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Year of the Rabbit for Kids:
The Chinese Zodiac Rabbit Child Traits, Personality & Characteristics

The child born in the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Rabbit thrives with beauty and compassion. He or she has natural empathy. Some take the Rabbit’s simple demeanor as weak, but these kids have no tolerance for selfishness and turning a willful blind eye to the pain of others. Rabbit will always point out the bully in the knoll.

The Year of the Rabbit represents healthy caution. In a Rabbit child, this results in being a tad reclusive especially when something threatens to bring chaos instead of calm. Keep this in mind when planning big changes. You have to introduce Rabbit to the concept of transitions (like moving) in small mental nuggets so they remain at peace with the concept.

Your young Rabbit is a bit of a homebody. They quite contentedly read, finger paint and daydream in a big overstuffed chair for hours at a time. While this seems laid back, Year of the Rabbit children can be quite ambitious and have talents that drive them into the spotlight. It helps if Rabbit has freedom in decorating their room so they can make it into a personalized safe haven. As they grow, they’ll change it up accordingly.
Confrontation is generally not prevalent in the child Rabbit’s toolbox. When arguments or skirmishes begin, Rabbit moves into a safe hole until the dust settles. The only time Rabbit fights is when something or someone pushes the “over the limit” red button. From a parental standpoint, this means you may have to teach your child how to use their feelings and personal power effectively.

With friends and family, the Chinese Animal Rabbit sign exhibits a cultured demeanor from a young age. They have charm on their side. Rabbit also uses those big ears for active listening. Whispering around the Rabitt youth is like an invitation for discovering secrets.

In Chinese Astrology, the Sign of the Rabbit child is said to exhibit the sweetest disposition. She or he conducts themselves with grace and obedience. Friends find themselves jealous of the well-behaved youth who doesn’t even fuss over waiting in line at a restaurant. It’s ok to enjoy the lavish compliments on your parenting skills, even if really your little Rabbit would remain peaceable and serene with any authority figure.
When this child gets sick or frustrated they become stubborn and overly-sensitive. Be gentle in your approach. The best playmates for Rabbit are those born in the Chinese Zodiac Animal Years of the Dog, Pig and Goat.

Here is a hint, mom and dad. These kids may always seem even-tempered, but they are dangerously smart. They manipulate outcomes by knowing what you want to hear and see. When other kids pout, cry and stomp their feet, Rabbit plans and subtly maneuvers, bouncing to a winning point. When the Chinese Zodiac Rabbit loses in their effort you will see no remorse. Instead, silence falls, leaving parents wondering if they ever got the point across.

The Rabbit child seems to have the proverbial lucky “rabbit foot” advantage in life. They find things of value and have a knack for being in the right place at the right time. In other words, they will never miss Pizza day at school, and get to point out their choice besides!
Once the Rabbit child enters school their good manners shine. The Animal Year of the Rabbit produces generally good students with rock-solid composures. Learning isn’t problematic especially in a beloved art form.

The Chinese Rabbit Sign gives kindly advice that proves out. While moody from time to time, there is a realistic person inside. Rabbit kids can be difficult to pin down because of inherent caution and a desire to be at the steering wheel in various situations. Oh, and by the way NEVER try to debate with a Rabbit. You are likely to lose.

Children born in the Year of the Rabbit have a friendly nature. Among peers, Rabbit exerts some influence simply because others find Rabbit’s spirit tender and loving. As the child grows you will notice a refined taste in everything from food to clothing. This interest in “comforts” isn’t vain or arrogant. If anything it affords the Rabbit-born youth good talking points among children with similar interests.

Parents of a child born in the Chinese Year of the Rabbit should keep in mind that these are very sensitive. They do not learn from harsh words, but rather constructive criticism. Keep disciplinary discussions calm and even-keeled. This resonates with Rabbit’s desire for tranquility in all areas of life.

Chinese Zodiac Rabbit Kids – Girls

The Girl Rabbit is a very calm child. She is sweet and kind, but also a bit naive. This leaves the Rabbit’s parents to the task of protecting her from people who would otherwise abuse her compassion. On the plus side, among friends and family, the Chinese Rabbit girl has great discernment about who they choose to love. Once a Rabbit decides someone won’t fit their narrow vision of how relationships work, she simply hops away.

Girl Rabbits find themselves attracted to people of means, as well as those who illustrate Rabbit traits like sympathy and genuine caring. We know from Chinese Zodiac characteristics, this occurs because the young girl Rabbit has no room for turmoil, so she naturally gravitates toward people that feel safe.

Rabbit girls enjoy daydreaming. Sometimes they get so wrapped up in the clouds that they miss important things right in front of them. When the Rabbit-girl is exercising that lush imagination, take care not to jolt her quickly. She doesn’t like to be touched without some acknowledgement of permission. This is a personal space issue that follows those born under the Sign of the Rabbit throughout their lives.
Children born under the sign of the Rabbit have a bashful personality. Among the other Animals of the Chinese Animal Zodiac, they are truly “salt of the earth” type kids who would never purposefully harm anyone or anything. These gals are true-blue friends.

In terms of personality, Rabbit often acts like a wide-eyed child. Idealism may overcome logic, tossing things off balance. Happily, however, the safety of hearth and home adjusts personal energy into a harmonic center. She will always need and want strong, supportive people in her life.

Like most kids born under the Zodiac Sign of the Rabbit, this girl can become emotional especially when conflict arises. Fights bother her entire aura, making her itchy. In such instances, she may move to a safe space, like her room or favorite thinking spot. This is a natural protective instinct in Rabbit, and it actually helps in most instances.

The Rabbit daughter is thoughtful and forgiving. She gets along well with a wide variety of people thanks to having a keen mind and gentle soul. Once involved in a project, The Chinese Rabbit girl engages happily but ceases any process once she tires. Overall the Rabbit girl seeks stability, comfort and well-appointed spaces that resonate with beauty.

Chinese Zodiac Rabbit Kids – Boys

You have a charmer on your hands! Kind and generous, this boy likes a little freedom. Parents may sometimes feel distanced from the lad born in the Chinese Year of the Rabbit, but love is still there. As he matures he will be more expressive of his feelings.

Family comes first with Mr. Rabbit. He will politely decline an invitation to a friend’s party if he knows the family needs help with something. This habit actually endears him to people because they see his sincerity. When trouble rears its ugly head, the Rabbit-born boy keeps his head straight and tackles it by seeking organic solutions, which usually works.

Around the age of 7, the Zodiac Sign of the Rabbit begins expressing a secretive, wily side. This may lead to pranks, but nothing harmful. Rabbit is too peaceful to harm for the sake of a joke. Just be on the alert as Rabbit must learn about the difference between good secrets and bad ones.

As with girls born under the Chinese Sign of the Rabbit, this boy is sensitive and benefits from circling with honest people that recognize Rabbits need for real trust. Rabbit is rather picky about his clothing and other “fashion” statements. He has no trouble asserting his opinion on favorite trends followed by wearing what he wants to accent his fur coat.
Unlike some boys who are all tussle, there is an artsy side to your son from a very young age. He may want to write poems or help you in the garden. Alternatively, your Bunny may take up an instrument to settle his spirit in times of conflict.

The boy Rabbit thrives when he feels secure. Urgent matters upset his proverbial apple cart because he wants to keep things on an even keel. Other characteristics of the males born in the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Rabbit are being purposeful, quick-witted and spritely.
At the dinner table, and everywhere else, the Chinese Rabbit Sign youth illustrates a courteous manner that will help him grow into a true gentleman. Please and thank you dot his sentences frequently. His biggest shortcomings are being overly sensitive and impractical. Those are so easily forgiven in light of all the positive attributes.

Facts & Metaphysical Associations

  • Rabbit people can be categorized in the following five types according to the traditional Chinese Five Elements theory. The Wood Rabbit is very modest and unassuming. They have astute perceptions. Fire Rabbit thinks globally and precedes action with considerable thought. Earth Rabbit is future-thinking and hoping for a financially successful life. Metal Rabbit is sweet and pleasant, and very easy to get along with. Finally, Water Rabbit adapts easily but may succumb to negative influences.
  • Dates: 1987, 1975, 1963
  • Symbol: Rabbit – 兔 or 兎 (卯)
  • Planet: Jupiter
  • Sacred Stone: Pearl
  • Season: Spring
  • Lucky Numbers: 3, 4, 9, 12
  • Element: Wood
  • Yin
  • Flowers: Snapdragon, Lily
  • Cardinal directions: East, South East, South
  • Colors: White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Pink, Purple
  • Lucky Days: Friday, 1st, 4th, 8th, and 11th Chinese lunar months
  • Month: March
  • Chakra: Sacral
  • Western “twin”: Aries, Pisces, Libra