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Sagittarius and Sagittarius Compatibility: Love, Sex & Friendship

A love of adventure, taking risks, and playing hard are behind Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility! This romantic pair have so much in common, there’s no doubt their union is written in the stars! A love of travel is something they share, and new experiences are what they covet. This duo approaches life with a youthful perspective. They want to learn and absorb as much as they can all while enjoying every minute!

Sagittarius and Sagittarius couples like things on the wild side. It doesn’t mean they aren’t ambitious though. In fact, two Sagittarius personalities are dedicated workers committed to staging a comfortable life for themselves. Besides, they know they need the funds to fuel all their wonderful adventures together. Working hard and playing hard is the name of Sagittarius’s game!

While both parties in this romance think of having a family with children, it’s later in life. Young Sagittarius couples are looking to have as much fun with no family strings attached. They’ll both have a bucket list a mile long. When they become a couple, they must take turns figuring out what notch on their belt they want next. One week it’s a trip to Timbuktu. The next vacation, they’re planning a trip to the Amazon!

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Sagittarius and Sagittarius Compatibility

The Sagittarius and Sagittarius love match gets high compatibility marks. The couple starts out with friends who have like-minded interests. It’s no surprise if this couple meets while skiing, Bungie jumping, or sky-diving. Otherwise, they’ve met up while traveling the world. They’re an on the go pair who love to fill every minute with fun things to see and do!

Some Sagittarius pairs meet in the workforce and are likely engaging in entrepreneurial projects of their own. They enjoy taking all the risks being in business offers. Besides, Sagittarius personalities insist on marching to their own drum beat. No one else’s rhythm will do. They take life at the pace they choose. Most others have a hell of a time trying to keep up with them.

That’s why Sagittarius and Sagittarius couples make such an excellent match in love. They can handle the fast-paced action each party demands. In fact, they crave it. They’ll both dive right into the next adventure without an ounce of hesitation. They understand one another’s drive and the reasons for what they do. No questions have to be asked in a Sagittarius and Sagittarius affair. They know each other like they know themselves.

The optimistic attitude of two Sagittarius’ is a powerful attractant. They share similar views on life and have the same set of moral values. This duo even has a matching life plan as far as when it’s time to enjoy life and when it’s time for a family. During their youth, there may be a time where both parties are open to dating other people. Usually, this is the initial phase of the relationship before there are emotional entanglements. Once committed, both parties argue fidelity is a must.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Love

The Sagittarius and Sagittarius relationship is one that’s fulfilling for both parties on every level. They satisfy one another’s emotional needs because they are open with one another. Even when secretive with the rest of the world, when they form a bond of trust, Sagittarius shares their secrets with their lover. They share a similar intellect which is what brings them closer in the first place. Realizing they have similar wants and needs only solidifies their growing bond.

Honesty is one pillar in the Sagittarius and Sagittarius love affair. Since both parties are honest with one another, it contributes to the deep trust they form. They know they can lean on each other in a time of need. Sagittarius personalities express their love for one another through words and physical expression. They’ll dote on one another. Though not prone to physical displays of affection, they can barely keep their hands off each other in private!

With two Sagittarius personalities, the relationship moves forward slowly. Even when they develop feelings for one another, their initial thought is to proceed with caution. If either party was burned in prior relationships, the bond of trust comes even slower. Both parties are highly independent anyway, so it’s okay with them if they take their time forming any commitment. Over time, as trust grows, this pair sees just how well they fit together. They feel as if they’ve found that missing puzzle piece they’ve been looking for all their lives.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius love affairs are deep and meaningful. Both parties look to make the most of life, separately and together. Their union results in lessons of self-love and self-acceptance. When this romantic pairing gets along beautifully, they’ve mastered their lesson.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Sex

The fire element is influential over the Sagittarius personality. It explains the drive they have and their love for risks. It also explains the dynamic and explosive sexual tension a pair of Sagittarius personalities have! “Turn up the kink factor another ten notches, please!” Those are the words of a diehard Sagittarius!

Sagittarius and Sagittarius lovers find sex as thrilling as other adrenaline triggering adventures. This pair strays from being conventional in the bedroom. Break out the lingerie and the secret toy box. There’s fun that will be had. Roleplaying is also on their bedtime playlist.

Sagittarius is someone who, when they do something, they go all out. There are no five-minute quickies with this pair. When it’s time to hit the sheets, Sagittarius and Sagittarius are in for the night. It will take hours before their playtime concludes! The parties in a Sagittarius and Sagittarius love match have no trouble fulfilling one another’s fantasies either. There’re no secrets between two Sagittarius lovers, especially behind the closed doors of their love chamber.

Experimentation is on the table with this duo; they’ll try anything once. If this dual Sagittarian couple like performing particular moves in bed, then it becomes a permanent part of their sexual repertoire. Once this couple makes it the bedroom, they have no problem being themselves. They’ll have emotionally intimate moments. But, they’ll have their fair share of sex sessions for the sheer physical gratification only too.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Communication

Sagittarius and Sagittarius couples have exceptional communication skills. Their openness and self-expression enhance Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility. They are social creatures who end up having large circles of friends. But, they know how to talk to each other too. They’re open and expressive. Sagittarius people don’t hold back their feelings. They’ll say anything right off the cuff. Herein lies a problem.

Often, Sagittarius speaks without putting a lot of thought into how it might affect another person on an emotional level. They aren’t out to hurt people with any intention. Instead, they are unaware they may hurt someone because they don’t think everything through. Instead of considering the ripple effect of their actions, they say whatever is on their mind. It doesn’t always mean Sagittarius means what they say.

Between two Sagittarius lovers, saying things off the cuff can lead to problems. If it doesn’t trigger an immediate argument, something a Sagittarius says may cause their partner to question them. It can trigger insecurities or resentment. When uncertainty reigns, Sagittarius clams up. They won’t say a word about the hurt feelings they have. They’ll just bury the pain and carry on. But, their hurt will show in how distant they become.

The reason Sagittarius’ don’t communicate hurt feelings is they refuse to request help from others. It’s the natural “tough” mode of Sagittarius kicking in. They don’t want to be seen as whiny or needy. Usually, they don’t care how the world perceives them. But, with the realm of feelings, when they are hurting, they rather keep it all to themselves.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Clashes

Some minor differences this pairing has can influence the strength of Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility. One of the most significant issues this fiery pair faces is the potential for burn out. Both Sagittarius personalities are always on the move. They’re either working or enjoying themselves, but there is little downtime.

Even in the bedroom, high levels of energy are in demand. That being the case, it’s possible for both to run out of steam. When this happens, it can take a considerable time to recover. The lengthy recovery period may feel like complacency or boredom. Being bored is not something the Sagittarius personality handles well! They’ll look outside the relationship for something to spark their interests again.

If this duo rushes headlong into marriage in the early years, it can end up being a problem. Two Sagittarius personalities need time to live out their dreams. Otherwise, they’ll end up feeling chained down and trapped rather than in love in a happy family. Children in the early years of this pairing are also something Sagittarius couples should reconsider. Being on the go all the time and kids are not a recipe for happiness.

Speaking your mind is a great asset when honesty is in demand. But, there is a purpose behind white lies. Hiding certain things can save face and prevent hurt feelings. It’s as if Sagittarius personalities have never heard of the white lie before. Whatever is on the tip of their tongue pours forth. It can wreak havoc on the relationship.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Polarity

In astrology, all signs correspond with Yin or Yang. These forces are energetic influences or polarities. Yin is feminine. The opposing force, Yang, is masculine. The gender reference only describes the force and has nothing to do with actual gender. In a Sagittarius and Sagittarius love match, both signs align with Yang.

Yang energies make Sagittarius personalities a force to reckon with! It makes them dominant, assertive, and action-focused. The on the go energy Sagittarius personalities have stems from the Yang influence coupled with their fire influencing element. They have an intense drive and focus.

But, Yang energies can fall out of balance. When Yang is out of balance, it polarizes. This means Sagittarius personalities can become aggressive, domineering, and bullish. It is difficult if one or both Sagittarius parties experience an imbalance. They’ll end up arguing, in epic battles, and brewing with resentment.

Instead of seething in anger, this duo will have to embrace the opposing Yin energy. Doing so will help remedy the energetic influence. Yin energies can help Sagittarius becomes more intuitive, receptive, and open. It will allow this duo to tune into one another’s needs. It also makes them more compassionate and understanding.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Aspects

All zodiac signs in astrology are on a celestial wheel. The distance between signs is an angle. The angle is a measurement of the distance between signs. This distance creates an aspect. The aspect between same signs is zero degrees or a conjunct aspect. In referencing aspect, one is assessing the Sagittarius and Sagittarius relationship’s compatibility.

The word “conjunct” stems from the Old French conjonction, meaning “union or joining.” It literally references the Sagittarius sign and the signs sharing the same place in the sky. When two Sagittarius personalities conjoin on earth, it’s like twinning or falling in love with an aspect of one’s self!

If this couple has learned self-acceptance and love themselves as they are, they’ll have no problem loving each other. Self-acceptance leads to total acceptance of a similar soul. These two have much in common. If they have problems with self-acceptance, it will be something they have to work out in the relationship.

The only other issue two Sagittarius lovers face is the fact familiarity breeds contempt. Since they know each other so well, they can grow bored with one another too quickly. Boredom kills the romance between two lifelong thrill seekers. The cure for this is allowing autonomy, which is something else Sagittarius folks hold in high demand!

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Elements

All zodiac signs correspond with an element: Earth, Fire, Water, or Air. Elements hold sway over attitudes, characteristics, and behaviors. Sagittarius partners are under the influence of the Fire element. The fire influence plays a huge role in Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility.

With fire influencing the Sagittarius and Sagittarius match, these two have fiery personalities. Two fire souls are compatible, but they can burn each other out. If they take care and have downtime, they can share a flame that burns ever brighter. Otherwise, the flame of love burns fast, hard, and fades out even faster!

Fire is behind this couple’s sex drive where there’s plenty of heat between the sheets. This couple does well to keep a pitcher of ice water by the bed. They’ll need it to quench their thirst during their hours-long sexual encounters!

This burning fire outside the bedroom can translate as ambition or temperament. If fire fuels their ambitions, they can become so driven, they are workaholics. It could threaten the relationship if ambitions come before love. When fire fuels Sagittarius’ temper, there’s little doubt this duo will ram heads. They’ll have unforgettable and unforgivable battles, all of which damage the relationship’s stability.

Sagittarius Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility strengthens when this couple works together. They must tolerate some of their differences and embrace their best attributes. It’s the only way love has a chance of survival with two personalities so much alike.

The Sagittarius Man is open-minded with a quick wit. He enjoys having a good time, but he knows the importance of work too. He sees similar attributes in the Sagittarius Woman, and it’s these characteristics he finds attractive. Both parties need a devoted mate. Second to devotion in importance is that both parties have a love of adventure!

With risk-taking, a Sagittarius Man has no hesitation. He loves to gamble and live dangerously. He works hard but plays even harder. A Sagittarius Woman is equally risky. She’ll have no problem keeping up with him as she loves all the excitement. The only problem these risk-taking adrenaline junkies will have is deciding who chooses the next thrilling exploit!

A Sagittarius Man will find ecstatic nirvana with a Sagittarius Woman. They both love sexual encounters and being experimental. Even better, this duo has the physical stamina to keep up with one another. The only difficulty this duo faces in light of the Olympic sex they have is dragging themselves out of bed for work the next day! A Sagittarius and Sagittarius love match needs to take care they don’t overdo it. It’s all too easy to burn out!

A Sagittarius Man has several pet peeves the Sagittarius Woman will need to know. By knowing what irks him the most, she can avoid potential pitfalls in their relationship. Mostly, a Sagittarius Man is easy enough to get along with. But, there are things that’ll push him away and out the door.

A Sagittarius Woman is trustworthy, and it’s a good thing she is. Anyone who makes a commitment to a Sagittarius Man needs to be faithful. He demands loyalty of his partner. More so, if she makes any promises to him, she needs to keep her word. For the Sagittarius Man, breaking promises is tad amount to telling lies. If she has to break a promise for any reason, it’s best it’s a good one. She must explain herself with a good reason for him to look past the transgression.

The Sagittarius Man is someone who doesn’t always have his facts straight. He doesn’t know the facts aren’t straight, but he’s not one to like admitting he’s wrong either. Here’s where the Sagittarius Man and Sagittarius Woman may bang heads.

If they get into a disagreement about who has the correct set of facts, both parties will demand they are right. Even when one of them discovers a flaw in their fact set, they’ll remain committed to their original argument. Agreeing to disagree is the only means of a resolution in such situations.

Sagittarius Woman and Sagittarius Man Compatibility

A Sagittarius and Sagittarius relationship has its perks. It also has its downside. But, two strong-willed, energetic and fiery Sagittarius personalities can make love work. A lasting commitment is in the offing if this duo embraces compromise.

Sagittarius personalities find a natural draw to one another. It’s as if their aura’s give off a vibration letting a Sagittarius know they’re meant to be together. Two fun-loving Sagittarius personalities hit it off right from the start. They enjoy chatting with one another and find each other intellectually stimulating. It’s not long before they discover they’ll find other things about each other equally stimulating!

A Sagittarius Woman is out to enjoy as much as she can in life. She’s not someone who settles for mediocrity. She wants every minute of her time put to use either working hard or partying hard. There is no in between. The Sagittarius Man is the same, so he makes an ideal mate. He’ll be able to keep up with her need for excitement. The Sagittarius Man is all about working hard too.

With sex, a Sagittarius Woman is not shy about what she wants. Fifty Shades of Grey Darker is one of her favorite flicks. She’s got a master’s degree in kink and knows how to use it! A Sagittarius Man is all too pleased with his hot-to-trot lover! He’s got the same kinky side she does.

Long nights and many hours of play await this duo between the sheets. They must invest in blackout curtains to keep things private. Otherwise, some private acreage out in the middle of nowhere will save the neighbors from a show they might not be too fond of taking in every night!

Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility is exceptional. It seems as if this romantic pairing has no flaws. But, the truth of it is all relationships have obstacles to conquer. It’s no different with the Sagittarius Woman and Sagittarius Man. So, what does this loving, thrill-seeking pair have to worry about?

First, they need to be careful about what they say to each other. It’s not just what they say, but how they say it. If the Sagittarius Man appears judgmental or critical, he’ll hurt the Sagittarius Woman’s feelings. If she offers the Sagittarius Man “friendly advice,” even if it’s in a loving tone, he may think she’s judging him. Sagittarius personalities are sensitive and take to heart what a partner says. Thinking before speaking is a constant practice this pair needs to put into play.

The Sagittarius Woman is a feisty survivor. It’s the face she presents to the world. Underneath all the warrior woman facade is a gentle teddy bear, who is deep, intense, and emotional. She grows jealous easily, even if she doesn’t show it. It hurts her when a Sagittarius Man is flirtatious with other women even if he’s just joking around.

With the Sagittarius and Sagittarius couple, independence is a boon and bane. Both parties grow when they have time to themselves. Their autonomy allows for the relationship to thrive. It helps from each of them smothering the other. However, both parties can become complacent. They take advantage of the independence, forgetting they need time to dote on each other too. When this happens, it’s too easy for two Sagittarius personalities to drift apart.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Love Match Wrap-Up

Optimism, risk-taking, and trust are the pillars in the Sagittarius and Sagittarius love match. This couple has a lot going for them right from the start. They make excellent and lasting friends. They live hard, play hard, and love even harder. Working out the minor differences between them is more than worth the effort. It can result in a lifetime of love and happiness.

Do you hope for the same level of compatibility in your own relationship? Maybe you’re in a compatible pairing right now, and you’d like to know how to make it even better. You can use astrological compatibility facts to learn more about the person you love. Find out what you have in common, your differences, and how to make your relationship work no matter what! Let Building Beautiful Souls show you the way!

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