. He dreams about what he wants to do and who he wants to be. The Pisces Man is spiritual and can be quite tender. He has a heart of gold and will express his love for the Aries Woman through poetry and loving gestures. The Pisces and Aries love match is full of tender and passionate moments!

With the Pisces male being such a softy, it is difficult to believe he anything in common with Aries. She is often harsh, egotistical, and sometimes arrogant. But, the harshness of the Aries Woman is superficial at best. It is the mask she shows the world to protect her own emotions. Pisces sees through the facade.

The Pisces Man might seem mysterious to the Aries Woman. His mystical nature is what draws her. With his help, the Aries woman can begin the exploration of her own emotions. When he enters her life, he does so the ability to help her awaken her spirit.

The Aries Woman enters a process of transformation with the help of Pisces’ help. Upon awakening, superficial selfishness disappears while revealing her compassionate heart. But what makes the Pisces Man attracted to the Aries female?

You might think that it’s her level of unbreakable confidence. In a way, Pisces does find her confidence sexy. But, Pisces has an uncanny ability to see straight through the illusion she puts up for others. He knows her tender side even if she refuses to put it on display.

What he sees someone who is insecure trying to protect themselves from the world. Pisces also knows she can lead him to success in manifesting his dreams. He wants to tap into her ambition and ability to manifest what she desires. She can help him redirect his life and teaches him the importance of focus. The way each partner supports the other keeps Pisces and Aries compatibility high.

Of course, the Pisces Man and Aries Woman are not without major challenges. The aggressive temperament of the Aries Woman is surprising to Pisces. When she is insensitive or aloof, this also surprises the emotional Pisces Man.

Sometimes ambitious Aries grows irritated with Pisces. Frustration arises when Pisces spends all his time daydreaming. She sees nothing fruitful coming from a day-long venture of imaginings. It’s not long before she’s pushing him to move forward. ” Her motto is “Make it happen.” Wasting time is against her nature and sensibilities.

Pisces Woman and Aries Man Compatibility

An Aries Man will have to wine and dine a Pisces Woman before anything can happen in the bedroom. An extended courtship is not at all out of the question for this pair. It takes a Pisces Woman a long time to trust someone. The Aries Man will have to prove themselves before the relationship can forge ahead.

This pair takes its sweet time moving forward. It can take months to go from “falling for you,” to “falling into bed with you” in this relationship. All is well with the romantic world though. The slow progression forward in the Pisces and Aries relationship strengthens the bond.

The Aries Man and Pisces Woman match seem like unusual to say the least. The Pisces woman is a gentle soul. She remains soft hearted even when Aries reveals his cold and brash characteristics. She sees the tough guy persona he puts on, but her intuition tells her it’s a presentation. She sees right through him as if he’s transparent. He has a warrior mindset with a lover’s heart.

The Aries man is not the mushy emotional type. He never sees how much the Pisces woman ignores or tolerates. She’s not one to complain or make it known. At least, not until she cannot endure another moment of his egotistical harshness.

Aries has a hero or warrior attitude, but Pisces sees right through it. She knows his vulnerabilities without asking him. She loves him even more once she identifies all his faults. Why? Because she discovers his humanness.

With both Pisces and Aries having non-combative personalities, this pair can have a lot of fun. Pisces is shy and prefers the privacy of home to a crowded social scene. Aries is comfortable in either environment. This couple will need to mix it up a bit to keep things interesting. A few dates involving social outings and a few at home all night cuddle sessions are in order. It will appease both parties in the Pisces and Aries love match.

In this unique and unusual pairing, each partner has a good deal of understanding. It is this mutual understanding that strengthens an otherwise questionable connection. This couple has a connection that is deeper than one can see by observance alone. They teach each other of their strengths and weaknesses. How? They serve as reflections for one another. Where one party is weak, the other is strong. This balance creates a surprising and unexpected harmonious connection.

Aries and Pisces Love Match Wrap-Up

Fire and water elements are major influences on this couple. The elemental energies translate as romantic and sensual. The Aries Woman is carefree and spontaneous. He is adaptive and supportive. The Yin and Yang balance promises a harmonious and peaceful relationship.

After exploring the surprising Aries and Pisces connection, there’s more to learn! I invite you to examine other astrological profiles here on Building Beautiful Souls! Discover who you are compatible with or learn about what makes people tick! Improve your existing relationships with the knowledge you gain!

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