55 Angel Number Meaning: Spiritual, Love, Numerology & Biblical

Angel Number 55

Angel Number 55 is more than just a speed limit on the road. When it shows up in the oddest places and catches your attention, you are dealing with a sign or omen of significance to your life right now. So what does it mean when you see 55 everywhere you go?

Overall, 55 is a buoyant and encouraging number representing a supportive environment. Major changes are on the rise, but you will be more than ready to meet them with a smile and a song. What’s most important to this process is stopping any temptation to live in the past.
Memories are fine. Keeping valuable lessons is also fine. But you can’t hold on to everything, clutching at the would-haves, could-haves and should-haves. So doing means your hands are too full for welcoming new blessings, experiences and opportunities.

55 amplifies the power of 5 by 2. At its core, the Number 5 celebrates the spirit of adventure, human curiosity and our ability to flex and change. It’s also idealistic and active. Things are about to get very busy!

There is a lot of synchronicity developing now. Number 55 indicates nothing for the duration will be “happenstance”. Any time you stop and go, “hum?” jot notes down. Eventually it will make sense and fall into the puzzle that’s slowly taking shape.

If you’ve felt worried or uncertain, stand down. 55 repeating represents reassurance. Whatever problems you perceive are not as big as imagined. In fact, they may resolve themselves if you can be patient for a while longer. And the decision you’ve been putting off? Just take the leap of faith. The water’s fine!

Seeing Number 55 symbolizes opportunity. It may be the chance to travel, find a new job or buy a home, for example. This is an exciting period. Soak up every bit of elation as it comes. It is part of your destiny unfolding right before your eyes. Engage it. Welcome it. Have fun!

The only downside to Number 55s’ meaning is you might have trouble catching your breath for a while. The whirlwind of change is upon you, but you’ve got great foundations. Trust in the process and stay on your heart’s path. It won’t lead you astray.

55 Angel Number Meaning: Table of Contents

55 Angel Number

When the Angels choose a form of communication, sometimes they use numbers to get your attention. In the Language of Angels seeing the Number 55 means both blessing and abundance are on their way along with a hardy dose of much-needed energy. Your prayers have been heard and your Angels reassure you that all will be well.

Just know anything can happen right now, and at the oddest moment. Keep your head clear, stay positive and keep your eyes open. Your Angels are working overtime on your behalf.

As you are thinking matters through, Angel Number 55 reminds you that thoughts are the crux of manifestation. Thinking produces energy–like a little spark. The spark glows, moving outward to your words and actions. Now we’re getting into the realm of facilitating what you most need in real time.

Consider: We have five fingers, five toes and five senses. These physical attributes contribute to our direct experience of the world. When you hear, taste, touch, smell or see something for the very first time it transforms you. The energy of the moment becomes part of your spirit’s experiential diary in this lifetime. Angel Number 55 encourages you to pay close attention to these sacred juncture and even consider writing them down so you can return to those words and awaken your special memory.

Now in answering the question of what does it mean when you see Angel Number 55, we have a little insight. Not everyone enjoys change, but change is at your doorstep. The Angels recognize normal discomfort, and they’re very good at offering support. Think of your spirit like a garden. When you plant the same thing year after year eventually the soil dies. That’s exactly what happens to our spiritual life when we get stuck in old, outworn ways of thinking and behaving. Your Angels have brought transformation so your inner soil lives and thrives with all the seeds of wisdom God offers.

Whatever obstacles you meet, your Angels never leave your side. A key lesson in Angel Number 55 is facing the future with faith in your heart brings strength. You will not lose your way or wander. The path forward becomes crystal clear. All you have to do is keep walking!

55 Spiritual Meaning

Any time a Number reveals itself as doubled, its essence increases two-fold. 5 is a doorway. Opportunity is coming to you, and it wouldn’t hurt to meet it halfway. The Universe offers us many openings, but it expects we will do our part. That’s what co-creating destiny means. You are your Priest, Priestess, Guru and Guide, and 55 is telling you it’s time to put those aspects of self to good use.

You may discover your spiritual focus changing a bit, or even find yourself curious about a different tradition than the one you currently follow. If so, 55 shows exploring is definitely the right action. As a child you probably found certain things incredibly inspirational, but as an adult they fall flat. Spirituality is like that. If your current tradition doesn’t inspire, motivate and challenge you daily, it might be a time for something fresh, more in keeping with whom you are now.

Yes it is a huge life choice, but seeing 55 means you really can’t avoid it any more. People around you may not understand your decision, but those who truly care respect it nonetheless. No matter how well-meaning your inner Circle, this decision lies solely in your lap. Close out all but your own inner wisdom and leading you get from the Source in prayer or meditation. Follow such guidance confidently.

Doubts may arise. It’s perfectly normal and part of the Number 55’s energies. It’s far more worrisome if you don’t have any. Too much apprehension and hesitancy can cripple a person, but there are positive aspects to your qualms. Doubt inspires deep thought often leads to finding great alternatives. Doubt belays the Achilles’ heels of arrogance, pride and vanity. A healthy moment of doubt can spark highly critical thinking and clear your head. Your goal is getting closer to your animus and authenticity, so use those misgivings to make sure your decision is sound.

55 Angel Number: Love

In matters of the heart and our persona interactions, the appearance of 55 Angel Number Love means more freedom because of trust. One of your relationships is taking a turn for the better. There’s more creativity, greater balance and a lovely sense of reciprocity.

Conversely, those receiving the Angel Love Number 55 who are uncertain about their current intimate partner, trouble is afoot. You’ve landed in a toxic place and your Angels are trying to protect you. Unhealthy relationships do long-lasting damage to our mind and heart. They undermine our spiritual pursuits and eat at the core of our strength.

Seeing 55 means it’s time to walk away. You can’t be the only person willing to work on the relationship, and the signs imply your partner isn’t exactly turning up the effort and energy. Your Angels know this is very difficult and possibly even overwhelming, so they’re here wrapping you in the warm, loving wings of support. Try to remember this is a change for YOU, for a better tomorrow. Release to receive.

55 Angel Number Twin Flame

When your Angel brings the number 55 to your attention, it marks a transitional period in your Twin Flame relationship. Important changes are about to happen, and you have to be ready for them. Gear up!

Some people find new things intimidating, but you don’t have to worry or fret. Everything going on in your relationship right now brings exponential growth to your union. No matter how big the change, you’ll see important elements coming to light. You can start using them immediately if you look closely.

Twin Flame Number 55 reveals the key to success is focusing on the future. Don’t let old mistakes weigh you down. They’re over, so let them go. Ask for your Angel’s help if you struggle with rectifying your memories.

Angel Number 55 portends either you or your partner have an opportunity presented, and it looks great. Pause for a moment and discuss how the opportunity may change the dynamic of your relationship. For example, you’re offered a promotion, and it requires more hours than your current position. How will being home less often affect your interactions? If the job is amazing, then perhaps you can find ways of making quality time for when you’re at home.

If you are not currently in a Twin Flame relationship, hang in there. 55 counsels working on self-improvement. Reinvent the parts of yourself you know need a proverbial fresh coat of paint. As you make strides, your Angel is working in the background to help bring you in touch with your Twin Flame.

When you crave a Twin Flame relationship, Angel Number 55 warns against clinging too much to what you do not currently have. Be at peace with yourself. Live presently and attentively. Spend time around the people who make you happy—hint: one of them may help you in your Twin Flame quest.

Remember Angel Number 55 Twin Flame houses twice the power of Number 5. 5 symbolizes curiosity, excitement, and dabbling. You’ll find a strong desire to try new things, become more social, which can lead you to your Twin Flame. Among counting numbers, 5 is the master of change. You are the master of your change, your destiny.

There’s more good news! Twin Flame Number 55 indicates the Universe is working in your favor. The blessings apply to your search for a partner and in every area of your life. The sun is shining, so bask in it.

Twin Flame 55 is a reminder of happenstance. Just about the time you’re wholly happy with yourself, someone appears. You don’t always have to go looking for love. Sometimes it finds you.

Why do I keep seeing 55?

Five is a number appearing in nature repeatedly, like your Angel Number! There’s an entire family of plants with five-petaled flowers or sepals. If you cut an apple in half vertically, the inner image is a five-pointed star. In both settings, five represents symmetry coming to your life.

Speaking of five-pointed stars, the Pentagram is a mystical symbol. Used for protection, it is now a common piece of significant jewelry among Pagans and Witches. If you have become interested in metaphysics, the number 55 is a green light to dig further.

Pentagrams appear in other religious and mystical traditions. Pythagoreans used it as an emblem of health and light. Freemasons call the Pentagram the “blazing star.” The brilliance of the Pentagram is Divine and sacred.

Devout followers of Islam face Mecca and pray five times daily. Using the reverent foundation as an example, Angel Number 55 is a call to prayerful living. Prayer can be an action, but it is also remaining aware of your connection to the Divine every day.

Looking at common sayings, you might hear, “take 5.” In other words, sit down and chill for a bit. Double five punctuates the advice. You really need some time just for yourself. Then there’s the phrase “high five,” something used in greeting and celebration. Success is on the horizon.

Numbers are masculine and feminine in form. Five combines a female number 2 with the male number of 3. So, consider reflecting on the balance of Yin-Yang energies and how you can best use your awareness daily.

In the Tarot, the Higher Arcana’s fifth card is the Hierophant (sometimes called the Pope). The image is of a person seated between the pillars of law and liberty and obedience and disobedience. When you receive the Hierophant card, the message is one of returning to your roots. Tradition is important. The Hierophant may presage a counselor or teacher coming into your life as well.

Astrologically, Leo is the 5th sign of the Zodiac. The Lion brings you confidence, ambition, and leisurely fun. Considering the twin 5s, you may be in for some expressive and uplifting flirting.
By comparison, The Bull is the 5th sign on the Celtic Animal Zodiac. Bull Spirit is supportive and stable. It brings trustworthy people your way when you most need them.

You may keep seeing the number 55 because you are living your 5th incarnation. Or, if you add 5+5, you get 10, which equals 1 in numerology. So you may be a new soul ready for a grand adventure.

April 5th in Taiwan is Tomb-Sweeping Day. People go to the burial sights of their relatives and clean them with respectfulness. Angel Number 55 may call you to set up an ancestral altar or do something else in remembrance of important people who came before you.

Biblical Meaning of 55

There are indications the Number 55 connects to the Sacred Feminine. The name for the Virgin Mary in Biblical Gematria adds up to 55. The new Testament also refers to Mary 26 times by the term mother, 10 times by the word woman and 19 times as Mary (55).

We can also consider the lovely message of Isaiah 55 with words welcoming those who thirst and hunger to fill themselves and find everlasting life.

55 Numerology

Numerology breaks out Number by their foundational energy. 55 doubles the essence of 5, representing liberation, independence, wit, personal expression and adventure. Those who have a Life Path of 55 are self sufficient and focused on personal goals. The Destiny Number 55 speaks of someone who meets life with certainty.

If we break down 55, it add up to 10, and then reduces to 1 (1+0). The number 1 entwines very similar vibrations to five focused on the self, determination and standing tall in your convictions. Now double all those characteristics. What an amazing combination for actualization.

55 Repeating

When you’ve already noticed the prevalence of seeing Number 55 in your life, and it keeps happening, wake up! You were put on notice-changes are coming, and important opportunities and you’re being rather lackadaisical about it. Your Angels are patient and kind, but if you miss this chance, you have no one to blame but yourself. Open all your senses. Stand watch! Get ready. You will know the doorway when you see it.

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