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Pisces and Pisces Compatibility: Friendship, Sex & Love

The Pisces and Pisces relationship is one which is a wee bit difficult to get off the ground. Still, some of the Pisceans are lucky enough to find that long-awaited second half. Even if they make the discovery of that someone while they are lingering at the local library. If it’s a spot where you’re bound to find the shy wallflower hiding, there you’ll see a Pisces. Otherwise, fate, stars and a good friend or two can help the Pisces pair meet!

Bear in mind the Pisces zodiac sign is the idyllic symbol for the Pisces and Pisces love affair. The symbol consists of two fish. Some images depict Koi fish tied with a string or thread. The thread hooks through the mouth, or they have a string tying their tails together.

Either way, the two fish are bound together, and so it is in friendship and love. This is the nature of the Pisces to Pisces connection. These same fish swim in opposite directions. What does it all mean? It suggests this pair can go with the flow or oppose one another when it comes to love, friendship, and sex!

Pisces and Pisces Table of Contents

Pisces and Pisces Compatibility

Pisces and Pisces love affairs have a basis in empathy. Both partners understand the idiosyncrasies and eccentricities. This unconventional pair gets along well in a friendship because they know each all too well. In the beginning, love comes easy. It’s as if they are embracing a half of themselves when they meet. Each partner goes into the relationship with similar needs and desires. Since this is the case, they start right out knowing how to fulfill each other on an emotional level. It is when sex comes into the picture that things get a bit complex. It’s hard to get the bedsheets heated up when both people are shy.

They get along well because both go with the flow that’s to the adaptability water bestows. Once Pisces partners meet one another, it’s as if they share the same vibration or share a similar frequency. Despite their natural introversion, the Pisces love affair takes off fast. This pairing can move from dating to living together in rapid order.

Pisces and Pisces Love

Let’s look at it this way. Fish swimming in unison without entangling signify the harmony in a Pisces relationship. Now imagine these four Koi fish swimming about in opposite directions and to and fro! Those strings are going to tangle up quick! The Pisces and Pisces love match needs the pair to be in alignment to succeed. If they defy each other and do not agree on a direction for the relationship, havoc ensues.

Such is the nature when the Pisces partners are out of balance or cannot meet eye-to-eye. It’s easy to see the Pisces persona can live in bliss or hell. It all depends on how many knots they create in the ties that bind them!

One thing is almost guaranteed. The duality of Pisces is a clear symbol with the fish swimming in opposing directions! The Pisces relationship, while nearly inseparable, can become a problem. Troubles occur when defying their nature. Problems also develop when this dynamic duo do not have similar intentions.

Despite the awkward lovemaking sessions, the Pisces pairing is a terrific match. When making a love connection, we can say that the no other relationship compares. Trust is a slow development with Pisces and Pisces love matches. The chief difficulty the Pisces and Pisces relationship faces is too much knowledge. To know a partner with such certainty is to almost wipe out all mystery. With no intrigue to keep things enticing, the couple grows bored with one another.

Despite the excessive transparency, the ease of knowing the other is a boon. It allows for a telepathic connection that runs deeper than other couples will ever know. The Pisces to Pisces love affair is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to know a dreamy kind of love. The duo consists of two inspiring and supportive people. They know each other like the back of their hand. It’s a good thing Pisces men and women crave closeness with their partners.

Pisces and Pisces Sex

Pisces personalities take his sweet time with a relationship. Remember, Pisces’ are shy ones. But, no one will understand Piscean behavior like two Pisces! Friendship is quick when this couple averts shyness. With the slow road to the bedroom, the Pisces and Pisces love affair has a better chance at survival.

Once they feel they can defy their attraction no longer, it’s off to the bedroom. Lovemaking is exact and slow. Each partner is gentle and prefers to take their time to enjoy the emotional connection. Can we say extended foreplay folks? Can you begin to imagine foreplay between two slow to advance Pisceans? It includes gentle massage and blissful kisses. It also includes the oh so sweet nothings and pillow talk the Pisces pairing shares?

When in the bedroom the Pisces and Pisces compatibility cannot be more perfect. Once the Pisces pair gets to know each other in bed, experimentation follows. Still, even the experimentation phase moves at a slow and steady pace. That’s okay because dreamy Pisceans like to rewind the even in their mind and dream of the next encounter! No other zodiac signs will experience a depth of emotion like those ruled by the Water element.

Pisces and Pisces Communication

Pisces and Pisces matches have exceptional communication skills. Once the shy and introverted barriers are down, these two are open with one another. The means of communication with this couple is twofold. They have extrasensory gifts, so they share thoughts through thoughts without speaking.

They also use conventional means of communication. Their impressive intuitive natures let them understand each other’s body language. The smallest of body gestures, such as the wave of a hand, conveys layers of meaning. The Pisces and Pisces love match has two personalities who are excellent observers. Remember the good old wallflower persona? You learn a lot when you speak little and listen! The observation skills of the Pisces individual have their antennae up. They are always ready for detection.

What do Pisces men and women talk about? Dreams and how to achieve them. The Pisces female is a natural at inspiring others to take on a carpe diem attitude. The Pisces male dreams so big he’ll need someone to ground him a bit if he’s to make it a reality. Working in unison, this duo finds balance in love.

Pisces and Pisces Clashes

The Pisces and Pisces connection is far from perfect, though it is hard to top! Some issues will arise between these creative, dreamy individuals. The water-influenced Pisces personality is emotive, to say the least. Where emotions run high, so do relationship monsters! They’re loving, but if the relationship goes bad, emotions become hurtful exchanges. Verbal outbursts and arguments precede long interludes of the silent treatment. Thankful when tempers wear down, the Pisces pairing is compassionate and forgiving.

Some of the characteristics ensure Pisces and Pisces compatibility but aren’t healthy. The Pisces pairing is prone to lethargy and lazy moods too. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the couch potato cycle. While sitting on that lazy couch, Pisces pairs can start sucking down the Bon Bons! Hey, who hasn’t wolfed down a bag of chips while watching their favorite flick? Looking in the snack bag, one Pisces says to other, “Where the hell did all the chips go? You ate the crumbs too?” Overindulgence is one of the downsides of being far too comfortable. It’s a hazard in the Pisces relationship.

Pisces and Pisces Polarity

When speaking of astrology, the term polarity comes up. It is a reference to the energies associated with a zodiac sign. Every zodiac sign has a specific energy. The energies are masculine and feminine. In other words, the signs are yang or yin.

Pisces is a yin sign, so they align with the receptive feminine energies. With signs sharing a similar polarity, the Pisces pair has a beautiful connection. They understand one another. Both are receptive and open to one another. It lends to a romantic and peaceful pairing.

The feminine energies place a sensitive and emotive nature on what it influences. Pisces people feel deep and are sensitive to emotional inflictions. If wounded the on an emotional level, the pain lingers and remains in the memory.

The moods each person in the Pisces and Pisces relationship are bound to clash from time to time. This can cause conflict if one partner happy and the other depressed. If the couple experiences negative emotions, they can feed into the negative moods. Of course, this results in a worsening or extension of the depression.

Pisces and Pisces Aspects

When talking in astrological terms, two zodiac signs are a certain distance apart. That distance is the aspect of the two signs. Pisces and Pisces have no distance, so they are conjunct. Conjunct signs are zero spaces apart on the zodiac wheel. Because these signs are conjunct, when a Pisces falls in love it’s a lot like loving a part of themselves.

It is easier for a Pisces pair to express understanding and empathy. The nature of the Pisces personality calls for this type of understanding too. Both partners are dreamy and emotional. They get hurt with ease. They know how easy their emotions get hurt, so a Pisces pairing handles another with care.

A Pisces and Pisces pairing is one where self-acceptance is the main lesson. In accepting one’s self, the partner learns to love the other with greater depth. Mind you, pairing up with someone so identical can prove a problem. Trouble brews if each partner fails to maintain independence. Autonomy helps fan the flames of passion in the Pisces and Pisces love match.

Pisces and Pisces Elements

This Pisces pairing shares the same elemental influence of Water. The Water element is what bestows Pisces with so much sensitivity. It also bestows Pisces with an unbelievable depth of emotion. Water is the sign corresponding with dreams and intuition. So, dreams and extrasensory perception are Piscean assets. The element helps this couple have great compassion for one another.

They do hesitate on commitment, only because deep trust is something one earns. The communication between this dynamic pair makes the couple capable of understanding each other; Pisces and Pisces couples accept the fact it takes time for the emotional intimacy and trust to develop.

Water bestows the ability to communicate without words. This same element also makes memories of extreme importance to the Pisces pair. This couple tries to make the most of every memorable moment together. Their nostalgic natures increase the Pisces and Pisces compatibility factor.

Of course, the Water element can also push the power of a tsunami into a given situation. When these two become angry, they know the right nerves to strike. The emotional pain one inflicts can prove lasting. It is best each Pisces partner minds their words, especially when angry. Toxins pollute water, as toxic emotions poison relationships.

Pisces Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

When a Pisces Man falls for a Pisces Woman, he will think he’s finally found heaven. To find someone with so many things in common, it seems like the Divine hand is intervening in his life. Now, before him is the Pisces woman who he feels is his soul mate. The Pisces male invests all when he loves. He’ll hold back on nothing in the way of offering affection and care.

If this couple confines themselves and only focus on each other, it’s comforting. Because both parties are shy, they may be a bit anti-social too. But, confinement leads to excess in familiarity. Without others entering their world, this couple may grow bored. They might run out of stories to tell one another. After sharing every possible experience what’s left to share? It’s important to keep things interesting in the Pisces and Pisces relationship.

This pair will do well if they encourage friendships. They should encourage each other to engage in activities outside of the relationship. It will give them fresh experiences to share with one another. It will also provide them with new methods for ensuring relationship longevity. It’s best that the Pisces Man and the Pisces Man manage a bit of independence to ensure personal growth as well. Time apart makes the heart grow fonder.

When the Pisces Man and Pisces Woman get together can be supportive and nurturing. They tend to inspire one another. But, if the Pisces Man and Pisces Woman are out of balance in any way, trouble brews. The Pisces female is sometimes passive aggressive. The Pisces male, despite the water element influence, might become aggressive in response.

The Pisces Man and Pisces Woman develop an uncanny connection. This is because they are so intuitive. They might not recognize some of the real psychic abilities they have and use. Dreams and clairsentience are some of the sensory intake sources Pisces masters. They communicate on a telepathic level and can predict each other’s thoughts. Their telepathic connection keeps the Pisces to Pisces love match a special connection.

The ability to predict thoughts and actions means problems can arise before manifestation! Pisces a can catch each other in white lies before the lie happens! The Pisces Woman says, “Do I look fat in this dress?” The Pisces male says nothing. But, he head is already cut off by the metaphorical guillotine! The Pisces man says to the Pisces woman, “How much did you spend shopping today?” The Pisces female gives the answer away with glazed over eyes and a dull expression. The Pisces male is already cutting up her credit cards in his mind.

Due to their introverted nature, sex can prove awkward during the initial stages. They may feel as if they are diving into waters they are not sure about! Thank the Divine that Pisces personas are so adaptable. They can start out slow while learning from their partner. They soon discover what the partner might enjoy in the bedroom.

The physical closeness and level of experimentation develop over the course of time. But, the encounters don’t often stray too far off the vanilla path so to speak. Shy and not at all forward, Fifty Shades Darker makes both Pisces men and women blush! Sexual freedom of that level takes the ability to talk about sex. When these two do open to one another, it intensifies Pisces and Pisces compatibility. But, it’ a conversation the Pisces duo are apt to keep tight-lipped about a lot.

Pisces Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

The myth associating with Pisces demonstrates the true closeness of a Pisces pair. In the Greek myth, there is a story where Typhon is a monster even the Gods fear. He descends upon Olympus one day, and the gods and goddess turned into animals when running to safety. According to some stories, Aphrodite and Eros (her son) turn into fish and dive into the Euphrates. Other stories tell of two fish bringing the god and goddess to safety. What’s important here is the connection between the god and goddess of love and Pisces sign. It demonstrates that there is no greater love then the Pisces and Pisces pair.

The water is the environment for fish and the element influences this pairing. They dream together and share great compassion for one another. They are deep thinkers and share similar views of the world. What they share in thoughts and beliefs draws them ever closer together. The trick to making the Pisces and Pisces love match happen is in getting them together in the first place.

In the Pisces and Pisces relationship, the partners love to be alone and to dream about the future. Social butterflies they are not. Picture the scene. Pisces is at a group party or company celebration. They didn’t want to show up in the first place. But, their sense of obligation outweighs their social phobias.

When they arrive at the gathering, they offer a few friendly greetings. Then they head for the first darkened corner they can find. As they stand alone, they glance around the room. Direct insight in the opposite darkened corner of the room is another Pisces wallflower!

This is a typical meeting between the shy Pisces personalities. Otherwise, fate and strange synchronistic events bring them together. It MUST be in the stars for the Pisces Woman and Pisces Man to bump into one another long enough to develop interest!

Once they do meet though, it’s like looking at a mirror image (not surprising for these two water creatures!). They reflect on what the other needs for balance in some instances. In others, they have matching needs and interests.

Breaking into a conversation opens the door, and they recognize their uncanny connection. Intuition is one of the characteristics leading to Pisces and Pisces compatibility. It allows them to communicate without speaking. An outsider observer thinks a romantic Pisces pair is saying nothing. This is when they’re sharing full conversation without speaking at all!

The Pisces Man dreams big. The Pisces Woman supports his dreams while adding dimension to them. She makes him want to experience what life can offer them. She inspires him to follow his dreams. The Pisces Man helps the Pisces Woman shed the emotional shell she hides in all the time. Their bond grows fast. It moves from friendship to love in a heartbeat. It moves from love to spiritual when trust develops.

Pisces and Pisces Love Match Wrap-Up

So, now you’ve had a chance to explore the compatibility factor a Pisces and Pisces relationship! This couple has its challenges and rewards like any other partnership. Want to find out how you and your mate fare with astrological compatibility? Why not learn about the compatibility of friends and family members too? It’s free, and it’s all right here at Building Beautiful Souls!

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