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Third Eye Chakra (Anja Chakra):
Healing, Meditation, Meaning, Stones & Crystals

  • Motto: I See
  • Mantra: AUM or OM (Creation’s first breath)
  • Color: Indigo
  • Element: Psychic or Extra Sensory Perception
  • Zodiac Signs: None

Now right here is the answer to everyones eternal question, “Am I psychic”? YES, you are! Because everyone is born with a Sixth Chakra.

Known in Sanskrit as Anja, the word means perception and that is exactly what the Sixth Chakra is all about: how we perceive ourselves, how we get information the five senses can’t grasp (it ain’t called the SIXTH sense for nothing!), and how we perceive our own future.

Also called the Brow Chakra or Third Eye Chakra, this energy center deals with spirituality, imagination, insight, intelligence, intuition, ESP, and what are called in psychic work “the clairs”, clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience. Ever hear that phrase about seeing it in your mind’s eye? Right here, baby!

Third Eye Chakra Table of Contents

Third Eye Chakra (Anja Chakra) Symbolism & Meaning

Now, right here is the answer to everyone’s eternal question:” Am I psychic?” YES, you are! Because everyone is born with a Sixth Chakra.

In Sanskrit, the word Anja means “perception.” That is exactly what the Sixth Chakra is about—how we perceive ourselves, how we get information the five senses can’t grasp, and how we perceive our own future.

Also called the Brow Chakra or Third Eye Chakra, this energy center deals with spirituality, imagination, insight, intelligence, intuition, ESP, and other psychic gifts. Think of ”the clairs,”-clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience. Have you ever heard that phrase about seeing it in your mind’s eye? That’s part of the Third Eye Chakra, too.

What is the Third Eye Chakra

Moving up from the Throat chakra, which inspires speaking our truth, we come to the sixth chakra, which offers true seeing. The Third eye chakra affects your perception of the world, linking your inner self to your higher self. It is an excellent example of the aphorism, “As below, so above.” When this chakra is singing, your thoughts become more balanced and insightful. You can self-reflect before making decisions or speaking out.

Clarity of thought is an essential part of holistic living. When you tap into your Sixth chakra, you re-discover your wisdom (including that from past lives). It helps you tap into your gut instincts and see right through falsehoods. As the center of your intuition, the Third eye chakra keeps you present and mindful.

You have the innate capacity to discern subtle nuances in your reality. Such an ability is wholly natural, but many adults never realize their Third eye chakra is closed. Why? Many of us were told as children, “It’s all in your imagination.” Again and again, our innate vision was downplayed or even angrily dismissed. We never build trust with that aspect of our spirituality. The world, as explained, was only what we could see, touch, taste, smell, and hear on a temporal level. What a shame!

As you awaken your Sixth chakra, you have a greater understanding of things that previously eluded you. You integrate your creativity. But this doesn’t mean your head is always in the clouds. Remember, this chakra strives for balance, so it works cooperatively with your will and logical processes.

Where is the Third Eye Chakra

Since we are working upward through the chakras, the Ajna chakra would be above the Throat chakra. It’s seated smack dab in the middle of your forehead between your eyebrows. From this location, the Sixth chakra governs our internal rhythms (the pineal gland) and your overall mental health.

What is the Third Eye Chakra Responsible For

Sometimes called the sixth sense, the Third Eye chakra is responsible for prescience- all knowledge and insight that goes beyond physical perceptions. Have you ever had a hunch (or several of them), and it turned out right? That’s your Third eye chakra at work. Ah, but what happens when you brush off those feelings as being nothing? More often than not, you end up wishing you had followed your first instinct.

Through the Third eye chakra, you can begin to see patterns in all things. Many of those patterns link to one another, like ley lines. Understanding those relationships puts the world in a whole new context of action vs. non-action and reaction. Each choice has consequences.

The Sixth chakra nudges your higher aptitudes, such as gifts like Clairvoyance, telepathy, and object reading. Perhaps the greatest blessing of this chakra is that it connects us with the mystical, magical elements of the Universe and the Divine. Esoteric traditions credit the Third Eye as connecting us to the spiritual world.

Think of your Sixth chakra as a space where fantasy and intuition emerge into conscious reality. It’s here archetypes (symbols) make sense and create meaning. This energy center is akin to an internal spiritual counselor, with you as the source.

If you have a fantastic memory or detailed dream recall, your Third eye chakra is working well. Rather than hitting walls, you find opportunities. You can dare to dream and manifest those dreams in concrete ways.

Third Eye Chakra Meaning & Symbolism

When your Third Eye Chakra is open and really seeing, dreams become more accessible. If you are working with meditation, the stronger your Sixth Chakra is, the easier it is to tune in, turn on, and drop out of the everyday world into the Higher Realms.

The Brow Chakra is the place where we throw the switch and get those flashes of insight. About know those times when the phone rings and you know who it is? You see something in your mind, and a week later, it happens just like that? A person calls you on the same day you think about them (sometimes the same hour).

Your Third Eye is open, observing the Unseen World and reporting back to you.
It’s also where life lessons get sorted out, and your really big decisions come into play. Are you furrowing your brows? That’s an external sign of endeavoring to meet with your inner wisdom. You also “plug in” to the bigger picture.

Element: Light

Where the first five chakras are connected to the Elements (earth-root, water-sacral, fire (solar plexus), air (heart), and ether (throat), the last two of the seven glow with cosmic energy. Ajna embraces light, the light of illumination, of wisdom. The light that chases the shadows of doubt away and radiates authenticity.

It’s unsurprising to learn that the Light Element is part of charity and helping those who cannot help themselves. A person can overlook the plight of many in the chaos of daily tasks. Luminosity gives you the aptitude to recognize the complete picture, not just the pretty stuff.

Color: Indigo

In symbolic language, indigo represents deep inner knowledge and perception. It vibrates with perceptive power that wells up from within and blossoms in the Higher Mind.

This color expresses dignity, integrity, and sincerity. It encourages justice, fairness, and service to humankind. Indigo reflects our rituals and customs (patterns) and understanding them beyond superficiality. The hue focuses attention on building foundations while planning for the future.

Like the Third Eye chakra when it’s out of whack, too much indigo in a person’s aura implies stress. Such an individual becomes dramatic. Everything is a crisis. Attention to something, anything, becomes central, such as becoming a conformist, workaholic, or‌ expressing unhealthy zealotry. The right amount of indigo, however, brings a healthy restructuring of priorities at home, at work, and in spiritual endeavors.

Number 6

Pythagoreans say that 6 is a perfect number. Mathematically, such a number is one where all the divisors added together total the number itself, in this case, 1+2+3. While that may appear as a nifty coincidence, there are only four perfect numbers set out by the ancient Greeks, the other three being 28, 496, and 8,128.

With this in mind, it’s no wonder that six symbolizes the ultimate in beauty, principles, and personal codes. In numerology, six represents the Goddess of love, Venus. The 6th card of the Higher Arcana in the tarot is The Lovers!

Like the Third eye chakra, 6 marries the material and spiritual together in harmony. It’s responsible, nurturing, and service-oriented.

How to Heal The Third Eye Chakra

A gunky Third Eye Chakra doesn’t result in not seeing clearly on the Astral. That’s the chakra in charge of your central nervous system. It runs your sinuses, eyes, ears, and face. It deals with your brain. And that pituitary gland? It isn’t called the Master Gland for nothing: it’s what tells everybody else what to do and how to do it.

When your Third Eye Chakra is bleary, your psychic work is out to lunch. Any abilities you have for reading people are completely offline. You probably aren’t sleeping well, and your dreams (when you have them) aren’t helping; they can be downright nightmarish. Your eye-hand coordination is shot to blazes. Your mind plays Etch-a-Sketch when you try to learn something new, clears itself without warning, and you’re back to zero.

You don’t see life clearly. It’s like first thing in the morning when you have to clear out the inner corners of your eye so it doesn’t itch. Without taking that step, you always perceive worst-case scenarios and doom and gloom. In order to believe ANYTHING, you need concrete, irrefutable proof.

To escape the discomfort from a malfunctioning 6th charka, you go careening into Left Brain/Logical mode (busy brain).

Physically, you’re a candidate for monster headaches, sinusitis, eye and ear problems, neurological challenges…So, how about we find the healer’s version of a dose of (Third) Eye Drops?

In order to learn how to heal the Third eye chakra, you have to learn to relax, too. Take a much-deserved time out. Worry about here and now, remaining present. Believe me. Whatever requires your long-term attention will be there for you tomorrow.

Try journaling. Do not use it with any particular storyline in mind, but use it as a chance to talk to yourself on paper. What are you thinking? Seeing a pattern you don’t like? Don’t judge it, but ask yourself what happens if you change it a little. How about a lot?

Write down all the times you remember when your intuition was cooking with gas. When did you get a “hit” on something? Describe those times when things happened that simply couldn’t be explained.

You can use food as a support system for your Sixth chakra. Have another piece of blueberry pie. How about a bunch of those gorgeous blue-black Concord grapes? And guess what? WINE is the right color, as long as you go for the Beaujolais, Shiraz, Merlot, or Cabernet.

All things in balance, however. If you drink too much, that Third Eye might see proverbial pink elephants. Spike up those menus with spices and herbs like poppy seed, rosemary, and mint.

Take a warm bath sometime soon, especially if you add lavender, frankincense, patchouli, clary sage, or jasmine.

Drink a cup of jasmine tea as you lazily watch the flame from your indigo-blue candle. While you’re in a peaceful zone, try these mantras:

  • My intuition is my partner in creating my world.
  • I access my deep wisdom with clarity and joy.
  • I perceive the world in positive and imaginative ways.
  • I see my future, and it is good.

How to Unblock the Third Eye Chakra

How do you know your Third eye chakra has a blockage? Some physical cues include blurry vision, brain fog, lethargy, and ongoing headaches. Emotionally, everything ticks you off. You don’t want to be around people. There’s a lack of direction, and you can’t seem to make a decision, even the most important ones. Self-trust goes out the window, particularly with your intuitive insights.

One suggestion for unblocking the Sixth chakra is using aromatherapy. You can burn incense (or scented candles) around your home. Bring plants with the right scents indoors (living organisms are always a good option).

Dab essential oils in the areas where you spend the most time.

  • Cedar: healing and prayerfulness
  • Clary sage: renews clarity and emotional poise
  • Frankincense: besides affording peace, frankincense cleanses the shadows hovering in your mind and spirit
  • Lavender: one of the best aromatics for resolving conflicts by de-escalating feelings that have gone amok
  • Pine: an upbeat scent supporting self-assurance
  • Ylang Ylang: reconnects you to others and the world

Look for instrumental music specially designed for your Third eye. Sound bowls are great for this. Other options include tiny chimes, bells, panpipes, Native American flutes, and tinkling wind chimes.

Don’t overlook the power of light to unblock your Third Eye. You have the sun readily available! Go out early in the morning and watch the sunrise. The symbolism is pretty simple – the light “awakening.”

How to Balance the Third Eye Chakra

The flow of prana (vital energy) shifts throughout the day. Stress, sickness, anger, and frustration may cause an imbalance in your Third eye chakra (as it can all the others simultaneously). The result is like a tree with sick roots. The top will only seem healthy for so long.

If you have an underactive Third eye chakra, it negatively affects concentration. If you are learning something or even just listening to something, it becomes harder to make sense of it. Processing information becomes spotty. And remaining emotionally moderate seems an impossibility. Fear rears its ugly head.

Tapping into this chakra’s color, indigo can help bring the Third eye chakra back into balance. In your mind, situate yourself on a mountaintop with a cool, refreshing breeze. Let the air blow away cobwebs, and just listen. Listen to your heart beating. Listen for the song of the stars. Envision your aura expanding into a night sky until you are literally sitting in indigo velvet space, with all that twinkling energy around you.

You are not alone in the cosmos. Your guardians, guides, and angels are present. Speak to them about what lies heavy on the edges of your awareness. Stay as long as you feel necessary, and remain open to insights as they come.

How to Heal the Third Eye Chakra Naturally

When you are trying to live a holistic lifestyle, it’s important to find ways to heal the third eye chakra naturally. Your energy centers are in a constant state of flux. So, making time for regular balancing and alignment from the base up is a sound idea. But what about the Sixth chakra, specifically?

Do you like reading? Get some books on various perspectives and philosophies. Write about your feelings in your journal. Make time for daily meditation and quiet. Silence is one of the best natural healers you’ll ever find. If you want to add affirmations to your meditation time, try phrases like:

  • I trust my inner guidance
  • Intuitiveness is natural. I will listen more closely
  • Connection to the Universe is part of my DNA

There’s also the great outdoors. Take walks on sunny days. Or, go out when there’s a full moon. Natural light is great for your Sixth chakra. You could also try yoga poses during these excursions, including the downward-facing dog, the child’s pose, supported shoulder stand, and hero.

Return to the idea of aroma therapy to restore balance in your Third eye chakra naturally. Besides aromatics previously listed, you can consider

  • Jasmine: for improved mood and energy; heightening spiritual awareness
  • Lemon: fresh ideas; encouraging creativity and originality.
  • Rose: self-love; improving deeper meditative states

How to Activate the Third Eye Chakra

If you feel like your Third eye chakra is sluggish, there are daily routines to keep the energy spiraling properly. Meditation is like a daily vitamin for your spirit and a balance between your charas. It’s especially important to keep your Sixth Chakra sharp and clear. It doesn’t have to be fancy, either; just take ten minutes to Be Where You Are (no more, no less). Use ambient music in the background if you want to (those brain-balancing MP3s are terrific).

Sit spine-straight and concentrate on that spot in the middle of your forehead. Just keep seeing it like clean, sheer indigo.

This is another place where Alternate Nostril breathing is helpful (though not while you’re meditating). Sit comfortably and hold your nose with your thumb on the right and your index finger on your left. Close the right nostril. Breathe (gently!) in through the left. Then, release the right, close the left, and breathe out. Now reverse it – close the left, breathe in through the right, then close the right and breathe out through the left. (It’s not as hard as it sounds, really.) This is calming, centering and gets those cells all oxygenated.

Absolutely go for the Dark Blue Bling. Wear those gorgeous crystals and gems! Earrings, necklace, tie tack, even a teardrop with a shimmering blue stone at the center of your forehead. Be daring, be delicious, be Dark Blue.

You will know when your Third eye chakra clears. You will see beyond reality’s edges. People may find your intuitiveness just a little too spot on! Folks aren’t accustomed to having their curtains drawn back. Be gentle with your insights.

Grounding the Third Eye Chakra

You might think it would be great to be “all-knowing” (well, at least feel that way). However, your Sixth chakra can distribute too much energy. It goes into overdrive, and the results are pretty specific.

You’ll find it difficult to disconnect from your daydreams. They feel like a safe space because you’re overwhelmed. There’s no question your judgment is off (trust me, people will be happy to tell you). You will look at a daisy and analyze every single part. Anxiety turns up to “high,” but the mental fog keeps you from sorting it all out.

Step one for grounding is literally stepping! Kick off those shoes and socks and go to a place with soft grass or sand. It’s best to stand as straight as possible (energy follows that line). Just take it in.

While you’re standing there, try a visualization. See your feet like roots reaching into the soil. Let yourself “feel” that richness and security. Attune yourself to the earth’s pulse, its rhythm…, and recognize its patterns as part of yourself. Mother Earth sends soothing energy starting at the root chakra all the way up!

Third Eye Chakra Affirmations

The idea behind affirmations is to put things in a positive light. Rather than saying I can’t, you turn it around and focus on what you CAN. Try using one a day as a spiritual vitamin. Repeat it out loud or mentally whenever you think of it.

  • I have wisdom within
  • I can see beyond the material
  • I recognize truth
  • My goals are within reach
  • I am capable
  • I trust my intuition
  • I give myself grace
  • I believe in the messages dreams reveal
  • I welcome the light into my life daily
  • I will live presently and attentively
  • I recognize the power of imagination
  • My experiences teach me
  • I remain prayerful
  • My purpose is revealing itself
  • I am connected to my Higher Self and the Universe
  • All things offer the opportunity to grow
  • My vision will expand to see the big picture
  • I have a vivid imagination
  • I remain my authentic self
  • The highest good comes from trusting my discernment
  • My Third Eye is open and aware
  • Indigo light surrounds me, saturating my aura
  • I walk in truth with purpose and passion
  • I can manifest my goals
  • I forgive myself completely
  • I listen for the voice of Spirit for guidance
  • I am a child of the Universe
  • I walk in hope, greeting fresh awareness
  • I am thankful
  • Abundance comes when I trust my instincts
  • I am responsible for my destiny
  • Energy is available all around me
  • I am open to Divine leading
  • The world is a teacher
  • I release fear
  • My heart is ready to give and receive love
  • I accept myself
  • I deserve love and happiness
    • Third Eye Chakra Crystals & Stones

      Using crystals and sacred stones to support your chakras is easy. Pick out the Third Eye stone most suited to your current situation (and the chakra’s needs). You can wear it, carry it, leave it in areas you frequent, put it in your bath water, etc.

  • Amethyst: A stone filled with wisdom and serenity, amethyst also awakens your spiritual gifts
  • Azurite: Supports improved intuition; fine-tuning psychic abilities
  • Black Obsidian: Embracing your inner wisdom; purging toxicity
  • Black Tourmaline: Focus; a sense of safety
  • Citrine: Shines like the sun (light); positivity and creativity
  • Kyanite: Improved perception; activates the Third Eye chakra; improved problem-solving
  • Lapis Lazuli: A truth stone that improves awareness and inspires authentic conversations; clarity; problem-solving
  • Labradorite: Filled with magic, this stone helps keep you connected to Universal energy and your own inner wisdom
  • Lolite: Blue like the Third Eye chakra, lolite restores creativity; astral travel
  • Moonstone: Another “light” crystal, Moonstone radiates wisdom, truth, and harmony
  • Purple Fluorite: Mental keenness, confidence, precision
  • Turquoise: Luck, abundance, calming anxiety
  • Quartz (clear): A jack-of-all-trades stone, quartz helps unblock your chakra and provides clarity
  • Rhodonite: Activating latent potential
  • Sodolite: Deters negative thoughts. Balances emotions with logic
    • Third Eye Chakra Frequency

      Each of your chakras has a frequency at which they resonate. For the Third Eye it’s 852hz. Music playing at this frequency opens up our natural intuition and psychic aptitudes. The sound also improves relaxation.

      Some of the songs that include 852 hz notes include “Imagine” (John Lennon) and Love Spreads (Stone Roses).

      Third Eye Chakra Meditation

      The saying goes, “Seeing is believing.” That concept lies at the heart of meditation combined with visualization. Meditation is a tool for expanding your awareness (ideal for the energies of the Third Eye).

      Start by getting comfortable and closing your eyes. Breathe deeply. Imagine an indigo light in the center of your forehead. Let that light grow in size and brightness. Eventually, that purple light will surround you completely, saturating your aura and energizing your Sixth chakra. Stay in this place of awareness as long as you wish.

      You can add chanting as another layer of support. The mantra for the Third Eye is “Om.” It is said that Om was the first sound of creation and the essence of complete cosmic consciousness. This mantra is so important that it often begins and ends Buddhis and Hindu prayers.

      Say it slowly, repeating it internally or out loud. There are no set rules for how many repetitions you should make. Nonetheless, speak gently, like a whisper, so you really have to listen actively. If possible, chant once a day to keep your energy system in tune.

      Third Eye Chakra Mudra

      The mudra for the third eye is the “Chin Mudra” also sometimes called the “Gyan Mudra.” This particular hand configuration stimulates knowledge and insight and activates your higher mind for deep spiritual perception. Start by touching the thumb on both hands to the index fingers. Leave the rest of your fingers spread completely out. Use the mudra with your meditation activities.

      How to Open the Third Eye Chakra

      The Third Eye chakra responds positively to regular prayers, chanting, meditation, and sacred dance. Just 10 minutes a day opens Anja and keeps it activated in prime shape. If you can’t do so daily, try to fit it regularly into your schedule somewhere where you won’t feel distracted.
      You can also sun gaze (keep that light Element going). Now, you obviously can’t look directly at the sun at noon. But you can watch it rise and/or set. You can chant if you wish, welcome the solar disk, or sit using the Chin Mudra.

      Meditation and visualization can open the Third Eye chakra, too. If it helps, imagine an actual eye blinking in the middle of your forehead. Look deeply into the middle, where you will find a violet spark. Let that glow grow and grow all around you.
      Third Eye Chakra Symbol

      Anja’s symbol has two lotus petals, a downward triangle, and the mantra OM in the center. The lotus is indigo and represents the energy channels that connect with all the chakras. Having only two petals symbolizes the balance between masculine and feminine principles, as well as all dualities.

      Third Eye Chakra Symbol

      The symbol is indigo, which vibrates with insight and spiritual awareness. OM is a sacred sound for the word. Within it, all other sounds abide. It is also an emblem of the Creator. Finally, the downward triangle represents enlightenment and remaining connected to the Divine.

      Physical Symptoms of Third Eye Chakra Opening

      A variety of symptoms and signs signal the opening of your Third Eye chakra. You may feel an odd sensation in the middle of your brow. It might be warm, buzz, or kind of itchy. Colors look more vivid, but you may experience some light sensitivity. Sounds ring out, even the soft ones.

      Your sleep fills with detailed, realistic dreams. Some bear signs and omens to which you should pay attention. Always write down your dreams as soon as you can, while they’re still clear. This way, you can return to the information when you have time to ponder it.

      Visually, you may start seeing people glow. It happens when your eye relaxes. The light appears just off the body’s surface. This energetic envelope can have colors, too.

      While you remain in awe of auras, something else appears. Spirits and orbs greet you because your Third Eye is open and awake.

      Of course each person is unique, but use this list as a starting point for determining if your Third eye chakra is open and humming at full volume.