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Dogwood Tree Meaning & Symbolism

The flowers of the dogwood tree form a perfect cross, which is why it became associated with Easter as a tree of renewal and beginnings. This equidistant cross also represents the four corners of creation, the four winds; four Holy cities and the 4 sacred mountains in Native American tradition.

Dogwood has a lifespan of about 20 years during which time it grows to about 30 feet high. It produces berries and flowers but these parts of the tree are actually an illusion. Berries are actually drupes (akin to cherries), and blossoms are really leaves! With this in mind, dogwood could easily represent chimera magic.

In nature, dogwood is hard and durable and it resists scrapes easily. This sturdy nature gives the Dogwood Spirit additional symbolic values including strength, protection and a firm will.

Dogwood Tree Symbolic Meaning:
Devotion; Safety; Fertility; Loyalty; Passion; Desire; Determination; Illusion

Crystal Connections for Dogwood Tree:
Chiastolite; Staurolite; Tourmaline; Phantom quartz

Dogwood Tree Meaning Table of Contents

Dogwood Tree Color Meanings

The predominant color for Dogwood is white, a hue that speaks of beginnings, purity and spiritual perfection. The Dogwood Spirit is simple and sweet, often endeavoring to stay as neutral as the color white. It is interesting to note that the word white comes from a Slavonic word that literally means LIGHT, and the Sanskrit word means “bright.” In this sense the
dogwood ties to the Devic realms of light and may be an excellent resource when working with the Fey.

Dogwood Tree Dreams

Dreaming of a dogwood tree may signal a time of working with Christ Consciousness. Alternatively it may represent a time of experiencing elemental energies (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) differently. To learn more about tree symbolism in your dreamscape, review our Dream Dictionary.

Dogwood Tree In The Victorian Language of Flowers

Aromatherapy and Alternative Medicine

Aromatherapy uses Dogwood to improve the overall condition of the Light Body, particularly for people who have experienced trauma that lingers in the aura. Overall Dogwood vibrates with healing energy.

Native Americans applied parts of the dogwood for sickness in the physical plane too. They made a tincture of flowers, fruit and bark for fevers, headache, weariness, digestive troubles and colds.

Dogwood Tree Spiritual Meanings & Metaphysical Correspondences

There has not been a lot written about the uses of dogwood for magic. A branch would make an excellent Air wand, and small shards of wood could be ground and added to air-oriented incense blends. In this form, burn the dogwood and whisper your wishes to the winds for your heart’s desire. Bits of this Tree Spirit are also suited to spells and rituals for protection, safeguarding secrets, simple pleasures and fostering loyalty.

The planetary ruler for Dogwood is the sun. As a herald of warm weather, work with the Dogwood Spirit at noon when the solar disk adds even more energy to your endeavor.

But the sweetest things in life are always free
Like the songs the birds would sing
And the sweet new grass of spring
And the sacred blossoms on the dogwood tree

– Heartsong: Dolly Parton

The dates of October 21-30th belong to the Dogwood among Celtic Tree Signs. People born with the Dogwood Spirit in their life take this incarnation seriously. They’re accountable, dutiful and quick witted. The devotion of such individuals to home and any projects they undertake is formidable. Just like the tree, it takes a lot to undermine this person’s strengths and ethical sensibilities.

Dogwood Tree Superstitions:

  • It is considered bad luck to burn dogwood indoors on the hearth, or to bring dogwood flowers into the home.
  • Put dogwood sap on a piece of cloth on Midsummer night and make a wish. Carry the cloth with you until the wish manifests, then return it to the earth.
  • Carrying dogwood acts as a protective amulet (leaves, bark or flowers)
  • It is time to plant your corn when the dogwood tree starts blooming.

Dogwood Tree Numerology

Dogwood has two numbers. The name itself resonates with the Master Number 11, but we cannot escape the number 4 in its vibrational frequencies because of the four-pronged petals that crown the tree in glory. Number 11 supports the concept that Dogwood acts as a bridge between the worlds. Additionally Dogwood would be a good choice for an amulet designed for improved intuition, objectivity or just outcomes.

Four acts as a stabilizing force. Carry pressed, preserved flowers for grounding, as a see-true charm, or for when you need to attract the energy of organization into your aura.

Dogwood Tree History

Dogwood appears in many parts of the world but most likely had its roots in Europe. There is some disagreement as to where the word Dogwood comes from. Some feel it evolved from dagor dagga, the second of which alludes to an incredibly useful Celtic cleaning tool made from Dogwood. Cornus the botanical name means “horn” again representing the inherent strength and durability of this wood.

Interesting Fact: Early folk remedials felt that the name “dogwood” meant that this tree could be used medicinally for dogs. As a result people boiled the bark and used it for washing dogs with the mange.

The most commonly cited myth of the dogwood comes from Christian tradition. It says that the cross on which Jesus hung was made of Dogwood. The tree felt his pain, so Jesus commanded that the Dogwood would never grow so big as to be used for a cross, which is why it remains among the smaller trees. Additionally as a remembrance the flowers grow in the shape of a cross with red stains and a center that resembles a crown of thorns. This story makes dogwood a Tree Spirit helpful to those seeking Christ Consciousness.

Among the Cherokee a legend says that there is a race of little being who live in the forest and protect the tribe. They are the Dogwood People. These beings teach about harmony with the earth. They also safeguarded children and elders. None of these good deeds were enacted for the Dogwood People’s gain, but because benevolence is its own kind of magic. Seek the Dogwood Spirit when you want to discover more opportunities for “random acts of kindness.”

Another Native American tale says that a Cherokee princess died at the hands of a jealous warrior whose advances she refused. As she bled, she reached for a dogwood flower hoping to stop the flow. Now the dogwoods that flower with red tips honor her life and bravery.