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What Does The Color Orange Mean

What does the color Orange mean to you? Orange is a bit of an unsung hero. Orange burns with intensity yet will not scorch the way Red does. Orange heralds in the Fall, a time of abundance and fantastical colors. Yet Orange is not gaudy or egotistical in its brilliance. Orange wants the world to celebrate with it and all to share in its rich gifts of the season. Why did Orange guide you to BuildingBeautifulSouls.com? What support and lessons do you need from this marvelous hue?

Color Orange Meaning Table of Contents

Color Orange Meaning & Symbolism

While Orange seems to be a very under-appreciated color, its symbolism and meaning are quite remarkable. Orange combines the energy signatures of the joyful Yellow and robust Red. This means Orange represents satisfaction, inventiveness, fortitude, energy and overall success.

Orange is considered a “hot” tone but one that isn’t forceful like red. The Yellow element brings left brain intelligence to Orange. As the color of a fond citrus food, Orange also symbolizes health and wholeness. If you have trouble with your appetite, bring Orange into parts of your dining room (but if you are on a diet keep it out of the kitchen!). From a seasonal perspective Orange connects with Autumn and Earth’s abundance. Some Lightworkers also associate Orange with Summer’s vibrancy and the sun.

Advertisers and businesses sometimes use the color Orange to catch your eye and promote certain items. When you are around Orange items they encourage personal recovery, particularly from emotional setbacks and disenchantment. Spiritually speaking Orange helps us express our beliefs, sometimes dramatically which is useful in a ritual setting.

People who are awkward in public can wear Orange to boost self-esteem and contentment. Use Orange sacred healing crystals and stones in rooms where you want to kick-up your mental awareness or activity levels. Examples include Carnelian, Orange Sapphire, Orange Sunstone, and Peach Aventurine.

Orange is adventurous, often responding to situations based on instinct, which sets it apart from Red and Yellow. Orange colors and hues also speak to our emotions offering strength and hope during trying times. Orange vibrations rejuvenate our very soul, which is a good reason to integrate it into our sacred spaces. It also influences our ability to cope with tough financial straights until they pass.

The color Orange is certainly no wilting flower. Symbolically it is the unrestrained drama Queen and free spirit of the color wheel. This characteristic makes Orange a great communicator who helps get respectful conversations started on even the most wild of subjects.

What Your Favorite Color Says About You
The Orange Personality

People who love the color Orange tend to be outgoing, friendly and approachable. You are strong-minded but not overly pushy. Social expression is essential to Orange people – it energizes you emotionally and mentally. If you want to plan a bang-up event, find an Orange person to help you.

Orange has a circle of friends attracted by your natural charm and showmanship. Watch your voice, however, as you tend to get loud if you feel you’re not getting enough attention. More positively you are a natural helper that uplifts people when they’re down. There is no judgement in your assistance or outlook. For you, people are who they are – there is no need to change them.

Relationships can prove difficult to Orange’s gypsy soul. Being tied down is hard for a freedom-lover. Just sitting still sometimes feels like torture. The best bet for Orange is to find someone with a zeal for life similar to your adventurous, highly active spirit.

Meditation isn’t something Orange takes to well. They are too busy discovering the world around them rather than looking within. If you struggle in this sense, try moving meditations that satisfy your need to be on the go.

Patience isn’t a common virtue among Oranges. When it’s time to act the time is always NOW. In this you live on a risky edge of life. In the home things are typically cluttered except perhaps the kitchen.

Those who dislike Orange are often loners who don’t have a lot of motivation. They also (generally) don’t have a great self-image.

Color Psychology: Orange

Orange represents our instincts from a psychological perspective. People with Orange in their living spaces respect their inner voice particularly when it screams WARNING. Orange in the environment brings a greater sense of strength and rejuvenation. When the dark clouds gather, hit them with a beam of Orange color energy straight from the Sacral Chakra. Likewise, if you’re feeling like your vitality has taken a hit, use Orange colored crystals and stones to rejuvenate your Sacral Chakra (aka 2nd Chakra).

People who plan too much or tend to get caught in ruts will find Orange delightfully helpful in spontaneity. When you need to act quickly Orange is the go-to guy. It keeps our mind motivated and upbeat. The only caution is too much Orange can be exhausting. It brings a bad case of the fidgets in its wake.

Orange’s meaning compared to other colors is wholly outgoing and a tad wanton. Orange wants to be in the spot light or center stage in any group of people. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because Orange stresses socializing. However sometimes all that drama overwhelms others.

The stimulating nature of Orange is why eateries use pale Orange to highlight specials or specific items. It encourages conversation and hunger among patrons. With Orange around your mind gets ready for a good time! Overall Orange accents create a mood of warmth, fun, escapades and a bit of risk taking, which makes it a good choice for casinos too. Psychologically our brain interprets Orange as a signal affordability, but for this purpose too much could make a dreadful impression.

Orange Color Variations:

Soft Orange, like peach, is easy going, friendly and polite. Excellent for stressful meeting settings. Amber Orange is a confidence builder akin to a power tie. Golden Orange stresses personal control, wisdom, prosperity and health, and reddish Orange reflects passion and desire.

Orange Crystals List

  • Aragonite Sputnik – earth healing, deepens connections to Mother Gaia.
  • Golden Calcite – self trust, alleviates stress, overcoming setbacks.
  • Carnelian – restores vitality, enhances creativity, supports willpower.
  • Citrine – radiates happiness, attracts abundance, revitalizing for mind, body, and spirit.
  • Fire Agate – calms fears, eliminates sweet cravings, stone of protection.
  • Sandstone – facilitates movement, connects us to the earth, helps us to face reality.
  • Tiger Eye – promotes agility, strength, and patience.
  • Tiger Iron – gives strength to overcome difficulties and follow dreams.

Orange Flowers List

  • Orange Begonia – justice, peace between nations, gratitude.
  • Bird of Paradise – paradise on earth, optimism, freedom (bird in flight)
  • Orange Chrysanthemum – Mother’s Day Flower, rest and recovery, devotion.
  • Orange Cosmos – ‘walk with me hand in hand’.
  • Orange Gerbera Daisy – youthful exuberance, celebration of life.
  • Lion’s Tail – leadership, speaking one’s truth, natural and true confidence.
  • Marigold – creativity, good relations in life and business, warmth of the sun.
  • California Poppy – eternal happy life, imagination, co-creation with the divine.
  • Zinnia – great memories, heart-centered affection, love everlasting.

Quotes About the Color Orange

Jim Davis

“In my head, the sky is blue, the grass is green and cats are orange.”

Herman Melville

“Where does the violet tint ends and the orange tint begins? Distinctly we see the difference of the colors, but where exactly does the one first blending enter into the other. So with sanity and insanity.”

Building Beautiful Souls

“I embrace and enjoy life in full measure. I am a wellspring of joyous creativity. I trust my intuition to bring me correct and useful information. – Sacral Chakra Mantra”

Frank Sinatra

“Orange is the happiest color.”

Frank Ocean

“Orange is a color of liberation, from the pains of hurtful love and inner securities. To ‘channel orange’ is to be free, to be you.”

Tabatha Coffey

“During a color consultation, I like to reference food as a visual. Hot fudge and orange marmalade paint a clearer picture and helps prevent end results that leave you feeling unsatisfied.”

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