818 Angel Number Meaning: Spiritual, Love, Numerology & Biblical

Angel Number 818

Angel Number 818 is particularly noticeable when you glance at your watch and it reads 8:18. A little later you get delivery and the bill is 8:18. Odd. Then you run out for something at the store and the car in front of you has a license plate with the numbers 818 in it. Ok. Something is going on!

There is an entire world of symbolism for us to explore and Numbers are one part of that amazing picture. Seeing Number 818 repeated is a nudge from the Universe. But what exactly does 818 mean when it appears?

Where some numeric signs from the Universe are positive, 818 one has a rougher edge of truth. 818 implies neediness. It represents leaning on others when you should do more for yourself. The opinion of people in your life impacts your decisions and actions far too deeply. Sometimes 818 means a person’s self esteem has submerged to the point of trying to buy friends or associates with gifts and overt gestures.

Ouch. The message from 818 is hard to hear, but it is vital to an individual’s journey. Most people receiving 818 have remained in a negative pattern for years, not just days or months. It’s become comfortable, even if it’s unhealthy. The idea of reform inspires a panic attack, yet they constantly bemoan their fate. Encountering 818 is the “put up or shut up” clue.

The Powers have come to you speaking clearly and from the hip. Time for taking charge of your fate and accepting responsibility. If you do not act NOW, 818 represents potentially never moving past this point. And if you wonder, hey what’s the worst that can happen? You’ll end up very lonely.

See, people weary of someone who is always taking. You’ve beome an energy vampire of sorts. You can suck people dry without even realizing it. Now, it’s true you DO make reciprocal jestures, but the efforts aren’t meaningful. There’s no depth, no connection.

Becoming your own person is part of moving into maturity. Standing on your own two feet can intimidate, but there’s a lot more resolve in your spirit than you think. Dig deep. Find your inner well where you can drink fully of your inner wisdom. It’s there! You have just ignored it for a while.

Those who heed the call of 818’s message move toward renewal, like being born again. There is a new dawn, a new day and the Laws of the Cosmos become far more clear. Karma plays a role in your awakening too. You have some bridges which need serious mending and some folks to whom you owe a great debt of gratitude for keeping you afloat.

Returning kindness is your main priority right now. Even the smallest thing moves you into a better space mentally and spiritually. You will begin seeing with your own eyes all those things you considered lacks in your life were mostly lies built by bad experiences, societal expectations and sometimes by laziness.

The great news with 818 is its vibration gives you a rare opportunity for fixing those wrongs. No apologies-ACTIONS. Don’t give empty lip service. Stick to your word and promises you make to the Divine.

818 Angel Number Meaning: Table of Contents

818 Angel Number

People sometimes think of Angels as all sweetness and light. We must remember these Celestial Hosts also delivered Gods’ will and judgment should people disobey His will. Here, the Angels are not pleased with your spiritual state.

As Guardians and Guides, however, the Angels have arrived with help. Two words describe the goal of their presence in your life: self-reliance.

Self-reliance isn’t about going it alone. Rather it’s about lessening your dependence on other people or things, some of which you used to fill up the empty spaces in your life. You really need to get off the pothole filled highway and move to higher ground.

Seeing Angel Number 818 symbolizes coming to believe in your own abilities for not only survival but also success. Clinging, white knuckled, to individuals or situations out of fear and insecurity only leads to more disappointment. Your Angels want you to be really happy, not just getting by.

So what leads to independence? In part, your Angels want you developing confidence in your innate aptitudes including your intuition. While Angel Number 818 means you have many well-intended people giving you advice, you alone should make critical decisions and resolutions. Otherwise you’ll always have thoughts of “what if” lingering in the back of your mind.

Another facet of independence is sticking to your values like glue. The Angels note a temptation toward being a follower, even when you know what you are doing is wrong. Staying aligned with your true north is one of the most precious lessons our Angels give us. So doing builds integrity.

You might feel a little chastised after reading about Angel Number 818 and what it represents, but have no fear. Angels aren’t going to just up and leave you. They wouldn’t have sent you a sign if they didn’t believe you could make a significant turnaround. These glorious Beings stand ready with the guidance necessary for moving into a whole new, liberated chapter in your life. This is exciting! If you accept their counsel, you can start fresh!

Most certainly your Angels encourage correcting past mistakes to the best of your ability. Honest effort is all your Angels ask. Our actions have repercussions, and Angel Number 818 is a Karmic figure. But knowing is half the battle. Once you see what’s happened and make positive strides toward correcting your course, healing begins.

You are not a “bad” person. Everyone messes up. In fact, the Angels see genuine goodness in you as does the Divine. They want to draw great characteristics out and make them the cornerstone of your daily thoughts and actions. Living mindfully brings you the future you deserve. Trust in the wisdom of Angel Number 818.

818 Spiritual Meaning

In a spiritual context, encountering 818 repeatedly represents a lot of room for growth. Right now you are immature in your dealings. When confronted with a quandary you’d rather have someone else do the hard thinking. You are not just asking for an opinion-you want no responsibility for the final action. That does not make for a healthy aura, nor does it do anything for advancing your spiritual process.

Truth be told, 818 shows you’re already aware of your predicament. There is a craving to take back the reins of control within, you just don’t really know how. Every time there’s an opportunity, you slip back into a well-known pattern. Old habits are hard to break.

Now for the good news: the Universe is bringing situations your way where you can start expressing yourself, start standing up and speaking out. Yes, the struggle is real. You have to live mindfully, staying aware of your thoughts and the direction in which they’re taking you. Number 818’s counsel is stopping yourself every time you are tempted to accept another person’s decision for the course of YOUR life. Be ready to own your actions and choices too. One thing which may help is finding a solid motivator. What matters most to you? If you want respect, for example, illustrating self-confidence and being conclusive are ways of getting it. What will inspire you to be the BEST you possible?

The answer to such an important question has to come from deep within. Time for thinking outside the box you’ve placed yourself into. You have so much untapped potential. Let it out! Encourage positivity in your life, dodging those negative tendrils when they arise. Only then can you discover true happiness.

818 Angel Number: Love

If you are in a relationship and felt like things weren’t going so well, 818 Angel Love Number confirms your abiding suspicion. Your time together may be nearing an end. You could stay, investing more time and energy hoping to re-ignite a dwindling flame, but the Angels feel this isn’t a good place for you.

You are not happy with your partner, with yourself or with the whole dynamic between you. Every day emotional chaos lands at your feet and puts you off balance. That’s no way to live. You don’t have to “settle” in love. The Angel Number 818 assures you better things lie over the horizon.

The Angel’s promise doesn’t mean you can just jump right into another intimate connection. All to often humans want “right now”-the immediate answers to our desires. Unfortunately immediacy doesn’t always translate into long-term harmony. Fast gratification fills a moment, and has its place, but Angel Number 818 challenges us with a question: what is it we really want in a committed partnership?

It’s also important you recognize your role in how this current situation played out. Your attitude, actions, giving up your power (or abusing your own), pessimism, avoiding responsibility-all these things influence our interactions. Each creates a specific energy, and none of it does anything helpful or hopeful.

So, take care with your heart. Prepare. Find a way of creating closure for both of you, and perhaps even maintain a friendship afterward.

818 Angel Number Twin Flame

Angel Number 818 appears when you and your Twin Flame feel lost about your roles in the relationship. You’ve faced a series of disappointments, and they hang over your union like black clouds. Fights like you’ve never had before emerge in the din. 818 offers hope. The period will soon end, so don’t let it destroy all your hard work together.

If you look at Twin Flame 818, two 8’s are bookends for the Number 1. One focuses on the self. Which one of you feels left out? Which one of you is listening to gossip? Which one feels they are not a priority anymore? Ask questions and find answers. From there, you can begin the healing process.

When 818 appears to both of you, take care. Something (or someone) is not as it seems. Falsehoods affect your relationship negatively. Step back for a moment and try to get a bird’s-eye view. You need to detach from detrimental influences to save your Twin Flame union.

Your Angels know the process ahead isn’t an easy one. Your energy feels zapped by conflicting emotions. Individually, try not to obsess on unimportant matters. Don’t nitpick. As you let go of the minutia distracting you, you can return to focusing on each other. Your Angels are at the ready. Let them help.

Twin Flame Number 818 signals a time of learning. It’s amazing how much awareness increases at the end of serious soul searching. As you work through your struggles, you and your Twin Flame gain greater insights into your partnership dynamics. Some of it may surprise you, especially if you’re in a rut. No matter what, the things you discover will support a healthier relationship.

Be aware in the midst of the current chaos, Angel Number 818 portends a life-changing decision. Ok, not the best timing, but there it is: a tremendous opportunity with immense responsibilities. Know the choice is part of your Destiny together. Just move through it carefully and mindfully.

Perhaps the most important lesson from Angel Number 818 Twin Flame is the need for forgiveness. Just because you are Twin Flames doesn’t mean you won’t hurt each other from time to time. Forgiveness and understanding open the pathway for a fresh start.

Trust your instincts in sharing how you feel. Your words have consequences. Make them amiable and affectionate. Your Twin Flame partner needs to understand why you’re extending forgiveness. They may honestly not know they’ve done anything wrong. People cannot “fix it” if they don’t know “it’s” broken!

Why do I keep seeing 818?

To comprehend other meanings behind Angel Number 818, break it down into individual numbers (two-8’s and one-1). In Numerology, 8 represents measuring life carefully. You have the power to achieve and a drive for success, but haven’t really been acting on it. Angel Number 818 says you’ve got an enormous green light. Go!

The image of 8 equal circles atop one another, equating to balance. The counsel of 818 here is giving back. Each time you receive a blessing, return one in some manner. It’s a beautiful cycle, bringing you ever closer to spiritual refinement.

In China, 8 is the most fortunate and accomplished of all the single digits. People look for it in the address of a new home, in planning a date for a wedding, etc. Keep your eyes peeled. Luck is coming your way!

You may keep seeing 818 because Karma’s working in your life at the moment. How it plays out is very individual in nature. However, throughout the period in which 818 appears repeatedly endeavor to show thankfulness for each victory, big or small. Your expression of gratitude feeds good Karma.

When you lay 8 on its side, it becomes the infinity symbol and looks like a track, one your soul runs in each incarnation. Here, 818 offers assurance. Everything you need for growth and progress will come back around eventually (even if you miss it the first time).

The sum of 818 is still 8! There is no question 8 is the nucleus of your Angelic message. In Chemistry, 8 is the atomic number of oxygen, without which there would be no life as we know it. The counsel here is to take a big breath and release it before starting anything stressful.

All Spiders have 8 legs. The Spider Spirit Animal speaks of patience and careful planning. Spiders feel every movement on their web. They’re aware of both dangers and security. Spider Animal Guide is a networking expert. It shows you the path for weaving your own destiny. Then too, there’s the Octopus with 8 arms, radiating like the Wheel of Time. Octopus Spirit teaches you about letting go to grow. An Octopus can lose an appendage, and it regenerates. In the same manner, when you release thought forms and habits holding you back, you regenerate into a higher state of awareness.

Jung identified 8 cognitive functions. The way they combine influences your actions and reactions. There is extroverted and introverted thinking, feeling, sensation, and intuition. The Myers-Briggs test reveals your personal “code” and gives you insights into your interactions. While not “spiritual” per se, your psychology impacts your magic and how you interpret your spiritual path. Meditate on your indicators and ponder how you can use them effectively in combination with psychic skills.

Biblical Meaning of 818

In considering 818 according to the Bible, we begin by reducing this figure. 8+1+8=17, 1+7=8. In Genesis we know God’s days of creation were 6, with the 7 one resting. So, logically something new begins on day 8, the next cycle.

A second approach to the Biblical meaning of 818 comes to us from Romans 8:18, “Let us go there and read what our Father wants to say to us.” This alludes to the importance of sacred writings to our spiritual compass.

818 Numerology

This figure has the number 1 sandwiched between two 8s, and 818 also reduces to 8, which is a number focusing our attention to consequences (intended or not). The number 8 warns us not to let immediate thrills derail our chances at long-term contentment and cheer.

In the Tarot 8 appears in the Magician Card. This image shows a person with one hand pointed to the ground and one to the stars, an infinity symbol overhead (a figure 8 on its side). This is an illustration of the aphorism “as above, so below” along with intimations of “as within, so without”. In terms of order, the 8th Card of the Tarot is Strength (mind over matter) who also has the infinity symbol over hear head.

818 Repeating

If you didn’t catch the very strong missive of 818 the first five or ten times you saw it, the Universe will keep bringing you back here, to this very point until you really pay attention. Angel Number 818 repeating means you need to replace the negatives with positives in your life and really become culpable. You are not being an active participant in creating your destiny as your own Priest, Priestess, Guru and Guide. The time for lingering on the sidelines is over. Stand up and get involved. That is the only way of turning around your lingering sense of discontentment.

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