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Throat Chakra (Vishuddha Chakra):
Healing, Meditation, Meaning, Stones & Crystals

  • Motto: I Speak
  • Mantra: HAM
  • Color: Blue
  • Element: Aether/ Ether/ Spirit
  • Zodiac Signs: None

Now this is a Chakra I know about, because I’m all about speaking out, speaking up, and speaking my mind. Your Fifth Chakra is your Throat Chakra, and communication and truth are the name of the game. In Sanskrit it’s called Vishudda and it means pure. (NO, not like I shudda said something.) Pure truth, pure speaking and pure communication are what bring this Chakra into its true blue self.

Throat Chakra Table of Contents

Throat Chakra (Vishuddha Chakra) Symbolism & Meaning

Now, this is a Chakra I know about because I’m all about speaking out, speaking up, and speaking my mind. Your Fifth Chakra is your Throat Chakra, and communication and truth is the name of the game. In Sanskrit, it’s called Vishuddah, and it means pure-pure truth, pure speaking, and pure communication, bringing this Chakra into its true blue self.

What is the Throat Chakra

Has anyone ever told you to speak up (“I can’t hear you”)? Such an inquiry can indicate issues with your Throat chakra, which is like the switchboard for all your communication (including your inner voice). Another indication is always whispering, which often derives from fear of being misunderstood.

To give you an idea of this energy center’s relevance, you don’t have to look very far.
Phrases stressing the importance of the Throat chakra, albeit unwittingly, are plentiful in our language. Examples include:

  • Speak your truth
  • Talk sense
  • Talking someone’s head off
  • Look who’s talking
  • You’re talking in riddles
  • Talking shop
  • Like talking to a brick wall
  • Being the talk of the town
  • Talk me out of it
  • Pep talk
  • Talking back
  • Speaking in riddles
  • Making small talk
  • Being “all” talk
  • Talk to the hand
  • We’ve got to talk

With all this chatter, it’s important to remember the Vishuddah chakra has associations with hearing, too, specifically being heard and understood. By extension, it can include active listening, where we pay close attention to what others say. You cannot command a conversation without hearing what a person means. They cannot respond without understanding, as well. This back and forth is part of the Throat chakra’s function.

Have you ever heard someone say, “It seems like we’re speaking two different languages?” The situation is not uncommon. What we put together in our minds doesn’t always come out of our mouths as intended. The response you get? A resounding, “huh?” The Throat chakra, when working properly, helps resolve that confusion. In part, putting your mind to arranging words and phrases differently based on the reception you receive helps.

There is little room for fibs with the Throat chakra. Oh, certainly, people utter lies, but when you listen intuitively, the lack of sincerity comes through like rasping or an annoying buzz. Give this activity a try.

Ask someone you know to tell you one truth and one lie (about things you don’t know). Of course, the lie needs to be feasible, or this exercise won’t work. Listen closely. Can you hear the difference in the sound of the lie?

Words have power, and you are responsible for those you utter and their impact. Mothers everywhere knew this when they chastised us to think before we speak. Clarity and honesty matter. One potential glitch: People don’t always want to hear the truth. They’d rather have soft, assuaging words that don’t upset the proverbial apple cart. Keep this in mind. There are ways to present authentic information without hurting people or delivering it in a manner that closes them off. A soft voice is powerful.

Phrases also have “flavors,” if you will. Take the example of “sour talk” vs. “sweet talk.” Sour talk is negative, caustic, and cringy. Sweet talk tries to persuade but lacks sincerity. What do your conversations taste like?

Physically, the Throat chakra has associations with more than your throat. It’s also lips, jaw, cheeks, tongue, and ears. Basically, from your shoulders to just under your nose covers the layout of the fifth chakra.

As with every power center in your body, the Throat chakra does not act alone. It draws on the previous four chakras in different ways. The root chakra puts foundations under your words. The sacral chakra supplies creativity for self-expression. Speaking with love is all the Heart chakra at work. The Heart chakra reminds us to speak with love, while the sacral chakra provides conviction.

Where is the Throat Chakra

The Throat chakra couldn’t be located at any better spot, being the gateway between the lower chakras and the higher principles of the upper chakras. Visualize it in the center of your neck, right around the thyroid gland.

What is the Throat Chakra Responsible For

Words send vibrations through the air. The intent behind those vibrations is clear to those paying attention. Your throat chakra affects your ability to express yourself. When the fifth chakra has blockages or clogging, you may find yourself tongue-tied.

There are several symptoms of a misfiring Throat chakra besides this. For example, you may swallow your words, feeling too timid or uncertain to speak (or even afraid). The other extreme is possible, too. Your thoughts become all muddled, and you just blurt them out insensitively.

Physically, that nagging pain in your neck or cough that refuses to go away can also imply problems with the Throat chakra. Other signs include hoarseness or jaw pain (especially right before you’re supposed to speak). Since the Throat chakra governs our ability to listen, earaches figure into the picture, too.

A healthy Throat chakra improves relationships because communication is important to the human condition. You’re able to connect on deeper levels with loved ones. Imaginative ideas shared with coworkers make perfect sense.

As the Throat chakra moves into balance, you express yourself sincerely, and it shows. People trust you more. It’s pretty amazing when you see dynamics change, thanks to genuine interactions.
An unexpected Throat chakra responsibility involves food and health.

Everything you eat and drink passes through your throat, and when activated fully, the fifth chakra serves as a detoxifying station. If you eat wrong, your Throat chakra suffers.

Throat Chakra Meaning & Symbolism

What does your Throat Chakra do for you? It’s where you speak in the world to be heard. It’s clear communication, saying what you mean and meaning what you say. It’s how you tell others what you honestly think and feel. It’s where words empower you. When your Throat Chakra is humming (maybe literally), you have no problem with what you have to say. You don’t question or doubt it because you speak with true intent, love and honesty.

The Throat Chakra is also home to creativity with sound. Other chakras handle creativity, such as pottery and painting. Your Throat chakra is the energy center for words and music. Poetry, prose, singing, harmony, and mantras of all kinds are at home in this location.

The melodic property of the Throat chakra is pretty amazing. Vocalized music becomes a universal language. People can feel it, even if they don’t understand the words. Sometimes, the familiarity of a sound (song) gets everyone to join (Karaoke, anyone?). At those moments, there is equality without ego. It’s just people having fun.

Believe it or not, when your Throat Chakra is in tune, it makes you a good listener. Why? Because when you know you’re saying what YOU want, you’ll be far more interested in hearing others say what THEY want.


As you explore the symbolism and meaning of the Throat chakra, consider the element tied to this energy center—spirit (or Ether). As you can imagine, explaining ether is pretty tricky. It exists wherever there is a space, filling it. Ether exists in the proverbial pregnant pause! In this manner, Ether is better explained and quantified by absences than presence.
Ether is without boundaries. The etheric presence in the Throat chakra allows you to pace your conversations to perfection.


Blue symbolizes wisdom, grace, imagination, and sensitivity, which we should strive to apply in our words. Blue also expresses significance, confidence, and intelligence without becoming overbearing, which is foundational in a healthy Throat chakra. Blue naturally balances self-expression.
In Western traditions, blue is part of weddings. Here, blue represents the love our words should carry.

Number – 5

The Throat chakra is the 5th in the body’s energy sequence. It conveys personal development, change, and harmony born from deep connections (ah ha! Communication). Five is a number of explorations, seeking out the mysteries wherever they lie. It has a type of magic, just like finding the right word at the right time. Let’s hear it for a growing vocabulary. Hey, numerology says five is adaptable!

An open Throat chakra empowers us to speak freely. The number five mirrors this ability, as it represents liberation and independence. You can disagree with others, maintain your outlook, and no one comes away angry.

Five reflects attunement. There are times when we have to change our approach to delivering ideas. The energy center in your throat, therefore, shifts into gear, accommodating situational developments.

An exciting point regarding the number 5 is that it resonates with your passion for life and thirst for knowledge. So, working in tandem with your Throat chakra, you can fire up and deeply inspire the people around you with your speech.

How to Heal The Throat Chakra

To heal the Throat chakra, you first have to recognize the signs of problems. The Fifth Chakra is in charge of your thyroid gland and all the parts of your mouth, throat, neck, and jaw, so it’s relatively easy to figure out when this energy center is funky.

Jaw tight? Teeth grinding at night? Time to ask yourself what you’re biting back that you really want to say. Throat sore? Voice hoarse? You want to speak your mind so badly that it literally hurts. Bleeding gums, swollen glands, a thyroid that’s either over- or under-active, and even ear infections are all clues that your Throat Chakra needs some fast first aid.

You might find yourself unable to find the right words to make your thoughts clear. You might find yourself blurting things out that you really don’t mean because it feels like the words are burning in your throat. Gossiping? That is SUCH a red flag. And watch out if you’re using expressions like

‘pain in the neck’
‘screaming idiot’ or
’so mad I could spit nails’

All these show it’s time to check the health of your Fifth charka.

Physically, you might use your mouth to internalize destructive energy. If you’re overeating, smoking, or drinking heavily, there are scrambled energies in the Throat Chakra.

So, how do you convince the Throat Chakra that having a harmonious partnership with you is where you both want to be?

Use your voice for good things. Speak like you’re singing! You know all those people with cool-sounding radio and announcer voices? Try it. If it makes you laugh, all the better.

Feel your throat opening up. And try humming. Nice, soft humming is like a massage. You can hum nearly everywhere, keeping the 5th chakra lubricated.

Water is a huge mojo for healing the throat chakra. Yes, drink lots as everyone tells you, but do a salt-water gargle (warm water, please) regularly, too. Vegetable and fruit juices are also good. And speaking of fruit, blueberries and blackberries are especially friendly and support the healing process. (Remember? Eat the color of the chakra?)

There isn’t a lot of blue food out there, so indulge in that piece of blueberry pie—it’s therapeutic! When you get back to your veggies and main dishes, spark them up with restorative herbs like bay leaf, allspice, fennel, ginger, rosemary, or spearmint.

Back to the water cure for a moment. Slide into a luscious bath: oils that will help your Fifth go *zing * are spruce, cedar, jasmine, geranium, or lavender. Soak with a blue candle burning by your side. Play some music that sends your thoughts wafting into the Great Blue Yonder.

And what a great place to use mantras!
Try These:

  • I communicate my truth clearly and fearlessly.
  • I speak and listen with equal enjoyment.
  • My words heal me and those who hear me.
  • I express my creativity in the world with joy.

How to Heal The Throat Chakra Naturally

Taking care of the fifth chakra is essential for people in the field of public speaking. But beyond this career, everyone has to communicate on a daily basis. Your words are very telling. That’s where to learn how to unblock the Throat chakra so you can relay what you truly mean with clarity. You trust in your words.

If you can’t express your opinions or emotions, there’s an issue with the Throat chakra. A wavering tone, words coming out wrong, whispering, or getting a lump in your throat also implies blockage in the Fifth chakra. Other signs include rambling, interjecting yourself at the wrong time in a conversation, using inappropriate language, and putting your foot in your mouth. Do you always have to get the last word or talk so much that no one can get a word in edge-wise? Yep, that’s a Throat chakra issue.

An activity that helps unblock the Throat chakra involves a friend. Sit down with that individual, explaining your concerns about the Fifth chakra. Then, go on to have a very open, honest discussion about how it affects you.

Honesty is one key to a healthy Throat chakra (so you don’t choke on your words). When your friend interjects with ideas or observations, practice active listening. Also, try to remain aware of nonverbal cues, such as body language, if you will.

What about your “inside voice?” You can think your words with intention. Stand or sit up straight as a symbol of self-trust and courage. Tell yourself what you must know, then walk in that truth. This is very much like a moving meditation. You can keep that discussion with your inner self going, no matter where you travel.

How to Balance the Throat Chakra

Keeping your Fifth Chakra balanced and aligned is like a singer doing scales. Exercising your vocal cords helps create harmony. Treat your neck kindly with gentle stretches, especially first thing in the morning.

Enjoy a wide open-mouthed yawn, drawing in vital air. Breath has a direct effect on the Throat chakra. For something more “formal” start with a deep breath in through your nose. When you release it, do so as loudly as possible. Roar your power with positive vibrations.

When you’re learning how to balance the Throat chakra, think blue! Wear blue clothing. Carry blue-toned sacred stones like amulets. Wear a necklace with blue highlights, keeping it close to your Fifth energy center.

Finally, pay attention to your posture. Keep your neck and spine aligned. This reduces strain.

How to Heal the Throat Chakra Naturally

Sometimes, we think of healing as a complex process, but you can learn how to heal the throat chakra naturally with little fuss. For example, treat your throat with healing teas with honey. Options include cinnamon, ginger, and peppermint.

Wear something close to your neck. It doesn’t have to be heavy or hot like a winter scarf unless it’s actually winter. Rather, think of something light, airy, and (of course) with prominent blue tones.
Whenever practicable, keep your throat vibrating with songs, affirmations, mantras, chants, or humming.

Keep yourself active. Meditate, with a strong focus on breathing methods. Your outward breath should be more powerful than when you inhale.

Reiki is an option for natural Throat chakra healing. Find a practitioner and ask for them to focus on your Fifth chakra for the season. This kind of energy healing can reduce the stress that makes your throat tight.

Then, too, become more verbally aware. Try to phrase things positively rather than in the negative. For example, if you’re running late, try saying “Thank you for waiting for me” rather than using “sorry.” By the way, sorry is perhaps the most poorly word used in the English language.

People say it all the time with little thought. Ask yourself:

  • Are you really sorry?
  • Do you actually have something for which to be sorry?
  • Will you take action after “sorry” to fix the problem?

People say “sorry” to avoid conflict or acknowledge discomfort. People with low self-esteem over-apologize to avoid negative judgment. Excessive apologies may also be a cry for approval.
Of course, “sorry” isn’t the only word that could use a little editing. “Like” comes immediately to mind, along with amazing, really, very, and many.

The Throat chakra is like an energetic language class. The more you care for it, the better you become at using terms creatively and properly.

How to Activate the Throat Chakra

There may be times when you feel like your Throat chakra is shut tight. You can’t speak up. Words simply don’t come. So, how do you activate the Throat chakra?

Lots of Yoga poses are useful here. One of the simpler ones is the Supported Fish pose. You lie on the ground with your mid-back and shoulders supported, letting your head and arms open up. Breathe deeply.

There are keynotes to turning your Throat chakra to the “on” position. One important practice is speaking out and speaking up. The more you hold back, the less open your Fifth chakra becomes.

If there’s someplace you can go and simply make noise, like a forest, do it (the trees don’t mind). Sing and chant, repeat mantras and affirmations. A great deal of activating the Throat charka boils down to using it!

Work on being present, attentive, and using active listening skills with others. At first, you might struggle with this. Over time, however, it becomes natural, and all your communication improves.

Another activity for opening the Throat chakra is learning new words, especially positive ones. Get out your dictionary, or go online and find a word of the day. Learn it, use it! Here are some examples:

  • Beamish: Literally beaming, upbeat
  • Elucidate: Clearly relating information
  • Eunoia: Healthy mind, thinking beautifully
  • Fika: Slow down and smell the flowers with a smile (appreciating small things)
  • Lambent: Radiant
  • Mudita: Finding joy in the happiness of others.
  • Philocalist: FInding beauty everywhere
  • Selcouth: Rare and beautiful

Honor your need for exceptional expression.

Grounding the Throat Chakra

Any of your charkas can become overactive. There are signs to watch for in your language, none of which will endear others:

  • Rudeness
  • Arrogance
  • Gossip
  • Critical of everything
  • Maliciously pointed words
  • Impulsive talking
  • Interrupting others frequently
  • Nervous talking

So, how do you calm it down?

Try some aromatherapy. Our mouth is part of breathing. So the vibration of scents may help. Try calming chamomile, cleansing eucalyptus, frankincense for grounding and purification, soothing lavender, healing peppermint, and sandalwood for clarity (so you recognize what you’re doing).

Use these as incense, put a little oil in your bath, and perhaps dab yourself with the essence you most require. Just take care as essential oils can cause skin reactions in some people.

Then there’s thinking before speaking. Roll around your words in your head. Are they true, helpful, inspiring, necessary, and kind (THINK)? Ask yourself how the person (or people) you are talking to may interpret what you say. Can you imagine a world where everyone followed this basic process?

Throat Chakra Affirmations

You can create your affirmations, but it helps to have some ideas with which to start.

  • I speak calmly
  • My vocalizations are confident and considerate
  • I am a patient, active listener
  • I will speak my truth with love
  • Honesty is freedom
  • I enrich my vocabulary daily
  • I trust I only speak to those things I know
  • My humor is a great equalizer
  • I flow with conversations
  • I will practice communicating my needs and feeling openly
  • My words can heal and empower
  • I release myself to express myself fully, without fear
  • I will remain present in conversations
  • I rejoice in the magic and mystery of the Universe
  • I have ideas worthy of consideration
  • My voice gives action and power to my thoughts
  • My words reflect my ethics and morals
  • I will practice my communication skills
  • My words are effective
  • I communicate with authenticity and integrity

Throat Chakra Crystals & Stones

The Earth is generous in her gifts. There are numerous crystals and sacred stones that can support your Throat chakra in different ways.

  • Amazonite: Promotes balanced emotions so you can speak calmly. Trusting in the power of your words
  • Angelite: Pure truth in love
  • Aquamarine: A stone encouraging honesty and clarity
  • Azurite: Vibrant vocalization
  • Blue Apatite: Letting words flow freely
  • Blue Calcite: Clears and heals the Throat chakra. Spiritually guided communication
  • Blue Chalcedony: Stills the temptation to be quick with words
  • Blue Lace Agate: Articulation; responsible and positive messaging
  • Celestite: Clears Throat chakra blockage; speaking with purpose
  • Chrysocolla: Soothing. Inspires harmony and ownership of your voice
  • Lapis: Stimulates creative speech and eloquence; overcomes writer’s block
  • Larimar: Speaking your truth without fear
  • Sodalite: Having the right, meaningful words at the right time; Melodious voice
  • Turquoise: Helps with self-expression

Throat Chakra Frequency

The frequency of 741 Hz stimulates the Throat chakra. Listening to music at this frequency helps with authentic expression. Here are some options

  • Lena Belle: Nature Knows
  • Lobo: I’d Love You to Want Me
  • Mozart II: Adante
  • Post Malone: Better Now

Throat Chakra Meditation

Visualize a spinning blue light in your throat. With each deep breath you take, the bubble expands. See the voice box filled with sparkling bliss. Let the light wash over your teeth, tongue, lips, and ears. As you meditate, you can chant “Hum,” the word resonating with your throat chakra. Start saying it in just a whisper. As you repeat it, slowly speak it louder. Continue breathing, inhaling to chant.

Throat Chakra Mudra

The mudra for the Throat chakra is the Vishuddha Mudra. You can use this as part of your meditation. With your palms facing up, interlock your fingers inside. Your thumbs make a triangle above that nest by touching each other.

How to Open the Throat Chakra

If you need to open the Throat chakra, begin by bringing the color blue into your life in every way possible. Wear pieces of blue clothing. Find art with predominant blue hues. Put out blue candles, throw pillows, table runners, etc. Make sure the tones are bright and vivid.

When you first get up in the morning, sit on the edge of your bed and do neck stretches. Turn your head to the left and stop for 30 seconds. Repeat on the right side.

Next, tilt your head down so the left ear nearly touches the left shoulder (likewise on the right), holding for 30 seconds on each side.

Roll your head completely around. Drop your chin to your chest. Hold for one minute.

Pay attention to your breath as you go – in through your nose, out through your mouth.

Keep your spine and neck aligned (it will help your posture!).

Throat Chakra Symbol

The symbol for the Throat chakra is a 16-petaled lotus. In the center of the flower, an inverted triangle with a circle inside sits. In many depictions, each petal of the lotus has Sanskrit letters with specific symbolism.

  • Compassion
  • Forgiveness
  • Poison
  • Frankness (sincerity)
  • Self-control
  • Pride
  • Sacrifice
  • Dignity
  • Nectar
  • Calmness
  • Joy
  • Protest
  • Vanity
  • Nobility
  • Truthfulness
  • Knowledge
  • The inverted triangle represents spiritual growth. The circle is an emblem of the Ether element.

    Physical Symptoms of Throat Chakra Opening

    Are you not sure if your throat chakra is actually opening? Pay attention to how your words sound. The pitch will shift, and you can feel the vibrations. Your communications will be authentic, and you’ll listen closely.

    Your speech is confident, and you can express yourself openly. In conversations, you remain open-minded. Your creativity soars, as does your ability to handle change.

    Sometimes, your throat may tingle in a good way. Your energy levels improve. If you’ve had thyroid or throat issues, they may lessen or go away altogether.

    That stiff neck relaxes. Your mouth and gums are healthy.

    Mind you, each person is unique. You may have one or all these signs, or others personal to you. The key is remaining aware and alert.