855 Angel Number Meaning: Spiritual, Love, Numerology & Biblical

Angel Number 855

Angel Number 855 is a reminder of the profound significance attributed to omens, signs, and portents, leaving you to ponder the odds of such occurrences. You’ve probably had several moments in your life when you stopped and wondered if you experienced a coincidence, a bit of serendipity, synchronicity, or just random chance. You may have heard the same song throughout your day in different locations, begin humming it, and then consider the words. Are they important?

You are not alone in having such a question, and for the spiritually minded people in the world, such thoughts come more frequently. Even if you believe in harbingers, there’s the nagging question of what it means and if your interpretation will come true. A vision, unless uniquely detailed, is like an inkblot scattered across possibilities.

True auspice is not so random. You probably came here because you have seen 855 everywhere like graffiti on your reality. It’s on a sign in the bus, you wake at 8:55; you get $8.55 in change; you have a delivery to house number 855… well, you get the picture. At first, the experience probably didn’t register on your radar. Face it, numbers are everywhere, so you pay them little heed but for important calculations.

Repeatedly seeing a number sequence like 855 feels different. You can’t just shrug off the plenitude of occurrences. You may also have a nagging sensation, feeling like someone’s nearby, but when you look, there’s nothing. Guess what? Your Guardian Angel calls, whose message is 855!

Great, now what? 855? That’s all? No great horns blaring or bright lights? Angels are pragmatic. They know what humans can and cannot process easily. Drama complete with extended wings is more likely to make you faint than ponder. So, keeping it real, Angels use numbers or number sequences instead. Consider it “user friendly.”

Angel Numbers like 855 come to people when there is a need. Angels have no desire to meddle in our affairs unless it’s important. They come with advice, support, hints, confirmations, and warnings to name a few purposes. And just so you know, ahead of time, there is a solid chance you’ll encounter more than one Angel Number in your lifetime.

So what is 855 trying to tell you? At the outset, seeing 855 speaks about your personal power and authority. Don’t give away either because you feel pressured. Stand in a place of self-trust, leaning on your inner strength and True North for any choice you’re making.

Universal energies are playing in the backdrop of your life. Some are guiding you toward significant but positive developments and increased responsibility. Your Guardian Angel assures your life’s experience is more than adequate to the challenge before you.

Change can be daunting for the most resolute person, especially transitions with duty involved. You like your freedom and independence. Nonetheless, seeing 855 indicates you need to settle down a bit. Keep both feet on the ground and center yourself. When you do, greater financial stability follows, something for which you’ve prayed.

Your Angels know you can manifest wealth in your life. You have to believe it too! You already have a keen business mind, so apply it. Stay positive and let the Law of Attraction work in your favor.

Seeing Angel Number 855 means a time of preparation is at hand. Transition often comes with potholes along the roadway. Buckle in! Your Angels are with you all the way until you reach the pinnacle of your personal goals while working cooperatively with Divine plans.

855 Angel Number Meaning: Table of Contents

855 Angel Number

Angels may come to you individually, like your Guardian Angel, or by committee. If there is more than one at work, each has a specific task and focus. Each is distinctive yet related to the greater goal-your wholeness.

Angel Number 855 stresses your self-authority. Sometimes it’s easier to go along with something because you’re weary of the fight. Your Guardians and Guides offer you the strength to keep going. Integrity matters, as does sticking to your proverbial guns. Stifling your words, swallowing them, makes for dis-ease. Take a deep breath and speak your truth in love. It may ruffle a few feathers (not your Angel’s, of course!), but afterward, you feel you can breathe again.

Repeated encounters with 855 imply the hand of karma in some situations right now. It’s hard to identify because most people don’t remember past lives. However, you may have a tingle of Deja Vous when meeting someone or in a specific situation. How karma plays out really depends on a huge number of factors. The one thing most important here is your Angels saying you have an auspicious opportunity to build “good” karma in the days and weeks ahead and even have some fun.

Encounters with Angel Number 855 appear just before opportunities. Doors are opening. Just take time to explore each before jumping into the fray. When the Universe shakes the energy of options your way, you remain in the driver’s seat of destiny. Ask your Angels which is best for you!

Financial changes are definitely in store with 855, in a good way. But as with opportunity, take care of your resources. People are more than willing to part you from your money using fake stories—research charitable causes before you give.

On the home front, your prosperity helps ease stress. Angels understand how mundane issues impact relationships. 855 grants abundance, at least for a season. Be grateful for the blessings. Use the time without so many burdens to improve your interactions with family.

If you have felt down about yourself, Angel Number 855 comes to you with an important reminder. You are loved. The Divine never loses sight of you or your progress, which is why your Angels are here. You may not always see the exterior manifestations of your faith, but they will come in due time.

855’s appearance signals an individual with a unique flair. You are a bit eclectic, eccentric, and nonconforming. There is absolutely nothing wrong with dancing to the beat of a different drummer-the rhythm of your heart and soul. The people who love you treasure your oddities and vision. You are one step ahead of the throng and being a visionary is a thankless job (mostly). Nonetheless, trust you are doing exactly what you should do on this Earth. It is YOUR life’s path; walk it confidently.

855 Spiritual Meaning

Sometimes you might wonder if God hears your prayers, let alone answers them. Seeing Angel Number 855 is the sign for which you’ve waited. It’s a positive omen regarding your spiritual life. If you feel you’re stuck and making no progress, you’ll soon see the results of your studies and practices.

If you have been praying for a sign, 855 is it! Angels have come to answer your needs and questions. Take a deep breath and open yourself to their advice.

Overall, Angel Number 855 is a wonderful omen regarding your spiritual life. If you’ve felt like you’re not making any progress, it’s all about to transform. It’s not unusual to THINK nothing is happening when, in truth, there’s a lot going on behind the lines.

Seeing 855 shows you have an enormous heart. You show kindness wherever you go. It’s not just part of your personality. It’s a part of the parameters of your personal faith. Kindness is an investment. It yields rewards for the recipient and the giver. It is your time for the Universe to bless you with more insights and growing psychic abilities.

On a mundane level, your finances improve. The slight excess gives you far more opportunities to focus on your path and soul’s purpose. It’s vital you attend to the well-being of your spirit. Be thankful for the opportunity and look to your Angels in considering how best to spend your time.

Don’t forget self-care in the scheme of things. You can’t direct magical energy effectively when you are weary, out of sorts, angry, or ill. Take care of yourself; love yourself.

Speaking of thankfulness, Angel Number 855 brings all your blessings into focus. There are far more of them than you realize. Every day the Angels try to send you a little smile. In each circumstance, show gratitude. It’s a powerful way of living your life, and it attracts even more wonders your way.

Seeing 855 repeatedly is the Universe’s way of saying, be brave and bold. You know deep down where you need to go and what you have to do, pushing forward toward higher awareness. Once you get the figurative ball rolling, it gains momentum, and you see concrete results. Don’t be afraid to stretch your comfort zone a bit. Shine your light brightly.

855 Angel Number: Love

The Angel Number 855 portends major shifts in your love life. If you have been unhappy and struggling with the best choice, your Angels suggest it might be time to end things. It’s difficult, but ultimately it makes room for a far better relationship.

Love Number 855 suggests you have a lot of voices in your head right now. People with their opinions and suggestions are well meaning. However, only you can take action, and it is you who must be comfortable with the final decision.

It does not matter how long you’ve been with another. The real question is, when you are with them, does it serve your highest good? Do you want to be the best human you can be? If the answer is no, you already know the next steps.

Don’t feel bad about your choice. 855 love number acts as a reminder of how you grow and change. You move into new spheres of awareness. Your underlying vibrations alter. When two people grow apart, their vibrations together become like radio static. You can’t hear anything effectively.

Your Guardian Angel assures you of happiness. Take a breather after you break your ties. You need to step back, recoup, get closure, and integrate the relationship lessons before you move on. When you are ready, someone will appear out of nowhere, much to your delight.

855 Angel Number Twin Flame

A Twin Flame relationship is one in which you find a partner who feels as if you’re looking into a mirror. The person comes into your life differently than you expect. Angel Number 855 Twin Flame says your match is near. Keep your mind open and prepared. Listen closely to the people you meet over the next days and weeks, and prepare yourself for the challenges a Twin Flame relationship brings.

855 Twin Flame unions are not always hearts and flowers. They may begin rich in romance, but later you move on to a simpler, more practical connection. It doesn’t mean you care for each other any less. You just become more aware of using your energy wisely. Too much fire burns up quickly.

If you are already in a Twin Flame relationship, Angel number 855 suggests transitions in how you communicate and work together. Think of your union like a rough manuscript in need of editing. Look it over closely-one page, one idea, one situation at a time. Tidy up wherever possible. You can always take another look later on after you’ve made adjustments.

Try to leave the pessimism and angst of the outside world at your doorstep. Your Guardian Angle offers you a rug on which to wipe your feet thoroughly. Focus on the two of you without all the extra clutter. It’s very liberating.

Why do I keep seeing 855?

To dig deeper into the meaning and symbolism of 855, it’s easiest to look at the numbers 8, 5 (or 55). According to Eastern medicine, humans have 8 energy centers. 7 of them reside on the physical self, and the 8th-called the Soul or Star Chakra abides on the etheric plane. Here, 8 infers a time of meditation and prayer is at hand. It’s important to keep your connection with the Divine on an open channel, so to speak.

When seeking after Nirvana, Buddhist doctrine teaches there are 8 things you should do. Practice faith, judgment, right language, honorable action, a noble profession, applying spiritual insights to the rule of law, keeping splendid memories, and virtuous meditations. While no one masters all 8 quickly, you can pick one out you feel most helpful to you and let your Angel guide you in your studies.

In Greek traditions, 8 is the number associated with Dionysus. Dionysus was the God of Wine and merriment, among other attributes. So, Angel Number 855 may nudge you to take your hair down and have some well-deserved leisure and fun!

If you ever find yourself at a loss for words in prayer, St. Francis of Assisi’s prayer is a good option. It begins by asking the Lord to make him an instrument of peace. Then there are 8 specific requests as follows:

“Where is the hatred, let me put love.
Where is the offense, let me put forgiveness.
Where is the discord, let me put union.
Where is the error, let me put truth.
Where is the doubt, let me put faith.
Where is the despair, let me put hope.
Where are darkness, let me put light.
Where is the sadness, let me put the joy.”

Five represents the struggle between your earthly life and cosmic plans. Finding a balance between the two isn’t a straightforward task. However, receiving Angel Number 855 suggests it’s time to really try it.

Christians feel 55 is the number of the Virgin Mary. Rosaries for Mary have 55 grains. From a purely metaphysical level, Mary is the Maiden Goddess who later becomes the Mother Goddess figure.

In the Tarot, the 55th card is the Ace of Swords. It invokes victory over adversity. Receiving the Ace of Swords card is a positive sign. Whatever “enemy” you face will not win. Hold firm.

Biblical Meaning of 855

If you ascribe numerical values to the first verse in Genesis in Greek, the Gematria is 55, which is the main correspondence available. 855 has none. In the New Testament writings, Mary appears 55 times, first as Mother, second as Woman, and third as Mary. The word “throne” surfaces 55 times in the New Testament.

855 Numerology

In Numerology, Angel Number 855 reduces to individual figures: 8, 5, and 9 (the sum of 8+5+5=18, 1+8=9). Beginning with 8, you’ll discover the number energized with personal power, your inner strength, prosperity, discernment, practicality, and inner wisdom. It appears as the Strength Card in the Tarot, which gives you the drive to rise above adversity and achieve success.

5 embodies independence, free-thought, sexuality, and an easy-going manner. Here you find a pinch of humor, unconventional thinking, and living. Five seeks after adventure, personal flair, and a visionary experience. Five is the Hierophant in the Higher Arcana of the Tarot. He represents the balance between law and liberty.

5 is curious yet seeks stability. 5 embraces all the senses, both psychical and psychic. It is an action-forward number for investigation, exploration, and study. It is unpredictable, yet persuasive.

Finally, 9 is the number for faith, Universal Laws, karma, spiritual progress, and enlightenment. It offers a higher perspective and improved intuition (especially if you listen to your Guardian Angel).

Through 9, you learn to say “no” with confidence. One word reflects your commitment to yourself and trusting your inner wisdom. Mysticism calls to you. Yours is the path of a Seer.

855 Repeating

When 855 continues repeating in your life, your Angels want you to think about community and your role in it. Don’t let negativity from the past stop you from trying to help people one at a time or in groups. Rise up! It is all part of a greater plan for your life, and one brought to you by Angel Number 855.

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