Eckhart Tolle Quotes give you the power of NOW

Realize Deeply Present Moment Is All Eckhart Tolle Quotes Mindfulness Quotes 1200x630

Eckhart Tolle quotes are powerful motivators. For those who seek enlightenment Eckhart Tolle’s practical, yet profound explanations of how to set aside our ego, be aware of the present moment and utilize the ‘power of now’ are helpful guides up the path to mindfulness. Though a well-respected author and spiritual teacher in small circles, it […]

10 Powerful Mindfulness Exercises

Be Happy In The Moment Mother Teresa Quotes Mindful Quotes 1200x630

For many of us, the moments between setting sail in the morning and dropping anchor in Port Posturepedic are a complete blur. Rather than actually living life we are getting our long list of things done. If you are continually in ‘it’s time to make the donuts’ mode, do you know how to live in […]

10 of the Best Mindfulness Quotes E.V.E.R.

Silence Is A Source Of Great Strength Lao Tzu Quotes Mindfulness Quotes 1200x630

Mindfulness quotes can be just the focus tool we need for those days when our brains are small replicas of the command bridge on the Starship Enterprise, complete with Captain Kirk barking orders for Mr. Sulu to go at warp speed ahead. Thrusters at full capacity, we blaze through our days like we’re chasing a […]