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Sacral Chakra (Syadisthana Chakra):
Healing, Meditation, Meaning, Stones & Crystals

  • Motto: I Feel
  • Mantra: VAM
  • Color: Orange
  • Element: Water
  • Zodiac Signs: Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio

You can’’t strut your Stuff unless the Second Chakra is hitting on all cylinders, darling. The Second, or Sacral Chakra is home to Yin energy. That’s all the spark that gets us creative, puts us in true touch with our emotions, and helps us savor life to the utter fullest. Its Sanskrit name is Syadisthana, and means the Dwelling Place. This spiritual energy wheel lives at your belly button, sitting there like an energetic amber jewel in your navel.

Sacral Chakra Table of Contents

Sacral Chakra (Syadisthana Chakra) Symbolism & Meaning

So let’’s talk about that Sacral Chakra. Remember how basic sex lives in your Root Chakra? Well, if you want to raise its Hotness Quotient, you do it here. When your Sacral Chakra is cookin’’, sensuality is fun, you’’re completely authentic, and you have no fear about delving deep into what gives you pleasure on any level. This is where you let yourself go, without any judgments.

The Sacral Chakra is also where things get creative. Sex births babies, we get that. But writers birth memorable books, cooks birth great meals, weavers birth beautiful fabrics – it’s all creativity. So in order to bring your masterpiece(s) fully into the world, that Second Chakra has to be glowing a bright, healthy orange. Think Madonna, think Adele, think George Takei. George Takei? YES! –Sulu from Star Trek spent years bringing his life story to Broadway; the smash musical Allegiance is all about his childhood in Japanese internment camps, and his passionate vision is what birthed it. For each one of these folks, that Second Chakra is being loved and cared for, you bet.

Second Chakra is also home to the emotions. If you want to manifest in the world, baby, this Chakra needs to be humming. Abundance Is Orange! Abundance in solid relationships, abundance in prosperity, abundance in emotional centering, it lives right here. Those people you know who are easy to be around, whose emotions you trust to be Really Real? Their Sacral Chakra is pitch perfect.

And don’’t forget your intuition! It’’s not just Third Eye stuff, folks – what do we talk about when we’re getting a “hit” on something we can’t explain logically? A GUT FEELING! Ding ding!

When you think Sacral Chakra, think emotional balance, delicious creativity, and Midnight At the Oasis. (All right, I’’m dating myself. Go find Maria Muldaur circa 1976. And savor a few dates while you’’re at it.)

Sacral Chakra (Syadisthana Chakra) Healing & Cleansing

So a healthy Sacral Chakra sounds like fun, right? Trust me, when it’’s busted, so are you. The Sacral Chakra runs energy through a lot of important areas: your adrenal glands, appendix, bladder, gallbladder, your hip area, kidney, intestines, liver, lower back, pancreas, spleen and stomach. And of course, all the reproductive organs are plugged in here too. So if this Chakra is not functioning well, you get exhaustion, UTIs, digestive problems, cramps and menstrual difficulties, PMS, airborne allergies, and addictions. NOT fun to live with – and, if you get any of this, neither are YOU! 😉

If this Chakra is messed up, so is your emotional stability. You’’re either clingy or cold; no middle ground. You take offense at the smallest things. Your trust level is Zero. Your creativity is challenged. Writer’’s block? Feeling like there’’s nothing new for you to do/say? Right here. Pessimism? Yep.

So let’’s take a look at how to soothe that Sacral back into being our friend…

Forgive. Forgive yourself for less-than-perfect relationships, creative projects that went nowhere. Let go of any “stuff” around bad relationships, including traumas and abuse. Remember that YOU are not your STUFF. Get comfortable with the juicy, sexy creature you are. (And I don’t care how old you are. You are still a delicious being. Got that?)

Be true to YOU. Don’’t accept relationships that don’t help you, people who suck you dry. “Thanks but no thanks” – – that’’s your new motto.

Orange food, of course, is great stuff. Oranges themselves. Orange bell peppers. Apricots. Carrots. And in the non-orange realm fish, tropical fruit, really good healthy oils (REAL butter! Coconut oil!) and water can all help heal that Second Chakra. Fancy up your meals with things like paprika, sesame or caraway seeds, a little coriander or fennel. Head for licorice if you have a sweet craving.

Warmth really helps Second Chakra issues. Wrap yourself in an orange comforter. Burn an orange candle with orange essential oils laced in. Watch the flames in your fireplace (lots of warm orange there!). Soak in a bath with gardenia, cinnamon or vanilla.

And we always recommend getting your thoughts to support you.


I embrace and enjoy life in full measure.

I am a wellspring of joyous creativity.

I trust my intuition to bring me correct and useful information.

Sacral Chakra (Syadisthana Chakra) Balancing & Realignment

Remember that balancing is easier than healing a blown-out Second Chakra.

One of the simplest is Alternate Nostril breathing. That’s where you sit in a comfortable position, and hold your nose with the thumb on the right and your index finger on your left. Close the right nostril. Breathe (gently!) in through the left. Then release the right, close the left, and breathe out. Now reverse it – close the left, breathe in through the right, then close the right and breathe out through the left. (It’s not as hard as it sounds, really.) This is calming, centering, and gets those cells all oxygenated.

Visualization? Imagine a bright orange ball that encompasses you from your navel to your reproductive organs. Breathe in and out quietly; see that ball expand, its color and warmth sending a happy buzz through every part of you. Just get into that yum feeling.

Orange can be a tough color to wear, but even a touch of it (Earrings! A scarf! A belt!) can help bring things in to balance you.

Sacral Chakra (Syadisthana Chakra) Activation

Yes, there’’s an easy yoga pose, called Butterfly. Sit on the ground. Bring the soles of your feet together in front of you. (Get them as close to you as you can, but don’t break yourself.) Let your legs flop open –- really open those hips. And then flop down (hold those legs where they are) as low as you can go and just… ‘be’. Feel the stretch. Feel your hips just opening.

Crystals can get your Second Chakra humming, of course. In no particular order of Awesome, we suggest Amber, Orange Carnelian, Citrine, Coral, Garnet, Golden Agate, Moonstone, Orange or Coral Calcite, Leonard Jasper, Moonstone, Orange Tourmaline, Sunrise Quartz, Vanadinite.

If your Sacral Chakra is revving, you are incandescent in the world. You create the way you breathe. Your relationships are as nourishing as the best meal in a five-star restaurant. And you absolutely KNOW and LOVE who you are.

And isn’’t that as juicy as it gets!