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What does September Mean?
September Birthstone, Zodiac Sign, Flower, Number & More!

As we move into the 9th month of the year (the 7th month on the Julian Calendar system until about 153 BCE), we are greeted with cooling weather and the start of Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere (basically correlating to March weather in the Southern Hemisphere). In the Eastern Orthodox Church, September begins the Ecclesiastical year. More mundanely, children return to school following the much coveted summer break.

For Romans, September marked an anticipated celebration known as Ludi Romani. These games honord Jupiter Optimus Maximus (say that three times fast) and commemorated the dedication of his temple on September 13th. The event began with grand pomp and circumstances, namely a victorious processional to the temple. While only held for one-day at first, eventually the holiday expanded over several weeks (September 5-19). Common activities included chariot races, gladiatorial contests and in good Roman fashion, plenty of feasting. This gives us pause to consider September as a month in which we can focus on our own personal victories and accomplishments, and honor them.

Many of the names for September derives from farming activities at this time of year. During Charlemagne’s time and in Switzerland it was simply called the “harvest month.” Meanwhile the Anglo-Saxons focused on one crop calling it Barley Month. The idea of September representing in-gathering and abundance remains to this day.

Astronomically you can enjoy the Aurigids and the Delta Aurigids meteor showers from mid-September through the end of the month. Additionally the Southern Taurids come into the sky beginning September 10. The last five months provide a peak at the Andromedids shower.

This is also the time when Autumn Equinox occurs (Vernal Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere). Depending on the year dates vary from the 21st to the 24th.

September Birth Stone: Sapphire

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In many religious and mystical traditions, Sapphire is a sacred stone that gives the bearer God’s blessing and favor, while also granting wisdom. The ancients associated the blue color of this stone as a sign of hope and devotion. Carrying it insured luck, protection and insights into the ancient Mysteries. Rulers often wore this ring as a sign of power and station, but not imperious attitudes. Sapphire balances power with kindness and good judgment.

In Hebrew stories we’re told that Abraham and Solomon both had Sapphire talismans. Some folk beliefs even go so far as to say the Mosaic Law was engraved in Sapphire tables. They were not alone in their respect for Sapphire. Seekers going to Delphi wore Sapphires with the hope that this gem would help them better understand the Oracle’s message. Hindus made Sapphire offerings, Buddhists this stone with spiritual enlightenment and even Christians used Sapphire in clerical rings.

From a metaphysical standpoint, Sapphire is a truth stone that also safeguards us from any ill-willed energies. The gem improves our mental focus and harnesses our psychic abilities for greater accuracy. It vibrates with the Water Element, the planet Saturn and the Throat Chakra. Sappphire is a lucky stone for those born under the Astrological sign of Sagittarius (the yellow variety).

Star Sapphires are highly coveted as they amp-up the overall mystical power inherent in this stone. The Star Sapphire symbolizes manifestation, abiding faith and an awareness of our soul’s true calling (destiny). In heavenly realms, Sapphire connects with the Archangel Michael who carries a Sapphire sword. Light Workers believe that this gem can grant us Angelic blessings and protection.

September Zodiac Signs: Virgo & Libra

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The month of September begins with the Zodiac sign of Virgo. If this is your birth sign you have a very exacting nature. Nothing is “nearly” or “almost” with you. People in your circle sometimes consider you picky but your ability to see fine details comes in very handy more often than not. You love to help people. In work, they take on tasks with well-organized processes.

Virgo is the “Virgin” but not necessarily in the sense we might think. Yes, Virgos are naturally reserved and humble but that doesn’t necessarily turn them into having totally restricted passions. To understand the Virgo think logic over emotion. Practicality is their middle name. This also comes through in the way they communicate. If three words confer the message, then that’s how many they use. These characteristics come from Virgo’s ruling element – Earth. This element saturates Virgo with grounding.

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September ends in the Astrological sign of Libra, the Scales. Those born under this sun sign are all about Partnership, and more specifically equal partners. Going it alone is not in the Libra nature. However, when they find the right pairing they are completely content. In work and play, Libra prefers long-term relationships, which makes them exceptionally devoted.

Being the Scales, Libra cannot abide by inequity. Objectivity is the name of Libra’s game. This is a wonderful attribute, but it has a personal motive driving it. Libra hates conflict. Anything strategies they can come up with to avoid nasty confrontations are welcome.

The planet Venus and the Element of Air rule Libra. This gives Libra charm, a love of beauty, intrigue and an artsy vibe. They make excellent communicators and do well in any life path that requires diplomacy, manners and cooperation.

September Holidays

There are many Observances taking place throughout the month of September. These include several health-oriented themes including Ovarian Cancer Awareness, Leukemia Awareness and Thyroid Cancer awareness. On the food front it’s Better Breakfast Month, National Chicken Month, National Honey Month, National Papaya Month and National Rice month.

Holidays whose date shift slightly include Brazilian Day on the first Sunday of the month. There is also Labor Day on the First Wednesday, National Suicide Prevention Week the first Sunday after September 4 and National Grandparents’ Day the first Sunday after the first Monday (how does anyone keep track?). You might also consider Software Freedom Day (the third Saturday), Bisexual Awareness Week (Starting the third Sunday before September 23), Native American Day (fourth Friday), International Banned Books Week (the final week of September) or Ask a Stupid Question Day (the last Friday of the month).

Still haven’t found anything to your liking? Try fixed holidays. We start out September with festivals like Merchant Navy Remembrance Day in both the UK and Canada (9/3). Then there’s International Day of Charity (9/5), National Beer Lover’s Day (9/7), Chrysanthemum Day in Japan (9/9), Patriot Day (9/11) and International Free Money Day (where do we sign up?). The Second half of the month holds events like National Cheeseburger Day (9/18), International Talk like a Pirate Day (9/19), American Business Woman’s Day (9/22), National Punctuation Day (9/24), National Good Neighbor Day (9/26), International Right to Know Day (9/28) and for those with a sailor’s vocabulary there’s Blasphemy Day (9/30).

September Flower: Forget-me-not, Morning Glory & Aster

September is associated with three flowers: Forget-me-not, Morning Glory and Aster. Forget-me-not is a very tiny flower that, as its name implies, represents true love, affection, loyalty, and fidelity. There is a story in Germany of two lovers walking at the edge of the Danube. The gentleman spies the blue blossoms and picks them for his lady fair. Just as he handed them away, he lost his balance and was taken by a swift current down river. As he left, he shouted “don’t forget me” and was never seen again.

Morning Glories share their beauty but for one brief day. The Japanese people call this blossom asago, meaning morning face. In China the shape of this flower suggests the one day of the year when two star-crossed lovers can meet.

Because Morning Glories open with the sun, they represents fresh starts and the pressing need to live life to its fullest. The Victorian Language of Flowers associates them with love and transience (similar to Forget-me-nots), which is why Morning Glories often appeared on headstones during this era.

As for Aster, some of the common symbolic associations include grace, sophistication, persistence and refinement. The name Aster comes from a Greek term that means quite appropriately, star. Various cultures around the world used Aster in all form s of magic, and the flower appears in numerous myths.

Among the Greeks, burning Aster protected the area from malevolent spirits and snakes. The myths of this area say that this blossom sprang from stardust. They appeared commonly on altars for the various Gods and Goddesses of the region.

In France people laid Asters on the graves of dead soldiers in remembrance. Placing these flowers near beehives improves the flavor of harvested honey. Aster also appeared in various Chinese herbal preparations. One rather lovely custom is giving Aster plants to a new neighbor as a welcoming.

September Month Number: 9

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In Numerology the sacred number 9 represents sound guidance. Hinduism associates 9 with Brahma, the creative force of the Universe. In Chinese the 9th day of the New Year celebrates the birthday of the Jade Emperor who oversees all matters on earth and in heaven. Perhaps this is why they feel 9 is lucky, along with the fact that the phonetic word sounds very similar to that for “longevity”.

Chinese stories also link 9 with the Dragon who is the very embodiment of magic. The dragon has nine forms and attributes. Generally the Dragon represents the Emperor. Hindus recognize nine elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Ether (5 elements common in the West) plus Mind, Soul, Time and Space. Norse mythology describes the universe as having 9 worlds all of which intertwine in the Yggdrasil tree.

In Hebrew tradition Nine is the number of truth. The planet Uranus rules this digit, and it is a fortunate number for those born under the Zodiac sign of Aquarius. In the Tarot, 9 is the Hermit card representing a time of personal reflection and seeking insight from one’s Higher Self.

September Color: Deep Blue

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September’s color is deep Blue probably because it is the Sapphire’s most common hue. Generally deep blue represents constancy, trust, confidence, honesty and perceptiveness. In any space, deep blue has a calming effect on the mind and body.

Dark Blue is conservative, which is why blue suits became familiar in the boardroom. It definitely resonates with the Sacred Masculine implying skill and authority. Greeks felt the color blue protects people from the evil eye (hum, another good reason to wear it to hostile meetings).

Dark blue comes under the control of the planet Jupiter and the Element of Water.

September Symbol: Vine Moon

On the Celtic calendar the days from the 2nd of September until the 29th are dedicated to Vines, specifically those from grapes. This is the time of year when people harvest grapes and produce wine, a beverage associated with happiness and passion. Nonetheless any vine gathering can become part of your altar particularly for Mabon.

Vine symbolism appears over and over again in Celtic art. Be it a tapestry or carving, the Celts revered the vine as a symbol of our connection to all things. Vines also represent fertility, abundance, prospects and growth. Bear in mind that vines were associated with trees because of their woody texture, which is how they became part of the Tree Calendar.

In nature the Vine is opportunistic. It finds a path for growth where other plants would wither. The lesson of the vine is to move in the most feasible path. Openings are around us every day from which other people veer away (or don’t even see). In this the Vine teaches us how to bend and adapt. As an interesting footnote, Vines often grow in a spiral pattern – the same pattern as our DNA. Mystics and Light Workers alike associate spirals with the blueprint for enlightenment.

September Full Moon

September’s Full Moon comes with thoughts of autumn. The most commonly given name was the Harvest Moon. People are in the fields gathering all manner of crops and storing them for the long winter ahead. In the Northern Hemisphere the winds grow chilly and crisp. Another name for the September Full Moon is Wine Moon since the grapes are now ready for brewing.

The Harvest Moon is rather unique in that it rises at nearly the same time for several nights, when other Full Moons rise progressively later each night. This has to do with the Moon’s relationship with the horizon. From a magical perspective it gives you an easily remembered timing for your workings.

September Facts

  • The Liberty Bell is installed in the Pennsylvania State House (1752).
  • Labor Day hurricane stirs in Florida (1935).
  • Pioneer 2 discovers two new rings and an eleventh moon for Saturn (1979).
  • Publication of the first McCall Magazine (1897).
  • First ATM machine installed by Chemical Bank in New York (1969).
  • Pope John Paul 1 became the 264 Pope only to die 33 days later (1978).
  • The Edsel automobile introduced by Ford (1957).
  • Muhammad Ali wins the gold medal at the Olympics (1960).
  • Google founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin (1998).
  • Star Trek appears on NBC (1966).
  • NBC debuts The Monkees (1966).
  • The Today Show appears in color for the first time (1965).
  • Debut of Entertainment Tonight (1981).
  • O.J’s civil trial began (1996).
  • FBI captures Patty Hearst (1975).
  • Rose becomes the official flower of the United States (1986).
  • The first woman on the Supreme Court (Sandra Day O’Connor) sworn in (1981).
  • The US abolished flogging (1850).
  • Rolling Stones first tour (1963).
  • Internet Explorer 4.0 released (1997).

September Quotes

“But now in September the garden has cooled, and with it my possessiveness. The sun warms my back instead of beating on my head … The harvest has dwindled, and I have grown apart from the intense midsummer relationship that brought it on.” ~ Robert Finch

“Try to remember the kind of September when life was slow and oh so mellow.” ~ Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt

“By all these lovely tokens September days are here, With summer’s best of weather and autumn’s best of cheer.” ~ Helen Hunt Jackson

“September: it was the most beautiful of words, he’d always felt, evoking orange-flowers, swallows, and regret.” ~ Alexander Theroux

“The morrow was a bright September morn;
The earth was beautiful as if newborn;
There was nameless splendor everywhere,
That wild exhilaration in the air,
Which makes the passers in the city street
Congratulate each other as they meet.” ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

“September days have the warmth of summer in their briefer hours, but in their lengthening evenings a prophetic breath of autumn. The cricket chirps in the noontide, making the most of what remains of his brief life. The bumblebee is busy among the clover blossoms of the aftermath, and their shrill and dreamy hum hold the outdoor world above the voices of the song birds, now silent or departed.” ~ Rowland E. Robinson

September Birthdays

  • Lily Tomlin (9/1)
  • Beyonce (9/4)
  • Catharine Beecher (9/6)
  • Colonel Sanders (9/9)
  • Walter Reed (9/13)
  • Tommy Lee Jones & Prince Harry (9/15)
  • Greta Garbo (9/18)
  • H.G. Wells (9/21)
  • Jim Henson (9/24)
  • Ed Sullivan
  • (9/28)