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Year of the Pig for Kids:
The Chinese Zodiac Pig Child Traits, Personality & Characteristics

The Chinese consider the Pig as a dumb creature consumed with eating, sleeping and repeating those two. While this seems negative, the Chinese Animal Zodiac Year of the Pig for children can also bring out a peaceful side. The Japanese and Tibetan people regard Pig as a symbol of wealth.

The energies for kids born in the Year of the Pig include consideration, optimism, generosity and mercy. This young one knows naturally how to focus on relationships and make peace. There comes a time when forgiveness of past mistakes acts a mud salve.

Children born under the Chinese Animal Sign of the Pig are very gentle. They are comfortable in the company of peers, or with being totally alone. Pig is not a clingy child. Rather they are constantly thinking about current experiences to put them into perspective.
Energies during the Year of the Pig seem to move at a slower pace. That is because Chinese Zodiac Pig children concentrate on the goals, not how fast they get there. When trouble arises in the Year of the Pig, it doesn’t seem to cause a lot of flash and fanfare. If your child handles things responsibly and carefully problems should smooth out. Keep a cool head with the Pig child and trust a bit.

Your Pig child will be a very good conversationalist. Part of this skill comes from a natural empathy for others. They just seem to know what to say and when to say it.

Parents to a Chinese Zodiac Pig kid will find this child has a cheerful disposition. It does not take a lot to keep the Piglet happy. If something changes, the Pig adapts and takes cues from the family unit as to the next steps.
The young Piglet, like many children, starts out life with a slightly awkward bearing. No need to worry. They eventually grow out of being uncoordinated. Until that time expect several bouts of scraped knees.

In social settings, the Pig child leads easily. The key ability parents can teach the Pig is the art of active listening (and not to their own voice!). If they learn to balance words with attentiveness their leadership skills will continue to shine. Pig also values friends greatly. They will always be there offering aid or acting as a diplomat. These children appreciate peace in the proverbial pigsty.

Teenage years are hardest for the Chinese Animal Zodiac Pig youth. They seem to lose themselves to hormone changes, peer pressure and the challenges of high school. This is the time that parents should show greater support to Pig, communicating their value and your love.

The best playmates for Pig are Tiger, Rabbit and Sheep children.

Giving birth to a child in the Chinese Year of the Pig means welcoming a very sweet spirit into the earth plane. Think of this child like a miniature United Nations in the making. Pig children are steady, reliable, upbeat and determined. Where ever quarrels arise, you will find your little Pig there negotiating a treaty.

Friendships and family obligations are tremendously important to this Chinese Zodiac sign for children and adults alike. To people in those circles, Pig gives 100%. At first, you might think this makes Pig a little too work oriented. Nothing could be further from the truth. Children born in the Chinese Year of the Pig naturally know how to balance play with other commitments. Once ensconced in a project or goal, they continue toward completion with dedication. Should the whole thing go south, Pig shrugs it off and moves on.

Socially the Chinese Pig Sign among children makes one of the best friends for which anyone can ask. Their aura shines with thoughtfulness and charm. Pig children don’t want a flash-in-the-pan relationship. Rather they build lasting friendships. One of the best attributes of the Pig child is that they truly know how to have fun and it’s contagious.
Parents, you will be happy to know that there are few, if any, power struggles with your Pig-born child. These kids take direction and discipline with acceptance. After all, Pig craves harmony. To spit in the wind really isn’t this child’s style. Better still, your Pig is a cuddle bug. They love to hug and kiss. Sincerity and selflessness literally pours out of their heart chakra. Some of the other personality traits common to children born under the Chinese sign of the Pig include keeping things simple, great fortitude, a deep sense of honor, high energy, forgiving, wholly honest and being down-right real (Velveteen Rabbit real).

In the Chinese Zodiac, the parent to a child born in the Year of the Pig should teach this Piglet is how to say no, particularly when it comes to volunteering. This child has the most generous of spirits. This, in turn, facilitates commitments he or she may be unprepared or unable to fulfil. The Pig child would give all they have if it meant making someone he loves happy.

Chinese Zodiac Pig Kids – Girls

Girls born in the Year of the Pig can charm the pants off of nearly anyone they choose. She bears herself with a sweet, innocent allure that appeals to many, including her parents! Be careful though. This little pig has a sly side. They will sometimes feign frailness to manifest desired sympathy or safety. This comes naturally to Pig. It’s something good parenting can allay.

Your Chinese Zodiac Pig daughter will seem forever young even when she turns into a Lady. Her smile beams of spring sunshine and her face speaks volumes. When something happens, for boon or bane, you will know it by one glance at her.

Pig energy can sometimes be changeable as the moon, especially in young girls. Be ready for some emotional fluctuations, some of which go to excess. This propensity grows when modifications come along. The Chinese Animal Sign of the Pig likes consistency, even at a young age. She also does not take criticism very well.

Another interesting characteristic of girls born in the Chinese Year of the Pig is her retention. WOW! Give her a date and time and she will respond with memories you’d long forgotten. There is a fascination with the past and because of this, she may find herself drawn to history or antiques as she matures.
As the parent of a girl Pig, you will discover she craves stability. She prefers that stability comes from without, particularly in the home. Pig wants nurturing, comforting and a place where they can ignore reality for a while.

From the time she is a toddler, Girls born in the Year of the Pig love to emulate the “mom” of the house. She’s very much a homebody and actually enjoys domestic chores. After dinner, she’ll clear the table and help with dishes without being asked, for example. This little mom in training also takes to babies of all sorts very quickly. Do not go to the SPCA store when they have kittens unless you are ready to come home with two or three!

The Chinese Zodiac Pig girl loves to daydream. She also may experience very vivid sleeping dreams. If she shares those with you, please pay attention. It is not uncommon for Pigs to have precognitive abilities. Once she can write, give her a dream diary.

From a human perspective, you could not love a lady Pig more. These girls have lovely qualities including modesty, compassion and deep-seated morality. Foster these and you will bring up an amazing person.

Chinese Zodiac Pig Kids – Boys

Chinese Zodiac Year of the Pig-born boys are slow to mature, not just emotionally but often physically as well. So it’s not overly surprising that your son often acts the role of the “class clown” in a variety of social settings. The Pig often struggles with filters that others have naturally.

Parents of the Pig will find that he is just as emotional as his sister and very suggestible. Do not leave him alone on open source medical sites! Next thing you know your son thinks he’s dying.

Prone to binging, The Chinese Zodiac Pig boy sometimes attempts to maneuver people into feeling sorry for him. This overindulgence is an external manifestation of a desire for attention while neatly shifting responsibility away from himself. Pig can grow out of this, but it takes parental guidance.

Humility thy name is Pig. Your son has a bad habit of apologizing for things that aren’t even within his influence. This meek nature evidences itself in difficult interactions. Those born in the Year of Pig of all ages hate conflict and have no understanding of nasty people. The male Pig’s philosophy is people should do the right thing because it’s right, not because they seek accolades.
Having said all that, your Pig son is truly lovable in many ways. Like the girls born under the Chinese Sign of the Pig, your son is sweet, truthful, easy going and faithful to a fault. You don’t have to work hard to keep your son happy. Those around him find themselves letting down walls and opening up to his lyrical energy. Pigs take to affection easily and innocently.

Educationally the boy Pig fares well but can become easily distracted by his rich imagination. He will enjoy engaging in various subject matters. Homework? No problem. It’s done with diligence and in a timely manner.

Parents would do well to develop your child’s psychic aptitude. He has it but just doesn’t realize it (or if he does, it seems unimportant). It seems The Sign of the Pig among children has uncannily accurate insight about a lot of things but for himself.

The Sign of the Pig has a sentimental side. He likes to be gallant in a rather old-fashioned way. No matter what happens in your son’s life, he will never lose sight of his upright nature. It is not surprising to find the teen male Pig considering a future in education or other careers that allows him to guide children toward success.

Facts & Metaphysical Associations

  • People born in the Year of the Pig have five sub-sets of characteristics. The Wood Pig has a laid back nature but can be cantankerous at times. Fire Pigs have BIG plans but little patience. Earth Pig is quite the talker and always prompt. Gold Pig is friendly and helpful. Water Pig loves helping others with a gentle hand.
  • Dates: 1971, 1923, 1935, 2007, 2019
  • Symbol 豬
  • Planet: Mercury
  • Sacred Stone: Moonstone, ruby
  • Season: Winter
  • Lucky Numbers: 2, 5, 8, 25
  • Element Water
  • Yin
  • Flowers: Daisy, pitcher plant, hydrangea
  • Cardinal directions: Southeast, Northeast (some sources say East and Southwest)
  • Colors: Gold, brown, grey, yellow
  • Lucky Days: 17, 24 of any Chinese Lunar month
  • Month: 2, 7, 10, 11 of the Chinese lunar calendar
  • Chakra: Seventh
  • Western: Scorpio/Sagittarius