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Sacral Chakra (Syadisthana Chakra):
Healing, Meditation, Meaning, Stones & Crystals

You can’’t strut your Stuff unless the Second Chakra is hitting on all cylinders, darling. The Second, or Sacral Chakra is home to Yin energy. That’s all the spark that gets us creative, puts us in true touch with our emotions, and helps us savor life to the utter fullest. Its Sanskrit name is Syadisthana, and means the Dwelling Place. This spiritual energy wheel lives at your belly button, sitting there like an energetic amber jewel in your navel.

Sacral Chakra Table of Contents

Sacral Chakra (Syadisthana Chakra) Meaning & Symbolism

  • Motto: I Feel
  • Mantra: VAM
  • Color: Orange
  • Element: Water
  • Zodiac Signs: Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio

As we examine the meaning and symbolism of the Sacral Chakra, it helps to know some keynotes vibrating here. They include:

  • Compassion
  • Contentment
  • Emotional Closeness
  • Harmony
  • Imagination
  • Innovation
  • Nurturing
  • Passion
  • Sentiments
  • Sensitivity
  • Tenderness
  • Transformation
  • Wholeness

Some say Parvati, the Hindu goddess of devotion and fertility, governs this chakra. It makes perfect sense. Working with the Sacral Chakra means getting back in touch with ourselves deeply. Authenticity is central to balancing the Sacral Chakra and expressing the best version of you to the world.

The Moon represents the Sacral Chakra. Just as it waxes and wanes, so do emotions. Regulating feelings is a challenge for everyone. Here, create a healthy environment for yourself where you feel safe to express yourself without judgment. Reach out to the Sacred Feminine and release your inner child. The symbolism of the Second Chakra is simple: Keep it real. Real in relationships; real in bed and on chandeliers. 😉

The Sacral Chakra symbolism and meaning entangle with the sense of pleasure, our ability to convey our wants and needs (and have them understood), and astounding innovation. It’s easy to see why paying attention to this chakra is important.

How do you know if this beautiful flaming orange Chakra needs help? Low back pain comes and stays. Your sexual desire ceases. Sexual activities may be painful or release a flood of uncontrolled feelings. Should you notice any of these symptoms, it’s time to heal your Sacral Chakra and revive it.

How to Heal The Sacral Chakra

To heal a chakra, you first need to understand the repercussions a “sick” chakra has on your health.

So a healthy Sacral Chakra sounds like fun, right? But what if it’s not? Trust me, when it’s busted, so are you. The Sacral Chakra runs energy through many important areas: your adrenal glands, appendix, bladder, gallbladder, hip area, kidney, intestines, liver, lower back, pancreas, spleen, and stomach. And, of course, all the reproductive organs plugin here, too.

So if this Chakra is not functioning well, you get exhaustion, UTIs, digestive problems, cramps and menstrual difficulties, PMS, airborne allergies, and addictions. NOT fun to live with–and, if you get any of this, neither are YOU-the veritable party pooper.
If this Chakra is messed up, so is your emotional stability. You’re clingy or cold; no middle ground. You take offense at the smallest things. Your trust level is Zero. Everything seems to challenge your creativity. Writer’s block? Feeling like there’s nothing new for you to do/say? Pessimism? Yep.

So let’s look at how to soothe that Sacral back into being our friend and helpmate.

Forgive. Forgive yourself for less-than-perfect relationships and creative projects that went nowhere. Let go of any stuff left over from terrible relationships, including traumas and abuse. Remember that YOU are not your STUFF.
If you cannot release, you also cannot receive. Get comfortable with the juicy, sexy creature you are. (And I don’t care how old you are. You are still a delicious being. Got that?)

Be true to YOU. Don’t accept go-no-where relationships. Avoid people who suck you dry. “Thanks but no thanks”–that’s your new motto. It’s hard to say no, but when done with good reason, you say yes to your sacred self.

You’ve heard the saying “food for the soul.” Now it’s time to feed your Sacral chakra. Orange food, of course, is great stuff. Oranges themselves. Orange bell peppers. Apricots. Carrots.

In the non-orange realm, reach for fish, tropical fruit, healthy oils (REAL butter! Coconut oil!), and water, which can all help heal that Second Chakra. Fancy up your meals with things like paprika, sesame or caraway seeds, a little coriander or fennel. Head for licorice if you have a sweet craving.

Warmth helps Second Chakra issues. Wrap yourself in an orange comforter. Burn an orange candle with orange essential oils laced in. Watch the flames in your fireplace (lots of warm orange there!). Soak in a bath with gardenia, cinnamon, or vanilla.

And we always recommend getting your thoughts to support you.

Try These Sacral Chakra Affirmations:

I embrace and enjoy life in full measure.
I am a wellspring of joyous creativity.
I trust my intuition to bring me correct and useful information

What is the Sacral Chakra (Syadisthana Chakra)?

You can’t strut your stuff unless the Second Chakra is hitting on all cylinders, darling. The Second, or Sacral Chakra is home to Yin energy. That’s all the spark that gets us creative, puts us in authentic touch with our emotions, and helps us savor life to the utter fullest.

The Egyptians considered the o sacrum bone at the base of the spine as sacred to Osiris. In Modern Latin, “sacralis” is the intimation of a religious ritual or a sacred rite. It is not difficult to look at the word sacral and ponder its ties to sacredness.
Sanskrit gives us a different view of the Syadisthana chakra. The word means dwelling place. Your belly button is the center of your spiritual energy. An area that rarely gets attention now deserves praise. By the way, omphaloskepsis is Naval Gazing or contemplating your navel! (who knew?)

The Sacral Chakra is highly active. Things get fired up here, including your sensuality. When you want to be “hot,” look to your Sacral Chakra for a boost of sexual attractiveness. Don’t worry. This isn’t like putting on a costume. What you express will be completely authentic. It’s wholly okay to seek pleasure.

In this respect, the Sacral Chakra is one of the most overlooked power centers. People think they’re not “good enough,” “ugly,” or “uninteresting.” Just stop it! When you tap into the Sacral Chakra, your creativity and self confidence wells up. You become the masterpiece in the art gallery of destiny. Get flirty. Have some genuine fun. You deserve it!

For artists, the Sacred Chakra is essential. Here, your muse brews slowly into reality. If you visualize your belly button glowing bright orange, the Sacral Chakra is healthy. Time to act! Pull out that pen, dust off a canvas, and grab your dancing shoes. Celebrate your innovativeness.

The second Chakra is also home to the emotions. If you want to manifest in the world, this Chakra must be vibrant. Abundance Is Orange! Abundance in solid relationships, abundance in prosperity, abundance in emotional centering, it lives right here. Those people you know who are easy to be around, whose emotions you trust to be Really Real? Their Sacral Chakra is pitch-perfect.

And don’t forget your intuition! It’s not just Third Eye stuff, folks.s What do we talk about when we’re getting a hit on something we can’t explain logically? A GUT FEELING! Ding ding! That’s your Sacral Chakra giving you a hint.

Where is the Sacral Chakra?

Where you “sit” on your Root Chakra, the Sacral Chakra moves into the second position in the Chakra energy progress. It’s in (or just below) your naval. This chakra’s element is water, and its color is orange.

Jupiter, Venus, and Pluto are associated with the Sacral chakra because of their energies. Jupiter brings serendipity and plenty. Venus supports harmony, inventiveness, and love. Pluto vibrates with deep introspection about our desires and how to express them properly.

There are two Zodiac Signs sensitive to the Sacral Chakra when it’s blocked—their energy drops to the floor. The proverbial brick wall goes up, and there’s no sense of emotional control.

What is the Sacral Chakra Responsible For?

For our chi (life force) to flow properly, all your chakras must balance. The Sacral Chakra is the second in the progression from Root to the Crown. The Syadisthana Chakra’s ability to vibrate at its highest frequency depends, in part, on having the Root Chakra fully grounded.

The Sacral Chakra impacts how we interact with the world. It touches on the human experience intimately-namely, our feelings, inventiveness, sense of satisfaction, and our sexuality. It also affects the well-being of our minds.

Fear is an enemy of this chakra. Think of how you stop in your tracks when second-guessing yourself. There’s trepidation, anxiety, potential depression. Connect with your Sacral Chakra and ensure it’s balanced to overcome those apprehensions.

When you stand in the center of the Sacral energy flow, you feel intuitive. Your confidence blooms. Self-awareness improves, and your sensuality sparks. As a side note, sensuality isn’t all about sex. Touch a lush piece of fabric and feel opulence. That perception is sensuality!

Physically, the Sacral Chakra aligns with the reproductive, urinary, and digestive systems. When a person’s chakra is in symmetry, fertility increases. If a person’s chakra is off-kilter, they may get a UTI. Digestion? If things aren’t great, it may lead to IBS.

How to Unblock the Sacral Chakra

There is absolutely nothing fun when chakras aren’t functioning the way they should. It confuses not only emotions but also puts spiritual thoughts into a tailspin. Your ability to express yourself to a partner disappears.

Other signs the Sacral Chakra needs a tune-up include:

  • Being overly guarded
  • Discomfort with how you feel in your body
  • Fear of intimacy
  • Small things become huge in your mind
  • Wary all the time

You need to kick-start the Sacral Chakra. But how to unblock it? There are a few things that can help greatly.

Try free-flow writing. This isn’t the “writing” you normally use, but a release of all the words within. Say what you feel. Be honest with yourself. Find yourself looking at a blank page, use a prompt like” X shames me because…,” X makes me angry or upset.” Or better, how about a positive like “X makes me feel appreciated.” Come back and read your notes after a while and make a plan for success.

In the “you are what you eat” kit for unblocking the Sacral Chakra, consume orange foods or anything naturally sweet. Pumpkin, carrot, mangos, apricots, and sweet potatoes. Naturally, sweet options include melons, pears, plums, berries, and bananas. This is the ideal opportunity to try new recipes with these ingredients.

What about changing things up? Rearrange your personal space. Tidy it up. Add in some orange accents. You’ll be amazed at how much a flower pot moved three inches can make a difference. Hey, find an orange light bulb for ambiance!

Reconnect with the water element in viable ways. Drink plenty of water (see, mom was right!). If you have an area where you can swim or even sit near water, go there. Take a shower or a luxurious bath. Light those candles, toss in the bubbles, and burn incense. Take a moment to feel pampered. That’s the Sacral Chakra.

Speaking of incense, aromatherapy can resurrect your Sacral chakra. Potential scents include orange bergamot, lemon, Ylang Ylang, chamomile, sandalwood, and patchouli. You can wear oils carefully. They are potent. A little goes a long way. Aroma sticks are fantastic if you find them. Your aromatherapy can then go on the road.

How to Balance the Sacral Chakra

One of the simplest is Alternate Nostril breathing. That’s where you sit comfortably and hold your nose with your thumb on the right and your index finger on your left. Close the right nostril. Breathe (gently!) in through the left. Then release the right, close the left, and breathe out. Now reverse it-close the left, breathe in through the right, then close the right and breathe out through the left. (It’s not as hard as it sounds, really.) This is calming and centering and gets those cells all oxygenated.

If you are like me and a tad uncoordinated, there’s an alternative breathing pattern for balancing the Sacral Chakra. Take a slow, deep breath on the count of 3. Hold it for 3 seconds, and release it on the count of three. Usually, three repetitions (how apt) decrease anxiety.

Visualization? Imagine a bright orange ball that encompasses you from your navel to your reproductive organs. Breathe in and out quietly; see that ball expand, its color and warmth sending a happy buzz through every part of you. Just get into that yummy feeling.

Orange can be a tough color, but even a touch of it (Earrings! A scarf! A belt!) can help bring things in to balance you. A ring sporting one crystal supporting the Sacral chakra works, too.

Truthfully, many activities for unblocking your Chakra also apply to Balancing it. Connect with the water element. Enact creative and enjoyable activities (hey, shimmy in your kitchen!). Use affirmations throughout the day (you can say them to yourself. It doesn’t have to be out loud).

How to Heal the Sacral Chakra Naturally

There’s a relatively easy yoga pose you can use to heal the Sacred Chakra naturally called Butterfly. Sit on the ground. Bring the soles of your feet together in front of you. (Get them as close to you as possible, but don’t break yourself.) Let your legs flop open-really open those hips. And then flop down (hold those legs where they are) as low as you can go and just ‘be.’ Feel the stretch. Feel your hips just opening. Hold the position for a minute or two (release if you get uncomfortable).

Crystals can get your Second Chakra humming, of course. In no particular order of Awesome, we suggest Amber, Orange Carnelian, Citrine, Coral, Garnet, Golden Agate, Moonstone, Orange or Coral Calcite, Leonard Jasper, Moonstone, Orange Tourmaline, Sunrise Quartz, Vanadinite. We’ll discuss this more later.

If your Sacral Chakra is revving, you are incandescent in the world. You create the way you breathe. Your relationships are as nourishing as the best meal in a five-star restaurant. And you absolutely KNOW and LOVE who you are.

You can add traditional “fertility” food into your diet like eggs, figs, pomegranates, papaya, grapefruit cut in half, banana, carrot, and if you want to stretch it for a vagina-looking treat, how about a taco?

Then, too, you can try traditional aphrodisiacs like;

Chocolate (I’m in!)


How to Activate the Sacral Chakra

This may sound obvious, but to activate the Sacral chakra, you need to believe not only in it, but also in what it does (or does not) do. Step two is acknowledging the requirements the Sacral Chaka requires for opening. Now you can take action.
I’ve repeated this before, but this Chakra is tightly linked with water. Get yourself a water jug showing your intake. Up your hydration level. Also, add juicy food like oranges. Repeatedly connecting with a natural body of water activities opens the Sacral Chakra. In lieu of that, hit the shower or soak in a bath. Or perhaps give yourself a luxurious foot soak. Any time you can bring opulence and indulgence into your efforts for the Sacral chakra help.
Try coloring. If you have a book of mandalas, that’s great, but any coloring book will do. Inevitably, as you consign yourself to staying inside the lines, your mind drifts elsewhere. Follow that energy flow.
Boogie it open! Get your groove on. Put on your favorite songs and get moving. Focus on your hips moving in clockwise circles. Keep going until you feel ready to stop. And pleuseeeeeeeee don’t babble about not being able to dance. No one sees you but the Higher Powers, and they are well-pleased. There is music in your soul. If you wish, you can add the Sacral chakra mantra to your movements. It’s simple. Inhale and slowly exhale while reciting “vam.”
Perhaps the most important practice for opening the Sacral chakra is practicing gratitude. When you are thankful, you are happy. Nourish your emotions daily with joy. Make time. Thankfulness and awareness are powerful partners.
Grounding the Sacral Chakra
There can be too much of a good thing. An overactive Sacral chakra spins quickly and may overwhelm you with uncharacteristic mood swings. In this mode, the Sacral chakra may prompt overindulgent behaviors or impulse decisions. Pleasure becomes a vice.
The remedy is using all the tools for balancing your chakra. Take soothing baths, journal, dance, meditate even five minutes a day, and affirmations can all restore symmetry in an overactive chakra. Visualize the Sacral chakra slowing down. Don’t stop it, and don’t go backward. Just slow and steady. Use the Root chakra to provide sound foundations.
Sacral Chakra Affirmations
When I teach about affirmations, I remind people you can try 101 affirmations without success. Why? Because they lacked personalization. Or they didn’t feel comfortable because of the writing style. So here’s my input.
Read an affirmation. Are the words ones you know and use frequently? Try saying it out loud once. Let the energy linger in the air. How do you feel? You’ll know when you’ve hit gold.
Try writing your affirmations yourself and see what happens!
I open the energy for creativity within
I am the guardian of my spirit and the key to my happiness
I am learning to trust with caution
There is always positive energy around me
I will share positivity with others daily
I give myself grace
I am worthy of love, joy, and pleasure
Creativity is part of my spirit
My body is sacred
I release the past and am prepared to heal
I welcome intuitiveness and sensuality
I choose joy and gratitude
My sexuality is part of my sacred powers
Being a good friend fills my spirit
I open myself up to help.”
I am fully present and attentive in my daily experiences
I will practice self-care and treat my body respectfully
I radiate the beauty of the Universe
I embrace inspiration, energy, creativity, and emotional balance.
My body is my “home,” and I will care for it
My words deserve attentiveness; it is safe to be true to myself.
I banish negativity, fear, and unhealthy behaviors from my life
I will make time for my inner child.
Sensuality is Divine. I embrace it.
I am independent and in control. I make my destiny.
Sit down for a minute and try writing something out. What are you working on in yourself right now? Start there with a positive sentence. If you struggle with weight, one example might be, “Food is not my master.” Make a list of goals, then create an affirmation for them.
Sacral Chakra Crystals & Stones

When we talk about the Sacral Chakra, it is the home to our inner spark, creativity, and whimsy. Some use specific sacral chakra crystals and stones in healing work or simply to improve balance. Here are a few.

Amber: Clears your spiritual vision to reclaim your power. It is also a stone representing the ancestors and their wisdom.
Aragonite: A dreamy stone bringing our thoughts about wishes and mysteries into focus. It stresses self-care. Stuck on a project? Combine aragonite with your Sacral chakra workings.
Calcite (orange): When you hold this stone, it gives off a happy vibe. Wearing and carrying orange calcite connects you to your true voice. It is time for expression and truth.
Carnelian: Supports the creative aspects of the Sacral chakra. It’s warm, welcoming, and ripe with potential.
Citrine: A happy stone, bringing thoughts of bright summer days. A fantastic amulet for self-expression and an upbeat demeanor.
Goldstone: Where is your treasure? It’s time to follow your soul’s designated path. When working with this chakra, it affords the ambition for achievement without becoming overly emotional.
Moonstone: This sacred stone ties into the water element associated with this chakra. It vibrates with energy to tap into the collective unconscious and reconnect with the Sacred Feminine.
Sunstone: Is the balance to moonstone. Leaders can use sunstone in connection with Sacral chakra meditations to strengthen their convictions and ability to follow through.
Tiger’s eye: The Sacral chakra stirs up a lot of energy. Tiger’s eye provides some grounding and boundaries. This stone supports change and self-confidence.

Sacral Chakra Frequency

In Solfeggio frequencies, the Sacral chakra is at 417 Hz vs. the 396 Hz of the root chakra. This vibration activates sexual pleasure, confidence, and the ability to manifest your goals in reality.

Some music associated with the 417 HZ frequency include

Beethoven: Cannon in D Minor
Lenny Kravitz: What Goes Around, Comes Around
Mozart: Piano Sonata No. 11
Vivaldi: The Four Seasons
Van Halen: Can’t Stop Loving You

Sacral Chakra Meditation

Each person meditates slightly differently, so think of this as a prototype you can tweak.
Get comfortable. Visualize a clear, orange light near your belly button. Take a deep breath, imagining the air moving through that light into your naval. Breathe out, and release it. As you do this, let the orange light blossom into a spinning lotus flower. It’s slow and steady. This is the time to add either a mantra or affirmations. Continue until you feel “full.” Do not get up quickly. Mediation can make you a tad dizzy.
Afterward, journal about creative projects you’d like to try, especially something new. Write down your sensual desires and share them with your partners. Use this meditation or your personal variation of it any time you want to balance the Sacral chakra.

Sacral Chakra Mudras

What is a Mudra? They are tools intended to bring harmony to your chakras and kindle your full spiritual potential. A mudra is simply a hand position. Each position represents your intent and serves as an amplifier. There are three commonly used in conjunction when working with Sacral chakra energy.

First is the Yoni Mudra, which represents the source or womb from the most ancient of times. This is the suggested mudra to use when you feel wholly out of control. The idea is to reconnect you with the Mother of all creation.

Place the tips of your index fingers so they touch. Create a diamond shape by bringing your thumbs to touch. Now, connect the middle fingers, ring fingers, and pinkies. Point your index fingers down toward the earth as you breathe and meditate.

Next is the Shakti Mudra, used for reclaiming your power and relieving stress. Place your thumbs into your palms. Now, fold both the middle finger and index finger over your thumbs. Hold this shape in front of your heart.

The Ksepana Mudra connects with the water element of the sacral chakra so that negativity flows away. Touch the palms of your hands together. Interlace your fingers but for the index ones. Bring your hands down so they are near the Sacral chakra area during your visualization.

How to open the Sacral Chakra

When your Sacral Chakra is closed, you have no sense of pleasure. Nothing excites you or motivates you. You may delve deep into fear or compulsive behaviors. Obviously, no one wants to feel this way.

One approach is through aromatherapy. You need cleansing scents like rose, chamomile, ylang-ylang, and eucalyptus. The nice thing about aromatherapy is it’s subtle. The scents linger on your senses and do their work quietly. When you change the surrounding air in your space, it will affect your aura.

Another simple approach is to get in touch with water. Soak in the tub daily. Get near living water and just relax. Wash your hands (heck, wash your dishes simultaneously!). Drink plenty of water. It refreshes this chakra, and it’s good for you.

Sacral Chakra Symbol

The symbol for the Sacral chakra is a mandala lotus. There are several elements to the flower: 6 petals, a circle with the moon in the center, and the mantra VAM.

Tradition holds that there are 6 aspects of human nature that everyone needs to overcome to keep the Sacral Chakra healthy. Those faults include wrath, hate, jealousy, cruelty, lust, and pride.

The circle and the moon represent never-ending motion and constant change. This is life. It flows and weaves, and it’s meant to be experienced. In symbolism, the moon is feminine, embodying the shadow self and illumination. The moon is very personal; it is inner awareness.

In Hinduism, the Deity associated with the Sacral Shakra is Vishnu, who preserves life.

Physical Symptoms of Sacral Chakra Opening

So how are you supposed to know if your Sacral Chakra is opening? There are some physical indicators, specifically an increase in energy: creative, and sexual. You feel healthy, passionate, vital, and connected to your innermost thoughts.

Your spiritual experiences may become far more intense and meaningful, too.