What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone

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To dream about someone is to have a universal experience, but all the imagery you witness is personal. Have you ever wondered about it? At night when dreaming, your subconscious will present images. Sometimes you’ll see yourself, and other times you’ll interact with others.

Yet, there’s confidence in knowing every individual you see in a dream holds a different meaning. Images of the boy next door have a different meaning than those of Grandmother cooking a turkey! So, what do all these strange images of others mean when they crop up in your dreams? The answer all depends on perspective and your understanding of symbols!

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What Does it Mean to Dream about Someone?

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So, what do the images and dreams of someone else mean, anyway? First, there are a few things you need to remember:

Dream Analysis Rule #1: In the dream realm, there are no rules. Anything goes!

Say you dream of a person in your backyard wearing nothing but the fur of a Woolly Mammoth. The fur has shades of a Woolly Bear caterpillar! Or slap on a pair of angel wings on the back of a plump little pink piggy!

Now, slap those wings on a red pig with purple polka dots! Guess what? Next thing you know, you see Uncle Bob holding the bridle as he flies around on that pig! Yes, in dreams pigs fly, and in the same dreamscape Hell can freeze over!

The rule here is dreams are sometimes literal and symbolic. How do you know the difference? Consider relying on your intuition and what resonates with you to decide!

Dream Analysis Rule #2: Trust you understand nothing of what you see. Reflect on the imagery through dream analysis.

The actions you take in a dream may have nothing to do with what you see yourself doing at all. Huh? When you dream about someone or see yourself, the dream scenario might be literal. But, the surface or most obvious meaning is not the only interpretation available to you. What you see is symbolic. Symbols add new associations to make your interpretations. The many layers of meaning lead to even more personal and significant messages. It’s like peeling back an onion skin. You will find many layers, with each layer having varying degrees of importance.

Dream Analysis Rule #3: Don’t cast aside any dream content as frivolous or meaningless. Look at all visual, auditory, and sentient dream experiences as having a meaning of import.

Consider a dream like it’s a movie playing out in your mind. Just like dreams, movies tell stories through imagery and sound. The goal of the filmmakers, (besides hitting it big in the box office), is to have an emotional impact on the audience. Usually, they’ll have about two hours to “tell” their compelling story. They’ll convey the tale through visual and auditory cues. (Unless you’re talking Lord of the Rings. The general rule is the more EPIC the movie, the longer an audience remains immerse in it).

With big bucks on the line and limited time, a filmmaker makes the most of every frame. Every individual frame is “real-estate” or space the director uses for conveying information. One way of maximizing the use of film frames is to use visual and auditory symbols to enrich a story’s meaning. (It’s also awesome when you watch a film two, three, four, or five times, with each viewing revealing something new)!

Like filmmakers make the most of every frame, dreams are chock full of references. Your Higher Mind seeks to connect with you when you are most open. The time you spend sleeping is a short period. So, you’ll find many symbols in your dreams, all of which are like packets of information. Each packet is waiting for you to open and unpack them through analysis.

Dream imagery is “real estate” too. Every frame in the reel of your “dream movies” is brimming with imagery and sounds. The Higher Mind makes careful symbolic selections to convey meaning. To dream about someone who is a stranger is as important as a dream about someone you’ve known all your life. To dream about nudity in public is as meaningful as dreaming about eating a slice of burnt, dry toast at a feast.

All symbols have something to tell you about you and/or your waking life. Analyze every symbol you can remember and avoid considering any symbol as irrelevant. Re-watching a film helps you see more symbols. Re-evaluating dreams offers new insights too. A single dream can provide you with life-altering wisdom years after the dream occurs. Here’s where dream journaling can serve you well!

Dream Analysis Rule #4: Are you feeling like yourself? Well, you might be mistaken!

What you see in your dream doesn’t always mean what you think. Don’t make assumptions about things being rational in the dream realm. If you do, you’ll miss out on a lot of hidden meanings from your dream messages. For example, if you see yourself in a dream, you might be yourself as you are now. Or you might be younger or older. You might be a childlike version of yourself while conscious of being older. Now, when you dream about someone, it can be a person separate and distinct from yourself. Or, that person may mirror your actions or behave as an aspect of you.

Since there are no rules in the dreamscape, anything goes as far as what you see. So, how do you know what a dream about someone means if anything at all? The key here is to look at every dream symbol in as many ways as possible. So, when you’re analyzing a dream, look at the imagery about someone through different lenses.

Your dream might convey multiple meanings with just a few images of someone. The same goes for the messages the higher mind shares within a short dream narrative. Look at dreams as poetry: Concise and purposeful, with depictions jam-packed with meaning. Like poetry, every interpretation differs and has a personal impact on the dreamer.

Remember your knowledge and life experiences are what you bring to the table as the dreamer. In turn, your life and existing wisdom shape dream imagery and narrative interpretations. In the end, your understanding of your dreams is an evolutionary process.

What Does It Mean When You Constantly Dream About Someone?

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According to Carl Jung, the dream realm reflects the self. He considers the dream a portrayal of the spontaneous self. The messages you receive are symbolic. There are many reasons you might constantly dream of someone. Let’s explore the many dream meanings now!

If you constantly dream about someone, your subconscious is grabbing your attention. The individual is on your mind during the day a lot. As an alternative, you might push thoughts of this person out of your conscious mind. Your subconscious brings the thoughts to your attention.

    • Dreams of Desires Unrealized: When you dream of a person constantly, that person is important. What the person stands for might be something you long for in your waking hours. The realization may be a condition or situation you may or may not be willing to face. For instance, if you dream of your mother often, you might wish you will become a mother as well. Or, if you constantly dream of your ex, you may still have unresolved emotions you need to address.
  • Envy and Jealousy Dreams: Consider if the person you dream about has something you don’t have but desire. Do you perceive this person as stronger, more beautiful, smarter, or luckier than you? You might dream of the person constantly because you want what they have. You might also envy their characteristics or attributes.
  • Infatuation Dreams: If you are infatuated with someone you can become obsessive. These obsessions can appear in the dream realm as a wish-fulfillment dream.
  • Precognitive Warning Dreams (also Precognition): If you dream of someone a lot, it might precognition. The dream might be an omen of negative things to come. Consider the narrative to figure out if the dream is an omen. Are the narratives similar? Do they have an ominous feeling? Do they seem realistic? Is the narrative linear and logical? Do you see the same symbols often? Recurring dreams are letting you know the importance of the dream message.*
  • Unresolved Relationship Dreams: Are you experiencing unrequited love? Are you still aching over a broken heart and broken relationship? The person you yearn for might show up in your dreams as your troubled mind seeks resolution.

*Note: Precognition dreams do not have to be negative. You may predict a time in your life where you experience great joy with the person who is the subject of your recurring dreams. If it is someone from your past, the message your dream offers is a notice the person will reenter your life soon.

What follows here are some of the symbolism translating imagery of dreams about someone (people you are familiar in your waking life and those those who you do not know). The samples suggest potential meanings for each person when they are a standalone symbol (representing themselves or someone else you know): The “as is” symbol descriptions fall under the category of “Literal and Symbolic.” Also, the samples define the person as a “projection” or reflection of the dreamer (you). The projection meanings fall under the category of “Aspect of the Self.” Remember, the following examples are suggestions which can differ greatly from your own interpretations. You may find the references resonate with you, or you can use them as a launching point into your exploration of dream symbols and for developing a personalized translation of your dream imagery.

Dreams about Someone Unknown to You (Dreams about a Stranger)

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So, what does it mean when you dream about a stranger? There are many interpretations to consider:

Literal and Symbolic: First, strangers in dreams are symbols of the unknown. Sometimes they signify your fear of the unknown as well. If strangers appear in your dreams, it’s time to look at your waking life and consider what you fear.

You learn as a child safety rules from parents and the community. Such measures include the understanding of “stranger danger.” Your parents are quick and wise to tell you “Don’t talk to strangers,” and to avoid people you do not know. These lessons remain with you as an adult, and at some point you may pass the lesson onto the next generation (your children or nieces, nephews, etc). The sentiments are basic common sense. Thus, “strangers in dreams” might point to the application of common sense in our everyday interactions. Your dream may point to a way of avoiding dangerous situations. By being practical, you might ensure personal safety, or avoid emotional injury and/or disappointment.

Sometimes our fears turn into irrational phobias though. If this is the case, strangers in dreams are a sign your dreaming mind is exploring your phobias in the dream-lab. If the strangers in dreams are frightening, question the things scaring you. Are your fears reasonable? What causes you to have this fear? Is your Higher Mind challenging you to overcome the fear you experience?

All those “avoid stranger” lessons are important. But, sometimes people can take “fear” of what one perceives as “strange” to an extreme. Here, stranger dreams point to your unreasonable fear of trying something. The dream may call for you to lose your fear of trying something new or foreign to you because it seems “strange.”

To take on a stranger as a lover or to be intimate with a stranger, in-and-of-itself seems strange. Under normal circumstances, you get to know someone before becoming intimate. So, dreams of falling in love with a stranger or dreams about making love to a stranger seem peculiar. Throwing caution to the wind strikes a nerve because it’s against your sensibilities. If you have the latter dreams, you may embrace things in your waking life too willingly. Here, more caution is necessary is an act of self-preservation.

The dream of getting married to a stranger point to unstable partnerships. You might feel unsafe in a relationship because you don’t know enough about the other party. Marriage to a stranger in dreams might warn you not to commit to something you know too little about. Or, it can point to a growing emotional distance between you and your existing spouse.

Strangers in dreams relate to the sometimes-scary chase dreams people experience. Anonymous chaser dreams point your attention to something you are avoiding. Ask yourself why you are running from a situation and how you can change or learn from it.

Aspect of the Self: The strangers in dreams scenarios points to the need to embrace the Shadow side. Many people believe the Shadow is something to fear or to keep under tight control at all times. The unspoken rule here is: You must make your shadow behave itself as a sign you are responsible, kind, and diplomatic adults. There’s an erroneous belief the Shadow side is something you should hide away and avoid.

Your Shadow is the part of yourself responsible for survival and your “gut instincts.” Carl Jung identifies the Id or Shadow as the part of our personality you are not always conscious of. It is not your ego, but your “darker nature.” It is not darker because it is “evil or bad,” in its entirety. But, because the Shadow is something you do not always acknowledge, or you are not always conscious of it, it is “dark” to you. Yes, people strive for goodness. In doing so, they suppress some of their darker characteristics and desires. It is your darker nature serving as attributes of the shadow-side.

It’s worthy to consider the different views of The Shadow. Some scholars connect the Shadow with the creative. With that being the case, being in tune with the Shadow and allowing the Shadow side to have “some time in the light” lends to greater creativity in your waking hours. Here, the Shadow is not something to avoid, but a part of yourself worthy of exploration.

Also, people with fears, anxiety, or low self-confidence do not see themselves as they truly are. The true nature of the individual, being unseen by the individual, lies behind a veil of illusion. One’s unacknowledged positive attributes (for whatever reason they go unacknowledged) become part of one’s shadow nature. The false perceptions a person develops can force their better characteristics to become invisible to them. The latter fact might be the underlying message of dreams about strangers for people with self-esteem issues: It’s time to break through the veil of illusion. Here, the exploration of the Shadow side of one’s nature results in a person getting to know themselves without illusions clouding their self-perceptions. The goal here is self-acceptance and self-love.

The more you suppress the shadow side, the “blacker and denser” it becomes, according to Jungian thought. Jung also asserts one’s most primitive nature is part of the Shadow. Stranger dreams point to your shadow nature and a need for you to acknowledge it, especially if you share the same sex with the stranger in your dreams (however, this is not a fixed rule, as nothing is in the dreamscape).

Dreams of strangers call for an honest assessment of the self. There are things you are ignoring, avoiding, or refusing to acknowledge. When you dream about someone you know, it shows you parts of your shadow self you refuse to identify. Especially if you find specific behaviors, beliefs, or attributes repulsive.

Dreams about Someone You Don’t Know Well (Dreams about an Acquaintance)

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People who you know in your waking hours often represent who they are. An acquaintance refers to someone you know, but it also suggests you may not know the person really well. There’s a lack of intimacy between those who know each other as acquaintances. Friends develop an intimate connection. But, passing acquaintances are people who know little about one another. Consider some of the following interpretations of acquaintance dream imagery:

Literal and Symbolic: It’s likely you’ve met the person more than a few times in your life or you encounter the person once in a while in your work environment or casual settings. But, a more intense relationship has not developed for whatever reason. The reason the relationship has not evolved might be what your Higher Mind is calling into consideration.

An acquaintance might also appear in a dream a symbol as a “stand in” for someone else you know. This is particularly true as an acquaintance is someone you do not interact with often. When someone “you’ve met a few times” pops up on your dreams, ask yourself if this person reminds you of someone? Were you once close to in the person in your waking life? Is there something about this person reminding you of past friends, loved ones, or even an ex? Consider the person’s physical characteristics. Perhaps you’ve grown distant from the person the “acquaintance” is now reminding you of. Your dream is a call for you to get reacquainted.

Consider how you felt during the initial encounter with the “acquaintance.” When you first met. Were you comfortable with the person or did they rub you the wrong way? Did you have a “gut feeling” about the person you can’t explain? Did you leave the encounter not wanting to see the person again? Did the encounter stay in your mind as a positive meeting? If you were comfortable with this person, your Higher Mind is hinting it is time to get to know them better. But, if the initial encounter is negative, your dream may serve as a warning to maintain your distance.

Wordplay for meaning: Clichés and idioms are the language dreams use to communicate with you! Consider wordplay to see if your Higher Mind is having fun of sharing its message:

Was it a pleasure to make this person’s acquaintance? If so, consider why. Also, consider if you want to develop the relationship further.

Is someone trying to “scrape acquaintance” with you? Or, are you trying to “scrape acquaintance with someone?” Who is trying to “rub elbows” with who and for what purpose? What will one gain from knowing you or how will you benefit? Your dream may be a calling to tend to the quality of your relationships. Consider the degree of superficiality you’re facing.

Aspect of the Self: If the acquaintance represents you, this dream is a call to get to know yourself better. You may be uncertain about your life path in your waking hours. Or, you might face a dilemma where your personal boundaries are under the threat of compromise. How well do you know yourself? The dream of an acquaintance suggests it is time for some self-exploration.

Dreaming of the acquaintance can signal you’re not focusing on yourself in your waking hours too. You’re growing “distant” from your own needs, and your dream is a call for you to be more attentive. Consider taking time out to do something you love doing. Reflect on your needs and what you’ve been neglecting.

Have you been acting out of sorts in your waking life? The acquaintance popping up in a dream narrative may be a sign you haven’t been acting like yourself lately. You might uncomfortable in your own skin. Or, you might even feel beside yourself and surprised by your unusual behaviors.

Dreams about Someone You Know Intimately (Dreams about Friends)

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The following dream scenarios include people you have more than a passing knowledge of in your waking life. You either have a history with the person, or it is someone you are at least mildly close to in the present. Consider the translations of dreams about friends below for a deeper understanding of your dream imagery:

Literal and Symbolic: Dreams about friends have meanings contingent on the depth, condition, and nature of the existing relationship. If the relationship is in good standing, often the dream message is positive and vice versa. But, these dreams may call attention to the changing status of the otherwise perceived healthy relationship. The message is simple: You’re in “a good relationship gone bad.” If the relationship is in poor condition, the dream about a friend suggests a time for healing. Or, if the conditions call for it, it’s time for cutting the bond.

If in your waking life you’ve grown distant from a friend and you were once close, this person can show up in dreams. If you are feeling like a friend is smothering you, their intrusion may crop up as dreams about friends. Your higher mind is trying to help you work through your frustration.

Dreams of friends where the harmony between you is out-of-balance hint a need for peace. Friendships in need of attention will arise with undertones of sadness and stress. But, even a happy dream can connote a need for paying more attention to a friend. For example, a dream where you remember “the good times,” hints to real-life scenarios of this nature.

Dreams about friends dying correspond with fear of the loss of something dear. It may be literal as in the fear of losing the friend in question. As a symbol, you might fear the loss of a friendly atmosphere at work or the friendly nature of a business partner. Dreams of a dead friend, if the friend has passed in reality, are dreams of mourning. You might have had unfinished business with the friend, and you seek to resolve this in the dream realm.

Aspect of the Self: People often befriend those who have like-minded beliefs. Dreams about old friends can serve as a symbol of aspects of the self. Look to the friend in the dream and question what about the person is like you. What are the friend’s characteristics drawing your attention to and why? Was there something you dislike about the friend? If so, can you see this characteristic in yourself? Should you address this characteristic and will it lead to positive change?

Dreams of a friend crying call on our most compassionate nature. You empathize with our friends, and you are protective. When these dreams occur, turn it around on its head. Ask yourself, are you being a good, kind, and compassionate friend to yourself? Are you treating yourself fairly? Are you being too harsh on yourself in a situation? How can you become a good friend to yourself? Is there something you should do to be more protective of yourself?

Other dreams pointing to similar questioning include dreams about best friends, and a having a sex dream about a friend. The lattermost dream suggests it is time to know yourself better: For example, have you explored your shadow nature? Is there some lesson your shadow side is seeking to tell you? Are your “yin” and “yang” energies in or out of balance? Are you being action oriented and assertive when necessary (yang energies)? Or, are you being passive and receptive when called for in waking life (yin energies). If not, it’s time to look for ways to get these forces back in balance.

When You Dream about Someone Related to You (Dreams about Family)

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Dream interpretation of family members depends on what family member you are dreaming about. Dreams about mom and dad differ from dreams about aunts and uncles. But, the same imagery may also hold similar connotations.

Literal and Symbolic: Consider looking at the family members from a generational perspective. What are their traditions? How do they differ from your own? Are you dealing with issues relating to a “generation gap?” Dreams of family will crop up if you are experiencing family issues during your waking hours. Family conflict will trigger dream scenarios representative of the existing family difficulties. Such narratives are your minds way of working out problems in the dream lab in hopes for a resolution. Or, it is your mind’s effort to ease anxiety.

One of the most common narratives relates to dreams about the death of a family member. These dreams can crop up when you really have a dying family member. It is your mind looking to deal with or prepare for the grief that lies ahead. If the family member in the dream is already deceased, the dream signals the desire to gain closure. Also, dreams about dead ancestors might be wish fulfillment narratives. The imagery of the person touches on how much you might miss the family member in real life. Yet, some people associate dreams of the dead as genuine encounters with spirits.

To dream about your family being murdered or dreams about family dying suggest you have fears concerning your support system. In your waking life, you may not feel well-grounded. Or, you cannot plant solid enough roots in a relationship. You may feel disconnected from your ancestry. Or, you may be even questioning your ancestral origins.

Disaster scenes and family are also typical. The disaster dream about loved ones often arises if there’s emotional upset in your family. For example, you might dream about tornadoes and family if you feel a “whirlwind” of emotion. Or you might feel so unstable and disconnected as a family you fear good strong wind may blow your family away. The air element in the dream hints at communication issues among family members. An alternative scene might be something like a tsunami drowning the entire family. The latter imagery serves as a symbol of drowning in emotion.

Aspect of the Self: When a family member services as an aspect of the self in dreams, the meaning depends on who the family member is. But, it is also contingent on the existing relationship ‘s condition. For example, if you dream about your mother, you have protective qualities. Or, the dream hints at the need for being more nurturing to yourself. On the other hand, if you dream about your father, you might need to be strong in the face of adversity. Or, you have to serve as the protector of the family.” When dreams of the father appear, ask yourself what you need to do to ensure you remain safe in a situation.

Dreams of siblings offer various meanings: All of which are contingent on the health of the relationship you have with them. For example, if you don’t have a good relationship, dreams might crop up with “cold” and dark sibling imagery. Ask yourself, do you feel like the black sheep of the family? Or are your dreams pointing to the need to repair familial relationships? With dreams of siblings are negative, see if you have the same features. Siblings represent something you dislike about yourself. The symbol is especially true dream about an identical twin.

Dreaming about Someone You Don’t Like (Dreams about an Enemy)

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Dreaming of your enemy is a common experience. An enemy is the source of an emotional and or/physical threat to us in our waking life. It is natural for us to have anxiety or stress concerning an enemy. It makes no difference whether the threat is one you perceive, or it’s real. Our subconscious seeks a solution. The dreamscape is the perfect environment for your mind to explore potential scenarios and outcomes. All the while, you remain a safe distance from the issue in the physical realm. Here are some of the messages rising from the unconscious that dreams about an enemy share:

Literal and Symbolic: To dream of talking to an enemy suggests you should face issues or problems in your waking life head-on. How you address the enemy, whether diplomatic or aggressive, changes dream meaning. A subtle approach when talking to the enemy suggests an orderly plan for overcoming obstacles. An aggressive approach warns against leaping before you look at all angles of a situation.

Dreams of an enemy being friendly are rich with meaning. Here, you are being warned about the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Or, you’ll have to watch out for a real-life situation where things are just too good to be true. Wordplay here lets you see to dream of a friendly enemy might suggest. “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer,” warns of keeping a watchful eye on untrustworthy people.

In a similar vein, dreams about fighting an enemy hint at the need for self-defense. Such dreams are also a call to for attention to the nature of your relationships. Are you not protecting yourself as you should in a relationship or situation? If so, maybe “you are being your own worst enemy” by failing to protect your emotional investments.

If you dream of sleeping with the enemy, it might point to intimate relationships. Those pairings identified call into question your emotional and/or physical safety. In contrast, the dream meaning of an enemy turned friend has dual meaning. One, you might deal with someone who is being two-faced by pretending to befriend. All the while, the individual has an ulterior motive. Or, you have a relationship where forgiveness and compassion may lead to healing.

Aspect of the Self: Dreaming of your enemy might be a dream about your darker nature. Or, the dream is pointing to the attributes you don’t like about yourself. Your enemy is serving as a mirror and pointing for you need to reflect. Are you holding on to outmoded beliefs and behaviors which are holding you back? Are you refusing to grow and adapt because you are trapping yourself with fixed ideas?

If you dream of reconciling with an enemy, it’s a cue to reconcile what is out of balance within yourself. Are you “walking the walk,” and practicing what you preach? Are you being true to yourself, even when it is difficult to do so? Are you someone who can stand strong when saying “no” to something? Even if it makes you feel guilty for saying “no” in the first place? Here, “being your own worst enemy” results in you going through life doing things against your better interests.

Finally, look to dreams of enemies as a call to question existing friendships. Are you holding onto old relationships which no longer serve your greater good? Are there hidden enemies existing among the smiling faces of those you call friends? Are you being a good friend? Or is the imagery of the enemy cropping up in dreams to show your shortcomings as a true friend to others?

What Does It Mean to Dream About Someone You Like?

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When you dream about someone you like, the person is on your mind. You have a preoccupation with them. But, what about the not-so-obvious reasons for the dream?

    • Secret Crush and Infatuation Dreams: If you are crushing on someone, no doubt they will show up in dreams. It gives you the chance to run encounter scenarios through your mind. It’s like a practice run for hoped-for interactions.
    • Historical Dreams (Personal History): Dreaming of people you like signifies encounters matching past events. The past events replaying in your dreams might connect to the here and now. Examine the events and see how you acted or reacted.
  • Rejection Dreams: Insecurities or fear of rejection is terrifying. You might find the person you like a source of terror. To dream of the person expresses your fear of rejection. It might also be a way for your mind to work on how to resolve your insecurities.
  • Unspoken Desire Dreams: To see someone you like in a dream helps you deal with unspoken desires. If the person you are with is with someone else, you can face unrequited feelings. If the relationship doesn’t happen, your subconscious is helping you heal.
  • Wish Fulfillment Dreams: To dream of someone you like can be a wish-fulfillment dream. It can be of a romantic interest or friendly curiosity. Imagine you are a fan of some celebrity and you dream of this person. You might want to know what it is like to meet the person or interact with the celebrity in reality.
  • Worry and Anxiety Dreams: You might have a concern about someone you love. You might also worry about a family member or friend. If you worry and you do not express your concerns, they might find release in the dreamscape.

What Does It Mean to Dream About Someone Sexually?

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While it might seem the meaning of a sexual dream is obvious, the symbolism has many layers. Considering the dream context, tone, and your feelings are important. All are essential to interpretation accuracy. There are several underlying themes and symbolic messages sex-related dreams convey. Let’s examine the meaning more in-depth below.

  • Making Up for Lost Time Dreams: If you have been sexually inactive, dreaming about the deed is natural. It is your mind looking to fulfill desires and your physical needs. It might show your need for physical touch and to be someone considered desirable by another.
  • Natural Fantasy Dreams: It’s natural for people to fantasize about others. The dreamscape can prove a playground for fantasies. It allows you to try things that may or may not happen in your waking life.
  • Sex As Vision of Wholeness Dreams: If you see someone in a dream you are having sex with, imagine the person is you. Now you can understand the narrative as suggesting an attraction to the self. It can also be a symbol of unifying masculine and feminine energies.
  • Sex Equaling Desire Dream: You might feel an attraction to someone. If you don’t express your desire or it still is a secret, then your dreams might allow exploration. If you want someone you cannot have, your dream narrative might be a source of wish fulfillment.
  • Boredom Dream: Having sex with someone in missionary style might convey boredom. It can also suggest you need to break free of traditional or conservative thinking. This dream is telling you to feel joy you must take a risk and switch things up in the bedroom.
  • Sex with the Same Gender: Dreaming of someone sexually who is the same gender is not a definition of your sexual preference. Is it an aspect of yourself? Do you appreciate your femininity or masculinity? To be homosexual and to dream of heterosexual sex is to seek balance within the self. If you are a heterosexual man, you might need to focus on your feminine aspects more.
  • Something Strange and New: To dream of someone sexually who is a stranger to you suggests you’re a risk taker. You might crave some excitement in your life. It can also signify danger. There is a lot of risk in having sex with someone you know nothing about. Your dreams are a warning.
  • Dreams of Unresolved Emotions: If you dream of an ex sexually, this speaks of two things. It signifies wishful dreaming where you are once again with that person. It also suggests a need for familiarity in the bedroom even if the relationship went south. You long for comfort with a lover. New lovers are awkward. Familiarity makes things less uncomfortable and more intimate. Sleeping with the ex might also have negative connotations. It can mean you are reliving the emotional issues of the past in a new relationship. It also suggests engaging in conditions or situations resulting in self-sabotage.
  • No Can Do Dreams: If you are seeing sexual positions that are impossible it might symbolize risk. If you see sexual moves you’ve given thought to but haven’t done, then your dream is fantasy play.
  • No Success Dreams: Dreams of impotence or no satisfaction suggest fear of inadequacy. It signifies being afraid of failure or the weight of personal limitations both emotional and physical. These dreams suggest difficulty with expression. Concerning waking hours, it signifies dreams that do not come to full fruition. It is also a fear of failure in a project playing out in the dream narrative.
  • Dreams of Sadomasochistic Tendencies: Is this wish fulfillment? Are you dreaming of sadomasochism because someone is hurting you emotionally? If you are in an abusive relationship, visions related to your situation might crop up in dreams as sadomasochistic imagery. It might also be a desire to hurt yourself to pay a penance for something you feel guilty about in your waking life. This dream might even symbolize the need to treat yourself with greater care.
  • Wordplay: Dreaming of someone sexually might have meaning in wordplay. Do you feel like you’re in the middle of a battle of the sexes? Do you feel as if someone is looking at you as the weaker sex? Do you feel powerless because you’re a woman in a man’s world? If you are a woman, is your gender holding you back in your career? Have you taken a submissive role in relationships? Do you have concerns someone is treating you like a sex object? Do you hope a real-life event will be more gratifying than sex?

The Final Takeaway: What Dreaming About Someone Really Means

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The answer to the question “What does it mean to dream about someone,” involves personal reflection. The most important message you can take away from your efforts in dream exploration is to assume nothing. Sometimes dream meaning seems obvious, but don’t close your mind to the possibility of deeper messages lurking under the surface of your dream imagery.

The meaning of dreams about someone depends on who you are dreaming about, but also on additional factors. Meaning is contingent on the auditory and visual cues in the dream. The dream narrative does not subtract from the importance of the dream message, whether coming from a linear and complete storyline or small fragments you recall upon waking. Always bear in mind how you feel in the dream, and what’s going on in your life at the time also play a considerable role in dream meaning.

As you work with symbols, when you dream about someone or an event in your life, you’ll have an easier time drawing meaning from the visions you see! There are so many dream scenarios you can explore for meaning. Trying to master the language of symbols is something you’ll want to do to become a terrific dream interpreter!

Remember though, you’ll be learning and adapting your understanding of symbolism your entire life. Don’t look at is as work; your study of symbolism is a journey of self-discovery where you can live a more mindful, fulfilling life! I encourage you to use the dream interpretation and dream meaning details on Building Beautiful Souls to learn more! Finally, check out our sister site What is My Spirit Animal? when you want to know about animal dream messengers!

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