What Is A Psychic

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From the oracle at Delphi to the Fox Sisters to the New Age movement there have been psychics and stories of psychics. But what exactly does that word “psychic” mean? Further, what is a psychic – really?

The word ‘Psychic’ originates from the Greek word ‘psychikos’; which means “of the Soul”.

A “psychic” is someone who gathers / senses information that comes from a space beyond our normal five senses. A psychic is in touch with his/her ‘sixth sense’. Exactly how they do this and how it manifests depends on the person. Some pick up energy through psychometry (touching an object and knowing about its past, for example). Others may have the psychic power of clairvoyance or remote viewing that tells them about people and places without having been given any information beforehand. Other’s still can predict forthcoming events.

Psychics are people who never blocked that information. Or, if they did block their natural abilities, purposefully found methods to reconnect with that special way of seeing within themselves and beyond the veil (as in the case of spirit communication). Once you know what’s missing it’s easier to find it – so don’t be afraid to reach within and see what wonders you find in the treasure-trove of your spiritual Being.

No matter the spiritual gift, this kind of knowing can, sometimes, make people nervous and wary. It can seem as though psychic abilities are outside the ordinary and might feel rather awkward. This reaction is particularly true when spot-on information comes from a total stranger or unexpectedly from your own precognition, dream, mind, and more. If you count yourself among the skeptics or those uncertain about the whole concept, this article may greatly put your mind and heart at rest.

How Do Psychics Know Things

First, let’s start at the beginning. All living things have energy. That energy has a pattern. That pattern interacts with other patterns in the entire world and beyond. In the case of human beings our energy also has habitual patterns that repeat themselves. Like adding another layer of paint, that makes a pattern bolder/stronger (i.e. more easily recognized). In its most basic form, psychism or psychic ‘power’ is the ability to recognize those patterns. This includes the ability to follow the energy patterns to their most logical and intuitive conclusion (the mind works on both levels, as does our spirit).

Since every living and non-living thing is comprised of vibrational energy, psychics can ‘feel’ (Clairsentience) or ‘know’ (Claircognizance) emotions, thoughts, intentions, and more. Why? Because everything we think, feel, say, and do creates electricity. Just like a cell phone emits electricity or vibrational patterns that are received by cell towers and, then, ‘re-formed’ into the words we hear through our phone speakers – this is ‘how’ psychics hear, feel, and see psychic impressions and ‘talk’ to discarnate (out of body) spirits.

Am I Psychic

You may not believe it, but you have psychic abilities that you may not recognize as such. Did you ever have a gut feeling that kept you out of trouble? Ever know who is calling (without caller ID)? Or how about walking into a room and feeling stress or joy, even though there is no one else present? The old saying, “if walls could talk” ties into energy patterns. In all three of these examples you “tuned in” – the only difference being that you did it without intention.

Lightworkers, Shamans, Clairvoyants, Intuitives, Sensitives – all tell us that there is more to the world than meets the eye. These spiritual journeymen also say that everyone has some psychic aptitude. Like any talent, however, it requires development and not everyone has the same level of skill. To use a mundane example, you might hunt and peck while someone else can type 80 words a minute. It’s the same basic thing at different levels of practice and proficiency. Psychic phenomena works like that too. Click to get more info on the question, “Am I Psychic”.

Who Believes In Psychics

The ancients recognized psychic abilities, and in some settings depended heavily upon them. Astrologers, fortune-tellers, diviners and prophets alike manifested their abilities in different ways. Many leaders had a clairvoyant or other psychic as an advisor to State. One of the most famous historical examples of prophesy is the Delphic Oracle where a priestess delivered the words and predictions of Apollo during special rituals. Other figures in psychic history include Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and Helena Blavastsky.

Fast forward to 2005 by which time the Gallup Poll revealed that between 26 and 41 percent of the population believed in some type of psychic phenomena (the difference came from which gift was mentioned). This doesn’t mean you have to jump on the proverbial bandwagon, but it does give us pause. Humankind trusted in psychics for everything from growing crops to making major political decisions for thousands of years. Now it appears we are reconnecting with hour spiritual and psychic roots once again.

You may find yourself wondering why more people don’t use their natural psychic ability, leaving you to go to a professional psychic for consultation. The answer to that is relatively simple. From childhood we are often discouraged from using our imagination and intuition. As parents tell a child to silence their instinctual words and actions, it acts like the handle on a kitchen faucet slowly being turned closed.

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