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Aries and Aries Compatibility: Love, Sex, & Friendship

Is it getting hot in here? That will be the question you ask when you’re observing an Aries and Aries relationship in action. These two star signs are all about ACTION. Their motto is action and movement. When Aries and Aries join in a love match, some serious sparks are flying!

Of course, these two rams can bang heads in friendship and love. One thing is certain. The dynamics of the Aries and Aries match are such that boredom is not part of their vocabulary, and that’s in or out of bed! These freedom-loving, warrior-minded personalities contribute a lot of spice to a challenging relationship!

One of the biggest challenges the Aries pairing faces is the fact that both partners demand to be in the lead. If both parties in this match are still immature, they will meet power plays. But, if at least one party is calm and remains logical, they have a better chance of making the relationship work. Rationality is the key to keeping Aries warriors from engaging in emotional warfare. With emotions under control, this pair can enjoy each other’s company.

Aries and Aries Table of Contents

Aries and Aries Compatibility

In the Aries and Aries match, the couple either loves each other or despises one another. It all depends on how willing the two are to embrace the notions of compromise and empathy. It’s good news for this pair that they enjoy a good challenge because this relationship is full of them. Since Aries loves competitions and challenges, a bit of chaotic energy is appealing. Let us not forget the potential for all that sex when making up after a good old argument or two! In the Aries mind, there is nothing better than the energetic sexual following a fight.

It’s all too easy for Aries and Aries partners to lose control of angry emotions. The pairing can end up pushing each away or embracing each other too closely. Codependency is a possibility. Obsession is also possible, and it weakens Aries and Aries compatibility.

Getting on the same page about what the future holds gives the Aries and Aries match a chance. A power couple can emerge from this love affair if both partners can keep their heads. But, they will have much to conquer before they can go with the flow toward success and love.

Their impetuous nature makes it difficult for the two to get along. They can both prove hasty and reckless. Aries tends to want to control things. It leads to problems with another controlling Aries. Even worse, both parties are difficult when it comes to communicating and compromise.

The bottom line is this relationship is set to reach the stars or fall straight to hell. If the Aries and Aries partnership is one where they work together, miracles are possible. But, if these to remain true to the warrior-like nature, pandemonium awaits!

Aries and Aries Love

The Aries and Aries pairing is more about the thrill of the chase and the prize at the end of the hunt. It’s not about the pursuit of emotional fulfillment or love. Yes, the sex is fantastic. A romp in the hay is still a steamy romp in the hay. But, once the challenge is over and an Aries has their fill, boredom ensues.

Since sex is not about intimacy, love doesn’t stand a chance. Foreplay is a race and happens in a blink. Aries wants to get down to the nitty-gritty. They need action. They see foreplay as an unnecessary delay. The physical connection and the desire for fulfillment drive them. How they end up in the bedroom doesn’t matter. Often the result and the post-sexual period matters little as well.

The good news is that in there is a chance for the relationship to work. An Aries personality will understand another Aries persona. They might be able to make allowances for one another. Neither partner is seeking candlelight dinners or poetry readings by the riverside. The Aries and Aries relationship needs to have desires in alignment.

Aries takes forever to trust, especially when we are talking about another Aries. This is because Aries knows another Aries well. One Aries partner will suspect that the relationship is about physical connection. They might be right. The other Aries partner will have to earn trust over the course of time. Hence, it is imperative that the Aries and Aries match approach love at a slow and steady pace. It gives time for the natural evolution of the relationship.

Aries and Aries Sex

The people in an Aries and Aries match are confident, strong individuals. This confidence makes the transition from dating into the bedroom all too easy. The fiery attraction Aries and Aries love match have for one another can lead them down a road to trouble.

Of course, this is if they are not careful. If this Aries and Aries couple decide to follow impulse or serve their immediate gratification, problems begin. They are overlooking important relationship building blocks. Sex and love are about give and take.

With Aries being having a mindset for action, they are prone to miss out on the needs of their lover. Of course, they have no trouble addressing their own. Mars ruling Aries makes them have a warrior attitude too. This means disagreements rear their ugly heads.

Problems happen when one or both partners experience an ounce of dissatisfaction. Unless one or both parties are prone to logic, hurtful words flow with the ease of a waterfall! Resentment brews hot and quick. It’s a downhill spiral from here.

It is common for Aries personalities to leave emotions out of the sex equation. This makes it difficult to achieve a level of intimacy that love requires. It diminishes the chances for the continuation of the relationship. Aries and Aries know all about sexual satisfaction.

Unless one partner understands emotional intimacy, this relationship faces problems. Aries and Aries compatibility diminishes with a lack of openness in the relationship. This pair often loses themselves on the road to love. They tend to get off on the nearest exit to sexual gratification only.

Aries and Aries Communication

Remember, Aries has the warrior heart and mind. Of course, this means the occasional battle is on the menu. Sometimes the battles are small. Sometimes the arguments are epic. Either way, it is through arguing irrational Aries learns to vent some steam. Yes, it is strange, but it is true. Both partners in the Aries and Aries pairing enjoy a bit of a tiff from time to time. If the disagreements are small and don’t get out of hand, it’s “no harm, no foul.”

There will be a clash between Aries and Aries pairings. It’s inevitable. Why? Because both parties are so competitive. An Aries personality is one who loves the adrenaline rush. They get this rush whenever they win at anything. The more challenging something is, the more rewarding the moment of conquering it is too. The Aries and Aries love match will face huge problems due to their competitive stances.

Aries personalities are stubborn as the day is long. Backing down from a fight is not something they do. Apologizing when they are wrong is also difficult. If the argumentative nature of these two fiery personalities gets wild, it’s bad news. Resentment is not far in the offing.

Aries and Aries Clashes

The main clash this pairing face is the warrior temperament. Battle is something they are not only good at, but they enjoy. When arguments erupt, it is like a long-time sleeping super-volcano awakening!

Since this pair is all about action and adventure, they throw caution to the wind. This carefree attitude crops up when dealing with the financial department as well. The Aries and Aries relationship will face the riddle of managing finances. It’s no surprise when the Aries pair finds them seeking a solution for debt relief. Finances can get out of control, so can the power plays in this match. Both Aries want to rule and lead. If there is no compromise for each time in the lead, arguments ensue.

Aries and Aries Polarity

In astrology, the reference to polarity refers to a type of energy. Every astrological sign has a polarity. With Aries, the energy is Yang. The Yang energy is masculine. Yin energy is feminine. With the Yang energy corresponding to Aries, it means the Aries is projective. When in balance it makes Aries willful, but ambitious in a positive way. If the polarity goes out of balance though, it is polarization.

The polarization of Aries means the individual might become a bit of a bully. They are prone to sarcasm, condescending speech and aggression. They might become domineering. Now, put two out of balance Aries in a relationship and what you do you have? Does the word warring any bells?

Neither Aries will give way as they ram through situations wearing blinders. They will see only what they want to see which is something anger skews out of proportion. If there is no agreement on who is in power, it ends the Aries and Aries love match fast.

Aries and Aries Aspects

In astrology, the measurement of aspect is important in the assessment of compatibility. When it comes to the Aries and Aries connection, these signs have no other zodiac between them. This makes the aspect for the Aries and Aries pair conjunction. Think “conjunction” here as if you are viewing Aries “AND” Aries or Aries “BUT” Aries. No two shorter phrases sum up the Aries and Aries pairing with so much clarity!

Where Aries “AND” Aries work together, beautiful things emerge. Yet, if you are looking at an Aries “BUT” Aries pairing, it’s like saying one Aries reigns in importance. At the same time, Aries reigns “BUT – ‘Behold the Underlying Truth’” the second Aries fights for power too. The word “BUT” suggests these two will end up standing in each other’s way. Progress cannot happen because the “ram-headed” stubborn Aries will not allow movement. They block the way to relationship survival.

When this pair is in harmony, it improves Aries and Aries compatibility. It is possible for the greatest of self-love to occur. One Aries partner is a mirror reflection of the other. They can use their strengths to help the relationship to grow. They can turn to one another to identify weaknesses each partner can address and improve.

Aries and Aries Elements

Remember the question “Is it getting hot in here?” That’s a natural question when discussing Aries and Aries affairs. These two Star Signs align with the element of fire. It explains their drive and will. It defines their ambitions and their stubborn streaks too. It defines their temperament. But, let’s not forget the level of passion this relationship can achieve as well.

With the heat in this relationship, there’s a clear attraction. It can start hot and remain that way if they find the key to relationship success. But, if they fail to tap into the emotional well and bring intimacy to life, it will be one fast fizzle and fade. Picture a star, a Super Nova, and the death of a dying star. That’s the remnants of an Aries and Aries relationship gone South.

Aries has two degrees of movement. It means they move fast and faster. There’s no lead in the shoes of an Aries personality. At least the Aries and Aries relationship can connect on that level. The problem is they need to slow down to give love a chance to burst through all the chaotic energies they crave. If they take the time to “smell the roses,” they can find comfort in all that is so familiar. Rushing through things will only lead to familiarity breeding contempt.

Aries Man and Aries Woman Compatibility

There’s a demand for adventure in the Aries Man and Aries Woman match. These star signs forge through life with a considerable passion for living. Their common adventurous nature will have them doing wild things together. If it increases the adrenaline in their blood, the Aries Man and Aries Woman want to be a part of it. The energies in this pairing are on overdrive! Every minute of their initial connection is adventurous and fun.

It is best if Aries Man and Aries Woman take things slow. Yes, it is acting against their nature. But, this relationship is set to fizzle fast at high speed. With two fiery personalities at the helm, the Aries Man and Aries Woman are apt to burn out. When the movement is slow, the Aries and Aries love match has time to develop. The Aries and Aries pairing can work on setting up a firm framework where the relationship is set to thrive.

Of course, the Aries Man and Aries Woman will find the same challenges every Aries affair faces. The fact that both are headstrong and stubborn will take no time at all to expose itself. The only thing that promises success is a compromise. Compromise times ten.

As go-getters, the Aries pair holds concern for the image of the relationship. The image is most important when out and about socializing. It’s important for both the Aries male and female that they look good and make a good impression. After all, winning the crowd over is another form of battle to the Aries-minded. This same go-getter attitude makes Aries partners egotistical and egocentric.

In the Aries and Aries pairing, it is possible this couple can move mountains. But, this can only happen when working together. It is ideal if they allow one another to have a bit of the limelight on a regular basis. With fairness in mind, Aries and Aries compatibility improves. Each partner needs to remember only one person can lead in the relationship at one time. That being the case, these stubborn individuals will need to rotate responsibilities.

When the Aries Man becomes angry or out of balance, the Aries Woman will have to help him tone his energies down. She can do so with a few kind words and a quiet smile. Her ability to relate to his degree of anger makes her the ideal person to soothe his rage. The same goes for the Pisces Man who can recognize the swell of anger in his female partner. He can curb her temper with empathy and understanding.

This couple shares a zest for life like no other pairing in the zodiac. Their energy levels are over the top! Since they are both energetic, they have no problem keeping pace with one another. To ensure the happiness of both parties, the Aries Man and Aries Woman must take on a receptive role on occasion.

Aries Woman and Aries Man Compatibility

The Aries and Aries relationship is a fragile thing indeed. It’s a delicate concept in the hands of two rams with war on the mind! It’s like letting two Taureans loose in that lovely China shop! The Aries Woman is projective like her male counterpart. She can be elegant when so chooses. But, her downtime is her own, and she claims it! Denim jeans, a loose-fitting Tee, and a pair of Nike sneakers is her downtime attire.

She’s apt to be athletic as she enjoys sports and physical fitness. No one experiences a surprise to find the Aries Woman and the Aries Man at Planet Fitness three times a week! The Aries Woman and her beau like looking good.

“Look, Mom, look what I can do!” Those are the words of an Aries born child riding their bike swift and sleek downhill. They wave, smile, and show they have no hands on the handlebars! “Look, Mom! Look at me now!” That’s the Aries teen driving a vehicle while steering with one knee around a sharp turn. They’re the teens that would give their Mom a minor stroke if they knew what they are doing when she’s not around!

The Aries youth of today are the daredevils of the future. These are the people who grow up and become the Aries and Aries love match! In fact, it should be no surprise if an Aries Woman and Aries Man take on a dangerous job or two. Hollywood stunt couples, anyone? “Fear Factor Couples Edition?” Naked and Afraid for the Married Kind? You get the picture!

Behind that brave and courageous image is a person with endless energy. Regardless of gender, Aries has a superior intellect. The Aries Woman has a severe independent streak but so does her male consort. They both need space and freedom. The common needs stage the relationship’s framework.

The Aries Woman is a great homemaker despite her desire to be out in the world all the time. She considers her home her sacred fortress. She’s a career woman and likes the party and social life at night. If she does marry and has children, she rules with a firm but loving hand.

The Aries Man is the Byronic hero in every sense of the word. He’s tall, dark, and broody. He’s handsome beyond all measure. He has a body that makes females step back and bite their lower lip for fear of gasping out loud! Yes, of course, he is an incredible lover too. He will insist on being the Man of the House. Here he may bang heads with the Queen. The Aries Woman already insists the home is under a matriarchal rule.

The Aries Woman has no problem competing with the Aries Man. It runs in her blood. The same goes for the Aries Man so this couple will compete against one another. Winner takes all, and the loser ends up bitter and jealous. This attitude is dangerous for Aries and Aries compatibility. Resentment drives up the stakes of the competition for the next round. An Aries refuses to end any competition with a loss.

Aries and Aries Love Match Wrap-Up

The Aries and Aries affair is a double-edged sword. It’s brimming over with heat and passion. It also stews with jealousy, competition, and out of control temperaments. Can these two warrior-minded lovers find love in all the chaos? Only if they find some neutral ground safe from the raw nature of the brutal battlegrounds!

The Aries and Aries pairing is one that rattles the mind? Can it work? The Synastry of the two star signs reveals so much about the compatibility of the Aries lovers. But, what about the Synastry of astrological signs? How do other zodiac signs fare in the game of love? Building Beautiful Souls has the answers for you! Get clicking on that mouse to discover who has the best chances of survival in the love game!

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