3 thoughts on “My Account

  1. mmiller22262 says:

    I just received my first tarot deck but no instructions were included. Your page has so much detail, and is very informative. I’d like to get a reading sometime soon, but would like to learn more first so that I can follow along. I hope your readings are either video or live.

  2. Jacquelyn Reynoso says:

    Hi there, I saw you were interview on Namaste today last week and I thought you were awesome. I love your energy. I’m sure you have loads of people that want readings from you since that interview. I’m just wondering when I can schedule my appointment. I purchased a one hour reading from you last Tuesday and I haven’t received any email in any of my folders about booking the appointment. I hope to hear something back soon. Thank you.
    Jacquelyn 🙂

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