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The Year of the Pig is just for you, Babe

We know we’re porkers in our piggish use of puns but we won’t stop until pigs fly.

Go ahead.

Make a Pig of yourself.

In fact – make three.

If ever there was a Chinese zodiac sign that commanded respect it is the Pig.

Which leads one to wonder how those pearls ever got to go first.

Known for their sincerity, purity, tolerance and honor, they seem too good to be true. Somehow the Chinese Pig manages to wrap everyone in a warm blanket of love.

Yes, Pigs are incredibly intelligent (largely considered the smartest barnyard animal), have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and are never considered boaring.

And you can take that to the piggy bank.

Year of the Pig Table of Contents

Year of the Pig Personality, Traits, & Characteristics

Pigs only see the best in people and make the conscious choice to believe that all humanity is intrinsically good. Because of this, humanity is indeed better. Indeed, when a Pig (or any of us) places a greater expectation upon another, that person will, not only, perform up to the standard but more often than not, achieve far greater results.

This phenomenon has been coined The Pigmalion Effect.

As for friends, no one sizzles like the Pig.

Just ask Charlotte.

Had Wilbur not been such a loyal, faithful and giving (not to mention grateful) friend, Charlotte’s little spider men and women might have gone to that big silken web in the sky. Pigs seem to sacrifice for everyone and ask nothing of anyone.

They got you, Babe.

But this can lead to the Chinese Pig being totally stressed out which causes them to break out with a big case of hogwarts.

If the Pig is missing the magic in their life because they’re harryed, remember Pigs are seekers of peace. They will do just about anything to avoid conflict. If you need a little help relaxing, go to the nearest happy hour and have the wizard behind the bar whip you up a yummy elixir. A couple of mugs’ll do ya’.

Even if someone huffs and puffs and threatens to blow the house down, the Pig will remain calm. They really just want to keep the good times rolling along.

Year of the Pig Love Compatibility

Though they can be possessive and jealous, Pigs make great husbands and wives because of their sensitive and caring natures.
If you’re interested in one of these nurturing souls, know that they will always be there to take good care of you in case you get sick. And Swine are particularly helpful if you should ever catch the flu or get a stye in your eye.

Also, they always seem to be able to choose just the right gift.

Let’s say that 10 little Piggys go to the market; you can bet all 10 will come back with something really cool like a Pink Floyd CD.

No, they’ll never get caught buying a Pig in a poke.

Pig Symbolism & Meaning

On the Chinese zodiac calendar, The Year of the Pig is for family matters and bringing closure to unfinished business rather than beginning anything new.

In terms of personalities of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals, once can observe Miss Piggy’s snobbish nature, preoccupation with breeding, status and style as exemplifying some of the more negative personality traits of this Chinese zodiac sign. Be seen around town looking like a pig pen in your sweats?

When Pigs fly. Yes. We used this joke twice. And?

The symbolism of the Pig is that of the end of the day, the time of completion. Pigs are also great symbols of good luck because they root only forward, never backward.

Yet, they don’t root very fast. No, Pigglys don’t wiggly as often as they should, so they don’t really burn off a lot of calories. This can cause a bit of a potbelly for the Pig, causing them to be a little on the porky, uh, portly side.

Though they’re not hams, they’re the most admired and trusted of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs.

Chinese Pig Facts & Metaphysical Associations

Fixed Element: Water

Direction: North

Color: Purple

Flower: Calla Lily

Tree: Acacia

Number: Numerology: 5

Birthstone: Moonstone

Western Zodiac Twin: Scorpio

Compatibility: Chinese Sheep, Chinese Rabbit

Celebrity Pigs (Boars): Bryan Adams, Woody Allen, Julie Andrews, Fred Astaire, Lucille Ball, Glenn Close, Alfred Hitchcock, Farrah Fawcett, Ernest Hemingway, Marie Osmond, Jerry Lee Lewis, Dudley Moore, Michael Parkinson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronald Reagan, Al Capone, Humphrey Bogart, Andrew Jackson, Henry Kissinger

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