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Spirit Quartz, Cactus Quartz, Fairy Quartz Meaning & Properties
Healing, Metaphysical, & Spiritual

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Spirit Quartz or Fairy Quartz Meaning & Properties

Spirit or Cactus Quartz fits its name quite aptly. It has a main power crystal with smaller crystals reaching in all directions. That pattern of energy gives Spirit Quartz a lot of potential applications. At the surface, Lightworkers tell us that this mystical stone connects in part to the heart chakra, especially when getting down to brass tacks with friends and family. It assists in cleansing negativity and begins the rebuilding process. As such it would make an ideal focal point for forgiveness rituals and spells.

Another common symbolism for Spirit Quartz is harmony and cooperation. So when you’re working in consortium mundanely or magically, keep a Spirit Quartz nearby so that the flow of energy between people remains unbroken.

The prickly nature of Cactus Quartz comes in very handy for protection, especially vibrations that have an impact on your auras and chakras. The primary chakra for this healer’s crystal is the Crown, which gives it a natural connection to psychism, astral travel, dream work, meditation and shamanic quests.

Similar to Clear Quartz, this stone is a jack of all trades metaphysically. The key is the variations in color. The Amethyst version inspires creativity balanced with practicality along with a heaping portion of self-awareness. Those seeking their spirit guide would do well to keep this stone in their sacred space.

Citrine Spirit Quartz opens the lines of communication, happiness and overall success. Contentment – thy name is Citrine Cactus Quartz. This color in Spirit Quartz works with the Solar Plexus chakra which governs your will and the ability to manifest your dreams and goals. It also attunes your nature toward less mundane things – particularly those situations or items that hold you back from personal growth.

The brown or smoky Spirit Quartz has strong grounding energy. It’s a great tool for Earth healers. Also, if you have felt really stressed, keep this in your pocket for a worry stone. This hue attunes the Root Chakra.

White Spirit Quartz is the soap and water of the metaphysical stones. It cleanses, promotes wholeness and gives you hope. There is strong Goddess energy here giving it the symbolism of nurturing and renewal.

Spirit Quartz or Fairy Quartz Metaphysical Properties

  • Chakras:Chakra: Crown, Heart
  • Element: fire/spirit
  • Zodiac Signs: Libra, Virgo, Aquarius, Pisces, Capricorn
  • Crystal Energy: Flexible, depending on color

Spirit Quartz or Fairy Quartz Healing Properties

Physically, Spirit Quartz puts glorious white light into your aura, which supports healthy Chakras. If you need energy, this is the healer’s crystal for you! Rub it gently over your skin to allay rashes, acne and age spots.

For women wishing to conceive, keep this on your body close to your center of energy (perhaps in a belt). Continue wearing it throughout pregnancy and then transfer it to your child to safeguard his or her health after birth.

Emotionally Cactus Quartz isn’t nearly as thorny as it appears. Rather, it urges cooperative efforts and assists those who otherwise think themselves a wallflower. There is no need to remain alone and separate from others – let this spirit stone help you take a leap of faith.

Spiritually there’s symmetry of vibrations that Cactus Quarts offers. When you want to heighten your awareness and work on self-actualization, use this as part of your meditation practices. Your lightbody will thank you and your capacity for self-love will grow accordingly. Spirit Quartz also assists with seekers who want a greater awareness of their karmic contracts.

  • Mind: Transmuting grief; Peace; Courage; Cooperation; Clarity/Comprehension; Obsessive behaviors
  • Body: Detoxification, Skin problems, Fertility; Energy
  • Spirit: Protection; Crown Chakra; Lucid Dreaming; Astral Travel, Shamanic quests; Meditation, Rebirthing; Divine Guidance

Spirit Quartz or Fairy Quartz Properties

Spirit Quartz Name Etymology

The nickname Cactus Quartz comes from the visual impact of this stone. Other nicknames include Fairy Quartz, Porcupine Quartz and Angel Quartz. One might think at first glance that the Spirit Quartz has irregular energies, but it’s actually very smooth and welcoming. All variations of Spirit Quartz amplify the energy of all other healing.

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